Abyssinian Cat a Mix: How to Find Out?

Mix breeds may appear similar or entirely different from pure breeds. For identifying as well as caring and understanding one’s cat even better, one must have a sound knowledge of the slight differences between them.  

How to tell if your Abyssinian Cat is a mix? Abby cats have certain physical and personality traits that distinguish them from others. It has a slim yet muscular structure with alert ears. It is known to be an active, affectionate, and intelligent cat. One can also use registration details for identification purposes.

Telling whether your Abyssinian cat is a mix can be tricky at times, however, keeping in view the following points, you may be able to tell for sure whether your Abyssinian is a mix or not. 

Appearance distinctions (Video)


One of the easiest methods to tell whether your Abyssinian cat (Aby) is a mix or not, is to have a closer look at it.

There are certain qualities of an Abyssinian cat which distinguishes it from a mix or other cat species. The Abyssinian Cats have a silky, smooth ticked coat and require little maintenance.

A ticked coat is common in mix breeds as well due to which one can easily confuse a mix breed with a pure breed Abyssinian cat.

The only colours of a purebred Aby are:

  • Reddish brown
  • Ruddy
  • Chocolate 
  • Cinnamon
  • Blue
  • Lilac 
  • Fawn 
  • Or a silvery version of all these colours

Take note that a small white patch on the chin is common in Abys. If you can not find one, then you’re probably dealing with a mix. However, relying solely on the coat colour for the identification of a pure breed Aby is not a wise option. 

Since Abyssinians are considered to be athletic cats, they naturally have a slim and athletic body. These shorthaired cats have a slight arch on the back, oval shaped feet with slender, long legs and tail. 

Now, what about the face structure and facial features?

Well, Abys tend to have a wedge-shaped head with a dainty break at the muzzle. Their ears are large, triangular, and forward-arched which makes them look alert all the time.

They resemble a lot to lions because of their almond shaped eyes. The eye colour may vary as copper, hazel, green or gold.


Your smart and lovable Abyssinian cat is bound to possess these traits if it is a pure breed.

The alert and confident Aby’s are affectionate, but definitely not a lap cat. These cats are extremely social and like interactive owners. However, Aby’s prefer to be the only cat in the house instead of being part of a large cat group. They like to have the undivided attention of their owners, all to themselves.

As a matter of fact, they love to have a mix of social and alone time but demand a certain degree of attention and interaction from their owners.

For that reason, they do not like being left all alone for a long period of time. Also, if trained during kitten-hood, these cats are capable of developing an understanding and bonding towards humans and other pets.

Independent Abyssinian cats are known for being moderately vocal and calm. They are certainly not the bossy type. Being natural athletes, these cats have a playful and inquisitive nature. You are likely to find your Aby:

  • Atop your bookshelf
  • On the mantle 
  • On the windowsill
  • Or on other high places in your house

That’s because they are fond of heights and birdwatching. Also, they have excellent observational skills, and they love to explore.

Due to their high intelligence, these cats excel at learning as well as training. Abyssinian cats are also known as ‘Aby-grabby’ because they tend to grab stuff.

Furthermore, the Abys are good climbers, adventurers and go well with children as well as cat-friendly dogs.


Another method to tell whether your Abyssinian cat is a mix or a purebreed is to use registration documents of the cat for identification.

If you got your Aby from a breeder, keep in mind that any responsible breeder would have the cat’s breeding papers. Just go through these papers to confirm your cat’s breed and that’s about it. In case the breeder doesn’t have the concerned documentation, there are other methods, too.

Since early separation from the mother cat can lead to health risks and behavioural issues, a good Abyssinian breeder will always make a kitten available at 12 or 16 weeks of age.

Otherwise, there’s always the option of DNA testing. A fifteen-second cheek swab will do the job if you plan on DNA testing and this method will surely provide you with all the information you need on your cat’s genes.

In some cases, owners get to know about their cat’s actual breed once it has caught a disease. Although, we advise you to keep your Aby safe and protected from all sorts of diseases. But here’s a list of common and potential health diseases of the Abyssinian cats:

  • Hyperthyroidism 
  • Polycystic kidney disease 
  • Retinal atrophy
  • Kidney failure
  • Periodontal disease
  • Neurological problems that can lead to excessive grooming
  • Luxating patella (knee problems)

Diseases or illnesses other than this are a sign that your cat is a mix.

Similar breeds

The oldest of domestic cat species, the Abyssinian cats have a number of similar breeds. These include:

  • Somali cats
  • Devon Rex cat
  • Singapura cats
  • Russian Blue cats
  • Peterbald cats

Abyssinian Cats resemble a lot to Somali cats.

In fact, the Somali cats are very close relatives of the Abys and are a variant of Abyssinian cats! The only major difference between an Abyssinian and a Somali is that the latter have a longer coat than the Abyssinians.

Devon Rex Cat breed is also similar to Abyssinian cats along with Singapura breed, Russian Blue breed and Peterbald breed.

Devon Rex is exactly like Abyssinians in nature but there’s a difference in their appearance as the Devon Rex Cat is commonly known as “a monkey in a cat suit.”

The Singapura breed is comparatively smaller in size and actually the smartest cat breed in the world which is one of the differences between an Abyssinian and a Singapura.

Furthermore, the Russian Blue cat breed is different in terms of playfulness and the lap-cat factor.

The Peterbald breed being the most interesting one is similar to the Abyssinian cats in terms of personality, except that they don’t mind being in a cat group.

Care level

Abyssinian Cats require low maintenance.

Due to their shorthaired coat, Aby’s are extremely easy to maintain and take care of. They require grooming once a week. It helps to maintain a shiny coat while removing the dead hair.

If you think that you really need to trim your Aby’s nails, then do so twice per month (every two weeks). Also, you need to take special care of the vaccinations and monthly health check-ups.


Make sure you visit the vet often to keep your Aby happy and healthy. This will also prevent any unfortunate outcomes. In order to avoid the Periodontal disease that is likely to develop in Abyssinian Cats, brush your cat’s teeth daily with a toothpaste prescribed by the vet.

To keep your Abyssinian cat pleased and to provide it with a healthy life, there are a few things you need to take care of.

Since Abys want your attention, make sure you are available for your cat all the time (or mostly). Moreover, position your Abys bed in such a place that it has a good and appropriate access to the window as Abyssinian Cats love a window view. Providing your cat with a playful environment is also essential for its wellbeing. Make sure you arrange some toys for your cat so it is never bored. 

Providing your Abyssinian Cat with a healthy diet is necessary. An Adult Aby should weigh at least 7-10 pounds in order to be considered healthy. Keep in mind that the food you give to your Aby must contain meat and more than 40% of protein.

Prefer canned food for your cat but if you feel like there is no good cat food available in your vicinity, you can surely go with raw or boiled.

However, one should never give human food to the cat. This can be harmful and dangerous in terms of health. You can also install miniature water fountains for your Aby if you think it is not drinking much water.

The activity in the fountain will make it want to drink more water. If you think your Aby is getting dull or is showing signs of any illness, immediately take it to the vet. Also, to keep your Aby happy and healthy, it is important to keep it active and busy.

If you’re looking for a toy that might keep your cat busy and active, then this fur mouse cat toy might be a good investment. I’ve bought this for my cats and they play with it like crazy!

Related Questions

How long do Abyssinian Cats live? Generally, Abyssinian Cats have a shorter life expectancy and can live up to thirteen years. However, there is a slight chance that an Abyssinian lives up to fifteen years if kept with great care. On the other hand, if it is kept with little care, it might only live up to nine years.

How much does Abyssinian Cats cost?The actual cost of Abyssinian cats may vary depending on a number of factors. Such as; the breeder, gender, weight, colour, age, etc. However, the cost of a pure-bred aby generally lies between $500 and $1,200.

Where do Abyssinian Cats come from? Contrary to popular belief, these cats do not originate from Abyssinia; strange but true. According to some people, Abyssinian cats actually originate from the coast of Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia while others say the Abys come from Egypt. Anyways, all we know for sure is that Abyssinian Cats are not Abyssinian at all!


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