Are Chartreux Cats Friendly & Affectionate? Or Mean?

The quiet and intelligent Chartreux cat breed is one of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world.  You can’t stop adoring their distinctive appearance and intriguing eyes.

As adorable as they look, you might wonder if they are friendly and affectionate?

Well, yes! They are one of the friendliest, sociable, and loyal cat breeds in the world. Where the Chartreux cat can be your best friend, they are also ideal for families as they are very friendly with kids. 

So in case you want to make a Chartreux cat a part of your home, let’s dive into the details that make them so friendly and affectionate.

But before we dive deep, check out this overview on Chartreux Cats…

Loyal and friendly

Chartreux cats are one of the most loyal and loving cat breeds in the world.

Being super loyal and friendly, Chartreux cats are often called cat-dogs because of their ability to understand and follow your instructions.

Their friendly and affectionate nature will make them follow you around wherever you go.

They are one of the best lap cats, and whenever you sit next to them, they will quickly make their place on your lap.

They are well known for building strong bonds with their owner’s, and these bonds can give serious competition to the bonds dogs build with their owners.

They have an amicable personality and will become an obedient and discipline cat by following a proper daily routine.

Children’s best friend

If you have little children in your house or they frequently visit your place, then you have to take certain considerations into account regarding your pet cat.

The questions to be asked then are:

  • Is the cat breed known to be aggressive?
  • How they fare in the house around small kids?
  • Their relationship and behavior with children.
  • Repercussions or injuries they might cause to the kids or vice versa.

However, if you have, or looking to adopt the beautiful Chartreux cat, then you don’t have to worry about much.

Because Chartreux cats are incredibly loving, especially towards little humans, they show their compassion towards them and enjoy their adorable company.

Moreover, they give you a sense of relief.  (But, still, it is advised by the experts to carefully monitor the children-pet interaction to avoid any mishaps or injuries.)


The most typical comment you must have heard about cats is that “they are self-sufficient pets.”

Although we do not entirely disagree with this statement, as most of the cat breeds share this personality trait, however, when we are talking about the devilishly beautiful Chartreux breed, this statement becomes irrelevant.

Chartreux cats would prefer to socialize around people rather than to be left alone in the corner.

They are usually friendly with the strangers, but initially would keep a little distance from them and observe from afar.

So if you want someone to bond with your cat real quick, bring them often to your place, and soon you’ll see them building a bond with each other.

Same is the case with your family members. If they stay at your place, they will become the recipient of true love and affection from your beloved Chartreux.

The silent breed

In general, almost all the cat breeds keep meowing around your house.

They do this every time they need your attention or want some food or treats.

Well, you are in for a surprise as the Chartreux are one of the quietest and silent cat breeds in the world.

They are ideal for the pet owners who prefer a quiet environment to live in with their family members.

Another interesting fact is that some of the Chartreux cats are known to have never uttered any sound ever.

You will only hear small and weak scratches from them when they try to communicate with you.

Even the most talkative ones in the Chartreux cat breed are known to make far fewer noises than any regular pet cat.

This makes them a fantastic companion to have, and being quiet doesn’t make them less passionate.

And what’s better than to have an adorable listener to tell your everyday stories to?


Most pet cats take time to adjust in the living that you provide them.

It may happen that once they are adjusted, they will become angry whenever you change the surroundings or change your home.

Not only that, most pet cats not known to be a great travel companion for you.

But, when we talk about the Chartreux, that’s an entirely different scenario!

They take far less time in accommodating themselves to their surroundings and are one of the best cats for people who frequently shift to different locations.

Furthermore, they are your best travel companion and well known to be great travelers.

Their ability to quickly accommodate in different surroundings makes them an excellent pet to have.

As you don’t have to worry about upsetting your pal while you shift your home due to necessity or any other reason.


This trait comes into play when you want to adopt another pet while you already have one!

We all have heard about the nasty fights pets get into with each other for numerous reasons.

Like they feel agitated whenever a new member comes in the family, or that new member might be one of your enemies as a dog is for a cat, or a cat is for a rodent.

Well, the calm and self-assured personality of the Chartreux makes them the ideal pet to have when you are considering having at least two pets.

They are very good to form a good relationship with most of the larger pets like dogs, and also with other small pets.

Let alone starting a fight; the wise Chartreux will often play the role of a peacemaker during heated moments among other pets.

Their calmness helps them diffuse the fights and helps in calming down other pets as well.


Hunting specialist

Being calm and quite in nature doesn’t mean that they are any less energetic or playful than the rest.

They have even quicker reflexes than a traditional pet cat!

Yes, that’s right!

They might appear lazy, but they are much more athletic and one of the best when it comes to hunting down their prey.

They were breed by French monks in the early 16th century, and they used them for hunting down the rodents.

Test their intellectual and physical abilities by providing them interactive toys, which enhances their overall attributes. Especially moving toys are the best for these cats.

Are they mean?

The general notion about cats is that they are mean towards people they don’t like or feel uncomfortable around.

Well, in that case, almost every living being will try to protect themselves if anyone mistreats them.

While some cat breeds usually tend to be more aggressive than the others, the Chartreux cats are the exception.

They are very quiet, calm, friendly, sociable, and most importantly, loyal to their owners!

Like every cat or any other living being, they will try to defend themselves, whenever the situation demands.

We know that you, as a pet owner, will treat them right, but also make sure others who you want them to bond with, will do so as well.

Because they are not upfront comfortable with new people and will go on to hide somewhere until they are gone.

Make them comfortable with people by introducing them. Ask them to treat your cat with the utmost respect, and in return, the Chartreux will do the same.

Related Questions

Q. Which breed of cat is the friendliest?

A. Almost all the pet cats are friendly, but some cat breeds are higher on the friendliness scale than the others.

All the breeds have unique personality traits, and it will be better to consider your requirements before making the decision.

Take a peek at our list of top 8 friendliest cat breeds in the world:

  1. Persian Cat Breed
  2. Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed
  3. Abyssinian Cat Breed
  4. Burmese Cat Breed
  5. Ragdoll Cat Breed
  6. Maine Coon Cat Breed
  7. Sphynx Cat Breed
  8. The Moggy Cat Breed

Q. Are male or female cats more affectionate?

A. Gender consideration is essential when selecting the best pet cat for your household.

Along with knowing their personality and behavior traits during different stages of life.

In general, spayed females and neutered males depict similar behavioral characteristics.

Both are equal when it comes to showing affection and playing with their owners.

Usually, the males are more tolerant than their counterparts and more welcoming to new family members and cats.

It will also depend upon the individual personality and behavior traits of each cat upon how they treat other members and is not solely related to gender.

Q. Will my cat be less aggressive after being spayed?

A. Neutering or spaying a cat will make it calmer and increase its tolerance level.

Please take note that it will only help you to a certain level and will not completely change the behavior of your cat.

If it’s known to attack you or someone in your family due to fear, then neutering or spaying won’t help you to change that.

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