Do American Curl Cats Shed?

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

American Curl cats are great companions to have, however, with their amusing antics and friendship come problems such as shedding.

Do American Curl cats shed? Yes, American curl cats shed; although they sport little to no undercoat, therefore, they shed less than other breeds. According to research, all cats shed and American Curls are no different.

The following paragraphs will discuss why cats shed, how to reduce it, what cats breeds do not shed, and much more.

Why do cats shed?

Shedding in cats is a normal phenomenon that is observed in other animals, as well. Most cats are double-coated with the exception of the single-coated Rex cat that is known not to shed. A double coat of a cat is made up of an outer coat that is long and coarse and an undercoat that is shorter and fine.

Cats shed to replenish their fur and keep it in excellent condition. Outdoor cats are known to shed twice a year; once in spring to remove the dense winter undercoat and once in fall. Indoor cats, however, shed year-round.

How to reduce shedding?

The easiest and most effective way of keeping your American Curl cat from shedding a lot is to brush its fur regularly. The frequency of grooming varies according to your cat’s coat. For a short-coated American Curl, weekly grooming should be enough; on the other hand, a long-coated American Curl would require at least biweekly grooming.

Combing your cat regularly reduces shedding as dead hair strands are removed in the process. Remember to comb your cat’s hair in the direction of growth in order to avoid hurting the cat and to remove tangles and knots. Don’t tug at any tangle of the undercoat as it might hurt your cat.

The undercoat of a cat is formed of clumps of hair. These clumps get entangled with the strands of guard hair and form a dense mat structure. These tangles are near the skin and tug at the coat at the slightest movement.

Surface combing is not sufficient to remove dead hair and undercoat knots. I’d be the best person to ask that since I’ve hurt my cat way too many times to be able to write about it. But ever since I invested in this double-sided undercoat rake, my cat’s life (as well as mine) has become that much easier.

Regularly grooming one’s cat results in many positive outcomes such as:

  • Fewer occurrences of hairballs
  • Smoother and fresher coat
  • Better bonding with your cat
  • Visual diagnosis of any infections or diseases

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Is your cat shedding in normal amounts?

American Curl cats normally shed in smaller quantities than a few long-coated cats. However, one thing you might be wondering about is:

Is my cat shedding in normal quantities or is it shedding excessively?

It is important to know the answer to this question because excessive shedding can be a symptom of certain underlying diseases or infections.

Normally shedding results in a shiny and fresh coat. Signs of a fresh coat are listed as follows:

  • The coat is, well, shiny!
  • It is free of mats and knots
  • It is smooth
  • There are no bald patches
  • It looks clean

If your cat sheds in excessive amounts throughout the year, then it might be due to a food sensitivity or some sort of allergy. Moreover, excessive shedding can even make the cat ill because of excessive hairballs. In such cases, it is best to visit a vet for a professional take on the matter.

Note: Bald patches are a sign of infection or allergy. If you find bald patches on your cat, take it to a vet right away.

Cleaning your cat’s hair from your furniture

American Curls are quite joyous cats that love to play even when they get old.

This means that these cats will be roaming around in your house, touching furniture, and fetching toys and other things that fall prey to their attention. Consequently, you’ll find cat hair in your clothes, toys, and furniture.

This raises the problem of cleanliness. But worry not as I have listed below some of the most effective methods of cleaning cat hair.

Wet Towel

Using a wet towel is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of cleaning cat hair. All you need to do is take a regular towel and soak it in water. Then simply rub it on the furniture you want to clean. The wet towel easily attracts tiny cat hair that would otherwise be hard to remove.

Lint Roller

A more effective way of cleaning cat fur is by using a lint roller. It not only attracts more cat hair but also polishes the surface. I personally use this lint roller from Scotch-Brite and find it to be very practical. All you need to do is swipe the roller over the furniture or clothes that you wish to clean and voila!

Proper care for American Curls

The American Curl cat was first bred in the 1980s. This medium-sized cat is a fantastic playmate that comes in a huge variety of colors, viz. White, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Silver, Tortoiseshell, Golden, Buttercream, cream, etc. An American Curl cat weighs between 8 to 12 lbs.

American Curls have a lifespan of 9 to 13 years. They don’t have much grooming needs. However, proper grooming and care are essential for both you and your cat.

Taking care of an American curl cat includes:

  • Regular Brushing
  • Cleaning of ears (when visibly dirty)
  • Dental Cleanings
  • Playtime


American Curls remain playful throughout their adult life. They have an amusing personality and can even be trained to play fetch. American Curl cats, like many other cat breeds, love to climb. It is important that you take out time to play with your American Curl twice a day for at least 15 minutes. It helps the cat remain active, healthy, and fun.


Grooming of American Curls includes weekly brushing and biweekly nail clipping. Moreover, American Curls might get diseases because of ear infections; hence, you should keep an eye out for dirty ears and keep them clean.

Moreover, lookout for eye discharge and clean it with a damp cloth from the corner of the eye. It is essential to use a different portion to clean the other eye so that the infection doesn’t transfer.

Even if your cat is healthy, a yearly visit to the vet is mandatory. Never miss any vaccination and scheduled deworming and flea treatments.


American Curls have no specific dietary needs. You should keep clean water to drink and dry food to eat. Normally, an adult cat should eat twice a day with 8 to 12 hours of gap in between. For further suggestions and diet choices, you can consult a vet.

Make sure you do not overfeed your cat and keep it active because obesity is one of the leading health issues in cats.

Keep it Indoors

It is a good idea to keep your American Curl inside because of the dangers it might face out in the open. For example, your cat might catch infectious diseases, get attacked by larger animals such as dogs, or get hit by a car. There are also chances that your cat might get stolen if you let it roam unsupervised and outdoors.

Cats that don’t shed

Cat owners often complain about their cats shedding and coughing hairballs. Not only is it irritating and disgusting, but it is also unhygienic. If you are too busy to clean up cat hair from furniture, then you might be wondering:

Are there cats that don’t shed?

Although there is no cat breed that does not shed, there are certain cat breeds that shed the least.

These cats are mentioned as follows:


Although this cat is generally considered to be hairless, it has a very fine layer of hair covering its body. The amount of dander and hair shed by a Sphynx is negligible. Moreover, because of the absence of a dense coat, their skin is prone to allergies and diseases which is why they should be bathed frequently.

British Shorthair

The ancestors of the British Shorthair can be traced back to Rome. This single-coated cat has a dense coat and sheds negligible hair.


Another cat that sheds minimal hair is the Siamese that originally hails from Thailand. It is one of the oldest cat breeds known.

Japanese Bobtail

As the name clearly suggests, the Japanese bobtail cat is a cat with a bobbed tail. This cat is a native of the Islands of Japan. This cat has a single coat and sheds negligible hair.

Devon Rex

The big-eyed Devon Rex cat is another cat breed that sheds minimal hair. Although its big eyes and ears give off an alien-like appearance, it is a friendly and intelligent cat.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex cat has one of the softest and finest coats. These cats shed so little that it is believed that they don’t shed at all.

Related Questions

How long does an American Curl cat live? American Curl cats have a considerably large gene pool due to which the life expectancy of the American Curl varies greatly. The American Curl can live from anywhere between 12 to 20 years. Moreover, owners of the American Curl have said that this breed lives for around 14 to 15 years.

How much does an American Curl cost? Normally, the American Curl, or any cat breed for that matter, come in two categories:

  • Cats that are adopted to take part in Pet Shows
  • Cats that are adopted as a family pet

The price range for this cat is $800 to $2,000 US. Obviously, the price of the pet show-worthy cat falls on the high end of the spectrum.

If you cannot afford the American Curl, an alternate way is to find it through a rescue agency. But, there is no guaranteeing the cat will be purebred (there won’t be any documented proof).

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