African Civet Pictures & Videos

By Kevin Myers | 2023 Update

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The African civet, currently listed as Least Concern, faces threats such as habitat loss and hunting for its musk glands, lays in cage.

The African civet has a distinctive coat adorned with striking black spots and stripes, providing excellent camouflage in its natural habitat.

A captured picture of the African civet at night reveals its secretive nature as a nocturnal animal.

Discover the fascinating world of the African civet in this comprehensive video, unveiling its behavior, habitat, conservation status, and unique features.

A fluffy African civet, resembling a small bear, rests gracefully on the ground, showcasing its unique charm and striking resemblance.

In a heartwarming picture, a human gently touches an African civet, showcasing the potential for trust and gentle interactions between the species.

African civets possess exceptional night vision, sharp senses of smell and hearing, and remarkable agility, enabling them to skillfully navigate their nocturnal habitats in search of prey.

This enlightening video dispels the misconception of African civets as raccoons, revealing their distinct identity, behavior, and captivating traits.

In a captivating close-up, the African civet reveals its distinctive physical features, including a pointed face, large eyes, and a beautifully patterned coat adorned with spots and stripes.

In an adorable sight, a pile of civet babies playfully stack on top of each other, showcasing their irresistible cuteness and social bond.

In the enchanting forest, a beautiful civet shows its sleek coat blending harmoniously with the natural surroundings, embodying the essence of wild elegance.

Unlock the mysterious world of the African civet and witness its secretive lifestyle by immersing yourself in this captivating video.

Under the gentle spotlight of the night, a shy civet emerges, its eyes gleaming with a hint of caution, highlighting its elusive nature and the captivating allure of its nocturnal realm.