American Bobtail Cat: Life Span, Weight, Height & Growth

It might act a little wild in expressing its emotions, but at heart, American Bobtail is one of the most self-assured, loving, and affectionate cats.

Bobtails are well-socialized pets who love their family and are friendly towards the strangers as well.

They are an ideal choice for families with children who know how to treat them respectfully. Moreover, if you want to give a good company to your dogs, Bobtails will do the job for you.

You can’t imagine how many times people have asked me questions about my American Bobtail like “what’s their lifespan?” or “How well do they grow?”

So, I decided to compile all that information into one article and here is the end product of all my efforts.

Average Life Span of American Bobtails

How long will the cat live?

This is one of the most common and frequent questions that a cat owner may ask. The life expectancy of cats depends on the type of their breed in addition to a number of variables.

Things that play a great role in determining the lifespan of cats include:

  • Diet
  • Surrounding environment
  • Activity Levels
  • Overall Health
  • Breed

Knowing the average lifespan of your pet is an important piece of information as it helps the owners to take special care of their pets when they grow old. So, in the case of American Bobtails, on average, they can live for 13-15 years if they are given good treatment and a perfect lifestyle.

American Bobtail Cats (Video)


How Big Do American Bobtails Get?

American Bobtails are extremely loving and intelligent pets with a distinctively wild appearance. They bond with their human families very well and are really interactive. They have the ability to entertain through their antics in addition to providing a soft shoulder to cry on in distress.

Before bringing the Bobtails to your home, you must be wondering about the size, weight, life expectancy and a thousand other things related to it. Lucky for you, all thatresearch has already been conducted by me.

Keep reading this article, and I assure you will find the answers to all of your questions.


American Bobtail is a medium-sized cat with a well-muscled and powerful body type. These cats can weigh from 7 to 16 pounds. Male bobtail cats usually weigh more as compared to females. Females can weigh up to 12 pounds.


American Bobtails have medium height with a very short tail. Their hind limbs are slightly longer as compared to the frontal limbs and they have large round feet. They are not very tall or short as they have normal height and a moderately long body. The bobtail of these cats can have a length of 1-4 inches.

Growth Rate of The American Bobtail Cats

American bobtail cats have a really slow growth rate. They will reach maturity after 2-3 years on average. So, if you are thinking to get the American Bobtail, then you should be prepared to live with a kitten-like cat for years.

Guidelines to Take Care of American Bobtails

Although the American Bobtails don’t have any special needs and will be perfectly fine under normal circumstances, there are still some do’s and don’ts that you have to take into account in order to keep them healthy and comfortable.  

To make sure that your Bobtail is in perfect health, you should take care of the following things in them:

  • Keep a close eye on its weight
  • Give your cat a consistent quantity of food
  • Shop for good quality food with high nutritional value. I feed this food product from Purina to my American Bobtails and have noticed that they can never have enough of it.
  • Take your cat to walk regularly
  • Give interesting toys and puzzles the cat to play with inside
  • Provide them a good scratching post/toy to help them exercise their muscles
  • Give them enough room to walk around, climb and jump
  • Brush their fur twice a week with slick brushes
  • Trim their nails carefully to avoid scratches on yourself and your furniture
  • Monitor their ears and eyes regularly
  • If any discharge is present in the eyes, clean it carefully
  • Brush their teeth regularly as they can get vulnerable when they have oral problems
  • Vaccinate your cat to keep it protected from viral diseases
  • Take your cat to the vet for regular checkups

Why Should You Get the American Bobtails?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t keep this breed at home. With their adorable appearance and intelligent personality, they will steal your heart and fill it with nothing but love.

The best thing about these cats is that they stay happy and entertained in the home where someone is around them. Also, they will need a good variety of toys with which they can play. These cats are also a top pick for the people who want something unique and different for themselves.

In addition to their uniqueness, American Bobtails are also considered one of the best therapy cats and will do everything in their power to support their owners in stressful situations. They are extremely sensitive to human emotions.

American Bobtail’s loving behavior

They can easily sense when their owners need some love and affection and will be there for you always. Following are some of the ways in which the American Bobtails can help you go through your tough times:

  • They will simply roll around and come to you to pet them. And, honestly, petting a cat is known as the best medicine in stressful situations.
  • They will do everything in their power to protect you when you need it.
  • They often do their miraculous yoga stretch as they know a good yoga helps in bringing your mind back to center
  • Whenever you have nobody to talk to, your Bobtails will be there for you. And, they will listen to you unless they fall asleep.
  • They are really good at hugging and snuggling. And, you will know what wonders a good hug can do in stressful situations
  • They will teach you phenomenal stress-relief techniques.
  • They will directly invite you to their couch and will spend time with you for as long as you want.

There are countless other reasons that I can mention here but I am sure the above reasons would be enough for you to love these amazing American Bobtails.

American Bobtails: A Brief History

American Bobtail Cat is a rare breed of domestic cats which was developed in the late 1960s. Their bobtail is about one-third to one-half of the length of a normal cat’s tail.

Bobtail is actually the result of body type genetic mutation that affects the development of tails.

According to an urban legend, American Bobtails came into being as a result of cross-breeding of the domestic Tabby cat and a wild Bobcat. Yodie, a bobtailed brown Tabby cat mated with the Siamese female to create the incredible American Bobtail Cats.

Despite the similar names and physical appearance, American Bobtail cats are not related to the Japanese Bobtail cats.

The Appearance of American Bobtails

American Bobtails look very much similar to the Bobcats and have a very short tail with a shaggy medium-long length fur coat that comes in a number of colors. You can easily distinguish the males from the females based on their physical appearance.

The exotic and wild look of the American Bobtails comes from the combination of its colors, size, and an unusually small tail. Following are some of the common physical features of the American Bobtails.

Physical CharacteristicsExplanation
SizeIt is one of the largest domestic cats
Body TypeWell-muscled & Powerful
WeightOn average, males can weigh up to 16 pounds Females are comparatively smaller
Tail SizeThe short tail has a length of almost 4 inches
Fur CoatBobtails have thick coat with two layers of fur The First layer is close to the skin like the short-haired catsThe Second layer has medium-long length water-resistant hair

Related Questions

How much does an American Bobtail Cat costs? Because of the amazing characteristics, American Bobtail Cat belongs to the category of the expensive breed of cats. On average, it can cost you up to 600-100USD to get a quality Bobtail kitten.

In addition to that, the owners of Bobtail cat should prepare themselves for some long-term medical expenditures as these cats can be subjected to a number of health issues and illnesses.

What are some common health problems that may occur in Bobtail cats? There are a number of diseases that the Bobtail cats suffer from based on their genes and lifestyle. They are prone to hip dysplasia which is a hereditary disease that can cause paralysis and arthritis in the hip joint.

Are all the Bobtail cats rare? American Bobtail Cats are one of the most expensive and rare cat breeds. According to the CFA, bobtail cat is the 37th most popular cat out of 43 recognized breeds of cats. Because the American Bobtails are so scarce, they are also expensive.

The original bloodline of bobtail cats has died out. Nowadays, you can only find the selectively bred bobtails that can cost you up to 1000USD.

Are American Bobtails hypoallergenic? Hypoallergenic cats are the one with very small fur and who shed fewer allergens as compared to the other cats. So, the hypoallergenic cats are usually considered to be safe for the people who suffer from cat allergies.

In the case of American Bobtails, as they have a long fur coat and can shed a lot, therefore they are not hypoallergenic. 


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