Do Abyssinian Cats Shed?

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

I noticed that my Aby was shedding a lot lately and I wasn’t sure why was it shedding so much. I came across some interesting information that I would love to share with you all!

Do Abyssinian cats shed? They are known to be moderate shedders, but as they have a short but thick coat, they require care and attention when it comes to shedding.

Read on to know details about how much Abyssinian cats shed, how to stop them from shedding excessively, and care tips and techniques for Abys.


When it comes to shedding, there are certain factors that should be kept in mind. They are as follows,

Daily brushing

It is one of the most essential and must-do thing that every Aby owner should have on his or her to-do-list. It not only keeps the coat healthy, but shiny and itch-free. Moreover, daily brushing or combing keeps shedding moderate.

Use a perfect brush

It is important that you use a brush that has soft bristles and is suited for a cat’s fur, for example;I use this slicker brush to get rid of loose hair in my Abys coat.

Make sure you are brushing the right way

If you are thinking that there isn’t a right or a wrong way of brushing, then let me just enlighten you on how important brushing the right way is!

The direction of brushing plays a major role in growth of the fur, hence always make sure you are following one direction before brushing. It is recommended to watch tutorials or take an advice from another Aby pet parent.

Keep a check on your Aby’s body

Before brushing, make sure that you have a habit for checking your Aby’s body for any kind of lumps or bumps, so that it is checked immediately if required. This will also ensure that you don’t hurt it while brushing.

Train them for brushing

Initially, your Aby may not be used to daily brushing. So, in order to make it habitual, it is important to train it.

This will ensure that their fur does not shed a lot and will also help to keep hairballs from becoming a problem.

Seasonal shedding

If you notice that your Aby is shedding more than it does, then you should know that it is as a result of seasonal shedding. So, during this time period, bathing at least once is important and brushing should be done couple of times in a week rather than just following a weekly brushing routine.

Know about your Aby breed inside-out

As there are different breeds of Aby, as a pet owner you should be aware about your cats’ texture and coat length as every other variation requires different types of grooming attention and care.

As a general rule, cats with a long coat shed more and require regular grooming which includes hair brushing and bathing. On the other hand, cats with a shorter coat shed less and require less grooming.


Now that you know how to stop Abyssinian cats from shedding, you’re qualified to know how to care for them in general. For that purpose, it’s a smart choice to first have an overview of this breed.


Abyssinian is a muscular and regal cat, having similar looks as those of a mountain lion. They have almond shaped eyes, large ears, an arched neck with a wedge-shaped head. Their coat comes in four main colors which are fawn, burnt sienna or red, burnt orange, and blue.


Abys are known to be curious, intelligent and adventurous cats who love to play around and demand a lot of attention. 

They love to socialize; therefore, they are likely to get depressed if left alone. They are known as household cats as they get along with everyone at home but are likely to be little shy and reserved when meeting strangers.

Lifespan and weight

Abys are medium-sized cats, with an average weight of 8 to 10 lbs. Their average lifespan is known to be 15+ years.

How to take care of Abyssinian cats?

Abys are known to be low-maintenance cats as they don’t require a lot of grooming or care. It is, however, recommended that you incorporate these things in your Aby’s routine.

  1. They enjoy rubbing so you should rub them often
  2. Keep the habit of clipping their nails regularly
  3. Introduce the routine of bathing early in life so that they don’t run away from bathing later on
  4. Use positive reinforcement like giving treats while training your Abyssinian cat so that it enjoys it rather than getting irritated
  5. Don’t forget to develop the habit of daily brushing and bathing during shedding season to keep their fur healthy and shiny
  6. Feed them a high-quality feline diet to match their nutritional needs
  7. Brush their teeth daily as they are prone to periodontal issues
  8. Keep your Aby engaged with high activity toys and daily exercise
  9. Check their ears for any kind of wax build-up as it can cause infection if not taken care.
  10. Maintain a schedule of weekly or monthly visits to the vet.

The pros and cons of keeping Abyssinian cats


  1. They are highly active and energetic so they love to explore their surroundings, play, and have fun
  2. They are low maintenance cats
  3. They get along with other household pets, including dogs and parrots
  4. They are prone to minimal health issue
  5. They can be easily trained


  1. They are best suited for large spaces only
  2. They are not lap cats
  3. They have low sociability with strangers
  4. They demand a great deal of attention
  5. It is important to keep them engaged with play sessions and activities or else they have a higher tendency to develop behavior issues.

Tips for Aby cat owners

Every cat breed has different needs, hence requires different care and attention. In case of Abyssinians, there are certain things that Aby pet owners should follow as listed below,

  1. Play with your cat as Abyssinians have the tendency to get bored easily.Therefore, you should provide them stimulation even if you are not at home by keeping a bunch of cat toys at home
  2. As Abys are shy when they meet strangers, so try to introduce them slowly and properly, this will make them comfortable
  3. Abys have soft voices, but if you notice them being noisy,then either they want food or they need to play
  4. Make sure that your Aby drinks adequate amount of water as it is important for their health
  5. Abys love heights and jumping around, exploring new things. So, if you are fond of keeping décor items then make sure they are locked away in a cupboard or else your Aby might just end up breaking it.

Fun Facts that you should know about Abyssinian cats

  1. They are known as the ‘Clown of the Cat kingdom’
  2. They are highly intelligent cats as they have been known to defeat child locks
  3. They are famous as creative cats
  4. They have been nicknamed as ‘Runaway models of the Feline World’, ‘Aby-silly-an’ and ‘Aby-Grabbys’
  5. A pair of Abyssinians have starred in a Disney movie known as ‘The Cat from Outer Space’.


Related Questions

Are Abyssinian cats easy to train? Abys are known as the easiest breed to train, hence when you bring your Aby to its new home, then first introduce it to the new environment, slowly and gradually. For training an Aby, it is important to start with basic cat skills such as dos and don’ts, along with simple games.

Do Abby’s have the tendency to be aggressive? Abys are the liveliest and the friendliest cat breed that you will come across, therefore they don’t fall under the category of aggressive cats. They, however, need a lot attention and playtime or else they will get bored or start scratching or biting for attention.

Is Aby the right cat for me? They are active and playful cats, so if you are planning to keep an Aby as a pet, then you should have ample time to spend with it as they get bored easily. They can be recommended to keep as pets as they get along with other household pets easily as well. Also, as they love to play, therefore cat toys can keep them busy.

What is the history of Aby cats? Abyssinian cats are known to be one of the oldest breeds that dates back to Egypt around 4000 years ago.

According to modern archaeologists, Abyssinians look similar to the mummified cats in Egyptian tombs. They are known to be recognized among five popular breeds by The International Cat Association and as the ninth popular breed according to the Cat Fanciers Association. 

How to take care of nutritional needs of an Abyssinians? Abyssinian cats should be given a high protein diet with fatty acid that will help to keep the Aby’s coat shiny and healthy.


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