Acadian Flycatcher Pictures & Videos

By Kevin Myers | 2023 Update

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The Acadian Flycatcher, a common sight in the eastern United States, stands out as the sole breeding empidonax species in the southeastern states.

Acadian Flycatcher perched on long leaves.

Acadian Flycatcher poised on a branch, scanning for aerial prey.

Acadian Flycatcher perched on a metal wire, near its arboreal domain.

Acadian Flycatcher’s face, a captivating portrait of nature’s grace.

Acadian Flycatcher perched on a branch, nature’s beauty in a blurred background dance.

Acadian Flycatcher is known for its distinctive vocalizations. Its song is a series of emphatic, raspy “peet-sah” or “whee-eep” notes, often repeated in quick succession.

The resplendent feathers of the Acadian Flycatcher showcase a mesmerizing trio of shades, captivating the beholder’s gaze.

The Acadian flycatcher’s beak is slender and pointed, suited for capturing insects.

The bird sitting on a branch displays textured feathers, showcasing a diverse array of patterns and structures.

Experience how this majestic bird catches its prey.

The bird sitting on a branch appears fluffy, with its feathers loosely arranged and giving it a soft and voluminous appearance.

In the distance, a picture captures a solitary bird perched on a bare tree, its silhouette framed against the backdrop.