Are Bengal Cats Mean?

New pet parents are most concerned about the behavior of the Bengal cat that they are about to bring home. They wonder if their Bengal cat will go well along with other pets and kids in their home or not.

So, are Bengal cats mean? There is just one-word answer to this “No” they aren’t mean. Bengal kitties behave very nicely and have a very welcoming nature. They spend good time with their human companions and other pets, especially cat-friendly dogs.

If you want to know more about Bengal cats’ behavior and temperament, keep reading.

Bengal cats’ temperament

If your wish is to bring home a lap cat which will always sit beside you or will not go out very often, then you are at the wrong place.

Because Bengal cats are the most hyperactive cats, who love to run and jump around.

Simply put, Bengal cats don’t sit still.

They will always keep themselves busy doing new and unexpected things.

Picture this:

Have you ever heard a cat opening the door for guests?

Well, don’t be shocked, because Bengal cats can do this.

Thanks to Bengal cats’ curious and active nature, they are always up to something.

You never know when your Bengal tabby will climb on the curtains.

Or when will it soak itself in the pool water?

Yes, Bengal cats love water.

Here’s the thing:

Most cats dread water and don’t want to bathe very often.

But this Bengal fella is totally different.

Speaking of which, you should certainly check out our Bengal cat checklist for our rundown on the top 20 products that every Bengal cat owner should have.

These cats create happy and energetic vibes around them and keep their pet parents happy all the time.

There is no way that Bengal cats can be mean to others.

If you have other pets (or are planning to get them), don’t worry.

Bengal kitties have a warm nature and they will start to socialize with them without creating much fuss.

The only thing they need is attention, and if you give them enough attention, they will truly become the energy center of your home.

How to keep a Bengal cat happy?

As I said earlier:

Bengal cats don’t just sit idle on the couch all day.

Their inquisitive nature compels them to do and learn new things.

However, it is not safe to leave Bengal cats un-attended and let them do whatever they want to.

You should take responsibility and must provide them with the things they like.

Here are the things which keep Bengal cats happy and busy all the time.

  • Cat toys
  • Cat trees
  • Puzzle games
  • Wall posters
  • Stuffed toys
  • Legos
  • Water dish
  • Cathouse

If you want to strengthen the bond between you and your kitty, then these things should be in your home.

A side note:

I mentioned water dish in the list because Bengal cats love water.

And it’s better to keep them from barging into your bathroom.

Provide your cat with its own water dish and keep it happy.

What can make Bengal cats furious?

Although Bengal felines have a very calm and active nature, they can still get a little furious at times.

If you don’t give them attention and they are left free to jump and hop over the sofas, there will come a time when your Bengal cat will get furious.

It may start scratching the walls or shredding your sofas.

Would you like a messy house?

I am sure you won’t.

That’s why you should fill your home with interesting and engaging games and specify a play area for your Bengal cat.

Be happy and keep your young fella happy too.

Ways to strengthen your bond with your Bengal buddy

Love and affection are the key factors in developing a strong bond with your pet.

And these factors are more crucial for Bengal cats’ owners because these tabbies are hyper-sensitive.

  • If you keep on ignoring their small activities and don’t show your curiosity in what your cat does, forget the strong bond you are dreaming of.
  • Brushing your Bengal cat’s fur and grooming it every once in a while will help you in this regard.
  • Make it a ritual to spend time with your Bengal cat on Sundays.
  • Brush its fur, trim its nails and enjoy a little soak in the pool with your kitty.

Would you let your Bengal cat soak itself alone in the pool?

I am sure you won’t like it.

Because they are not natural swimmers.

And you never know when your Bengal kitten can drown in pool water.

If such a thing happens, it will leave psychological impacts on your cat.

And it might lose its confidence to try new things.

Then it’s better to join your cat in the pool and have a good Sunday afternoon with your precious pet.

What makes Bengal cats different?

Bengal cats simply can’t be treated as domestic cats.

The reason behind this is that this breed was produced after a cross between a wild Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat.

So they have both types of traits.

  • Sometimes your cat might act calm and cool, but it doesn’t take much time in showing its wild and outgoing nature.
  • They are good hunters, so there are high chances you will find remains of squirrels, mice or moles in your backyard.
  • You can train your cats to do different tricks. As they have wild characteristics, it’s better to keep them active and busy.
  • You can train your cat to do exercise and run in your lawn.

Doing so will keep them from getting fat, and they will always be agile.

Something to remember:

Bengal cats are very intelligent. Here is a rundown of their “intelligent” behavior:

  • If someone hits or ignores them, they don’t easily forget it. And they will take enough time for patching up with the person.
  • Similarly, if they face a small accident or anything harmful in a place, Bengal cats don’t go there again.
  • It is actually helpful for pet parents because their worries regarding their cat’s security can decrease after such situations. These are the benefits of having a good memory and intelligence.
  • Polishing their intelligence a little can do wonders for you.

The things which make Bengal cats loving pets

If you are still wary of Bengal cats’ nature, then this short list has enough reasons to debunk your myth that Bengal cats are mean.

  • They are talkative
  • They love to make sounds, but they don’t disturb you much
  • They are go-getters
  • They love to try everything they see, be it a bicycle of your kiddo or a tennis racket

Another benefit:

They can open your living room’s curtains and blinds.

Yes, you heard it right.

This breed has some amazing learning skills, that’s for sure.

  • They can play on their own
  • They like their fur getting brushed
  • They are not clingy, but they love attention
  • They love to play with other kittens
  • If you warn them from doing a thing, they won’t do it again
  • They are not messy
  • Bengal cats love their cat house but are not limited to it
  • They love to run around in your lawn and backyard
  • Bengal cats don’t annoy your guests
  • If their play area is specified, they stick to it

See, the list doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

I think these reasons are enough to prove that Bengal cats are not mean at all.

They are lively and love to make your home a happy place.

Related Questions

Are Bengal cats’ good pets? Yes, they are good (in fact best) house pets.

Bengal cats easily develop affection for their new home and pet parents which makes them a very good pet.

Once you develop a bond with them, they will become your most precious companion.

Are Bengal cats’ indoor cats? No, they are not.

Bengal cats love to go out.

They can even go out alone when you are busy or caught up in house chores.

That is why it is better to make your lawn and backyard a safe area, where there is no escape route for a feline.

Although they love their indoor cat house, the wild traits they have may compel them to go out very often.

You should take your Bengal cat for a walk daily, or at least weekly.

Are Bengal cats aggressive? No, these felines are not aggressive.

In fact, they are very friendly, and they love to socialize.

Like any other breed, Bengal cats take some time to adjust in their new house.

But once they are familiar with all family members and they have surveyed the whole house (yes they do), they become very friendly and inter-mingling.

Are Bengal cats fragile? No, they are not fragile or weak because they have very strong genes.

The mixture of domestic and wild breeds has given Bengal cats enough immunity.

They can protect themselves from internal and external dangers very well.

When a virus attacks them, their immune system is their t protect them

And when a predator or enemy tries to attack them physically, the strength they have inherited comes into play.

They are not fragile anymore and don’t fall sick very often.


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