13 Best Cat Foods For Cats With No Teeth (or Few/Bad Teeth)

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

As a pet parent, it can be very disheartening to see your cat lose her teeth and struggle to eat her regular food.

But hey, it’s okay! 

All you need to do is switch up your kitty’s diet and she’ll better than ever before.

I’ve listed here 13 of the best cat foods for cats with no, or a few bad teeth to help you make the best choice for your little one.

Best Cat Foods For Cats With No Teeth ::: My Top 5 Picks

1. Royal canine ageing 12+ thin slices 

Protein 9.0% min, Fat 2.5% min, Fiber 1.8% max, Moisture 82.0% max.

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Water, 2. Pork By-Products, 3. Pork Liver, 4. Chicken, 5. Chicken Liver.

The Royal Canine Feline Health Nutrition Canned Cat Food is a gravy based recipe, containing thin slices of meat. This one’s best for cats with few or no teeth as it’s extremely easy to chew. It’s been specially formulated keeping in mind the needs of senior cats.

It contains all essential fatty acids including Omega- 3 to help ensure your older pal’s joints remain functioning optimally. Aside from that it also has carefully calculated levels of phosphorus and doesn’t strain the cat’s kidneys. The best part is that it’s a spicy, tasty meal created with NO artificial flavouring!

2. Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food, Adult 7+ 

Protein 8.0% min, Fat 4% min, Fiber 2% max, Moisture 78% max.

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Water, 2. Chicken, 3. Turkey giblets, 4. Pork By-Products, 5. Pork Liver.

Hill’s science is very well reputed cat food manufacturer that creates thoroughly researched, good quality meals for felines. They have a whole range of food options available for senior cats with bad teeth.

One of their best products is the Adult 7+ wet cat food. This one’s perfect for a toothless cat since it’s a smooth, soft gravy with no chunks. As for the nutrients, it contains a balanced amount of all essential minerals and vitamins and no preservatives. It comes in many savoury flavours including chicken, turkey and tuna.          

3. Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dry Cat Food

Protein 27% min, Fat 16% min, Fiber 3.5% max, Moisture 8% max.

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Whole Grain Wheat, 3. Corn Gluten Meal, 4. Chicken Fat, 5. Brewer’s Rice.

If you’re looking for a cat food option that is long-lasting and easy to store, then the Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dry cat food is the best for you. Unlike other dry formulas, this one’s easy to chew and swallow for a cat with a few teeth.

It has a soft texture and added fibre, which makes this easily digestible as well. Since this formula is mostly protein-based, it encourages healthy weight gain only. Oh, and it comes in a large pack so you and your kitty will be sorted for a long while!

4. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dinner Morsels Grain-Free Cat Food.

Protein 45% min, Fat 25% min, Fiber 5% max, Moisture 5% max

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Chicken Liver, 3. Chicken Gizzard, 4. Pumpkin Seed, 5. Potassium Chloride.

If your cat’s a fussy eater who only prefers gourmet food options, then you need to get your hands on the Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dinner Morsels. I mention this one specifically for the little brats because it’s available in a large variety of flavours including duck, chicken, rabbit, salmon and cod. 

This is again a dry food formula that’s been made with 98% chicken and absolutely no grains or other “fillers”. This is a highly nutritious, tasty meal, containing probiotics and antioxidants which support the cat’s immunity system.

5. American Journey Pate Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Cat Food 

Protein 10% min, Fat 6% min, Fiber 1% max, Moisture 78% max            

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Salmon, 2. Chicken, 3. Chicken Broth, 4. Chicken Liver, 5. Natural Flavor.

A great affordable option for your little toothless fellow is the American Journey Pate Salmon. This recipe has real salmon as its main ingredient which is an excellent source of essential fatty acids and animal proteins. It delivers all the required nutrition in a smooth, easy to eat, pate form. It also includes high fibre content, so it’s easily digestible as well. 

Although this recipe contains some chicken, cranberries and blueberries, it still has a very strong salmon flavour to it. So if your cat enjoys fish, she will devour this one in no time!

Buyer’s Guide

It may sound strange to some, but dental issues are actually quite common in felines. As the cat grows older, its teeth tend to get worn out and eventually require extraction.

Although bad teeth and old age often go hand in hand, poor oral hygiene is also a major cause of bad teeth in cats.

The good news is that cats can and do survive quite easily even with absolutely no teeth. All that’s required is a change of diet. 

But, before you go on adding new cat food to your cart, here are some important things you need to know first.

How to identify dental issues in Felines

According to experts, cats do not show any pain. However, there are several other symptoms a cat will display if it’s suffering from dental issues. Some of the most common ones have been listed below.

  • Lack or complete loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Increased drooling or inability to close the mouth
  • Yellowed teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Pawing at face
  • Difficulty in eating regular food
  • Swollen, red or bleeding gums
  • Pus or lesions around the mouth
  • Loose teeth
  • Reduced grooming
  • Falling out of teeth
  • Indigestion 

In case your cat experiences any of these symptoms, consult your trusted vet immediately to decide the course of treatment. If your cat is in a lot of pain, and the condition of teeth is really bad, some extractions may be required.

 Once the treatment is complete you can start to look for new cat food.

What to look for when selecting cat food for a cat with bad teeth

When you’re dealing with a cat with a few teeth, you need to be very careful while picking out its cat food. I’ve listed some of the most important factors you need to consider below

1. Food must be easy to chew

With their main food grinding tools (their teeth) gone, cats require foods that are easy to chew. These include wet foods containing chunks of meat, pates, or smooth gravies. If you wish to give the cat dry food, the kibble must be soft.

2. High moisture content            

Cats tend to avoid drinking water when they are experiencing a toothache. Hence, the hydration requirements must be met through their food. It’s advised that you pick out foods that include broth, gravies or soups. But, even if you want to give dry foods, look out for ones with some moisture content. This will not only fulfil the hydration requirements but also aid the digestion process.

3. Flavours

Loss of appetite is one of the most common symptoms of dental issues in cats. Hence, the food you choose must be delicious enough to lure the cat towards it. Although this isn’t necessary per se, I highly suggest you pick out food that comes in a variety of flavours so that you little fellow can fill her tummy up well!

4. Nutrients

Whether your cat has a full set of teeth or none, its diet must have all the necessary nutrients. For a cat with no or few teeth, the fibre in food plays a key role. This is because the food doesn’t get grinded in the mouth as it otherwise would. Hence fibre is required for it to be digested easily.


What can cats with no teeth eat?

Cats with no teeth can eat wet foods and even some soft dry foods. If you see your cat struggling even with wet food, you can mash it with a fork to make a smooth paste that can be licked easily.

Can cats cope with no teeth?

Yes! Even if the cat has gotten a full extraction, i.e. gotten all teeth removed, it will still cope well. It will require a bit more care though. Especially in terms of feeding and grooming. 

Can periodontal disease kill my cat?

Periodontal diseases can impact more than just the cat’s gums and teeth. If left untreated they can result in chronic pain and infections which may permanently damage other organs.

The loss of appetite due to gum disease can also cause weight loss, which eventually leads to the weakening of the immune system and makes the cat more susceptible to other diseases. So, although periodontal diseases may not directly cause a cat to die, they may lead to it.

Why would a cat have no teeth?

Aside from wear and tear of the teeth with age, there are several other reasons why cats may lose their teeth. Some of these are:

  • Tooth fracture as a result of an accident
  • Periodontal diseases which cause gums to swell and teeth to loosen
  • Tooth resorption-This is a condition in which lesions are formed onto the cat’s teeth, which causes the breakdown of the tooth’s natural structure. Eventually, the tooth is replaced with a hard bone-like structure. The cause of this condition is currently unknown.

How to prevent dental issues in cats?

Truth be told, nearly every cat does go through some dental issues at a point in their life. The only way you can avoid this from happening is by being proactive. This means: 

  • Taking your cat for routine checkups to the vet
  • Feeding the cat with a nutritious, well-balanced diet according to its requirements
  • Taking special care of the cat’s oral hygiene

How can I keep my cat’s teeth clean without brushing?

Although brushing your cat’s teeth is recommended for optimal oral health, you can opt for other cleaning methods. These include:

  • Dental chew toys: These are abrasive toys that can scrape off the plaque deposits on the cat’s tooth. You can also add catnip to some of these toys, to keep your cat busy cleaning for a long time. 
  • Bones: You can give your cat some uncooked bones of fish, pork or chicken to chew on. This will act as a natural cleaner and remove buildup from the cat’s teeth.
  • Oral gels: There are several kinds of gels available on the market that can help keep your cat’s teeth clean through enzymes. These enzymes aid in the production of saliva, which causes the tartar to become softer and eventually get removed from the teeth.

Here’s a video on how you can save your cat’s teeth from all sorts of problems:

Is it okay to moisten dry cat food?

Yes, it’s okay to moisten dry kibble with some water if your cat is unable to chew it. However, you must seek veterinary’s advice before mixing your dry cat food with wet cat food. Or you may end up giving an excess of some nutrients to your cat which may lead other problems.  

Best Cat Foods For Cats With No Teeth ::: My Remaining Picks

6. Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food

Protein 7% min, Fat 2.5% min, Fiber 1.5% max, Moisture 84% max       

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Water, 2. Chicken, 3. Poultry Liver, 4. Animal Plasma, 5. Tapioca Starch

The Sheba Perfect Portions Wet food is a genius product that contains 24 twin packs of cat food made of three different types of meats, chicken, turkey, and beef. This cat food is best for cats who easily get bored of eating the same food every day. But it’s more about the cat’s health than its demands.

According to experts, feeding the same meat to a feline for an extended period of time may trigger allergies. This is a pate recipe and is available in a range of different flavours. 

7. Meow Mix Original Choice           

Protein 31% min, Fat 11% min, Fiber 4% max, Moisture 12% max          

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Ground Yellow Corn, 2. Corn Gluten Meal, 3. Chicken By-Product Meal, 4. Soybean Meal, 5. Beef Tallow.

This is another dry cat food formula, ideal for cats with a few bad teeth. Although dry, this food is soft in texture and can easily be consumed without much chewing. It contains all essential nutrients and minerals a growing cat needs at a considerably lower price point.

It has a high protein content which is great for the cat’s muscles. This cat food is available in 4 different flavours, making it perfect for a cat that may have lost her appetite because of toothaches.

8. Purina Pro Plan Senior 11+ Canned Wet Cat Food

Protein 10% min, Fat 6% min, Fiber 1.5% max, Moisture 78% max         

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Liver, 3. Water, 4. Meat By-Products, 5. Beef.

If you have a senior cat that is not fond of pate, then the Purina Pro Plan Senior Wet food is a great option! This is a savoury, gravy based meal containing small, juicy chunks of meat that are easy to chew.

It’s available in three flavours, chicken and beef, whitefish and salmon and salmon and tuna. Offering something for every adult cat out there! Each can contain a balanced amount of nutrients and vitamins which fulfils the daily nutrient requirements of your little pet. 

9. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Senior Cat Food

Protein 39% min, Fat 11% min, Fiber 5% max, Moisture 10% max          

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Deboned Chicken, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Peas, 4. Herring Meal, 5. Potatoes.

Wellness is a highly popular manufacture of cat food and rightly so. Their Complete Natural Dry Senior Cat food range is perfect for cats who have dental problems but aren’t completely toothless. This dry kibble supports oral health by delivering optimal levels of calcium and phosphorus. 

Chicken, cranberries, rosemary, and flaxseed are the primary ingredients of this formula. All of these are excellent for the cat’s overall wellbeing as they are high in proteins and low in calories and fats. The cranberries are a special addition in here which support kidney functioning. 

10. Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat Food

Protein 34% min, Fat 13% min, Fiber 2% max, Moisture 12% max           

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Rice Flour, 3. Corn Gluten Meal, 4. Wheat Flour, 5. Soy Protein

If you are unable to pick between dry cat food and meat morsels, then the Purina ONE tender select blend is what you need! This unique formula combines both, crunchy kibbles and soft meat morsels into one delicious meal for a cat with few bad teeth to enjoy.

This is a chicken-based recipe with no grains and fillers. It contains real chicken meat and all essential minerals and vitamins that an adult cat needs to remain healthy and happy. The omega 6 fatty acids in this recipe keep the cat’s coat luscious and shiny. 

11. Purina Beyond Wild Natural Adult Cat Food 

Protein 10% min, Fat 6% min, Fiber 1% max, Moisture 78% max            

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Turkey, 2. Chicken, 3. Liver, 4. Turkey Broth, 5. Quail.

If you want to offer a diet to your cat that’s the closest to what it would naturally have in the wild, then the Beyond Wild Natural Adult Cat Food by Purina is the right choice for you!

This is a unique formula made out of turkey meat, liver meat of various animals and quail meat. It is a completely grain-free formula with sufficient water content to make it easy to chew and digest. It has a funky scent which, according to many cat owners draws in even the fussy eaters to this meal.                                                                         

12. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Protein 40% min, Fat 18% min, Fiber 4% max, Moisture 9% max            

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Deboned Chicken, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Pea Protein, 4. Tapioca Starch, 5. Peas.

This soft dry food by Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a carefully curated formula containing high-quality proteins and real chicken meat. Although it’s dry, it’s still soft enough to be consumed by a cat with no teeth.

The best part about this is the Lifesource Bits added into it. These bits are actually a combination of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help boost immunity. Aside from that, this formula is also absolutely grain-free and only contains healthy carbs that keep your kitty active throughout the day.

13. Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food

Protein 40% min, Fat 20% min, Fiber 4% max, Moisture 10% max          

Top 5 ingredients: 1. Deboned Chicken, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Turkey Meal, 4. Deboned Cod, 5. Whole Peas.

This dry cat food packs a punch of protein in an easy to eat, disk-shaped kibble form. This is a grain-free chicken and cod based formula which fulfils the nutritional requirements of growing and adult cats.

It encourages the development of lean muscle mass and keeps them up and running through the house. The probiotics added into it support the gut health of the cat, while the vitamins improve the cat’s heart, eyes and overall health. Albeit last on my list, this cat food is definitely worth checking out!             

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve gone through this post, I’m sure you must have understood that it is okay to have a cat with dental issues.

So, you must not fret! Instead, focus on being a responsible parent for your little kitty and everything shall fall into place. 

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