Balinese Cat vs Siamese Cat: Which one is Better?

There are some important differences between the two look-alike breeds of cats; the Balinese and Siamese.

So, is the Balinese cat better than the Siamese cat? Well, the answer isn’t that simple. If you want a low-maintenance cat with a longer life-span, then Balinese is the one for you. But if you want a cat with a shorter coat length, then Siamese might just be the better option.

But these are not the only differences between the two breeds. Keep reading to enlighten yourself with several other astonishing differences between the two, that will help you make your decision.

Overview Table

Coat lengthRelatively Longer hairVery fine hair
PersonalityAffectionate and LovingAffectionate and Loving
Grooming CostsAffordableRelatively Expensive
Prone to DiseasesVery fewMany Diseases
DietCanned and Dry FoodCanned and Dry Food
Comfortable with other petsNoNo

Siamese Cats 101


History of Balinese Cats

The Balinese Cats are known to have originated from none other than the Siamese Cats. Back in the mid-1800s, some long-haired Siamese cats were brought in UK and USA where efforts were made to make these long-haired Siamese cats a separate breed.

At first, these long-haired Siamese kittens were considered ‘faulty’ and weren’t recognized as pure breeds. However, soon efforts were initiated to develop this long-haired breed as a separate breed; Balinese.

History of Siamese Cats

The exact origins of the Siamese cat dates back to the 14th century.

However, it was no later than the late 1800s when US President Rutherford B. Hayes received a present in the form of a Siamese Cat. This was the first Siamese Cat in the US.

Since then, this breed has been developed in the US for its pointed, slender, and triangular shape. The breed was accepted by the Cat Fancier Association, back in the early 1900s.

Coat: Balinese

As mentioned above, Balinese cats have a relatively longer hair coat than the Siamese cat. Yet, they are still considered as short-haired breeds as their coat-length is relatively shorter than other cat breeds.

Anyhow, if you compare them with the Siamese cat, the Balinese will require a bit more grooming. But you can still choose the Balinese if any of the following conditions click with you:

  • There’s only a little difference in the coat length of both breeds
  • You don’t care much for the frequency of grooming sessions

Coat: Siamese

Siamese cats have a very thin coat of hair and this is why:

  • They require little to no grooming
  • They do not roam around in the house shedding long hair

This is a great advantage over other long-haired cats who require weekly to fortnightly grooming sessions. Siamese cats can survive without hair grooming for months. So, if coat maintenance is your big concern, Siamese is the breed for you.

The personality of Balinese cats

The Balinese cats are very much like Siamese cats in terms of nature.

Other than the difference in the length of hair, most other characteristics of these cats are the same. These cats will try their best to work with you. Balinese cats love humans and consider themselves part of the family. However, when you’re not home, they will be examining every corner of the house; every cabinet, every shelf.

The personality of Siamese cat

If you’re planning on getting a cat that sits on a sofa all day while you go work, then the Siamese cat isn’t for you. This cat offers more love than you could handle.

They are terrifically smart cats that are always willing to learn new things from you. Their inquisitive nature makes them a part of anything you’re doing. So, don’t even think about some alone time when you have this cat around.

When you’re not home, you don’t want to keep them alone. Their high energy levels can be a bit of a problem for you. Unless you like a mess at your home.

Both are Talkative

That’s right. Balinese and Siamese, both cats are talkative and they’re not the cats for silence lovers. However, if you’re someone who does not mind the company, then either of these cats can be your companion.

They not only love your company but are also fond of talking so you can have a ‘meow’ conversation for quite some time.

Grooming Balinese cats

The Balinese cat breed is low maintenance.

As I said, despite having longer hair than the Siamese, the Balinese cats are still considered to be short-coat cats. This is why they require very little grooming. You do need to trim the nails and clean their ears every 10-12 days. This precautionary measure will save your cat from a lot of health concerns.

Another important task is brushing their teeth. Like Siamese or any other breed, Balinese are susceptible to periodontal diseases, which you can avoid through regular brushing and visits to the vet for check-ups.

Grooming Siamese cats

Siamese cats are perfect for those who get annoyed with high-maintenance cats. Siamese cats are very easy to maintain.

Just fortnightly trimming of nails and regular brushing of teeth, that’s all these cats require in the name of grooming. Though it’s not necessary because of the short hair, you might also want to comb their fur once in a while.

If you do, it will give your cat a fresh look. The only thing that requires care is the teeth. Since nearly all cats are susceptible to peritoneal diseases, it’s better to avoid problems by scheduling regular check-ups with a vet, in addition to regular brushing of the teeth with vet-approved toothpaste.

However, their health considerations might cost you some extra money.

Health Considerations: Balinese

There are very few diseases that are common in this breed. Firstly, the typical periodontal diseases can be avoided using regular brushing of teeth and visits to the vet. Other than this, Balinese cats can develop lysosomal storage diseases and feline Acromelanism. In the former disease, the cat shows neurological issues. In the latter disease, the color of the coat changes with variation in temperature.

Health Considerations: Siamese

Unlike Balinese cats, Siamese cats can develop a number of diseases if proper care isn’t given. Firstly, they can develop respiratory and dental problems if the vet isn’t paid timely visits. Other than these two, Siamese cats can experience bladder stone, eye problems, heart problems, and some types of cancer. You can prevent these and many other diseases through walks so it does not experience obesity.

Diet: Balinese

The Balinese cats are not high-maintenance, but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, in order to keep them healthy and fine throughout their life.

First of all, Balinese cats require vitamin supplements so you need to provide food that meets the vitamin demands of your cat.

Secondly, they need a substance named, Taurine. This keeps their heart healthy and prevents blindness in cats. Proteins are also important in the Balinese cat’s diet.

Diet: Siamese

Like in the case of Balinese cats, Siamese cats require somewhat similar considerations in the diet.

The food that you choose should be rich in vitamins, protein, and taurine. Since giving canned food all the time would be a bit expensive, you can give a combination of dry and canned food.

The dry food is relatively inexpensive while the canned food is expensive but it will make sure the nutrient requirements of the cat are met.

I’ve been giving this cat food from Blue Wilderness to my Siamese cats and till now, they’ve gobbled it down happily.

Predators: Balinese

Since cats are usually kept indoors, predators are not usually a big issue. However, if you have rabbits, pigs or a dog in your house, you might need to be a bit careful. Balinese cats don’t usually get along well with any of these, or any other pets for that matter.

Predators: Siamese

Siamese cats are super loving and affectionate, but that’s only for humans. As loving these cats are, they are also jealous and they do not allow you to have other pets. If you do so, they might turn aggressive and destructive to get your attention, so Siamese is not the pet for you if you intend to keep another pet in the house.

Related Questions

How long do Siamese and Balinese cats live? Although the Siamese cat requires some health considerations,if they are well-kept, they might live up to 18 years. In the wild, these cats can live up to only 8-10 years. But with proper care at home, you can extend their life to up to 20 years.

On the other hand, Balinese cats are known for a long lifespan. If properly kept and well-fed, these cats can live for more than 20 years of life. This is a relatively long life span, compared to most other cat breeds.

Which one is expensive? Balinese cat or Siamese Cat? The price of a Balinese cat depends on the age of the cat. Though, on average, you can expect it to cost around $600. Siamese cats are a bit cheaper than this. They cost around $300-$400. However, from the maintenance point of view, Siamese cats have higher vet costs due to proneness to multiple diseases.

Can Siamese or Balinese cats be left alone? The Siamese and Balinese cats, both prefer human company and they neither allow any other pet nor do they prefer staying alone for a long period of time. If you work for long hours, it would be better to get a pair of Siamese or Balinese, instead of getting one.

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