Are Neon Tetras Aggressive?

Neon tetras are incredibly beautiful creatures that are famous for being peaceful. There is a lot to know about Neon Tetras!

Are neon tetras aggressive? No, they are not. But like any creature, they show aggression when they are under some sort of stress like bullying or improper tank conditions.

In order to know more about neon tetra’s nature, keep reading the article. I am sure you will end up falling in love with neon tetras and their nature.

Rogue Neon Tetra, aggressive behavior!!?? (Video)

Do neon tetras bully each other?

This is an important question. I briefly said that neon tetras love swimming in schools and there is no way you can isolate a neon tetra from its fellow friends.

But does that mean they never attack each other? Sometimes it happens. When a new tetra is introduced to older ones, it might get bullied by the older ones and it could also be left out from their school.

But as time passes, the whole school of tetras will become comfortable in the tank and get along, so maybe they just need some time to get used to each other.

If there are two males and one female, they would be aggressive and attack each other, fighting over the female. So, just because tetras are in harmony together, sometimes they have their aggressive moments against each other for some reason that we might still not know.

Thus, if you notice that one of your tetras losing its color because other tetras are attacking it, the best solution is to separate this bullied tetra from the rest because further bullying could lead to its death.

What to do when neon tetra aggression is getting worse?

When you notice that your neon tetras are acting abnormal in comparison to their natural behavior, you must know that this poses serious danger.

Neon tetras are, by nature, peaceful creatures and they rarely become aggressive.

So, when they start showing signs of bizarre behavior, monitor the tank. If it is too small for them, it might be causing them stress. If the water’s unclear enough and its temperature has changed all of a sudden, this could be disturbing the tetras and making them aggressive.

If they are hungry and are not fed on their schedule, then this must be bothering them greatly. If the lighting is too bright for them, they must be angry about it.

So, whenever you detect some slight changes in your tetra’s behavior, immediately start monitoring all of the previously mentioned requirements.

If the aggression remains even after you did all of that, then there must be something wrong with the tetras. They might be infected with the neon tetra disease which will cause them much stress. Be careful and watch over your tetras frequently.

How to take care of neon tetras?

Neon tetras have many cousins that are simpler in nature than they are. Neon tetras thrive in acidic warm water in fully planted aquariums. If there are any changes in the conditions that they feel comfortable in, they will become more aggressive and their sensitive nature will start to change. It could end up in killing them too.

Reminder: they prefer to be kept in schools. Even though you might believe that the more their number is, the more aggressive they would become, this is not correct!

The bigger their number is, the more comfortable they get and lower is their risk of aggression. They are known for being peaceful which makes them good companions in a tank filled with fish.

Thus, they should never be kept in a tank filled with larger fish and aggressive types. You have to take care of their food because they can never eat larger pieces, so don’t even try to do so because it might really endanger their lives.

As I said, neon tetras are delicate fish. They eat twice or thrice daily. Do not over feed them because this could also trigger them to become aggressive. They feed on live foods such as blood worms, daphnia, and brine shrimps as well as crushed flakes.

Always monitor the water parameters and the amount of ammonia in the water. Clean the tank regularly and filter the water consequently.

Sometimes, people think that neon tetras are a good option for beginners, but to be honest, they need special care and attention so a more professional pet fish owners would know well how to handle them.

Do not forget that they need dim light to be more comfortable and to feel safe. Any species of fish has its own requirements for functioning properly.

So yes, having a pet fish requires, mostly important, a tolerant, patient, and caring owner who educates himself about how to provide their pet fish with the perfect atmosphere.

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Could an aggressive neon tetra make the rest aggressive as well? There is a high chance that this could occur! An aggressive tetra that goes on attacking the other tetras could cause them stress. They would either attack it back or lose control and end up killing each other.

Can a solitary tetra become aggressive? Certainly, because tetras need to be kept in groups. A single tetra in a fish tank filled with other species would stress it out. Therefore, it could become aggressive. Mostly, it would turn transparent and shy away. In this situation, get this poor lonely tetra 4 or 5 more tetras to get along. Tetras long for each other more than you can imagine.

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