5 Steps to Choose an Abyssinian Cat Breeder

Abyssinian cats are born naughty. They are intelligent and head strong with playful moves that will keep you happy and entertained.

But mind it; this cat breed can become much more annoying than a toddler. You should take our word for it! Or else you might end up pulling out your hair and find yourself running around these mischievous and cheerful beings.

For people to whom every cat seems similar; the Abyssinian cat is probably one of the oldest cat breeds to be found on the face of the earth. Some people believe it to be decedents of the Egyptian Gods while for others; these are just cute and adorable little playful felines who make a great pet. Because this cat species is intelligent, high on energy and naughty, you’ll never get bored with them around you.

To ensure you get a healthy and energetic Abyssinian cat as your pet, it is important to find the right breeder to start with. If you choose a breeder who is known to take care of his animals like his very own, then surely your feline will stay with you for longer than expected. Only a good breeder will ensure your cat is fit and active!

Choosing the Right Abyssinian Breeder

If you’re looking forward to buy an Abyssinian cat as a pet, make sure you find the right breeder for the purchase.


This is because being purebreds, these little fellows are known to have low immunity which increases their chances of falling ill more often. This results in lots of problems for the owner.

Only a good breeder will make sure that every cat species that he owns lives a longer and healthier life by taking complete care of them.

Here is how to choose and Abyssinian cat breeder:

  • Look up for registered breeders
  • The condition of the breeder’s den
  • Ask Questions
  • The Food Quality
  • Are the felines socially active?

Here are a few steps that need to be taken into consideration that will guarantee the breed you adopt is definitely healthy:

1. Lookup for registered breeders

Yes, this may require some hard work to be put in but when looking to adopt an Abyssinian cat, make sure you search for breeders who are registered locally.

Why is this important?

This is because the registered cat breeder is bound by law to show you the lineage of the feline before selling them, giving you a better chance of buying a healthy, lively and active cat.

2. The condition of the breeder’s den

Another important thing to remember while choosing an Abyssinian breeder is to pay them a visit in person.

This way, you’ll closely observe the environment of the place where your future pet has been brought up. While making the adoption, make sure the breeder you choose has a clean and hygienic space as this will guarantee how healthy your feline is.

3. Ask Questions!

The best way to ensure you’re getting a healthy cat is to ask questions from the breeder.

Dig in deep about the cat’s lineage and ask for proofs that show the feline is clean from every kind of disease or genetic defect. A good breeder will never hesitate in answering your questions while supporting their facts with written proofs for increased surety.

If the breeder is confident in giving you information you have asked for, you have definitely reached the right person!

4. The Food Quality

What one eats has a direct relation to one’s health.

Just like humans, cats too need to be fed with quality food in order help them grow in a healthy manner. When visiting a breeder, always observe what food the cats are being fed.

Quality cat food surely means the felines are being taken good care of and hence, the Abyssinian that you wish to adopt is normal, fit and strong.

5. The Felines are Socially Active

While paying a visit to the breeder’s place, you definitely wouldn’t want to get attacked by cats! When entering the breeder’s den, if you get a sense of positive energy, see felines all happy, joyful and cheering then yes, the breeder has been successfully bringing them up.

A happy Abyssinian cat means that they have been living with their mothers and breeders for a good amount of time and have learned the socializing skills to the fullest, making them ready for an adoption!

Adopting a pet cat can be a big decision and so, before reaching any conclusion, make sure you do your homework correctly.

Abyssinian 101 (Video)


Their Unique Appearance

It is not just their personality characteristics that set Abyssinians apart from other cats; it is also their fur pattern that helps them to achieve distinguishable looks.

These cats come with thick fur that carry beautiful ticked or agouti patterns on it. Their head is characterized by multi-colored strands of hair which adds to their uniqueness and beauty.

Also their pointed ears, wedge-shaped head and expressive almond eyes make them super cute, adorable and sleek. Slender physique and strong legs is what allows them to jump around without a stop.

In a jiffy, they’ll jump out of your lap to your bookshelf, throwing everything down. With these crazy felines in the house, things are sure to break every now and then!

The Abyssinian cats shed little to no fur so you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on their grooming!


When it comes down to vocalization, unlike any other domestic or wild cat, Abyssinians are much quieter.

Honestly, their actions are good enough to convey what they want, hence, their “meow meow” is heard occasionally. These happy-to-go cats are always running around and pulling off crazy stunts, putting on a great show each time!

The Abyssinian Personality Traits

You heard it right, Abyssinian cats are popular for being cheeky, friendly and great companions.  

They are covered with thick, ticked patterns which makes them easily distinguishable from other domestic cats.

Long, pointed ears with slim yet strong physique, the Abyssinians love to play around, emerging themselves in various activities and seizing every moment to have fun. Aby definitely is one amazing animal to be around!

The Abyssinian pusses are curious, extremely energetic and smart, making them a perfect pet for people who love having naughty kids around them. These will never let you rest and with their strong personality traits, surely win you over with love and affection.

Abys are fun and easy-to-go nature have earned them the title of “Clowns of the cat Kingdom”

Here are a few personality characteristics about Abys that you’ll definitely agree with:

AdaptableThey’ll easily fit in the surrounding that you provide them
FriendlyNever think twice before making friends with both children and adults
IntelligentExtremely mischievous and quick at moving
Energy Levelsunbeatable energy which makes them everyone’s favorite pet  
VocalizationQuieter than others

Cool, curious and entertaining, the athletic Abyssinian cats make great partners. With them in your house, we promise, you’ll never get bored. To own a cat that is growing happily, is active and full of energy, it is always important to get connected with the right breeder!

Related Questions

Are purebreed Abyssinian cats more prone to defects and health issues? Not necessarily. Birth defects and health problems caused in a second generation of Abyssinians are solely based on their genetic inheritance. Whenever adopting/purchasing a feline, make sure you ask the breeder of their lineage and see complete proof as this will help determine the health of the Abyssinian, saving you from any future issues.

Do Abys come in different colors as well? Yes, Abys are known to come in different shades too. Various cat associations have stated to have found Abys in shades of red, blue and fawn but the most popular and commonly observed color till date has been ruddy brown. Most Abyssinian cats that you’ll come across will have a ticked pattern with light and dark shades of brown adding to their beauty and charm.

Are Abyssinian felines friendly? Well YES! Abys are recognized to be one of the friendliest cat breeds that love to play around. They are always high on energy and their mischievous moves will simply make you adore them. Mind it, if you are looking for a pet that will cuddle and sit in your lap than an Aby is surely not one that you would want than.

Is this breed costly? Well if you’re looking for a pet cat that is purebred then be prepared to spend a few extra bucks on their purchase.


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