Are American Bobtail Cats Hypoallergenic? Let’s Find Out!

Cats and allergies can be the biggest nightmare for a person who loves cuddling with these fluffy beauties.

Are American Bobtail Cats Hypoallergenic? As much as you adore these cuddly creatures for their witty nature, they are not hypoallergenic. They are one of the many cat species that can actually cause allergic reactions in humans which are hypersensitive.

For all the people planning to adopt an American Bobtail cat, here is a complete guide that will not only help you control your allergies, but also avoid them in the future.

Are American Bobtail cats Hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic is a term used to describe products/items or pets that cause less allergic reactions in people who come in contact with them. How can a person determine if a specific species of cat is hypoallergenic or not, especially if it’s a pet you’re planning to adopt?

Felines are known to produce pet dander, a common form of allergen that can cause allergic reactions in humans with low immunity. Cat fur, saliva, and urine contain a protein-based allergen called Fel D 1, which, when in contact with humans, can lead to severe allergic reactions.  

For people who already are hypersensitive with low immunity, there are a few cat species including American Bobtail Cats that may lead to an increase in problems related to allergies. Hence, cats like American Bobtails should not be made a part of their family or kept in the house.

To be more specific, the American Bobtails cats are not hypoallergenic as compared to other types of cats. If you are amongst many of those people who quickly develop allergies, then American Bobtail Cat is one feline which you should not be adopting as a pet.

As most of these cats shed fur, especially in the seasons of spring and summer, they often lead to the development of allergies. They may not produce protein allergen Fel D 1 in high quantity, but the pet dander, also known as the ‘shed fur’, can cause allergic reaction in most humans.

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Signs and Symptoms of Allergy in Humans

As much as one wouldn’t want their allergic symptoms to be alleviated, the American Bobtail Cats can surely cause reactions for which you might require quick medical attention. For those who own this feline species, here are the signs and symptoms of allergies that you should not miss out on:

  • Sneezing or runny nose
  • Nose congestion and wheezing sounds
  • Trouble breathing or increase in Asthma attack
  • Developing any sort of rash or hives
  • Red, itchy, and watery eyes
  • Cough, tightness in chest, or swelling on the body

If you have recently bought a cat and symptoms like these persist for more than a week’s time, make sure to visit your doctor to rule out any serious health problems which may have been caused by your American Bobtail.

Also, before purchasing a cat, remember to do thorough search about the pet you’re planning to adopt and ask the shop retailer important questions, just to eliminate any health related issues that might be caused by the feline in the near future.

Overcoming Pet Allergy

Allergies caused by the American Bobtail or any other cat should be treated on time.

While you’re seeking medical help, you can also go for precautionary measures which will allow you to gain complete control over the allergic reactions and avoid them for the future. For those with low immunity, if you have a pet in the house, here is what should be done:

Keep the pet away

It may be a difficult choice to make, but for people with pet allergies, it is important for you to keep the American Bobtail Cat out of the house or else the allergy symptoms will kick in, forcing you to visit the emergency room every now and then.

Clean floors and corners

If you own a feline and have carpeted floors, immediately remove the carpets and bare them.


This is because the carpet will trap dander, making it difficult to clean. Hence, it would be leaving you with a swollen face and watery eyes to treat. On the other hand, bare floors are easier to clean, ensuring no feline hairs are found lying around to make you sick.

Grooming is key

The owners of American Bobtails Cats should make sure that they keep their cats well-groomed in order to reduce the shedding of hair. The lesser their coat sheds, the lesser allergy attacks you will have.

Fun Facts about the American Bobtail Cats

Intelligent and lively, the American Bobtail Cats are highly entertaining with characteristics that are comparable to a clown. This species of cat can come with either long or short hairs and a small tail, giving them a close resemblance to the wild jungle cat.

A cross-breed with beautifully patterned fur, pointed ears and big eyes is what makes it distinguishable and popular amongst humans.

American Bobtail cats are covered in a luxurious coat and own a muscular body which pretty much justifies their quick moves and playful nature. These cuties love jumping around, rubbing themselves against their human partners, and to be pampered all the time.

With these cats in the house, you’ll never have a moment of silence, so be prepared to run after these naughty, little fluffy felines. Also, they happen to relieve you of all the stress and worries, keeping you fresh, happy and energized even after a long tiring day at work.

In short, the American Bobtails are fun to be around, playful, and fluffy.

Some Common Characteristics

As social and lively cats, the American Bobtails are often referred to have “clown-like” characteristics, and those who already own one, would definitely agree with it.

These felines are hyperactive in nature and extremely affectionate. Yes, you heard it right. They’ll play around like a naughty toddler and would want you to pay full attention to them or else, with their mischievous moves, they’ll ensure not to be ignored.

These delightful and precious furballs are highly devoted and dedicated towards their owners and because of this, many of them are used for treating people with mental illnesses like depressions etc. American Bobtail cats make great travel companions and are always upfront and welcoming new people in the house.

These cats may not be the most vocal ones, but they surely know how to keep you and your family engaged in hours of entertainment with their moves and tricks. They are super adorable and are…well, a cat-loving man’s best friend!

Witty, Cute and Adorable

Filled with uncontrollable energy and a heart full of love, American Bobtail Cats make great companions and friends. If you are not allergic to pets, then definitely head up for their adoption because with these in the house, you’ll gain free entertainment 24×7.

Plus, over the years, this species has been used for therapeutic purposes to treat people with anxiety and depression-related issues, making them the perfect house pet!

These felines may have “wild” looks, but when looking at them closely, you’ll see the innocence and love in their eyes. American Bobtails are small in size, super fluffy, and adorable. So, if you’re planning to get a pet for yourself, these would surely make a great choice. With these around, we are sure that you’ll never be stressed, sad or depressed again!

Related Questions

Are there any tests to determine cat allergies? Well, yes! A visit to an allergist may help you rule out the symptoms of cat allergy. There are various tests that will help determine whether you are allergic to your pet American Bobtail Cat or not.

How can my pet allergy be controlled? If you wish to own an American Bobtail cat which is not hypoallergenic, then you might have to put in extra effort to keep it well-groomed. Give them regular baths and haircuts so these felines shed less. Lesser the dander produced by them, the more you’ll gain control over your allergy.

Can cat allergy be treated over time? Allergies such as those developed with pets can be controlled by taking the right precautionary measures and medical help, but cannot be treated completely.

How to take care of the American Bobtail Cat? The most important thing to remember is to feed your kitten/adult cats quality food. Cats need protein and fat-rich diet to keep in good shape so make sure you keep a close eye on what your pets are being fed. Apart from this, keep a check on their hygiene and pay regular visits to the vet in order to rule out any health-related problems.

Does American Bobtail shed more hair? Yes, they shed more hair especially in the seasons of spring and summers. So, once these season approach, remember to keep them well groomed or else the dander produced can cause allergies in people with hypersensitivity.


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