13 Best Cat Foods For Bengal Cats

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

The diet of a Bengal cat is not different from that of any domestic cat.

That means that your Bengal wouldn’t require a separate diet if you have multiple cats at home.

You can easily feed the same cat food to your Bengal cat, which you are feeding to your other domestic cats.

But you have to make sure that its food is high in protein. Being a carnivore, a Bengal cat’s body needs good quality and high amount of protein.

The bottom line is:

Bengal cats crave meats in their diet in contrast to house-cats.

Their feral tendency, and ability to digest any meat, either raw or cooked, is what makes them stand in all cat breeds.

In this article:

We have listed 13 best cat foods for Bengal cats. All of these cat foods meet Bengal cat food requirements and contain ingredients necessary to keep your pet active.

Best Cat Foods For Bengal Cats

ProductsNutritionWet or Dry?
Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat Food HighDry Check Price
Purina Cat Chow Naturals Grain-Free With Real Chicken Adult Dry Cat Food HighDry Check Price
Purina Friskies Surfin’ & Turfin’ Favorites Adult Dry Cat Food HighDry Check Price
Meow Mix Savory Morsels Wet Cat Food HighWet Check Price
Purina Kit & Kaboodle Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food HighDry Check Price
Iams Proactive Health Original Adult Dry Cat Food HighDry Check Price
Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat FoodHighDry Check Price
If you own a Bengal cat, then you might want to skim through our Bengal cat checklist. I spent hours on end to curate this checklist with all the products that you’ll ever need for your furball.

1. Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat Food


Show your pet some love and care by trying this Purina ONE TENDER Selects Blend healthy yet tasty food.

Satisfy its craving of real chicken by feeding this crunchy and meaty bites.

You can even stop looking for supplements for your Bengal cat, as this cat food is a 100% complete and balanced nutrient diet.

No matter which age group does your cat fit in, you can still feed this cat food to it.

Fun Fact: Cats do not like variety when it comes to food, unlike humans- you can easily feed one choice of food for a long time.

Keep a check on its weight and adjust the quantity of serving accordingly.

Just fill its bowl full in the morning and give free-choice to your cat, giving it the liberty to eat whenever she feels hungry.

Main Ingredients

ChickenSoy Protein Isolate
Corn Gluten MealSoy Protein Concentrate
Poultry By-Product MealFish Meal
Wheat FlourGlycerin
Soybean MealPhosphoric Acid
Animal Fat Preserved with Mixed-TocopherolsCalcium Carbonate
Whole Grain CornSalt
Animal Liver FlavorCaramel Color
Potassium ChlorideCholine Chloride
Sodium BisulfateL-Cysteine
TaurineVitamin E Supplement
Zinc SulfateL-Lysine Monohydrochloride
DL-MethionineFerrous Sulfate
NiacinManganese Sulfate
Vitamin A SupplementCalcium Pantothenate
Thiamine MononitrateCopper Sulfate
Riboflavin SupplementVitamin B-12 Supplement
Pyridoxine HydrochlorideFolic Acid
Vitamin D-3 SupplementCalcium Iodate
BiotinMenadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (Source of Vitamin K Activity)
Sodium SeleniteBrewer’s Rice


  • Good quality protein in this food keeps your cat’s muscles healthy.
  • Chicken flavored food for your cat contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, and is completely free of filler ingredients.
  • Contains phosphoric acid and calcium carbonate which strengthens your cat’s bones and teeth.
  • It is a blend rich in antioxidants that gives support in keeping the immune system strong.
  • Radiant and healthy skin and coat with the presence of omega-6 fatty acid, obtained from carrots and peas found in this food.
  • Dry texture prevents plaque build-up.


  • The whole grain corn content in this food may cause digestion issues.
  • Low on moisture content.
  • Efforts might be required in making your cat drink water to keep it hydrated.

2. Purina Cat Chow Naturals Grain-Free With Real Chicken Adult Dry Cat Food


Have you ever met a Bengal cat fussy eater? Then you’d know that being a cat owner is not as easy as it is a demanding job. You have to keep a check on your pet to make sure it is doing fine.

Trust me on this; this Purina Cat Chow Naturals Grain-Free cat food is a jackpot for you and your Bengal cat.

It contains all the goodness that your buddy requires.

You will find 25 vital vitamins and minerals if you go through its ingredients’ list. All of which are recommended by vets for the better health of your cat.

Ensure that you feed this cat food in an optimum quantity according to your cat’s body condition and requirement.

It is not only healthy but, indeed, a treat for your Bengal’s taste buds.

Main Ingredients

Chicken By-Product MealPotassium Chloride
Cassava Root FlourTaurine
Soy FlourVitamin E Supplement
Pea StarchNiacin (Vitamin B-3)
ChickenVitamin A Supplement
Pea ProteinCalcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B-5)
Beef Fat Naturally Preserved With Mixed-TocopherolsThiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B-1)
Lentil FlourRiboflavin Supplement (Vitamin B-2)
Canola MealVitamin B-12 Supplement
Natural Liver FlavorPyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6)
Dried YeastFolic Acid (Vitamin B-9)
Phosphoric AcidVitamin D-3 Supplement
SaltBiotin (Vitamin B-7)
Calcium CarbonateMenadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (Vitamin K)
Choline ChlorideCopper Sulfate
Zinc SulfateCalcium Iodate
Ferrous SulfateSodium Selenite
Manganese Sulfate


  • Chicken flavored cat food, satisfying your cat’s poultry cravings.
  • Dry consistency helps in removing plaque, keeping your cat hygienic.
  • Free of grains, added flavors, and preservatives that your cat must avoid under all conditions.
  • Calcium and phosphorous in this food keeps your pal’s bones and teeth strong.
  • Taurine found in this cat food helps in the digestion of high-protein diet that your Bengal cat requires.


  • Your cat might be allergenic to some of the products present in this food.
  • Your cat might face dehydration due to the dry texture of food. 

3. Purina Friskies Surfin’ & Turfin’ Favorites Adult Dry Cat Food


What is more exciting and attractive than shaped-food? When it comes to feeding your little pals, nothing is!

Purina Friskies Surfin’ & Turfin’ comes in pleasing shapes that would make your Bengal cat all jumpy and excited whenever you serve this food to it.

Who does not drool over heavenly smelling food? Everyone does!

This cat food would fill the air with a tempting aroma every time you open the bag of this Purina Friskies food.

Main Ingredients

Ground Yellow CornDL-Methionine
Corn Gluten MealYellow 5
Chicken By-Product MealManganese Sulfate
Soybean MealBlue 2
Beef Tallow Preserved with Mixed-Tocopherols (Form of Vitamin E)Niacin
Meat and Bone MealVitamin A Supplement
Ocean Fish MealCalcium Pantothenate
Animal Liver FlavorThiamine Mononitrate
Phosphoric AcidCopper Sulfate
Calcium CarbonateRiboflavin Supplement
SaltVitamin B-12 Supplement
Added ColorPyridoxine Hydrochloride
Choline ChlorideFolic Acid
Salmon MealVitamin D-3 Supplement
Crab MealCalcium Iodate
Potassium ChlorideBiotin
TaurineMenadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (Source of Vitamin K Activity)
Vitamin E SupplementSodium Selenite
Zinc SulfateFerrous Sulfate
Red 40


  • Offers a variety of flavors: beef, seafood, and poultry that your Bengal cat would absolutely drool over.
  • Comes in appealing shapes that will gain your cat’s attention.
  • Is a nutritious and healthy formula that meets all Bengal cat food requirements.
  • Keeps the digestion system strong with taurine found in this food.
  • Calcium will help in keeping the bones strong.
  • Niacin in the food will keep the overall body functioning well-maintained, making your cat live longer and healthier.


  • Your cat can be allergenic to seafood, so you may have to conduct a trial before feeding this cat food in a large amount.
  • Its dry texture could cause difficulty in swallowing.

4. Meow Mix Savory Morsels Wet Cat Food


What’s irresistible? Yes, you thought it right! It’s Meow Mix Savory Morsels Wet Cat Food.

Once you start giving it to your Bengal kittens, they are definitely going to ask for more.

It is not only wet in consistency but it has a sauce which makes gulping for your kittens a lot easier.

Who does not like seafood? My cats are fond of seafood, and this cat food offers variety, real tuna, salmon and shrimps. Just wow!

A lot of people ask me, “Can Bengal cats eat tuna?”

They sure do, but it’s only safe if provided in smaller amounts. This cat food ensures that the safe levels of tuna are not exceeded.

Main Ingredients:

Tender Favorites With Real Tuna & Whole Shrimp in SauceVitamin B12
TunaFolic Acid
Fish BrothMenadione Sodium Bisulphite Complex (Source of Vitamin K Activity)
Ocean FishFerrous Sulphate Monohydrate
ShrimpZinc Oxide
Soybean OilManganese Sulphate Monohydrate
Natural & Artificial FlavorsCopper Proteinate
Tricalcium PhosphateSodium Selenite
Guar GumPotassium Iodide
CarrageenanSodium Nitrite
Calcium SulphateSavory Morsels With Real Salmon & Ocean Fish in Gravy
Vitamin EFish Broth
Thiamine MononitrateChicken
Vitamin APyridoxine Hydrochloride
Pantothenic AcidBiotin
RiboflavinVitamin D3


  • Comes in easy to open, and stay-fresh cups which keeps the natural sauce and juice of the food completely fresh.
  • Its wet texture makes swallowing easy and keeps your cat hydrated.
  • Tender and juicy food, yummy isn’t it?
  • White meat and calcium in this cat food are some of the most essential ingredients that a growing cat requires.


  • Your kitty might be allergenic to seafood, give it a try before feeding this cat food to your Bengal kitten in bulk.
  • Your cat may not like any other food once it gets a hold of this cat food’s taste and texture.
  • The natural juice in this food may require it to be kept in the refrigerator.

5. Purina Kit & Kaboodle Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food


Well, if you have a senior Bengal cat or one that prefers staying indoors, then you have come to the right place.

This cat food is specifically designed for indoor cats, containing necessary nutrients in just the right quantity.

It not only maintains the overall health of your Bengal cat but it is also a delightful treat for its tastebuds, beating the bowl boredom along with.

Your pal will purr for the awesome combination of taste and texture found in this dry cat food.

Main Ingredients

Ground Yellow CornCorn Gluten Meal
Soybean MealMeat And Bone Meal
Animal Fat Preserved With Mixed-TocopherolsChicken By-Product Meal
Powdered CelluloseSoybean Hulls
Animal Liver FlavorCalcium Carbonate
Phosphoric AcidSalt
Choline ChlorideNatural Flavor
Salmon MealTurkey By-Product Meal
Parsley FlakesPotassium Chloride
Zinc SulfateFerrous Sulfate
Manganese SulfateCopper Sulfate
Calcium IodateSodium Selenite
TaurineVitamin E Supplement
Niacin (Vitamin B-3)Vitamin A Supplement
Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B-5)Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B-1)
Riboflavin Supplement (Vitamin B-2)Vitamin B-12 Supplement
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6)Vitamin D-3 Supplement
Folic Acid (Vitamin B-9)Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (Vitamin K)
Biotin (Vitamin B-7)Dl-Methionine
Red 40Yellow 5
Blue 2


  • Loaded with minerals and vitamins which support overall health and wellness.
  • The crunchy kibbles remove plaque build-up from your cat’s teeth.
  • Supports its immune system with taurine in its ingredients.
  • Strengthens the bones with white meat and calcium.
  • Optimizes your cat’s weight and keeps it healthy.
  • Tasty flavors: Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, and Garden greens, that your cat will get fond of.


  • Low moisture level, may cause dehydration.
  • Added colors may harm your cat’s health.
  • Multiple types of meat present in this food may not suit your cat.
  • Niggling chewing and swallowing.

6. IAMS Proactive Health Original Adult Dry Cat Food


Okay, I know you must be wanting to keep your cat healthy, then what are you waiting for?

Serve this IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Healthy Adult Dry Cat Food in the delightful and all-time favorite chicken flavor.

If you desire to keep your Bengal cat active and energetic, the recipe of this cat food is the best match.

You can even enhance the ability of your cat to absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food by feeding this unique fiber blend. It will also support digestion.

Pre-biotics and beet pulp further helps in the digestion process.

Main Ingredients

Chicken, chicken by-productsCorn Grits
Ground Whole Grain CornDried Beet Pulp
Brewers Dried YeastSodium Bisulfate
Fish OilCalcium Carbonate
NiacinAscorbic Acid
InositolFolic Acid
L-CarnitineRosemary Extract
Corn Gluten MealVitamins E, B1, B6, A, B12, B2, D3,
Dried Egg ProductCalcium Pantothenate
Potassium ChlorideThiamine Mononitrate
Choline ChlorideMinerals


  • Taurine in this cat food supports digestion as well as heart health of cats.
  • The high amount of protein will keep your cat’s muscles well-toned and strong.
  • A lift of energy is what your Bengal cat needs especially during its growing age, this food will keep it energetic.
  • Omega-fatty acid nourishes your cat’s skin and coats.
  • Unique fiber blend in this cat food assists digestion.
  • Pregnant and nursing Bengal cats can also be served.
  • Dry texture removes plaque from the teeth.


  • Low moisture level.
  • Gulping the food down the throat may be hard because of its dry consistency.

7. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Indoor, Chicken Reciperoduct Title Here


If your Bengal cat is 1-6 years old, then you can surely feed this dry Hill’s Science Diet to it.

It is one of the highly recommended cat food in the category of dry cat foods because it is completely natural and does not contain any added flavors and colors.

This famous cat food is the best suit for your Bengal cat if it is undergoing digestion issues.

Your cat can conveniently process the ingredients of this dry cat food.

If your cat prefers staying indoors and is more comfortable this way, then this Hill’s Science Diet is definitely something you should get your hands on.

Balanced and nutritious diet is what this dry cat food brings for your Bengal cat.

Keep your pet in shape with some real chicken and optimum protein diet.

Main Ingredients

ChickenWhole Grain WheatCorn Gluten Meal
Pork FatPowdered CelluloseChicken Meal
Wheat GlutenDried Beet PulpChicken Liver Flavor
Soybean OilLactic AcidFish Oil
Potassium ChlorideCholine ChlorideCalcium Sulfate
Folic AcidVitamin E SupplementVitamin D3 Supplement
Ferrous SulfateNiacinL-Ascorbyl 2-polyphosphate
Manganese SulfateCopper SulfateVitamin A Supplement
Thiamine MononitrateD-Calcium Pantothenate,Sodium Selenite
Riboflavin Supplement,Pyridoxine HydrochlorideBiotin
mineralsVitamin B12 SupplementVitamin D3 Supplement
Potassium IodideL-CarnitineIodized Salt
Zinc oxideCalcium iodateMixed Tocopherols for freshness
Natural FlavorsGreen PeasApples


  • Taurine in this cat food maintains the digestion system of your cat.
  • Is a balanced diet for your cat, filled with nutritious ingredients.
  • Your Bengal cat will absolutely savor this dry yet grain-free food.
  • Solves digestion problem, making your cat energetic and active.
  • Stronger and toned muscles will develop once you start feeding this food.


  • Dry texture makes gulping difficult for senior cats.
  • Efforts will be required when it comes to keeping your cat hydrated, as the food is of dry consistency and low on moisture.
  • Fruits and peas may cause allergy to your cat, so you must give it in small amount first.

8. 9 Lives Turkey & Seafood Favorites Wet Cat Food Variety


So, if you are in search of a tender cat food with delicious flavors for your Bengal cat, then you are at the right place.

The 9 Lives Turkey & Seafood Favorites Wet Cat Food is available in turkey and various seafood flavors.

Its soft and silky texture is something that makes this cat food unique among all the cat foods.

So what are you waiting for?! Grab this wet cat food and strengthen your bond with your pal.

We all know how difficult is it for kittens and senior cats to chew food, thus this food is just perfect for them.

This 9 Lives Turkey & Seafood Favorites Wet Cat Food is not only appealing but also easy on pocket along with some real turkey and saucy fish. I bet your cat is going to love it!

Your Bengal cat would be far away from catching any kind of allergy once you start serving it this food as it is grain-free and tasty too. What a perfect combo! Isn’t it?

This cat food would help your Bengal attain a happier and longer life.

Main ingredients

Tender Morsels With Real Turkey & Chicken in SauceMeat By-ProductsTurkey
ChickenSoy Protein ConcentrateFish
Wheat FlourModified Corn StarchSoy Flour
Natural FlavorSaltTitanium Dioxide (Color)
Sodium TripolyphosphatePotassium ChlorideCholine Chloride
Iron Oxide (Color)TaurineVitamin A supplement
Thiamine MononitrateVitamin B-12 SupplementNiacin Supplement
D-Calcium PantothenateRiboflavin SupplementPyridoxine Hydrochloride
Menadione Sodium Bisulfite ComplexFolic AcidSteamed Bone Meal
Vitamin E supplementVitamin D-3 SupplementSodium Selenite
Choline ChlorideCopper SulfateCaramel Color
Ferrous SulfateZinc OxideManganous Oxide
Calcium IodateTender Morsels With Real Salmon in Sauce IngredientsMeat By-Products
SalmonVegetable OilGlycine
Brewer’s Yeast DL MethionineManganous Oxide


  • Nourishing for your Bengal cat, having a scrumptious amount of white meat.
  • Lowers the risk of catching diseases, completely free from all kinds of additional growth hormones and steroids.
  • Sufficiently hydrates your cat and is moist and soft.
  • Contains folic acid which makes it suitable for pregnant Bengal cats.


  • New flavors for tastebuds- your cat may take time to get used to of these flavors.
  • Run a trial test just to make sure your cat can be fed the ingredients that this food contains.
  • Possibility of your pet being allergenic to turkey or even seafood. In this case, you will have to discontinue feeding this diet.

9. Purina Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Poultry & Beef Feast Collection Wet Cat Food 


Want your Bengal cat to run to you as soon as you open its food?

Well, this Purina Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Poultry & Beef Feast Collection Wet Cat Food will make your cat jump around, all excited to eat this saucy and juicy cat food.

It is available in the market in several flavors; chicken, turkey, and beef.

Definitely, this cat food is a treat for your pet as it is super rich in gravy and has savory flavors.

When I fed this cat food for the first time to my Bengal cat, she absolutely loved it and licked its bowl all clean!

It is not easy to be a cat owner, especially when you have a Bengal cat fussy eater.

No worries! We have got you covered, this food will keep your cat healthy and nourished.

It contains all the ingredients necessary for your cat’s growth; protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Main Ingredients

Wheat glutenNatural roasted turkey flavorPotassium chloride
Meat By-productsSoy flourTaurine
Chicken, corn starch-modifiedSaltCholine Chloride
Vitamin E supplementCalciumMagnesium sulfate
Thiamine mononitratePhosphateVitamin B-1, 3, 6, 12, 7, 9
NiacinZinc sulfate


  • Hygienic and healthy-comes in 8 different delicious flavors.
  • A complete diet for your Bengal cat, containing essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Easy to chew and swallow as it is soft and moist to touch. Highly recommended for senior cats and little kittens.
  • Yummy gravy and sauce.
  • Cats with sensitive stomachs can easily rely on this wet cat food.
  • Contains taurine which maintains the heart health of your Bengal cat as it consumes a lot of protein which may lead to heart problems.


  • 10% ash content in the ingredients might not prove to be healthy.

10. Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food


This high-rated and famous dry cat food is something your cat will drool over.

You must be thinking what is so special about it?

Well, as evident from its name:

It has a soft and mushy center while the exterior compliments it with crunchiness.

You know the crunchy sound that comes out of your mouth when you chew a dry-textured food, it is a lullaby!

This is a perfect combo-meal for your Bengal cat and is something you do not want to miss out. The Meow Mix is available in salmon and chicken flavors.

Get a hold on this cat food if your cat’s stomach is generally upset.

It is a topmost recommended food by vets among all the dry cat foods.

Feed this food to your Bengal cat in the morning and it will help in keeping your cat active and energetic all day long.

Main Ingredients

Whole Ground CornPhosphoric AcidManganous Oxide
Chicken By-product MealCalcium SulfateCopper Sulfate
Corn Gluten MealVitamin E, D3, B12, A SupplementCalcium Iodate
Soybean MealBHANatural White Meat Chicken Flavor
Corn SyrupBHTSodium Selenite
GlycerinSalmon MealWhole Wheat


  • Dry texture makes this food sustain longer in your pantry.
  • Suitable for kittens as well as senior cats.
  • Offers several meaty flavors, high in protein, for your Bengal cat.
  • Extremely light on the digestive system as it can be easily processed.
  • Calcium in this food makes your cat’s teeth and bones super strong.
  • Acids used in the manufacturing of this food plays a huge role in the digestion of food.
  • A fun meal for cats, crunchy and meaty.


  • Some of the ingredients, like gluten, may not prove to be healthy for your cat.
  • Corns take time to digest.
  • BHT and BHA, marked in this food, are potentially cancer-causing preservatives.

11. Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Natural Kitten Dry Cat Food


One of the best-selling and high-rated dry cat food, with an ideal blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Natural Kitten Dry Cat Food is prepared at low temperature and thus, helps in maintaining the overall health of your Bengal kitties.

Making them live longer and happier.

No matter how old your Bengal cat gets, you can irresistibly feed it to your cat.

It can also be fed to cats with a sensitive stomach.

Main Ingredients

Deboned chicken, chicken fat, chicken mealBrown riceMenhaden fish meal (omega 3 extracts)
PotatoesOut BranTomato Pomace
FlaxseedCalcium CarbonatePsyllium Seed husks
Dicalcium PhosphatePotassium ChlorideAlfalfa meal
Choline ChlorideDL-MethioninePotato Starch
Sweet potatoes, carrotsTaurineCaramel
Vitamin E, B3, C, B2, B9, B12, D3Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentationCalcium Pantothenate
Manganese Sulphate, AminoPyridoxine HydrochlorideDried Aspergillus Niger
Dried Trichoderma longibrachiatumDried Bacillus subtilisSodium Selenite
Copper amino acidBarley GrassKelp
Blueberries, Cranberries, apples, pomegranateSpinach, pumpkinMixed Tocopherols


  • DHA and ARA are very essential components for a growing cat, as they develop the eye and brain.
  • Strengthens the muscles with a high amount of protein.
  • Greatly enhances the development of muscles.
  • Assists in the process of growth by speeding up the growth of cats.
  • The heart remains healthy with taurine in its ingredients.
  • Nourishes Skin & Coat with vitamins present in the food.
  • Supports digestion with vital minerals and anti-oxidants.


  • Might cause dehydration due to low moisture level and dry consistency.
  • Swallowing might be troublesome because its texture is dry.
  • Your cat might be allergic to fruits.

12. Nutro Max Indoor Cat Adult Dry Cat Food


Absolute wellness and complete fitness are the qualities this cat food offers to your Bengal cat.

Trust me on this:

Whenever you will open a bag of this food you will find your cat purring.

You can certainly find it in the market in roasted chicken, and salmon flavors. Roasted chicken sounds yum! Isn’t it?

This diet is a go-to if your Bengal cat is an indoor type, easy to digest which prevents your cat from obesity.

Main Ingredients

Wheat FlourCorn Gluten MealChicken Fat
Chicken MealDried Plain Beet PulpNatural Flavors
Wheat FlourSunflower OilSoybean Oil
Oat FiberTomato PomaceYeast Culture
Potassium ChlorideMenhaden Fish OilCholine Chloride
Dehydrated ChickenTaurineVitamin A supplement
SaltVitamin B-12 SupplementNiacin Supplement
D-Calcium PantothenateDL-MethionineDried Cranberry
L-Ascorbyl-2-PolyphosphateFolic AcidMagnesium Stearate
Vitamin E supplementVitamin D-3 SupplementSodium Selenite
Iron ProteinateL-CarnitineCopper Proteinate
Manganese ProteinateZinc SulfateBiotin
Calcium PantothenatePotassium IodideThiamine Mononitrate
Pyridoxine HydrochlorideDried BlueberryRosemary Extract
Brewers Rice DL MethionineDecaffeinated Green Tea Extract
Spearmint Extract


  • Healthy immune system- Antioxidants present in this food keeps the immunity strong.
  • Swallowed hair can be easily passed through digestive tracts because of the fiber content of this food.
  • Fatty acids and zinc content of this food bring shiny coats on your cat’s skin.
  • Improves digestion of your cat with the vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients.


  • Dry texture causes low hydration level.
  • Your cat might be allergenic to some of the ingredients present in this food.

13. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food Green Pea & Duck


This cat food is high in protein and carbohydrates and is one of the best-selling dry cat food.

Grab this Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food Green Pea & Duck if you want to try something new for your Bengal cat. It is one of the best options, I must say.

It is grain-free, assists in the digestion of food, and keeps your cat’s skin and coat healthy and shiny.

For your senior Bengal cat, this food is a wholesome cradle of nutrients.

You will see your cat in well-maintained muscles and in-shape if you feed this high in amino acid dry cat food.

Main Ingredient

Green PeasDuckDuck Meal
Pea ProteinCanola OilSalmon Oil
FlaxseedSodium BisulfatePotassium Chloride
Fish OilSaltCholine Chloride
DL-MethionineMineralsVitamins E, A, B12, D3,
NiacinMixed TocopherolsTaurine
BiotinFolic AcidThiamine Mononitrate
Rosemary ExtractGreen Tea ExtractSpearmint Extract


  • Grain-free food, your cat’s absolute favorite.
  • Wholesome diet for an adult Bengal cat.
  • Stronger muscles.
  • Healthy and shiny coats because of the fatty acids present in this food.
  • Maintains the health of your cat’s heart due to taurine content found in this food.
  • Digestion of feed speeds-up.
  • Removes plaque from teeth due to its dry texture.


  • Your cat might be allergenic to some of its ingredient.
  • The moisture level is low.
  • Dry consistency makes swallowing hard for senior cats and kittens.
  • Your cat may not like the new taste and resist eating.

What to feed a Bengal cat: Bengal cat diet

This question must be bugging you now and then if you are a new Bengal Cat owner.

The answer is quite simple, as cats are pure flesh-eating i.e. omnivorous, so their body demands a high amount of protein.

Currently, most of the foods available in the market contain a low amount of meat and a large portion of carbohydrates such as corn, rice, etc.

If you feed low-grade foods to your cat, it will end up having health issues later in life.

Raw meat is the best add-on to your cat’s diet plan this is because it is fresh and not processed.

Always make sure that the quantity of protein is 50%-80% in the food you are feeding, the remaining content should be filled with fiber and necessary vitamins.

To understand more about Bengal cats’ diet, I’d suggest you check out this article. In it, I go into detail on all the nutrition requirements of Bengals, how to fulfill them, and mention lists of foods that are safe and unsafe for Bengal cats.

Your Bengal cat might be allergic to some foods

According to studies, approximately 10% of all the cats are allergic to some type of food.

The allergy symptoms in Bengal cats are somewhat similar to those of humans.

In a case like this, you must conduct a food test to figure out which ingredient is not suiting your Bengal cat, so that you can treat the allergy.

Calorie Consumption for Bengal Cats Per Day

The dry foods available in stores tend to be filled with useless grains just to bulk up the package. This is the reason why you find them at very low prices.

This implies that if you feed your Bengal cat dry food, then its diet will be less resourceful as compared to that of wet food.

Also, even if you have planned an ideal diet for your cat but are overfeeding it, then it will also harm the health of your cat.

If you have a kitten, then it is better to begin with 100 calories per pound of your cat’s weight and then lower it down to 40 calories per pound when it is 40 weeks old.

As far as an adult Bengal cat is concerned, a diet containing 25 to 30 calories per pound is perfect.

But keep monitoring your cat’s weight, and adjust the calories accordingly.

You would want to avoid foods which have filler and complex ingredients. Keep the diet simple as much as you possibly can.

A simple diet is the key to a longer, healthier and happier life.

Raw Food for Bengal Cats

We should not overlook the fact that the diet of a Bengal cat should not be entirely based on proteins; it should be a blend of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Moreover, raw meat should always be fresh and should not be left at room temperature for more than 30 minutes.

Raw meat may cause some serious health problems if not properly prepared, so keep the above factors in mind.

There is a list of raw meat that you can feed to your Bengal cat:

  • For high-quality protein and omega 3 fat, fresh turkey meat is your go-to option.
  • For rich in protein and fiber diet, leans cuts out of fresh meat are the best.
  • Chicken is also considered as a great source of protein.

Foods to Avoid For Bengal Cats

You should refrain from feeding your Bengal cat the following foods as they cause diarrhea and other health issues. It is better to feed your Bengal cat the cat foods only and stick with its dietary plans.

1. Chocolates

Theobromine is found in chocolates and is a classification of alkaloids.

It can be fatal for cats.

You should be very conscious about it and refrain from giving chocolates to your Bengal cat as the ignorance may, eventually, result in the death of your pet.

2. Uncooked Eggs

A bacterium resides in eggs that goes by the name Salmonella.

This microorganism causes food poisoning in Bengals.

Besides this microbe, the raw protein in the egg white is an obstacle in the absorption of vitamin B biotin which is very important for the nourishment of your Bengal cat’s skin and coats.

3. Avocado

You will find a toxic substance in avocadoes known as persin. Although it is not harmful to humans, it may cause disease if you feed it to your cat.

4. Alcoholic Drinks

If you let your Bengal ingest alcohol, it could cause fatal brain and liver damage to your cat.

So you have to refrain from giving any food to your cat which contains any form of alcohol. It is toxic for your cat.

5. Liver

Feeding too much liver to your Bengal cat could be harmful.

Liver can affect the bones of your Bengal cat by reacting with vitamin A, making it poisonous for cats.

6. Macadamia Nuts

They are extremely rich in fat resulting in stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting.

7. Xylitol

This ingredient is mostly found in candies, snacks, and baked foods.

It is a natural sweetener which is extracted from the fibers of fruits and vegetables. Studies show that Xylitol results in a prompt drop in blood sugar.

8. Caffeine

Caffeine is present in colas, chocolate, and cocoa and is very dangerous, especially when it is taken in large amount.

9. Fresh potatoes and tomatoes

Feeding these vegetables uncooked to your Bengal cat may result in digestive issues.

Potatoes and tomatoes contain two very lethal ingredients: Glycoalkaloid and Solanine.

10. Bones

Bones can cause your cat to choke. It may also splinter or block its intestinal tract which, in turn, leads to damaging the intestines.

What to Feed a Bengal Cat?

People seem to ask this question quite repeatedly, so you must be curious to get an answer to this question as well.

Well, Bengal cats are domestic cats with a demanding diet plan. Once you figure out a perfect diet plan for your Bengal cat just stick to it and you will be happy with the outcome.

Diet plan varies according to its age, it is different for kittens, adult cats, and senior cats. So let’s get started.

Dietary Requirements for a Bengal Kitten

If you just brought home a Bengal kitten from a breeder, you must be wondering whether to stick with the diet they kitten was given at the breeder’s or change it.

Well, it is better if you switch to a different diet plan as the growing kitten would need a more nourishing diet. Try out different brands available in the market and figure out which one best suits your kitten.

There are numerous well-known companies and brands in the market which offer a high quality of kibbles for your Bengal kitty.

Once you have found out a perfect food for your pet then stick to it until your pal is a year old, at least.

When you are on the hunt for a healthy and delicious kitten kibble, make sure that the food is mainly composed of meat; this should be your top most priority.

Refrain from taking food which contains corns, by-products or fillers.

Your kitten will not be able to digest corns and the filler ingredient in the food will make your pet eat more and more food to get proper nourishment.

These fillers have zero nutritional value and they just make your cat feel full without providing any nutrient that its body needs.

The most trustworthy place to buy cat food is the pet store, avoiding buying cat food from grocery stores.

How Much and What to Feed Adult Bengal Cats?

Switch your Bengal cat’s diet to adult food when it is a little older than one year.

This phase is usually a trial and error kind of phase as your cat is getting on its own and will definitely have its choice on taste.

When you are trying to find out what your cat would like, make sure it has high quantity and quality of meat, poultry or fish.

Bengal cats being active among all the domestic cats need a large portion of calories in contrast to domestic cats who just relax around the house.

They burn off a lot more calories as they are usually playing around, running in the garden and involved in some sort of activity.

Also, Bengal cats consume about a can per day while the other domestic cats need just half of the can to maintain their health.

The appetite of a Bengal cat is huge which keep them healthy, in shape and content.

If you avoid feeding can food to your cat then you can feed it the same dry food that you used to feed when it was just a little kitten.

But keep this in mind that Bengal cat give preference to meat and it won’t cherish biscuits or anything that looks like meat but it isn’t.

You can serve kibbles just for some munching but it is not going to keep it in a good mood if you keep on serving it as a main course.

However, if you decide to feed them dry food anyway then make sure you treat them with fresh meat as a delight every now and then.

What else you can do is give them a small bowl of dry food, could be biscuits, during the day and once they finish that then you can give out half of the canned food as a treat.

This will keep them engage and they will look forward to having a great tasty meal after a boring one.

There is a list of food that humans enjoy greatly but should not be given to Bengal cats at any cost. The list goes as:

  • Onions and garlic
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Spinach and Swiss chard
  • Chocolate

However, there are certain human foods that you can give to your Bengal cat:

  • Bread
  • Marshmallows
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Asparagus

As far as milk products are concerned, it varies with each cat. Although cats are fond of milk, Bengal cats included, but as they grow up they tend to get intolerant of lactose present in milk.

You can always go with try and error method and check out if the milk is suiting your pet or not. Take notice of how they react to it.

Lucky you would be if your cat is not showing any negative digestive issues. In this case, you can easily give them a little milk or other milk products as treats.

Above all, it is highly recommended to serve your cat high-quality cat food instead of feeding them human foods.

We have made a list for you, you will be able to see it if you scroll up a little.

Raw Meat for Bengal Cat

What’s unique about Bengal cats is that they get an intense craving for meat, unlike any other domestic cat.

They enjoy raw meat more than canned or cooked meat. But, as we have discussed above, raw meat is poisonous even for cats.

You have to be very careful regarding the time you have put the raw meat out at room temperature, you should not feed raw meat to your cat if it is left out for more than half an hour.

Also, make sure your Bengal cat finishes the raw meat within 20 minutes otherwise it will catch bacteria and may cause food poisoning to your cat.

Do not store any leftover raw meat, just throw it away.

Of all the meats, beef is the best option for your Bengal cat. And the best type is minced meat, beef heart or ground sirloin.

Avoid meat covered in fat as it would give stomach ache to your cat.

A great thing that is discovered by a number of Bengal cat owners is that they have a great love for chicken.

Be it raw or cooked, they are absolutely fond of chicken.

You can make it healthy by cooking it up and make sure it is boneless, your Bengal cat would be above cloud nine. This meal can even become your cat’s favourite.

You can mix and match the cooked boneless chicken with some canned cat food, be it dry or wet.

This would be a nutritious and healthy combo meal for your finicky Bengal cat.


For high-quality cat foods for your Bengal cat, we have mentioned some of the best-selling and top rated products accompanied by pros and cons. Before you hit the market to reload the stock for your Bengal cat I will advise you to take a look at the cited products so that you get the best one for your pal.

You and your cat will surely build a lovely bond once you start feeding it right, as the way to a happy cat is its tummy.

Related Questions

What if my Bengal cat eats dog food? The nutrients required by a Bengal cat are different from the requirements of a dog.

Bengal cats fall under the category of carnivores due to which their diet needs to be high in protein, which cannot be achieved by feeding your cat a dog’s food.

It is not a problem if you serve dog food to your Bengal cat from time to time, but religiously feeding dog food may cause some serious health issues.

Can I feed my Bengal cat raw meat or raw fish?

Raw fish: If you give uncooked fish, be it any breed, it will cause deficiency of thiamine in your Bengal cat.

This is, in turn, results in abnormal body posture, faintness and even passing of your cat.

Avoid feeding it raw fish as much as you can, after all, it is your responsibility to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Raw meats: Serving raw meat to your Bengal cat may prove to be very risky and life taking.

This is because raw meat usually contains dangerous organisms that might take away your cat’s life.

Besides this factor, raw meat hardly fulfills the nutrient need of your Bengal cat.

To be on the safer side, it is always a good idea to feed your Bengal Cats with food that is properly cooked in order to avoid any serious health problems.

Also, cooked food definitely tastes way better!

Should my Pregnant Bengal cat be fed more? Definitely, adult cats already require handsome amount of diet, so the cats which are carrying kittens certainly need a large portion of food but do not overfeed them.

Gaining a lot of weight will be such a headache for you later, and it is also very unhealthy for Bengal cats in the future.

Monitor the food you are feeding to your pregnant Bengal cat, it should contain minerals, folic acid, and iron.

Focus more on quality of the food your feeding your pregnant Bengal Cat rather than on the quantity of it. Remember, only a healthy cat will deliver a healthy baby.

Is a high protein diet recommended for Bengal kittens? Of course, protein is a vital nutrient of all the nutrients for a growing kitten.

It is very largely recommended for kittens to be fed such a diet that contains a minimum of 30% protein.

Food rich in protein include meat and eggs etc, all of which contribute to the well-being of your pet cat.

A well-balanced diet will help your Bengal Cat grow in a healthy, keeping it active, happy and playful!

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