Are Platy Fish Hardy?

If you are a fish enthusiast, you know how fun and relaxing it can be to watch colorful fish swimming around in an aquarium placed in your living room, especially, if the fish you have are hardy and you don’t need to worry about maintaining tight tank conditions.

So, are platy fish hardy? To simply answer this question, yes, they are. Platies, like other hardy fish, have the ability to adapt to varying parameters of water and do not require too much care which makes them ideal for home tanks and perfect for those who are just starting out as aquarists.

However hardy the platy fish may be, like every other aquatic creature, they also require a necessary protocol to survive inside a tank. Keeping that in mind, I am sharing with you some information to help you keep your platies in a healthy state.

How Hardy Are Platy Fish?

A question that I get asked a lot is about the hardiness that prevails among the different types of platy fish. Well, there are almost about 170 species of fish families that connect with the platies. And while I haven’t had a chance to experience all of them, I have spent a good deal of time with the most common ones available in pet shops.

During my time with these breathtakingly beautiful fish, I haven’t noticed too much of a mentionable difference in the levels of their hardiness. Though there is no denying the fact that certain breeds of platies are hardier than others, albeit it isn’t anything noteworthy. Although they are easy to care for, platies require certain water conditions to stay active and thrive inside a tank.

Platy Fish Care Guide (Video)

Tank Water Conditions

Being a tropical freshwater species, the platy is capable of surviving temperature fluctuations. However, even platies can’t withstand sudden changes in water temperature and can get stressed in such situations.

Nevertheless, they can easily tolerate temperature between the ranges of 70o to 77o Fahrenheit. They are also capable of surviving in pH levels of 6.8 to 8.0 and hardness levels of around 10 to 28 dGH.

While the vulnerability against poor water conditions is different among each type of the platies, it is recommended to have a filtration system installed in the tank regardless of the platy breed you have. This is to ensure optimum water conditions and avoid any dangerous illnesses befalling the fish.

The Ideal Mates

As mentioned above, platies are community aquarium friendly and are usually kept with other smaller fish species. The females are very peaceful while males might rarely show aggression against each other. Even in aggression their fights are quite harmless.

Platy’s active and peaceful nature makes it an ideal addition to fish tanks carrying a varying species of fish which include:

  • Guppies
  • Tetras
  • Mollies
  • Characins
  • Corydoras

These fish are also very hardy and will adapt well to the water with platy fish. Again, water conditions are important for their survival but so is maintaining the right mates in the tank as well as the right feeding habits.

The Right Feeding Habits

A prevailing belief among many active aquarists is that the platy fish enjoys proteinaceous food, which is true to a good extent, but its need for herbivorous food should also not be ignored.

Many people also do not add enough algae in their fish tanks which is necessary to fulfill the platy’s need for vegetables. If you like to feed your pet fish artificial food, then flakes can work perfectly as long as they contain both vegetables and proteins.

While platies are too small to be fed live prey, if you do wish to, you can feed it brine shrimps, fruit flies, and bloodworms. Just keep in mind that live prey is often more expensive than the standard prepackaged fish food.

I hope that I have provided you all the information that you might require in your quest to flawlessly keep and enjoy your platy fish aquarium.

Related Questions

What are the best kind of fish to put in the aquarium for beginners? Platies are one of the best fish to get if you are just starting out the hobby of fish keeping. As we have mentioned throughout this post, platies are very hardy and easy to maintain. They breed fast and are very peaceful in nature taking away all of the fuss from keeping a fish tank.

How are the platy fish at breeding? Platies are quite easy to breed. They do not require too much of your attention or time in this regard. If you wish for your platies to produce a lot of fry (which they do regardless of the existence of your wish), remember the female to male ratio when populating the aquarium.

If the male platies are equal to or more than the females, then the male start harassing the female members to breed. This results in the females getting stressed which can lead to their deaths. Also remember to separate the fry as soon as they spawn or they could get eaten right after their birth.

How many varieties do platies come in? Platies come in multiple color variations and their different colors act as the distinguishing factor between their several types. Here are a few of the common types of platy fish:

  • Wagtail
  • Tuxedo
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Twin Bar
  • Pintail and many others.


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