The Best Cat Blogs & Websites

Here is the list of our top recommended cat blogs for this year: is a website that’s been uniting Ragdoll cat lovers since 2008, however, it’s not just for Ragdoll cat owners.

Jenny, the cat lover behind Floppycats, does thorough, honest cat product reviews that many cat owners benefit from – regardless of their breed.

Jenny also does hour-long interviews with vets and publishes the audio file as well as the transcribed file for you to read.

In addition to the reviews and interviews, Floppycats has fun giveaways of cat products, fun social media posts and a great newsletter that will deliver the latest Floppycats weekly blog posts just once a week!

Description: The team who run Feline Culture are professional cat enthusiasts who love writing and sharing their knowledge on everything feline. Whether that’s by honestly reviewing the latest cat food brands, or suggesting cute names, their website is a great source of information for cat owners.

Katzenworld prides itself in giving the worldwide cat community a place to find all things cats!

From the cute and cuddly to welfare advice, there is something for everyone there.

Additionally, they love to get reader submissions and have set up their blog to be more of a community space with a wealth of different contributors from around the world.

The humorous and touching tales of two formerly homeless, yet always extraordinary, felines (Bear Cat and Ellie Mae) and their Momma, who’s just along for the ride.

Bear’s motto? Tiaras, tanks, and tasty whole chickens … what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

We also cover awareness topics and topics we feel should be addressed;

For example, whether cats need human interaction or if they are fine on their own, feline instincts, and the need for veterinary care for cats.

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