American Wirehair Cost and Weight

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet highly rewarding cat, then the American Wirehair cat should be your choice. However, before rushing towards the pet shop, it would be a good idea to have a look at its price.

How much is an American Wirehair cat’s cost and weight?Normally, an American Wirehair kitten would cost you around $800 – $1200 USD depending upon various factors.It is a medium-to-large sized cat and the males weigh 12-15 lbs whereas the females weigh 8-12 lbs.

If you’re excited about getting an American Wirehair, then read on to get an accurate notion of what to expect from this awesome breed.

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Should I Buy or Adopt?

If you think that the American Wirehair is the right cat for you (who wouldn’t?), then the following question arises:

Should I buy a cat or adopt one?

Let’s discuss both options so that you can decide what suits you best. But before going any further; a word of advice:

Try to stay away from pet shops.

These shops are crowded and often separate innocent kittens from their mother and litter. They are also noisy which proves to be a stressful environment for a newborn kitten.

Furthermore, it is a common practice in such shops to keep kittens from different litters in the same place which increases the risk of infections. However, if there is no other option, then at least check if the kitten you are buying is healthy.

Look out for any eye infections; running nose or eyes are indicators that something is not right in that regard. Other than that, remember to check any soreness under the tail and that the coat of the cat is in good condition.

Lastly, always ask to handle the kitten. If the shop keeper seems reluctant, that means the kitten has not been provided a household environment and that the kitten is not used to being handled. In such scenarios, abandon your plan of purchasing from that pet store.

Buying a cat

If you’re buying a cat, the best way to go would be towards a reputable breeder. On the other hand, if you know someone that owns American Wirehair cats (let’s say a friend), then you could ask if his cat has had a litter and if he’d like to give you one.

While buying a kitten, gender doesn’t matter. Normally, cats should be neutered before they reach puberty and neutered males and females exhibit the same personalities.

However, you should decide if you want to buy a kitten or an older cat. Before you fall prey to the cuteness of a Wirehair kitten, keep in mind that bringing up a kitten is hard work. Kittens need a lot of attention because you will have to develop all of their habits according to your comfort.

Cats are known to be territorial, therefore, when bringing in a kitten, be prepared to help your cat adjust to the new surroundings. Usually, a kitten would feel uneasy in the first few weeks and may even hide under a bed or closet for the first few days.

You’ll need to already have a warm and cozy house for your little friend so that it feels secure after being separated from its mother. What’s more, kittens have different nutritional needs than adult cats because they need more protein to develop muscles, fat, and a good number of calories to stay healthy.

Note: Do not separate a kitten from its mother for at least 8 to 9 weeks.

An alternative is to buy an adult cat. An adult cat is less work because it would already be trained and would need little time to adjust in its new home.

Adopting a cat

Adopting a cat is a little different from buying one. Although, you’ll need to visit different agencies and cat shelters to find the breed you are looking for, it is not as difficult to find the breed of one’s choice as one might reckon.

Adopting a cat is better because not only are you doing a good deed by giving a home to a homeless animal, you are also saving a lot in terms of money.

Adopting is not free, but it is fairly cheaper than the alternative because the cat from the adoption center would already be vaccinated, spayed, etc. all of which you’ll have to pay for, otherwise.


The American Wirehairs are muscular cats with thick legs and rounded paws. They are excellent hunters as the heavy pads beneath their paws aid in catching prey. These cats have strong jaws, a broad chest, and a muscular neck.

American Wirehair cats have a distinct coat that sets them apart from other cats. As the name suggests, these cats have wire-like hairs on the coat that have a crimped appearance.They have a textured coat that is thick and dense.Another thing that makes them stand out are their long whiskers that have exaggerated curls and kinks.

American Wirehair cats have medium-sized ears having round tips. The hairs present inside their ears also have the same crimped trait found in the overall coat. Their eyes are big, round and turn upward to some extent.


A good pet cannot be judged solely on the basis of its appearance. Rather, a good personality is what attracts most pet owners. So, we know that the American Wirehair cats have a distinct wiry coat and are certainly beautiful, but what about their personality?

American Wirehair cats have a somewhat clownish personality. These wiry-haired cats are known to be the direct descendants of the American Shorthair. Therefore, both breeds share the same characteristics, namely:

  • Affectionate
  • Adaptable
  • Playful

Although these cats have a muscular built, they are moderately active. They enjoy the company of their owners but also know how to amuse themselves.They have an easy-going attitude and quickly develop strong bonding towards all members of the family.

Like any other cat, the American Wirehair is fairly active and loves to fool around. Whenever it feels like playing, it will fetch a toy (or any other thing in reach)and bring it to you. However, this cat does not need frequent attention.

I had bought a laser light for my American Wirehair that loved to chase its light. But my cat could only play with it if I pressed the laser’s button and pointed it on the floor. This resulted in my cat feeling sad and bored while I wasn’t around. That’s why I decided to buy this cat activity tree that keeps my cat busy with or without my presence and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a healthy activity for his cats regardless of his own presence.


The uniquely crimped coat of the American Wirehair requires little brushing because excessive brushing has the tendency to damage it.

The American Wirehair cat develops a dense coat over the winter to protect it from the cold and starts shedding in the spring. Therefore, you might need a little more brushing in the spring to remove the dead hair and dander.

Periodontal diseases are a norm among our feline fellas and you don’t want your cat to develop them. To keep your cat from developing periodontal diseases, brush its teeth daily (or at least weekly). Moreover, check your cat’s ears every now and then for any dirt and clean them accordingly.

These cats also tend to develop eye infections, so keep an eye for any discharge around the corners of your cat’s eyes. Clean them with a wet cloth and remember to use a different part of the cloth for each eye to keep the infection from spreading.


Like any other cat, the American Wirehair also sheds, but in moderate quantities. Although shedding can be a major let down for many, there are ways to contain it. Firstly, the nutrition of your cat should be taken well care of. Secondly, a proper grooming routine should be set for your cat.

On a personal front, my American Wirehair cat’s grooming routine consists of:

Friendly advice:

One of the best ways to deal with dander and dead hair is to keep the shedding contained in a certain area, e.g. a pet bed. It will make shedding manageable.


Similar to the American Shorthair, the American Wirehair cats are friendly cats that love the company of children and people. They are also friendly towards other pets such as dogs that aren’t much of a bother.Although they tend to shy away from strangers, they are fairly frank with family members.

The American Wirehair breed is the perfect companion for an unmarried person as it provides great company. Its amusing antics will keep the person occupied. These cats are the most adorable solution to boredom and loneliness.


In a perfect world, your pet would live with you forever.

However, in this imperfect world, your wirehair has, on average, a 7 to 12-year lifespan. Nonetheless, you’d want them to live a healthy life. In this regard, you’re lucky that the Wirehair has no significant health problems.

However, due to the fact that the American Shorthairs have been a part of the American Wirehair breeding programs, the Wirehairs have a risk of developing felineHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). This disease has been known to be a major cause of heart failure among cats.

Moreover, the Wirehairs, similar to other members of the feline family are always at risk of getting obese. It is quite easy for a cat to get fat but utterly difficult for it to lose weight.With a little extra effort you can keep your cat healthy.

Your cat’s diet plays a vital role in its health. To decide the best food for your Wirehair, consult your vet on the type and quantity of the food to feed your cat. You’ll need your cat to stay active to maintain its shape. Therefore, devote at least two 15-minute play sessions daily for your cat.

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What are the most expensive cat breeds in the world?The following table lists the most expensive cat breeds along with their price:

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The Ashera$125,000

These breeds can also be found for much lesser prices but the prices quoted above are the upper extreme of the spectrum.

Are American Wirehair cats good with children?American Wirehair cats are known to be laid-back and easy-going cats. These cats can easily adjust to the needs of the household. These cats have a friendly attitude and form strong bonds with the entire family, including children and other pets.

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