Do Bengal Kittens Calm Down?

Here’s something you should know:

Bengal kittens are well-known for being some of the most active creatures on the planet.

But you must be wondering:

Will this behavior ever change?

So, do Bengal kittens calm down? The short answer would be no. Bengal cats are amongst some of the most active cat breeds, and with age, their energy levels are likely to remain the same. Instead of making them less energetic, you should indulge them in healthy play time to discharge their excessive energy.

But there are certain things that can be done to make your cat less of a trouble.

Do Bengal Kittens Ever Calm Down?

You should know that Bengal kittens have some of the highest energy levels and constantly require some sort of activity.

And this behavior is likely to continue throughout their adulthood.

If you fail to provide the kittens with attention, their energy can be directed towards destructive habits.

I’ve found that out of most of the common cat breeds, Bengal cats are the toughest to keep. If you have one, you should certainly check out our Bengal cat checklist.


There is good news.

There are several things you can do to provide your kittens with healthy activities that we will discuss below.

But what’s more important is to teach your kittens to be a little calm at times and be less mischievous.

Teaching Your Bengal Kittens to be Calmer

You must teach this to your Bengal kittens from an early stage to keep them away from turning into the disastrous type.

As these kittens love to get attention from their owners, they can adopt some harmful ways of doing so, if not properly trained.

For example, they may do things such as throwing your precious items to get your attention.

In this case:

You must simply say “no” to them.

They will usually realize that what they are doing is inappropriate and with time, will learn to abstain from those things.

Doing so will make sure that your Bengal kittens don’t grow up to become troublesome adults.

Toys & Games For Your Bengal Kittens

Because Bengal cats are extra-hyper when they’re young, you must set aside some time to play with them.

Regularly playing with your kittens for some time each day will help tone down their energy and will allow you to bond with them.

These kittens have high energy levels, thus you have a wide range of options as to what games you want to play with them and what kind of toys to buy.

Here are some of our favorites:

Indoor cat tree

Not much of a game, but a cat tree is perhaps the best piece of furniture you could own as a Bengal kitten owner.

The reason for this is because a cat tree has the potential to keep your kittens busy for hours, without requiring effort from your side.

Cat trees come in a number of sizes and options.

Purchase one from a local pet store or online and set it up in a busy area, preferably in the living room. Put toys in them and watch as your Bengal cat entertains itself while you relax.

You can check out our top choice for buying a cat tree for your Bengal cat in our Bengal cat checklist.

One thing you must keep in mind is to buy a cat tree that is big enough for when your cat grows into an adult.

Fishing toys

A fishing toy is basically a long pole with some sort of toy hanging on the end with the help of a rope.

You can swish that toy around to bring out your kitten’s hunting instinct.

This can be a great toy to help your kittens release their energy and get them tired fast.

One popular fishing toy that these cats love is called ‘Da bird’.

This toy is particularly a favorite of Bengal kittens because of the feathered toy attached to the string. The toy resembles the look of a small bird, which is why these kittens go crazy after it.

Fishing toys will keep your kittens busy for a long time.

And because these toys involve a high amount of activity, it is sure to get your kittens tired in little time after which they will prefer to rest for a few hours.

Laser pointers

Bengal kittens are very intelligent and curious creatures.

So, a laser will be very intriguing for them.

Although not all Bengal kittens will be equally entertained by a laser pointer, they would definitely love to chase around and try to catch the red dot.

During their first few years, Bengal kittens are in the age where they have the most amount of energy.

They require different sort of stimulations and exercises to keep their energy levels to a healthy level.


You should adjust around 3-4 playing sessions of 15-20 minutes’ duration for your Bengal kittens.

Spending time playing with your kitten will get them tired after which they will prefer to rest, but their energy levels will soon rise again.

Personality & Temperament

Being a hybrid between a wild cat and a domestic cat, Bengal cats have quite the reputation for their extremely active personality.

Although this does not necessarily mean that they have the behavior of a feral cat, but these cats may not be a great match for everyone, especially first-time owners.

Bengal cats are well-known for their affection towards their owners.

They love interacting with their family with everything they do and would do anything to get your attention. Sometimes, this desire for attention can lead them towards destructive habits, so you’ll need to keep a close watch.

As these cats are highly intelligent and curious creatures, they may get a hold on how to open drawers and turn on switches.

Therefore, they must be taught as kittens about what’s right and what’s wrong to prevent them from becoming a handful when they grow into adults.

If you have another pet such as a dog, your Bengal kitten will get along quite well with them because of their playful personality.

The same can be said for toddlers and children, keeping in mind that they do not get too crazy with the cat.

These cats have a knack for climbing and require a place where they can do so.

Keeping this in mind, try to get your Bengal kitten a tall and interactive indoor cat tree and they will love you for it.

The tree will keep them busy and give them a place to release their energy.


Bengal cats are a very active breed that loves to interact with their family members.

They love to play as much as they love to explore every inch of their house and how things work.

Because of their natural ability to hunt fish, these cats have a fondness for water and enjoy playing with water.

Grooming Your Bengal Cat

If you are planning to buy a Bengal kitten or already have one, it would be in your best interest to know how to groom them.

Luckily for you:

Bengal cats are actually quite low maintenance cats that do not require extensive grooming to keep them in good condition.

Thanks to their short coat and low level of shedding, you do not have to worry about collecting hairballs around your house and cleaning fur off of your sheets.

They only thing you need to do is to brush them once or twice a week to remove dead hair.

Giving them a bath will do the same thing.

Other than that:

You only need to take care of a few extra things to make sure that your Bengal kitten stays in a well-groomed condition.

These include:

  • Trimming their nails after every week to make sure they don’t scratch your couch or furniture.
  • Cleaning their ears with a slightly damp cotton bud when they accumulate dirt and grime.
  • Brushing their teeth to prevent periodontal diseases

Practicing regular grooming and hygiene from an early age on your Bengal cats will ensure they stay in perfect condition and will avert the risk of developing infections in areas like their ears and mouth.

Related Questions

Should you let your Bengal cats go outside? Although there is no fixed opinion on whether you should let your Bengal cats or kittens go outside, avoiding the outdoors is perhaps the better decision for these cats due to several reasons.

Allowing your Bengal cat or kitten to go outdoor poses several threats for them such as getting attacked or even killed by another wild animal such as a raccoon or a coyote.

This is because they are very curious cats. They may wander off and might even get stolen because of their high worth.


It would be in your best interest to not let these cats go outdoors.

You can provide them with a window where they can watch birds or train them to walk on a leash as well.

Do Bengal cats have dander? Although all cats have dander, Bengal cats are one breed that tends to trigger allergies a lot less than the others.

This is due to their natural tendency to shed a lot less than other cats, hence spreading less dander around the house.

Due to this ability, Bengal cats are one of the best breeds for people who are allergic to cats.

How long do Bengal cats live? Bengal cats have an average life expectancy of 14-16 years.

These cats do not have the susceptibility to any serious health concerns except a few genetic ones which can be avoided by checking their lineage for those diseases.


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