7 Best Cat Harnesses For Bengal Cats

Animal behaviorist and cat specialist Jackson Galaxy once said in his popular show “My Cat From Hell”:

 “If your cat is noisy and snuggly, take it out on a leash walk and burn its extra energy” 


For Bengal cats, a simple leash isn’t good enough.

Their throat is sensitive, and if you put your Bengal cat on a leash and pull hard, it may choke.

Bengal cats need cat harnesses.

Just a leash won’t help if you want to train your Bengal cat for running or brisk walking.

Now is the time when you should choose a cat harness for your Bengal cat.

But the question “how to pick one” is quite troublesome.

That is why I have picked seven best cat harnesses for Bengal cats.

So let’s dive into the list and figure out which one should you buy for your Bengal tabby.

Best Cat Harnesses For Bengal Cats

PUPTECK harness AvailableVelcro Check Price
Eagloo small harness Not availableBuckle Check Price
Yizhi Miaow harness AvailableTape Check Price
Rabbitgoo harness Not availableBuckle Check Price
PACCOMFET harness Not availableBuckle Check Price
Kamots beauty harness AvailableVelcro Check Price
PetSafe harness AvailableBuckle Check Price

If you’ve just bought a Bengal kitten, you might want to check out our Bengal cat checklist. We’ve worked hard to create the ultimate checklist for Bengal cat owners so they have everything that their Bengal needs.

1. PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash Adjustable Soft Mesh

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: PUPTECK
  • Material: soft mesh
  • Shape: vest
  • Leash attachment: rings at the back
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Sizes: 3


Have you ever faced difficulty in controlling your Bengal tabby during a jog? If yes, then PUPTECK escape proof harness has got you covered.

Its soft and breathable material works great for Bengal cats.

The mesh material used in making this PUPTECK harness is adaptable with all four seasons.

The Velcro closure makes this harness quick and swift.

The two metallic rings at the back are used to attach the 59-inch long nylon leash.

Just one click and the leash is attached.

  • Comes in a vest shape for providing enhanced coverage. Vest-shaped harnesses divide the pressure points on the cat’s body and are more comfortable.
  • Breathable soft material: the soft mesh material is comfy and doesn’t leave rashes on the cat’s body.
  • Quick Velcro closure: it is effortless to put the harness on with Velcro closure.
  • Secure leash attachment: two metallic rings at the back are quickly attachable with the leash. You can attach or detach the nylon leash swiftly.
  • Available in 3 different sizes. Cats vary in sizes, and there is no standard size of harnesses for them. PUPTECK offers this vest harness in 3 sizes, and you can pick one accordingly.
  • The plastic material used in its neck girth isn’t suitable for extreme summers.

2. Eagloo Small Escape Proof Cat and Dog Harness

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Eagloo
  • Material: Soft mesh and fine nylon
  • Shape: vest
  • Closure: Buckle
  • Leash attachment: metallic ring

If you are hesitant to take your Bengal cat with you on a hike or a trek, then this harness will let you throw that hesitance away.

The quick buckle enclosure allows you to put this harness quickly on your cat so that it cannot run-off.

The soft mesh fabric provides comfort, and the sturdy nylon material ensures durability.

Its reflective stripes shine in low light and make your tabby appear more beautiful.

This harness is comfortable and escape proof.

You can let your cat explore the outside world within your surveillance and can control its movement by attaching a leash.


A leash doesn’t come along with this harness.

You’ll have to buy it separately.

Growing Bengal cats change their size quite often, and their old harness may make them suffocated.

The Eagloo harness offers some space to the cat by putting four buckles at the wait.

You can choose from these buckles, depending on the size of your cat.

  • The nylon material is very durable which makes this a great long-term product
  • Soft mesh fabric goes very easy on your kitty and is soft
  • The buckle enclosure is quick and escape-proof
  • The four buckles on the waist allow a better fit for different cats
  • Vest shape gives more freedom to your kitty, and it can be more physically active
  • 100% quality warranty is ensured in case of any flaw in the harness.
  • There is no clasp at the neck which means you will have to put it on your kitty like a shirt, and many cats don’t like that
  • The leash doesn’t come with the harness, and you’ll have to buy it separately.

3. Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash by Yizhi Miaow

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Yizhi Miaow
  • Material: Nylon, mesh, and net
  • Closure: Tape
  • Shape: Vest
  • Colors: 4
  • Sizes: 4

Providing your kitty with comfort and safety at the same time is not difficult with this escape-proof cat harness.

You can pick up a design and color matching or contrast with your cat’s fur because you’ll have four options to choose from.

Magic tape enclosure is the easiest when it comes to kittens and fidgety cats.

They might struggle with buckles, but with the tape, they are super easy and comfy.

This harness is padded to add some extra comfort, making this one of the best cat calming harnesses.

In case your kitty bumps or collides into something, it won’t hurt itself.

Once you attach the leash with the metallic ring at the back of the harness, there is no chance your small fellow can run away from you.

  • An extra layer of soft mesh fabric underneath the harness makes it more elastic and relaxing.
  • Quick tape closure won’t let your feline run away.
  • 2 Metallic ring offers swift leash attachment.
  • The leash attachment makes it completely escape proof.
  • Vest-shaped and padded, these two properties make it ideal for Bengal cats.
  • Four beautiful designs, so that you can give your Bengal cat a smart look
  • If your cat is a bit big, these harnesses won’t fit well.

4. Rabbitgoo Escape Proof Mesh Vest Harnesses

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Rabbitgoo
  • Material: Nylon and soft mesh
  • Shape: Vest
  • Closure: Buckle
  • Sizes: 2
  • Colors: 3
  • Leash attachment: Rings at the back

The name of the product manufacturer might be “rabbitgoo”, but they’ve created this harness specifically for kittens.

We all know how out-going Bengal kittens are. They love to explore your backyard and want to have a stroll down the street.


For kittens, wandering around alone is very unsafe.

This Rabbitgoo escape proof harness gives your kitty this freedom to move out, but under your surveillance.

This nylon padded vest style harness is specially designed for small kittens and makes sure that they don’t get choked or hurt.

The reflective thread used in making this harness will let you find your kitty even in darkness.

The straps are adjustable, and you can increase or decrease the waist and neck circumference according to your kitty’s size.

This harness offers a buckle enclosure.

Buckle enclosure makes harness wearing very easy for kitties.


You should know how to measure a cat for a harness to buy the best size for your Bengal.

  • The straps have clips which can be used to customize the size. Adjust the fit of this harness.
  • A combination of soft net and nylon makes this harness a sort of protective shield for your cat.
  • The buckles are made with durable plastic which makes this harness genuinely escape proof.
  • The sturdy leash clip will let you take your kitty outside very often, and that too without any danger.
  • Available in 2 sizes and three different colors, i.e. black, pink and green.
  • The overall shape of this harness is just like a small jacket which will keep your pet protected.
  • You’ll have to buy a leash.
  • The two available sizes are just for kittens, and this harness is not suitable for bigger cats.

5. PACCOMFET Soft Mesh Dog & Cat Harness

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: PACCOMFET
  • Material: Polyester
  • Leash attachment: Metallic D-ring
  • Shape: Vest
  • Colors: 5
  • Sizes: 3

Having a bright colored and lightweight harness is something all pet parents want.

This PACCOMFET harness is light and lasts for a long time.

If you want to buy similar harnesses for your dog and cat, then you have got a great option here.

This harness comes in 5 colors and three sizes, making it easy for you to get a trendy harness for your kitty and puppy.

The polyester used in making this harness is of high and exceptional quality which doesn’t lose its shine and charm very quickly.

To give your Bengal kitty some extra softness, this harness contains extra padding.

It has a layer of mesh fabric ensures your cat never gets over-heated in the scorching summers.

  • The two buckles at the back of this harness ensure no-escape and no-harm.
  • The five vivid colors can be matched with other bright colors and leashes to give the kitty a fashionable look.
  • The polyester material is very durable and goes well in all seasons.
  • This harness is easily washable and doesn’t get affected even after several washes.
  • Apart from the soft mesh, the material used at the neck circumference is also very soft which means the cat will be happy in this thin and light harness.
  • A sturdy metal ring is attached at the back for leash attachment.
  • It does not have a neck strap which is why you’ll have to pull it over your cat’s head

6. Kamots Beauty Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Kamots beauty
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Leash attachment: Metallic D-rings
  • Material: Polyester and mesh
  • Sizes: 3
  • Colors: 4
  • Providing your Bengal kitty with a safe, soft and comfortable harness is necessary to make it routine for a leash walk.

As Bengal cats are active and fidgety, they do not like rough items to be put on them.

This Kamots beauty harness is made with durable polyester and soft mesh net which makes it completely escape proof.

The vest shape of this harness provides comfort and support to the kitty during hectic outdoor ventures and sports.

If you use a thin strapped harness at hectic treks, your cat’s muscles may get stretched, and it may end up having injuries.


This soft, vest-shaped harness has overcome this problem already.

The quick Velcro closure will let you put this harness on your kitty swiftly and efficiently.

  • Polyester and soft mesh make this harness breathable and durable, simultaneously.
  • Quick Velcro closure is best suited for frisky Bengal cats.
  • Velcro closure and leash attachment make it escape proof.
  • The leash is of the same color, and its attachment is rapid.
  • You can choose from the four colors, depending on the fur of your cat and give it a quirky look.
  • Three sizes are available, and you need to measure your cat and select one according to that measurement.
  • Soft mesh material is added while considering hot seasons.
  • The leash is a bit small in length.

7. PetSafe come with me kitty harness with a bungee leash

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: PetSafe
  • Material: Nylon
  • Shape: H-shape
  • Leash attachment: metallic rings
  • Sizes: 3
  • Colors: 6

This H-shaped harness is best to control your restless kitty that doesn’t stay calm when you take it outdoors.

The bungee and flexible leash help you in controlling the movement and route of your cat.

The little flexibility this leash offers will give some extra freedom to your Bengal cat when you take it out for a jog.

Nylon is the most durable and preferred material in harness making.

And this PetSafe H-shaped harness is made with a combination of nylon and soft padded mesh.

The buckle closure is attached at the back of the harness and is aimed to put pressure on the cats’ back instead of its forearms or shoulders.

You can pick the right size according to the weight of your cat.

  • Its H-shape will give you more control over the kitty’s movement.
  • A mixture of nylon and mesh makes this harness a good-to-go for all seasons.
  • 4ft. Long bungee and flexible leash will prevent choking of your cat after it reaches at the end.
  • Comes in 3 sizes and six colors which means it will be a good option for all cats.
  • The nylon material makes this harness long-lasting and lightweight.
  • Buckle closure makes it very easy to put on.
  • It offers a reasonable size adjustment and is completely escape proof.
  • It exerts pressure on the back and protects the shoulders from any scratch or stress.
  • A few users have reported this cat harness not to be escape-proof

Cat harness buying guide for Bengal cats

Buying a harness is not that easy a job.

You’ll have to go through an extensive list and will have to shortlist essential features that must be in your Bengal cat’s new harness.

Here are the features a cat harness must have:


Would you like it if your cat cannot breathe or is having trouble breathing just because its harness is on?

Well, that’s the most important thing you should test before buying a harness.

Is the harness soft or is it going to suffocate your Bengal cat due to excessively used nylon and plastic; you should test that beforehand.


Getting a durable harness will not only save you a few extra buckles; it will be good for your kitty as well.

Are you puzzled as to how that is important for your cat? Here’s the answer:

Cats do not get attached to things very quickly. They need some time and space to get familiar with a new toy, harness, leash, etc.

That is why you should buy a durable and long-lasting harness, and your Bengal cat will consider it as its own possession.


Safety is the prime reason why one buys a harness for his/her pet.

Fidgety pets may wriggle out of a harness and end up in a car accident.

To avoid such situations, your cat’s harness must have a secure leash attachment and enough coverage to protect the tabby from these expected accidents.


As a rule of thumb:

When the harness keeps the cat comfortable, it will show minimal hesitance in wearing it.

Padded and net harnesses are more preferred by cats because they give them a soft and comfy feeling.

Quick closure

If a harness takes time to fit on your cat, it will be troublesome.

Cats don’t merely sit and let you put clothes on them, they tend to protest.

Before buying a harness, check the closure type it offers.

Velcro closure should be given preference as it is the quickest one.

A good shape

There are 2 types of cat harnesses available.

One is like a small jacket which you close at the back, and the other is an H-shaped belt which is thinner than the former.


H-shaped harness is suitable for older and bigger cats because they have stronger muscles and they tend to struggle while you try to put a vest on them.

While for kittens, vest shaped harness is excellent.

It gives extra coverage to the kittens’ fragile bodies and divides the pressure points across their body.


Although most harnesses are made with lightweight material, there are still some that are over-loaded with additional protective layers.

You must ensure that you don’t end up getting a heavy harness for your feline, it definitely won’t like it.


Harnesses that are too tight or too loose.

You should carefully measure your cat’s size and buy a harness carefully.

As a general rule, if you can barely insert two fingers inside your cat’s harness, it’s a good fit.

More or less than two finger means the harness you’ve bought is troublesome.

How to pick the right harness for your Bengal cat?

After knowing about the essential features a good harness must have, the next stage is to choose a beautiful harness.

There are many determining factors which will help you in deciding the right one.


The most important thing you should consider is what the climate in your area.

For hot weather, an H-shaped harness is good as it covers a lesser part of the cat’s body.

Which means your cat won’t get over-heated with its harness.

Similarly, for colder regions, the vest-shaped harness will do a great job as it works as a jacket too.

Cat’s size

Healthier cats like lightweight and thin harnesses, i.e. H-shaped.

Cat’s fur

Bengal cats have soft and sensitive fur which makes harness selection quite tricky.

Their fur may get distorted by those hard nylon harnesses, and in even worse cases, they may get allergies.

Make sure to buy a skin-friendly harness for your sensitive feline.

Cat’s health

Asthma is a common problem is most cats.

If your cat faces problems in breathing, buy a harness that has a large neck-girth and whose neck-lining is made of soft mesh/net.

The harnesses which are tight or fit at the neck will only add to your cat’s asthma problem.

How to harness-train a Bengal cat?

As we all know Bengal cats are:

  • Hyper-active
  • Curious
  • Outgoing
  • Quirky
  • Snuggly


They will take quite some time before accepting this new confinement (yes cats think so).

You’ll have to be patient and consistent in your mission to harness train your Bengal cat and make it a cool adventure cat.

How to make your Bengal cat wear a harness

If you’re buying a cat harness, you might also be wondering, “how to train your Bengal cat to walk on a leash?”

Recently, we published a detailed step-by-step guide for this purpose, answering questions like, “how to measure cat for harness” and safety precautions for taking it outdoors.

Buying a cat harness for your Bengal is the easier part. What’s hard is to get it used to wear one.

Here’s how we recommend you do it:

Introduce the harness

Cats don’t get attaches with things (and people) quickly.

You should start by introducing the harness to your kitty.

Leave it next to your cat’s play area or bed and let it smell the harness.

This familiar smell will help you later on.

Take baby steps

Start harness training by randomly putting it on your cat, and it is not necessary to close the harness right away.

The cat will resist at the start, but you’ll have to bear it.

Remember you want to make it an adventure cat!

Train it indoors

Starting harness training inside the house is obligatory because this way the dangers of your cat’s escape or physical harm will be lesser.

Put the harness on it, attach the leash and give your cat a detailed home-tour.

It’ll slowly become familiar with the purpose of this small jacket.

Switch to outdoors

Immediately taking your cat to the community park isn’t a wise idea.

You should start with your lawn and backyard.

Take it with you and let it smell the plants and eat the small insects it finds on the grass.

After it becomes confident with the harness thingy, make the outdoor visits more frequent.

An important note:

Rewards are essential in cat training.

Each time your cat behaves nicely and fulfills your command, give it the treat to encourage the good behavior.

Some cats are susceptible to such things, and they will start fighting or attacking the owner when they’ll feel something odd is being put on their body.

You should compensate that resistance with praise and treats.

If the cat is taking more than enough time, consider changing the harness, it will help.

Things you should remember during harness training

Bengal cats are not some obedient and cool kids who’ll let you train them without creating much fuss.

They’ll spray, resist, fight and throw tantrums at you during the whole training period.

If you want to make this training period a good experience, there are the things you must avoid.

Do not rush

If you think that your Bengal cat will let you do harness experiments on it quickly, then you are wrong.

Some cats may take days or weeks before finally accepting that harness thingy.

You should take it slowly and do not switch to the next training phase unless your cat has mastered the first phase.

Don’t impose the harness on it

Hasn’t the cat started to walk with a harness? Don’t worry, because imposing this harness on cat means the cat will start hating it and will try to escape from it.

If you are doing this indoors, take your cat in the lawn and when it is happily playing with its toys, put the harness on it.

It is said that when someone is happy, he/she will accept most of your commands.

And the same goes for cats.

When they are happy, they’ll let you start the harness experiment on them.

Don’t scold the kitty

It is already understood that when a kid is scolded for a particular deed which he likes, he starts hating the person who scolded him.

If your Bengal cat chewed the harness and threw it away, do not scold it.


That doesn’t mean that cat shouldn’t be made aware of its wrong deed.

You can show your disappointment by ignoring the cat for a while.

Don’t give it attention and make yourself busy.

The cat will come to you shortly after realizing that it had done something terrible.

Never use a simple leash on Bengal cats

You must have seen that your neighbor uses only a rope on her dog and the dog is pretty happy.

But the scenario is different for cats, especially Bengal cats.

Cats’ windpipe and trachea are very fragile.

And leash exerts pressure on their throat muscles which may damage their trachea.

The harnesses are suggested for this very reason.

They shift the pressure points from throat to the back of your Bengal cat.

And as back muscles are stronger, they can bear the leash’s stretch and pressure.

It is highly recommended that you buy an adjustable cat harness for your Bengal cat to help spread the pressure equally across its back.

Don’t pull the leash harshly

If your cat has reached the end of the leash and is trying to move further, do not pull the leash.

It will affect the cat physically and psychologically.

You can warn the cat by giving a slight jerk to the leash, or you can move from your place to remove the leash’s stretch.

Related Questions

Is it ok to leave the cat on a harness? It depends.

If your cat is not much attached with its harness and is in the training phase, then keeping the harness on for a long time isn’t a good idea.

However, if your cat has been trained well and you are on an outdoor venture, then you can keep the harness on it.

Just consider the weather conditions.

If it is too hot, remove the harness and let the cat breathe.

Can cats wear dog harnesses? No, they cannot.

Dog harnesses are more substantial and stronger because dogs are physically stronger than cats.

Cat harnesses are soft, padded and lightweight while dog harnesses have chains, more buckles and are harder.

You shouldn’t put your dog’s harness on the Bengal kitty.

However, some harnesses are designed for both cats and dogs.

If you want to save a few bucks, then you can buy one of those harnesses.

Can I walk my cat with a harness? Yes, you can.

Many people believe that cats should be kept indoors, from a safety perspective it is good.

But to quest their wild nature, cats must be made familiar with the outdoor environment.

Harnesses are made for this very purpose.

You can ensure your cat’s safety when it’s walking in a park and can let it enjoy the open environment simultaneously.

Are cat harnesses safe? Yes, they are.

Cat harnesses are designed with a soft and sensitive kitty in mind.

They are made comfortable and secure to give your kitty freedom and safety at the same time.

The closure buckles, tape or Velcro-attached at the back of harnesses are there to make the harnesses thoroughly safe and comfortable for cats.

Is it cruel to put a harness on a cat? No, it is not.

Some cats may struggle in initial days and show that they are being tortured.

But, harnesses are just an additional safety gadget for your cat.

When you have to take your Bengal cat with you at a trek, you cannot simply pick it up and move.

It will need some extra safety measures, and harnesses provide that.

They are not cruel at all.

You just need to pick the right harness, right training technique and proper place for training.

And you are all set to take your Bengal cat out for walking, jogging or trekking.

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