Are Abyssinian Cats Good with Children?

My younger sister had been asking for a cat which could play with her and keep her amused. That’s when I decided to buy an Abyssinian cat as they are famous for being an affectionate and loyal breed.

Are Abyssinian cats good with children? The answer is yes! This is an affectionate breed that loves playing, climbing and seeking attention. This is pretty much everything that children do. So, that makes these cats a good friend for your kids.  Due to their persistence nature and intelligent mind, they have a very friendly attitude towards kids.

Let’s dig into further details about the behavior, requirements, and care pattern for Abyssinian cats to find out if they are really suitable with children.

Abyssinian cats with children

Abbys get along with children very well. They may side step toddlers, but they enjoy the companionship of older kids.

But why is that true? And, if these cats are really affectionate and playful with the owner, then do the kids like them enough to reciprocate these actions?

To find out the answer, we will discuss the following traits:

  1. Personality & appearance
  2. Nature
  3. Care level

Personality & Appearance (Video)


This breed of cats has all those traits which are admired by children.

Kids are usually more fascinated by an attractive looking pet rather than a big and growling one. Before buying a pet, the first thing you need to consider is its appearance and nature. Talking about Abyssinian cats, the given table will help you in understanding the basics

Activity  High

This medium-sized cat with prominent bones and slender body is exact replica of the cats which were worshipped in ancient Egypt. The distinguished body structure and facial features of this cat can be described as:

  • Long legs & tiny paws
  • Large & pointed ears
  • Almond-shaped eyes

These sharp facial features keep you under constant scrutiny. The eyes of Abyssinian cats are amazingly expressive.  The body fur is very short but extra-dense and silky to touch.

This body color scheme is really unique with usually a blend of two different colors. The color shade is darker over the spine to tail and lighter along the cat’s chin. The common color variety of Abyssinian cats is:

  • Reddish brown blended with black
  • Cinnamon blended with chocolate brown
  • Blue and beige
  • Black and silver
  • Chocolate on lilac
  • Tan on cream


The Abyssinian cats are perfect partners for children as they are affectionate, loyal and playful by nature. Their behavioral traits describe it very well why these cats are good with kids.

 The Abyssinian cats are:

  • Intelligent & loyal.
  • Active & energetic.
  • Quick learners
  • Silent & calm

Intelligent & Loyal

These cats are very intelligent and loyal. They like living with people and treat them as their own. They want to stay with the owner and help them, no matter what he/she is doing. Living with children, these cats get really close to them in a very short time.

Active & energetic

The Abyssinian cats are very active and energetic. If they are obsessed with your children, then they will keep on clowning around them and make them happy.

Quick learners

These cats are very quick learners. You can easily train them to follow various commands. For instance, they can easily learn to fetch a toy and bring it back to you. So, these cats can be excellent playing partners of your kid.

Silent & calm

Abyssinians do not make a lot of noise.

They remain quiet most of the time and show their emotions with their expressive eyes. They act very shy around strangers.

With the kids, who are already very loud, it is hard to handle noisy pets. If you want a peaceful pet in your house which doesn’t make noise, then the Abyssinian cats are highly recommended. They do not yowl much and have a softer voice.

All these behavioral qualities of Abyssinian cats can teach the children about patience, responsibility and care. They could be a constant playmate for your child and you will watch them both playing around the house.

Care level

Taking care of this breed is particularly low. Living along kids, you don’t need to make extra effort to keep your Aby cat well-maintained. The kids can also take care of the cat on their own without any external help. This breed is excellent pet for the families with kids.

The basic care tips for these cats involve:

  • Body hair brushing
  • Bathing
  • Toys and games
  • Minimal hair shedding

Body hair brushing

The Abyssinian cats do not require a high maintenance like some other complicated cat breeds. The short hair coat on their body needs a little grooming once in a while.


You can bathe them once in a year to keep them clean and removing the dirt off.

Toys and games

These cats need playing accessories like toys to spend their time.

Minimal hair shedding

Due to short hair, they shed hair minimally. This keeps your house clean and your little kids safe from inhaling the cat hair or catching allergies.

Things to take are of

  • These cats are big time attention-seekers. So, if you divert your attention somewhere else, it will start throwing tantrums to grab your attention. Sometimes, the cat may end up with depression due to lack of attention from the owner.
    If you are out of your home for a lot of time, then make sure there are kids at home. The cat will stay busy with kids and won’t miss your presence.
  • Teach your children the proper way to handle these cats. Don’t leave the toddlers with the cat because if the cat gets close to them for playing, they might try to grab it or kick it. The Abyssinian hates it when kids handle them roughly.  
  • These cats are very active and they keep on jumping and climbing when playing with the kids. It is better to place the breakable stuff somewhere safe
  • When the owner pays more attention toward other cats, Abbys hate it. This is not only the problem of this breed but all other breeds of cats as well.

Related Questions

What is the life span of Abyssinian cats? The average lifespan of Abyssinian cats is 12-15 years. However, the longevity of these cats depends on their health and lifestyle. They may die early due to sickness and bad living conditions.

Do Abyssinian cats get along with other animals? Yes, Abyssinian cats are very friendly towards other pets like dogs and birds. They also get along with other cats very well.

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