10 Best Cat Food Bowls

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

Is you cat in the habit of spilling its food?

The problem might be her food bowl.

When it comes to cats, few things are as neglected such as food bowls. Most of us make the mistake of using any dish or bowl available to feed our cats. While this strategy does work, it is far from ideal. Most of the bowls that we use for ourselves are designed for us humans and not for cats. You may think that buying a separate food bowl, especially for your cat, doesn’t make any sense but wait till you see the effects it has on your cat’s health.

And as an added bonus, good food bowls also keep your cat from making a mess. A mess of their surroundings as well as their health.

With this little prologue out of the way, here are 10 of the best cat food bowls that you should totally check out.

The Best Cat Food Bowls

1. NEATER PET BRANDS Neater Feeder Deluxe with Leg Extensions


 Key Facts
  • Volume: 7 cups for food and 9 cups for the water bowl
  • Material: Stainless steel bowls with a plastic base and plastic leg extensions
  • Dishwater Friendly: Yes
  • Deep/Shallow: Shallow
  • Height: 8 inches without and 11 inches with leg extensions

The bowl or rather a feeding station that sits at the very top of our list is the NEATER PET BRANDS Neater Feeder Deluxe with Leg Extensions. This feeding station is one of a kind and is regarded by many as the best there is. And I don’t disagree. It is certainly the best solution on the market as far as feeding your cat goes. There are a couple of reasons for that.

One of the main issues that plague not only dog owners but also cat owners is the amount of water their pets spill. Whenever your pet drinks, water droplets are absorbed by their fur. And you know what happens after that. The unsightly puddle that forms around the water bowl whenever your pet pays a visit to it is messy, to say the least. This is the problem that Neater Pet Brands says it has fixed.

The feeding station has a distinct design where the feeding bowls sit in a frame that has been raised to prevent splashing. The raised frame is quite well done, and when it comes to the results, it delivers. The water splashes are blocked by the raised frame and are collected effectively. There are two levels to the whole feeding station. The spilled food is collected in the upper level, and water drains down to the bottom part of the feeder.

This ingenuity of design continues to the leg extensions the feeding station comes bundled with. These leg extensions allow you to raise the station to make feeding larger pets easy. And while we are on the subject of the legs, the base of the station has non-skid rubber pads which provide much-needed stabilization as cats love to push their food bowls around. These pads prevent the feeding station from tipping over.

All in all, the NEATER PET BRANDS Neater Feeder Deluxe with Leg Extensions is the best feeding station on the market, and you should totally buy it (provided you can afford it).

 Things I really like
  • Stainless steel bowls are shattered and rustproof so they will last a long time
  • The design of the feeding station keeps the house clean as food and water spillage are kept to a minimum
  • Leg extensions are a crafty way to make the feeding station accessible to larger pets
  • Rubber pads on the base keep the whole station stable
  • The bowls are easy to remove thus making the station easily cleanable
 Things I don’t like
  • It is; literally, one of the most expensive food bowls on the market, and that’s not a good thing

DIY turned bowl for cat food


2. PetFusion Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl


 Key Facts
  • Volume: 13 ounces
  • Material: Stainless steel bowl
  • Dishwater Friendly: Yes
  • Deep/Shallow: Shallow
  • Height: 1.1 Inches

The 2nd place on this list is occupied by PetFusion Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl. It is a Stainless steel bowl made solely for people who want something that just works while also costing less. I am glad to report that the PetFusion Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl performs just as good as it looks.

Most of you may be wondering:

But why a Stainless steel bowl?

The answer is best understood if we take a look at plastic bowls and the problems they cause. Plastic bowls are notorious for causing allergies among cats. The BPA and Phthalates used to make most plastic dishes are involved in a number of complications. Issues such as Kidney and the reproductive system failure are common in people who use plastics containing these substances.

Not only that, people have reported time and time again that these bowls stink if you use them for water or wet food. Their surfaces are porous which makes bacteria buildup quite easy. This is what causes the smell. Stainless steel bowls have no such issue and as a result, they are a pretty good option.

The PetFusion Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl delivers on all the fronts. It has got a pretty good design with a profile that works really well in reducing whisker fatigue. The bowl is shallow and is wider than most other bowls. This combination of shallowness and increased width results in a shape that prevents the sides of the bowls from touching your kitty’s whiskers. This reduces whisker fatigue and, consequently, helps in reducing stress.

The bowl is smaller in size. This small footprint makes it an ideal choice for people having smaller pets. Combine this with a shiny silver inner surface and you get a recipe for success.

As a side note, this bowl maybe a little too small for people who have larger cats.

 Things I really like
  • Extremely well build
  • Stainless steel build is corrosion and rust-resistant
  • The wider base and shallow surface means it prevents whisker fatigue for a stress free meal time for your cat
  • The bowl has an extended outer-rim making it pretty easy to pick up and clean
  • An absolute bargain
 Things I don’t like
  • Small size is only suitable for smaller cats and kittens
  • There is no rubber ring on the bottom and it also doesn’t come with a silicone mat so you have to buy one separately to prevent it from sliding around

3. Petmate Pet Café Feeder


 Key Facts
  • Volume: The bowl can hold 10 ounces while the dispenser can contain anywhere from 3 to 6 lbs of dry food
  • Material: An all-plastic build
  • Dishwater Friendly: No but can be hand washed pretty easily
  • Deep/Shallow: Deep
  • Height: 10.9 inches

While the top 2 bowls on this list require you to fill the bowl whenever it gets empty, the bowl that holds the 3rd place does that for you.

The Petmate Pet Café Feeder is an automatic feeding station. The food bowl is connected to a dispenser which stores dry food. The dispenser uses gravity to dispense food whenever the bowl gets empty. This type of arrangement has the inherent advantage of saving you time and effort.

Petmate Pet Café Feeder makes sense for people who have a hectic and busy lifestyle. There are times when we forget to put out food for our cat before leaving the house. At times like these, automatic food dispensers come to the rescue. Automatic food dispensers may be a novel idea, but it is an ingenious solution, nonetheless.

The dispenser might be an ingenious solution, but there are improvements to be made here. The gravity-based dispensing mechanism works great provided you don’t mind the occasional push or kick to make sure that it is working fine. Other than this, everything else is top-notch. From the bowl to the conveniently placed cutouts, everything about this dispenser makes sense.

If I were to nitpick, I would suggest one more improvement, the overall build quality of the Petmate Pet Café Feeder leaves something to be desired. The snap-on lid feels a little flimsy, and the base isn’t as sturdy as it should have been. But hey, these are but extremely little problems, and there is a very healthy chance that these are personal preferences.

All in all, the Petmate Pet Café Feeder deserves to be on this list, and you should totally check it out.

 Things I really like
  • The gravity dispenser is a pretty clever way to dispense dry food
  • The design is intuitive
  • It is pretty easy to clean thanks to the inclusion of a snap-on lid
  • Very well priced
 Things I don’t like
  • A little more support at the base would have been ideal since it is pretty easy for pets to turn it over
  • The gravity-operated mechanism can get stuck and requires a little shake to work properly

4. Van Ness Ecoware Cat Dish


 Key Facts
  • Volume: 8 ounces
  • Material: Made from 47% bamboo
  • Dishwater Friendly: Yes
  • Deep/Shallow: Shallow
  • Height: 1.6 inches

The next bowl that appears on this list is also, in my opinion, the cutest one. The Van Ness Ecoware Cat Dish is not only cute, but it is also quite well made and performs like a champ. This is the reason why it occupies the 4th spot.

The design of the Van Ness Ecoware is perhaps its best feature. The circular-shaped bowl is built in such a manner so as to reduce whisker stress. The term Whisker Stress refers to the condition in which the whiskers of a cat become overstimulated after touching something for a prolonged time. The stress experienced this way causes fatigue.

Owing to the shape of the Van Ness Ecoware, the whisker stress is kept to a minimum. This way, the cat can eat stressfree, and you don’t have to worry about it experiencing fatigue.

While we are on the subject of design, the Van Ness Ecoware has a 47% bamboo construction hence the word Eco in its name. Since it is made from bamboo, it is renewable, non-hazardous to cats, and it can be used for both wet and dry food. This way, your cat gets to enjoy its meals, and you remain confident that your choice isn’t harming the environment.

Aside from the eco-friendly nature, the bowl is pretty sturdy. It can survive drops. So under normal circumstances, it is unbreakable.

Last but not least, the Van Ness Ecoware has a non-skid silicon-based bottom. Silicon provides much-needed traction. As a result, the bowl is quite stable and is able to withstand pushing around by pets without tipping over.

 Things I really like
  • Eco-friendly materials used in the build including bamboo
  • The bowl is shaped in a way to reduce whisker stress
  • The highly polished surface is pretty easy to clean
  • No chemicals or heavy metals used
  • Silicon base does a good job at keeping the bowl stable
  • Pretty affordable
 Things I don’t like
  • Only suitable for smaller pets

5. Bone Dry DII Square Ceramic Pet Bowl


 Key Facts
  • Volume: The large-sized bowl holds 3 cups, the medium holds 1.75 cups and the small holds about 1.5 cups
  • Material: Made from porcelain with a silicone rim
  • Dishwater Friendly: Yes
  • Deep/Shallow: Shallow
  • Height: 4.2 inches

The 5th spot on this list has been claimed by the Bone Dry DII Square Ceramic Pet Bowl in all its ceramic-y glory.

Many of you may be asking yourself:

Why ceramic?

Well, the answer is pretty simple if you think about it. If your cat hates the sharp noise steel bowls makes when they are accidentally dropped, then ceramic is a no-brainer. And we all know a plastic bowl isn’t preferable for the most part. So for people who don’t like steel bowls, a ceramic bowl is the only logical choice.

Now with this out of the way, let’s talk about the things that make the Bone Dry DII Square Ceramic Pet Bowl worthy of your consideration. First and foremost, the design of the bowl is quite appealing. As you already know the bowl is made from porcelain. This gives the bowl a unique color and texture. The texture is further enhanced by some excellent polishing and colored-stripes. All of these things give this bowl a distinct character.

The base of the Bone Dry DII has a silicon rim. The silicon rim is there to make sure that the bowl remains stable and doesn’t get pushed over by your cat. The silicon ring does its job quite well. The stability of the bowl is further improved by its weight. Due to the use of ceramic, the bowl is heavier than most other cat dishes on the market.

One major concern people have with porcelain dishes is the color. Some manufacturers, in order to keep the cost of the dish down, use paint that contains lead in it. Lead is poisonous and causes complications such as infertility. I am happy to report that The Bone Dry DII doesn’t make that mistake. It is California Prop 65 compliant and FDA food safe. This means that it is lead-free and is perfectly safe for both dry and wet food.

All in all, the Bone Dry DII Ceramic Pet Bowl is an excellent choice if you are looking for a ceramic bowl for your cat.

 Things I really like
  • Excellent build quality thanks to the use of porcelain
  • Silicon rim at the base and a healthy weight provides much-needed traction and stability
  • Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe
  • The color used is California Prop 65 compliant and FDA food safe
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
 Things I don’t like
  • The price is a bit too high
  • The sizes are a little small. So if you want a medium, go for a large-sized bowl and if you want a small, go for a medium-sized bowl.

6. Petrageous Stoneware Pet Bowls Here Kitty


 Key Facts
  • Volume: Holds about 5.3 ounces
  • Material: Made from porcelain
  • Dishwater Friendly: Yes
  • Deep/Shallow: shallow
  • Height: 1 inch

Another ceramic bowl makes an appearance in the form of Petrageous Stoneware Pet Bowls Here Kitty. The 6th entry on this list is one of the most cutest ones.

The Petrageous Stoneware Pet Bowls’ Here Kitty bowl is made from high-quality porcelain. The porcelain used in this bowl is quite dense and is dishwasher and microwave safe. So you can safely wash it in a dishwasher and prepare your cat’s food in a microwave. In addition to being dishwasher friendly, it is also FDA approved.

One interesting thing about this bowl is its shape. The bowl has a circular shape with a relatively large radius. What this does is, it gives you a shallow surface that will hold the food but won’t touch your cat’s whiskers. Not touching the whiskers is important as this reduces whisker fatigue. As an added bonus, the shape is also inviting and will go with your furniture no matter the setup.

The bowl is also pretty stable thanks to its weight. Being quite heavier than usual steel or plastic bowls, it won’t easily get pushed over by your cat.

All things considered, the ‘Here Kitty’ ceramic bowl is a pretty good option if you are looking for something cute and inexpensive that just works.

 Things I really like
  • Durable ceramic build which doesn’t chip
  • Excellent finish
  • Doesn’t cause whisker fatigue
  • Dishwasher and microwave friendly
  • Won’t get easily tipped over due to its increased weight
  • Quite affordable
 Things I don’t like
  • Doesn’t hold much food, so you have to refill it quite frequently

7. OURPQ Durapet Premium Rubber-Bonded Stainless Steel Dish


 Key Facts
  • Volume: 1 cup
  • Material: Made from a combination of the stainless steel bowl and a rubber base
  • Dishwater Friendly: Yes
  • Deep/Shallow: shallow
  • Height: 1.1 inches

When it comes to dishes, metal is always preferable to plastic. The OURPQ Durapet Premium Rubber-Bonded Stainless Steel Dish is a prime example of this.

The materials used to make this particular bowl are nothing short of awesome. The sturdy stainless steel frame that has a rubber base bonded to it. The combination works just as well in real life as it does on paper. The stainless steel frame provides the necessary weight, and combining the increased weight with the rubber base gives us a dish that stays where you put it. No amount of pushing or shoving by your cat will tip it over.

Aside from this, the dish is shallow. The shallow nature of the dish helps the cat eat comfortably. To reduce whisker fatigue, the overall diameter of the bowl is such that the whiskers of your cat won’t touch the sides of the bowl. This makes for a pretty stress-free eating time for your cat.

Where there are a lot of good things about this bowl, there is one glaring flaw. The rubber bonded base performs well, but its long term durability is a major concern. Placing it near hot surfaces has the risk of rubber liquefying and thus causing a mess. So if you plan on buying this bowl, make sure you put it somewhere cold.

All in all, it is a pretty fine choice if you are looking for something simple that just works.

 Things I really like
  • The stainless steel construction is durable and can withstand some serious punishment
  • Due to the inclusion of a rubber base and added weight, the bowl is pretty stable
  • Wide base and shallow interior are perfect for making the mealtime of your cat stress-free
  • Good value for money
 Things I don’t like
  • Long term durability of the rubber base is a major concern since it tends to liquefy when subjected to considerable heat

8. Dr. Catsby Cat Food Bowl


 Key Facts
  • Volume: 7.8 ounces
  • Material: Made from a combination of the stainless steel bowl and a silicone mat
  • Dishwater Friendly: Yes
  • Deep/Shallow: shallow
  • Height: 1.2 inches

If anyone knows me, then he knows why I like this bowl. It certainly does get some bonus points for the name (I am a huge The Great Gatsby fan), but for the most part, it is the quality that got this bowl on this list. The Dr. Catsby Cat Food Bowl occupies the number 8th spot and for a good reason.

The thing that makes this bowl stand out from the crowd is its design. Take a look at it and tell me it doesn’t look good. The design is not only stylish, but it also serves quite an important purpose. You see the shallow, wide base design has been specifically used to reduce whisker fatigue.

Here’s an interesting fact:

Dr. Catsby was one of the first companies to identify this problem.

The bowl has corners or boundaries. The advantage of employing such a design is the reduced stress put on your cat’s whiskers. But as with everything else, there is the price you have to pay to accommodate the above-mentioned luxury. The price, in this case, is the less than ideal volume. Some might say it is shallow on purpose. While that is true, it is too shallow, and a slightly larger volume would have been ideal.

Pulling back from the design for a bit, the base rests on a food-grade silicone mat. The mat keeps the bowl from slipping and skidding.

All things considered, the Dr. Catsby Cat Food Bowl is one special bowl, and you should give it a thought before making a decision.

 Things I really like
  • Stainless steel makes the bowl durable and able to resist corrosion
  • The shallow design works wonders for cats with acute whisker stress
  • The included silicone mat works great at keeping the bowl stable
  • Easily cleanable and dishwasher friendly
 Things I don’t like
  • Volume should have been a bit higher
  • Expensive as compared to other bowls on this list

9. Ethical 5-Inch Cat Or Reptile Stoneware Dish


 Key Facts
  • Volume: Holds about 1 cup of food
  • Material: Made from porcelain
  • Dishwater Friendly: Yes
  • Deep/Shallow: Deep
  • Height: 5 inches

The bowl that holds the 9th spot on this list is the Ethical 5-Inch Cat Or Reptile Stoneware Dish. This bowl may be on the penultimate spot, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good.

As soon as you see this dish, you can tell that this thing is well made. The ceramic dish under discussion has an understated look. The look might be a bit dull and unassuming, but the quality is just as brilliant. It is heavy, has a smooth surface, and has an excellent finish. All of these qualities make the Ethical 5 inch Cat Dish among the very best when it comes to building quality.

Aside from the excellent build, the dish is also microwave and dishwasher safe. What that means is you can defrost cat food in it and when everything is said and done, can also throw it a dishwasher. This makes the Ethical 5 inch Cat Dish pretty convenient to have around. Plus its weight makes sure that your cat can’t tip it over.

At the end of the day, if all you need is a basic dish that performs admirably and doesn’t break the bank, look no further. It is an excellent choice to have as a backup dish or a regular dish if your cat doesn’t mind the slightly vertical sides.

 Things I really like
  • Excellent build quality
  • Ceramic doesn’t cause skin acne and other plastic related diseases, so it is hygienic
  • The dish is tip-proof all thanks to its weight
  • An excellent value proposition
 Things I don’t like
  • The sides are a bit too vertical and can cause whisker fatigue
  • The dish can become harder to clean if you use it for wet cat food

10. Lorde Cat Bowl


 Key Facts
  • Volume: Holds about 8 ounces of food
  • Material: Made from BPA free melamine
  • Dishwater Friendly: Yes
  • Deep/Shallow: Shallow
  • Height: 2 inches at the back and 1.5 inches at the front

Finally, the last place on this list of Best Cat Food Bowls has been claimed by Lorde Cat Bowl.

As usual, starting off with the design, we have quite an interesting shape here. A shallow bowl that rests on legs in an angled position. The material used to build the bowl is melamine. Melamine is a type of plastic that is safer than other more common compounds like polypropylene. The Lorde Cat Bowl is FDA approved. So you don’t have to worry about it posing a threat to your cat.

In addition to style, the angled shape serves another purpose. It pushes food towards your cats face. This helps your cat eat with relative ease while also making sure that its whiskers don’t touch the side of the bowl. This reduces the chances of whisker fatigue, thus keeping the kitty in a stressfree mood.

In addition to being intuitively designed, the bowl is also durable and can survive drops without breaking. Melamine proves to be a pretty good choice for the bowl as it is not only strong but is also dishwasher safe.

However, you need to remember this:

Melamine is not microwave friendly. Upon heating, it releases chemical substances that can prove to be harmful to your cat.

Aside from that, there is not a whole lot wrong with this bowl. It is a good choice for people looking for something that is stylish, does everything it says and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

 Things I really like
  • Very well made and will last a long time
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Keeps whisker fatigue at a minimum
  • Angled design makes it easy for cats to eat from this bowl
  • Affordable
 Things I don’t like
  • Not microwave friendly
  • May prove to be too small for cats

Now that we are done with the Best Cat Food Bowls, it is time for you to learn other essential things. So read on.

An Ideal Diet For Your Cat

Who doesn’t love playing with their cat? Everyone does. And if the cat is in a good, healthy shape then playing with it becomes all the more joyful. To keep your cat fit for all of this playing and bouncing around, it is no secret that your feline needs a good, nutritious meal. But is the food your cat eating, nutritious enough?

First and foremost, understand that your kitty is a cat and ideally, should only be given a raw diet. That means pure meat and little to no carbs. A carnivorous diet should always be low on carbs and almost all protein. So always try to give your cat as close to its natural intended diet as possible.

But of course, not everyone has the time to dice up raw meat for their cat to eat, so choosing a well balanced Dry food becomes crucial. The failure to choose the right dry food can result in several complications.

So here is what you should look for in Dry cat food:

Look for foods that have respectable quantities of protein and fats and are low in carbohydrates. Such foods can be expensive, but this is the price you have to pay for a healthy cat.

If we are talking about nutrition, we also have to talk about things to avoid. Keep an eye out for those ugly chemical preservatives that are so common in the dry foods. Manufacturers use these chemicals to make their products last long and to also increase their yield without having to spend too much. And as you can probably tell, this is a really bad thing for your cat. Specifically, avoid foods that contain:

  • BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin as these three chemical preservatives are classified as harmful and are a possible cause for cancer is not only cats but other pets as well
  • By-Products of Meat such as liver, kidney, brain are classified as lower grade protein, so its better to avoid them and raw meat should be used instead
  • Carbohydrates as fillers as these foods can cause several problems in the long run especially for older cats

In general, avoid dry foods as much as you can.

If you can’t avoid dry food, try to limit its usage to a few times per week. If you notice any signs of discomfort or digestive issue in your cat, stop using the food, and contact your vet immediately.

And last but not least, don’t skimp out on buying quality food. Quality food may cost a little higher than average but is sure to guarantee the health of your cat. Your cat is a precious little being, so take care of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should cats eat from elevated bowls?

Ideally, cats should eat from bowls that are at a height in parallel to their chest. If you make your cat eat from something that is either too high or too low, your cat can end up developing certain conditions. One such condition is digestive problems that happen when your cat can’t properly digest the food it eats. So if the bowl is at a comfortable height, then yes there is no problem with elevated bowls.

Are plastic bowls bad for cats?

Plastic bowls pose a number of threats. These include:

  • The biggest risk of using a plastic bowl is the buildup of bacteria. Plastic bowls have a porous surface. Bacteria can take buildup inside these pores. Whenever your cat touches the bowl during eating sessions, its skin comes in contact with the bacteria, and as a result, it can get infected. Infections and skin acne are common problems in cats that eat from plastic bowls
  • Plastic bowls often contain BPA. BPA is known to be harmful when used in a considerable quantity. BPA can seep into food from the plastic and can cause complications like Brain damage in kittens and defects on fetuses
  • In addition to BPA, plastic bowls can also create Phthalates. Phthalate is extremely dangerous when it comes to consumption. It can create problems such as liver damage, kidney damage and considerable damage to the reproductive system

Should I leave food out for my cat at night?

Simply put, you shouldn’t leave food out at night. If your cat only eats a little bit of food at a time, then only pour a little bit. Some people pour a whole lot at once, which is not only an utter waste of food, because you still have to throw the excess food out, but also results in your cat becoming overweight. So don’t leave the food out overnight. Always pour your cat fresh food and only a little at a time.

Can cats live on dry food only?

Cats certainly can live on dry food, but it is not advisable. Cats who only have access to dry food are known to become dehydrated as cats don’t drink enough water after eating. This is why wet food is recommended.

How often should cats be fed?

Feeding patterns for cats vary with age. For kittens under the age of six months, feeding them three times a day with a suitable quantity of food is advised. However, once the cat grows up, feeding two times a day is advisable. Feeding more or letting your cat eat more will result in overeating, which is just as bad as malnourishment. So twice a day for cats older than six months.

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