What do Bengal Cats Like to Play With?

Bengals are known for their unique physique and personality.


It is their reciprocation & interaction capabilities that have gained the attention of many.

What do Bengal cats like to play with? Bengal cats enjoy playing with interactive and problem-solving games.  These sporty cats love activities which stimulate their hunting instincts. Toys with sound effects and lighting also attract a Bengal’s attention.  Furthermore, Bengals also enjoy playing with catnip or water.

To help you in having quality playtime with your Bengal, here we have enlisted a few tips and tricks.

The Playful Nature of Bengal cats

Bengal Cats have inherited not only their feral appearance but also their inquisitive personality from Asian Leopard cats.

These dauntless, playful, and striking cats are constantly up to something.

Bengal cat owners often find it interesting to observe their kitty opening a door or a cabinet.

Just like a child, their little mind seems to be always full of questions about how things work!

It is amazing to note that if Bengals come across something challenging, their determination intensifies until they work out the mechanism of different objects.

This indicates an intellectual mind driven by curiosity.

Perhaps, it is also the reason behind your Bengal following you everywhere and showing a keen interest in its surroundings.

They simply cannot resist the temptation of knowing!

Keeping your Bengal cat occupied

It is true that Bengals will play with almost anything to keep themselves occupied but they won’t play with the same toy forever.

Boredom will soon take control.


If a Bengal cat starts playing with cardboard, it does not signify contentment.

It is just keeping itself occupied to stay away from boredom.


Interactive toys and activities should be supplied in abundance to Bengal cats. Especially, if you do not have enough time to spare.

Bengals have a wild ancestry and enjoy games that stimulate their hunting instincts.

Rapid  movements of the following items are enough to do so:

  • Frayed ropes
  • Strings
  • Measuring tape/ feather wands


You need to ensure that the games you supply your Bengal with are cat-friendly and harmless.

If the object is tiny then be cautious for ingestion can lead to severe health issues.

Bengals also prefer toys which produce sounds.

A little music boosts up their lively spirit and keeps them going for hours.

Another unique personality trait present in Bengals is their love for water. It is quite fascinating to watch a Bengal splash in a shallow water pool!

Bengals also find toys equipped with lasers and lights amusing. They love pouncing and running after the small focused beams.

Most of the cats are unable to control themselves when it comes to catnip.

This magical herb brings out the cheery and joyful side of your cat.

It’s hard to keep Bengals and toys containing catnips apart!

Toys and Games for Bengal cats

Bengal cats love toys. If you wish to know our top choice for Bengal cat toys and much more, you should read our Bengal cat checklist.

Captivating and problem-solving games can either be generated at home or bought from stores.

Some cost efficient and easy-to-use toys which can be produced by utilizing  households items are:

  • Feather and string
  • Paper bag
  • Crumpled paper

These toys stimulate Bengal’s survival and predatory instincts and the mere sight of the feather dangling from the string or a crumpled paper ball moving may give them a rush of adrenaline.

Immediately their pupils will dilate and they’ll crouch low preparing for a jump or to chase.

Inside a paper bag, they’ll react to the different pokes and noises you create by scratching back or shifting positions, getting ready for the next attack!

These toys may be temporary but in consideration of their cost it is easy to invent them again and again.

Games like hide and seek will only demand your time.

You can hide behind a cabinet and your Bengal will stalk you.

Moreover, Bengals are known for having a dog-like behavior and can easily be trained to play games like fetch.

Some people also train their Bengal cat to jump up and down their back or catch balls while sitting on high ledges.

Let your creativity flow in to invent puzzles and games for your kitty!

An example of such innovation is the ‘interactive box’.

Different cat owners have altered the original version and have given new titles according  to the modifications.

It is highly popular amongst athletic cat breeds.

To  make this miracle-worker all you need is:

  • Cardboard box
  • Toys
  • Treats

Cut out numerous small holes in the cardboard box , place treats and toys inside and secure it with a transparent tape.

The holes should be big enough to let your cat’s paw slide in and small enough to withhold the things inside.

Several reliable cat stores and brands provide a variety of complex indulging toys like;

  • Mouse
  • Cat Dancer
  • Flower fountain
  • Crazy circle

These games use artificial intelligence and technology  in an ingenious way.

Furthermore, they are inexpensive and suits cats of all ages.

Playtime for Bengal cats


Bengals spend half of the day playing with small occasional naps in between.

However, the time duration of playing varies from one cat to another.

A healthy cat will exhibit a frisky behavior and will play more than an unhealthy cat.

A 15-20 minutes playtime session after every few hours is sufficient to keep your Bengal’s craving at bay.

Sometimes people are unable to do so due to long working hours of job.

In such cases, playtime before leaving or after coming back are all you need to satisfy your Bengal.

Playtimes after meals or just before sleeping is another effective way to prevent unhappy feelings creep up onto your cat.

When winding up playtimes, do not withdraw playing suddenly as it will make your cat feel that something went wrong.

Instead, gradually lessen the intensity with which you were playing, before finally coming to a halt.

To encourage your Bengal to play with you or learn tricks, reward it with treats afterwards.

Companions for Bengal cats

Another efficient way of keeping your Bengal playing requirement fulfilled is to provide it with an appropriate companion.

A companion will cater to the Bengal’s needs of:

  • Love
  • Care
  • Attention
  • Interaction

You can introduce your Bengal with a companion at any stage.

Mostly, people prefer to do so while the Bengal is still a kitten.

It helps to develop understanding early and prevent the possibility of a fight.

Your Bengal’s partner can be:

  • Another Bengal
  • A Dog
  • A Similar breed

To have two Bengals is a great idea but be ready for mischievous acts that the partners-in-crime may get involved in!

Whether they are of opposite genders or the same, they are bound to develop a strong bond, having the same family backgrounds and heritage.

Bengals like socializing and will go along with any other cat which shares similar character traits.

There are many athletic cat breeds  which love spending time chasing and hopping around like:

  • Abyssinian
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • American Shorthair
  • Turkish Angora
  • Savannah
  • Manx
  • Siberian

These energetic cat breeds are friendly and fun-loving explorers.

Japanese Bobtail cats even share the same love for water!

Before getting your cat a companion, conduct a thorough research and dig in knowledge about their nature.

Your Bengal will definitely not appreciate a fellow who likes being a couch potato!

Bengals are said to have a dog-like personality  as they like to go on walks and rides with their pet parents .


Due to their high degree of intelligence, they are capable of learning a variety of tricks like fetch.

This makes Bengal an excellent companion of active dog breeds.

Consider the following dog breeds:

  • Beagle
  • Boxer
  • Labrador Retriever

Bengals have descended from a predator family thus remember to not keep a fish, bird, hamster or any other tiny companion for your Bengal.

Being unable to control their inclination towards hunting, they might cause unintentional damage.

Related Questions

Can Bengal cats be left alone? A few lonesome hours are fine but leaving them alone for long hours can prove to be disastrous.

These adventurous creatures might ruin your valuables in an attempt to climb over a table!

Moreover, longer hours of solitude can result in health deterioration.

Bengals who are left alone frequently are victims of unhappy feelings.

Do Bengal cats scratch? Yes, Bengal cats unintentionally tend to scratch a lot owing to their territorial nature.

They also do so while playing ferociously or in an attempt to communicate.

Are Bengal cats outdoor cats? Bengals are naturally more comfortable outside with much to explore and play.

However, wisdom lies in not letting them go outside or become barn cats.

It is so because they might catch deadly diseases or become a victim of accident. In either case, the result is reduced lifespan.

Moreover, the world we live in is not crime- free. There are high chances of a Bengal cat being stolen if left outside unattended.

What is the temperament of Bengal cats? The temperament of Bengal cats is mostly dominated by playfulness.

In addition to that:

Their ability to learn and grasp different concepts swiftly reflects intelligence and curiosity.

These territorial cats love affection and interactive with others especially their pet-parents.


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