The Best Bengal Cat Stuffed Animal

I have always been fascinated by Bengals. Their beautiful fur, those tiny spots, basically everything about them is absolutely stunning.

Last week one of my friends bought me a beautiful Bengal Cat stuff toy. To be honest I was shocked, I had no idea that such toys even existed. Getting a Bengal Cat stuff toy was like a dream come true, at last there was a toy that beautifully paid homage to such an incredible species.

So I went ahead and did some digging. I found that there are dozens of toy manufacturers that produce the cutest Bengal Cat stuff toys that I have ever seen.

Here I have compiled a list of the best Bengal Cat stuff toys in the market.

My Top Choice

Tashette Bengal Cat Plush Toy

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Key Features
1. Beautiful Design
2. Made of very soft material
3. The material is washable
4. Weighs about 1.1 pounds


When it comes to kids, the cuddlier the better, and the Tashette Bengal Cat Plush Toy is one of the softest animals to love. The 30 cm long Bengal Cat stuff toy has been crafted with immense attention to detail. The plush toy has an exotic pattern of black spots that dapples its body and gives it a very elegant appearance. The product is also made up of soft material that can be easily washed. If you are a Bengal Cat enthusiast like me, then you will definitely love the Tashette Bengal Cat Plush Toy.

The Good

  • This beautiful stuffed animal stand up on its own without assistance
  • Crafted with the highest quality material
  • Great for cuddling
  • The stuff toy is durable and soft

The Bad

  • Customers gave reported that they did not get the same size they ordered

Other Good Products

Aurora World Miyoni Plush Toy Animal, Bengal Cat

Key Features
Soft, silky huggable body
Made up of durable material
Immense Attention to detail
The toy weighs 6.1 ounces


Aurora World has always introduced the best cuddly, stuff toys into the toy market and this time they have not disappointed. The Aurora World Miyoni Plush Toy Animal, Bengal Cat, Bengal is made up of superior materials which are most only kid friendly but also durable.

The toy is great for the ages 3 years and up. It is double bagged bean filled body along with lock washer nose and eyes ensure that the toy maintains its shape for a long amount of time.  The attention that the manufacturer had paid to the detail, was very surprising for me.  This stuff toy is as close as you can artificially get to the Bengal Cat.

You can purchase the Aurora World Miyoni Plush Toy Animals, Bengal Cat at Amazon for $13.75. Grab it while the sale lasts.

The Good

  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Realistic Look
  • Durable and soft material
  • Safe for kids

The Bad

  • The toy has pointy ears, which is a little different than real Bengal Cats.

Webkinz Signature Bengal Cat

Key Features
Comes with secret code that can be used on the website
Gateway to virtual pet care
Soft, durable material


Webkins World is a multi-award winning children’s website that gives children a chance to improve their computer skills in a fun and controlled environment. The Webkins Signature Bengal Cat comes with a secret code which the customers can use to log in into the Webkinz website where they can feed and take care of their Bengal Cat in a virtual world.

The stuff toy is absolutely amazing, the kids just along with getting a cuddle buddy also get to learn a lot about the Bengal Cat Breed. Talk about hitting two targets with one stone. Quizzes and challenges are constantly added to the website, the site provides a space for you and your kids to bond while having loads of fun.

You can purchase this beautiful Bengal stuff toy at Amazon for $40.

The Good

  • Made up of soft material
  • Safe for kids
  • Long lasting
  • Comes with key to Webkins virtual world

The Bad

  • A little on the pricier side
  • Cost will increase after joining the virtual world

Aurora World Miyoni American Shorthair Cat

Key Features
Realistic appearance
Soft Huggable body
Durable material
Double bagged filling


The Aurora World Miyoni American Shorthair Cat is not technically a Bengal Cat but it is advertised as one. So for all the Charcoal Bengal Cat lovers out there this stuffed toy will definitely please you. This is again a product by Aurora World, which is known to manufacture amazing, high quality and long lasting toys.

The Bengal Cat stuff toy can stand on its own and does not need any assistance. This product is for ages three and up and weighs about 6.1 ounces. Customers who have lost their beloved felines have raved about this product and stated that it has helped them through the grieving process.

The soft material that the Aurora World Miyoni American Shorthair Cat is made of, makes it ideal for kids to carry around. There are no nooks and crannies that might end up harming your child.

The Good

  • Very comfortable to hug
  • Beautiful Charcoal coloring
  • Great attention to detail

The Bad

  • Not technically a Bengal

Things you should know about stuffed toys

The kid’s Bengal Cat, baby rabbit or Panda sure are cuddly and cute. But the question is, are they safe?  Here is a few things that you need to consider before you purchase a stuffed toy for your children.

Be wary of wires

Wires are a nuisance, and sharp wires that are protruding out of your kid’s toys are very harmful. Always remember to check the paws, tails and ears of the stuffed animal. Just go ahead and check the whole toy to make sure that there are not any lose wires.

Check the wires that are covered with fur, as there is a chance that the wire could poke through the fur and injure your little one.

Eyeball those eyes, plus double check the nose

You need to steer clear of the body parts of the stuffed animals that are made of beads, buttons or any other minute items that can easily fall off or can be chewed off by your pet. The same goes for accessories, clothing as well as other kinds of decorations.

The bottom line is that any materials that have been sewed on or glued are likely to end up in your infant’s mouth.

Check the construction

The seams on the stuffed animal should be extremely sturdy in order to keep the stuffing where it belongs! (Inside).

Steer clear of strings

Anything on the stuffed toy that is stringy, such as ribbons, hair or leashes longer than six inches should be promptly removes or avoided.

Make sure it is washable

No matter how much you deny it, you have to accept the fact that stuffed toys are germ paradise. They can get gross pretty quickly. Hence. Your best option is to choose a stuffed toy that can washed plus dried easily.

In case your kid is attached to a toy and just does not let go, then the quickest fix is to buy two of that specific toy to avoid an infant meltdown when its laundry day.

Make the crib, a no toy zone

Loads of stuffed toys in your baby’s crib might look cute but they are actually a hazard to your baby. So consider leaving the animal’s out.

Wage war on dust mites

Besides housing germs, stuffed toys can also harbor dust mites, which can seriously trigger asthma and allergies.

A great way to minimize the dust mites:

Wash the toy in hot water.

Be careful of stuffed toys with batteries

Batteries are a rather notorious choking hazard, when it comes to babies. If your baby really wants a stuffed toy that has batteries then just make sure that batteries have been secured with a panel that must be unscrewed, to remove the batteries.

Never give your child a stuffed toy that has a battery panel that can simply snapped open. While there is no way a baby will be able to snap a battery panel but still the risk is too great to be ignored.

If the stuffed toy of your baby moves, dances or sings then that means that the toy is powered by a battery. All the stuffed toy packages have labels that read battery operated if they are powered by batteries.

Another thing that you should definitely do is check the stuffed toy from time to time for battery acid leakage. Battery acid will leave behind a discolored, crusty area inside the battery panel. It might be white or brown in color. You should throw away any batteries that leak battery acid and then clean out the battery panel of the toy. After that insert fresh new batteries.

Follow the age guidelines

All of the safe toys actually include labels that inform the parents of the child regarding how old a child is required to be to use the specific toy. For example, you might have come across a stuffed toy with instructions that read: For children 1 year and up. This means that the toy is not safe for kids under the age of 1.

In the case your kid is younger than 1, consider choosing another safer toy.

Never select old toys

If some of your friends or relatives offer their old toys for your baby, graciously reject the offer. The older stuffed tights might most probably not meet the safety criteria, and without the original packing you will have no way of knowing.

Plus, as the toys are old, they might be worn down and more likely to break open at the seams.

Buy non-toxic stuffed toys

As you baby or infant will most probably put the stuffed toy in their mouth and play with it endlessly, you must provide your kids with stuffed animals that are made up of non-toxic material.

You can check the box of the stuffed toy for information regarding the ingredients that have been used in the preparation of the specific toy. In order to be on the safe side, you should only buy toys from a company or a distributer that only manufacture toys using natural materials.

Company’s such as Mama’s Earth, Aurora World, Nature’s Crib, Under the Nile and Soft Landing manufacture their toys using natural, non-toxic materials. The best-stuffed toys are made up of organic cotton, wool and hemp.

You should avoid all the stuffed toys that were exposed to artificial dyes, pesticides, fertilizers and finishes.

Make sure that the stuffed toy is flame resistant

While taking a look at the box or the care label of the stuffed toy in question, check whether the toy is flame retardant or flame resistant. This means that the stuffed toy will not catch flames easily. The stuffed toys that are not flame resistant are in no way safe for babies or kids.

Identifying Stuffed Toys Your Baby will Adore

A stuffed ball

Babies love watching balls move about. In time your baby might even learn to roll the ball by themselves, or roll is back and forth with a baby mate. You and baby will have loads of fun, rolling the stuffed ball back and forth on a soft, clean surface.

A stuffed doll

Your baby will go crazy with a stuffed doll. The stuffed doll could either be a boy or a girl. It could represent a pilot, police officer, a teacher, singer, an astronaut, firefighter or some other profession. You could even give your baby two dolls just to double the fun.

Stuffed Blocks

Stuffed blocks are just like the normal plastic ones, they are cube-shaped and can be played with plus stacked. The only difference is that the stuffed blocks are made up of soft materials in order to keep your baby safe.

You can go ahead and encourage your little munchkin to construct a wall using their stuffed blocks. You can teach your baby colors using the stuffed blocks. For example, you can take all the blue blocks and stack them together. Just point to the blue blocks and say “These blocks are blue”. You can continue doing this with other colors.

Stuffed Animal

You can use stuffed animals to teach your baby about different animals in the world. For example, you can give your baby a stuffed cow, monkey or dolphin. Teach your baby the sounds that each of the animals makes.

For instance, if the stuffed toy is a cat, say to your baby “This is a cat” and the sounds it makes is meow meow.

As mentioned before, The Bengal Cat stuffed toy from the Webkins company is actually a great example of how you can use a stuffed to teach your child about animals.

In this case you can collect the secret code from the Bengal stuffed toy and then log in into the amazing virtual world of Webkins. The site offers thousands of quizzes and games that will help you teach your child about different animals and their attributes.

The Webkinz Signature Bengal Cat allows your child to learn more about the Bengal Cat Breed and how to take care of them.

Related Questions

Are Bengal Cat’s Friendly? Yes, they are very friendly. Bengal cats are a mix or the Asian Leopard cat and the house cat. They inherit their behavior from the house cats and their appearance from the Asian Leopard Cat. Hence, they are as friendly and social as any other house cat.

Are Bengal Cat’s Vocal? Yes, the Bengal Cats are very vocal felines. They try their best to communicate with their humans vocally as they consider their owners their parents. They purr, meow, yowl and make a lot of different noises.

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