Do Bengal Cats Have To Be Kept Indoors?

You must be wondering:

My Bengal cat is so energetic and playful, it would love to be taken outdoors.

But as surprising as it may seem, this decision has its cons as well.

So do Bengal cats have to be kept indoors? The answer is, not necessarily. Bengal cats can be taken outside for playing or walks, however, you must keep a constant watch to avoid any mishaps. Bengal cats should never be left alone outside.

What kind of mishaps are we talking about when it comes to taking Bengal cat outdoors and how does one supervise their Bengal cat in such a situation?

Let’s discuss these below:

Why You Should Keep Your Bengal Cat Indoors

Just like any other animal:

Bengal cats are also vulnerable to several threats that may pose a danger to their life if they are let outdoors.

And although it may seem tempting to let your Bengal cat out for once, it may take only a few minutes for this experiment to turn into a disaster if you go unprepared.

Taking your Bengal cat outdoors comes with a list of protocols like buying a harness, leash, and carrier for your Bengal. If you wish to know our top choices for all these products and many more, head on over to our Bengal cat checklist.

Here is a list of some of those threats:

1. Your Bengal cat can run away

Consider that you let your Bengal cat go into your garden for some time to play.

If your garden is not fully protected and does not have proper fencing, it may take only a few moments for your cat to unknowingly run far away from home.

At this point:

Finding your Bengal cat again may be an extremely difficult task.

Especially, if they do not have any sort of tracker on them.

2. Another animal can injure your Bengal cat

Wild animals like rabid raccoons or coyotes can easily enter your backyard if you do not have the proper fencing installed.

In this case:

They might get into a fight with your Bengal cat who may not be able to protect itself against a larger animal.

This can result in your cat sustaining injuries or even getting killed in the worst case scenario.

3. They may catch a disease or infection

Bengal cats are a particularly curious breed that loves to interact with new things.

There may be several poisonous plants or pieces of rotten food outside that your cat may try to chew or nibble.

These particles will travel inside your cat’s stomach and will make them sick.

What’s more:

There might be a chance that your Bengal cat may step on or get scratched by a nail or tree bark.

That injury can very well get infected and you may not even notice it until the infection becomes more severe.

4. Someone may try to steal or harm your Bengal cat

The fact that these cats can cost thousands of dollars and are quite appealing makes them more likely to get stolen by someone.

Thus without supervision:

It may take somebody only a few seconds to run off with your Bengal cat.

There’s also a chance that children or neighbors may try to feed your cat poisonous treats or food in order to harm or kill them.


You need to make sure that your cat is safe from such things.

Benefits of Taking Your Bengal Cat Outdoors

Although at this point, you may be skeptical about taking your Bengal cat outdoors.

But the threats that we mentioned above will ultimately help you look out for the things that may cause harm to your cat when you take them outside.

There are many reasons why it is important for Bengal cats to get some outdoor time.

The most important one being their highly energetic and playful nature.

Bengal cats need to burn off their energy and a house isn’t typically the best place for that.

Outdoors, your Bengal cat has a huge area to run around and play in.

Also, because the breed is basically a hybrid between a wild Asian Leopard cat and a domestic cat, they take up many of the personality traits of their Asian Leopard parent.

This explains why Bengal cats love the outdoors so much.


If you keep your Bengal cat indoor for too long, they will tend to get bored and start damaging things.

They may develop habits like opening drawers and playing with switches.

Keeping them indoors makes them more curious which leads to their developing destructive habits.

Ways To Take Your Bengal Cat Outdoors

There are several ways in which you can provide your Bengal cat with a safe and healthy outdoor time.

One is to take your Bengal cat out for a walk, and the other is to let them out in a secured garden.

Let’s learn how to do these below:

1. Walking Your Bengal Cat

Just like dogs, you can take your Bengal cat out for a walk yourself.

Walking it not only allows your cat to explore the outdoors but also gives it a way to release its energy.


Walking requires some training in order to save your Bengal cat from any sort of harm.

Because these cats tend to be quite intelligent, this is generally an easy process that takes only a week or two in order to make your cat fully comfortable with the use of a leash and a jacket.

You must still take some precautionary measures such as making sure that there isn’t too much traffic on the roads and the pavement isn’t too hot for their paws.

Doing so will ultimately help make the experience more secure and enjoyable for you both.

2. Letting Your Bengal Cat In Your Garden

Your garden or backyard is another great place you can use to provide your cat with outdoor time.

This is usually a better option for people who don’t have the time or patience for teaching their cat how to go on a walk.


A garden also requires some preparation in order to protect your Bengal cat from getting hurt or stolen.

These preparations include placing a fence that prevents your cat from jumping over it or other animals entering from the outside.

More so:

You must keep an eye out for objects that may cause harm to your cat.

Other than that:

You can place toys for your Bengal cat to play with.

A garden can keep your Bengal cat busy for hours after which they will be too tired to do anything else for at least a few hours.


How compatible are Bengal cats with other animals? These cats usually get along quite well with other pets such as cats and even dogs.

Due to this reason, you shouldn’t be too worried about your cat getting into fights with other dogs in the neighborhood when you take them out for a walk.

Should you walk your Bengal cat? Although not all Bengal cats may seem comfortable with the idea of walking or a leash attached to them, most of them would love too.

This is because the Bengal cat is naturally a very curious and active breed that require some sort of stimulation to stay happy. More so, these cats are incredibly intelligent and are quite easy to train.

This is why walking is one of the best activities you can do with your Bengal cat.

Are Bengal cats a healthy breed? Bengal cats are noted to have genetic diseases that you can prevent by buying your cat from a reputable breeder.

Other diseases like obesity can be prevented with proper nutrition and by engaging your cat in activities like walking.

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