10 Best Cat Scratching Posts

The best way to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture is by getting it its very own scratching post.

Luckily for you, I have compiled a list of the best cat scratching posts in the market today.

Check these out below and also check the in-depth DIY video below…

The Best Cat Scratching Posts

1. Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Interactive Cat Scratching Sisal Posts Tree and Exerciser for Kitty


 Key Facts
  • Brand: Downtown Pet Supply
  • Weight: 0.1 pound
  • Height: 34 inches
  • Base: 16 x 16 inches

This is one of the most simple, yet interactive scratching post for cats, which comes with a lot of promising features, such as a wide base, which helps in maintaining the balance of the scratch post and does not let it fall down easily.

A good base makes a good scratching post, which is surely present in this particular model.

Moreover, the perfect height allows the cat to play and that too, with the ease of vertical scratching. If the scratch post is too high, then most cat tends to get easily tired and plan to mark their scratching territory somewhere else.

Similarly, if the scratch post is less than the height of a standing cat, then this can bore them very easily, it also proves to be troublesome. The best part is the fact that the scratching post comes with sisal, which really attracts the cats, especially with the neatly weaved threads.

The best news for you is that the post’s assembling is really easy as it comes with all the mandatory tool supplies, which are limited. This saves a lot of time and energy; even a minor can assemble it.

The weight of the whole scratch post is less, in comparison to most of the existing products in the market, making it an obvious choice, especially if one needs to get it shipped.

 Things I really like
  • An ideal height, making it perfect for the cats.
  • Wide base to maintain the balance.
  • A ball attached with the string for playing.
  • Assembling is super easy and efficient
  • Requires less space
  • Comes with free shipping
 Things I don’t like
  • Basic design with almost no innovation.
  • Limited color choice
  • Boring for some cats

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Things you’ll need:

1/2 to 1 inch plywood, 18+ inch square,
~100ft of sisal rope. I used bigger, but 1/4″ thickness should work
-trim nails (little thin ones)
-drill bits (maybe)
-wood glue
-rug or mat
-some way to cut your wood pieces
-box cutter to cut your rug or mat

prettier version
-Piece of trim long enough to go around your base’s perimeter
– 4×4 decorative cap


2. POTBY 67″ Multi-Level Cat Tree Play House Climber Activity Centre Tower Stand Furniture


 Key Facts
  • Brand: POTBY
  • Weight: 62.83 pounds
  • Dimensions: 31x22x67 inches
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Plush, CARB Board, and Hemp Rope

This scratch post comes with a whole package of fun, activity, and a condo for cats, just like a dream product for them, might be a part of their wishlist. The multi-layered condo serves both as a play area and living space for the cat, which makes it cozier for them, giving away the homely vibes.

The first two levels have a round ball attached to a string, making them interactive for the cats as they end up playing with them. Every pole has a scratch post attached strongly to it, giving the cats ease of scratching at the multiple levels. This condo will totally help your cat in fighting boredom as every level has something new and experimental.

There is also a swing attached with the condo, giving the car enough space to lie down and relax after a good interactive session with the ball or scratching. The diversified design allows more than one cat to enjoy the condo at the same time; the base is wide enough to maintain the balance while accommodating one or more cats.

Each of the plate’s bases is around 0.6 inches thick, which enables it to lift up a heavy cat , and eliminates the risk of collapsing. To make sure the safety of the cats, every other right-angled base at the outer side is in the round shape, which saves both the people and the cats from getting harmed by any means.

 Things I really like
  • Sustainable
  • Premium quality cloth
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multi-layered condo plus scratch post
  • Environmental friendly cardboard
  • Modern design philosophy
  • Graphical tutorial book
  • Accommodates more than one cat
  • An attached swing come with the condo
 Things I don’t like
  • Little expensive
  • Limited color range
  • No variety of hanging toys.

3. Cat Tree Condo Tower Post for Indoor Cats – Kitty House Furniture Trees and Towers for Climbing and Scratching


 Key Facts
  • Brand: Paws and Pals
  • Weight: 4.75 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.8×15.8×20.1 inches
  • Model Number: PTCT-H01-WH

This is one of the most remarkable designs when it comes to the scratching posts, which allows your cat to scratch peacefully and let out all the stress or any sort of dissatisfaction. The simple but chic design gives it a comfortable and homely look, which indirectly attracts the cats to come in and relax.

The dimensions of the product are pretty admirable too as they are right according to a cat’s need, which must be able to attract its attention. The ropes made out of sisal are widely known for gaining the cat’s attention; therefore, those are used to cover the posts. The structure is constructed from the pressed wood, which adds to the product’s durability.

Both the base and the hammock is covered with the faux fleece, which makes the whole surface a lot more softer and comfortable, hence, can be considered a blessing. The hammock is sturdy enough to give all the cozy vibes to your cat, without compromising on the space.

There is a little ball attached with a string to the hammock, providing a really fun activity for your cat. The ball is also made out of the faux fleece, which appears really soft and gentle to the paws, making the cats happy and satisfied. The cats love to play with the balls attached to a string, keeps them active, which is mandatory else obesity tends to kick in.

The tree condo tower is really easy to put together as the tools come within the package. Not only this, its cleanliness is a relatively easier task too, cleaning the dirty areas or spots with the mild soap or detergent will do the job.

The faux fur makes the whole process of scratching super smooth and addictive; therefore, the cats truly enjoy that. This is not only beneficial for them, but also for you as the furniture will be safe now.

 Things I really like
  • Affordable price range
  • Soft and comfortable surface
  • Comes with a hammock
  • A hanging toy comes along with the condo
  • Variety of colors available
  • Easy maintenance of the tree condo
  • Sisal rope covered around the posts
 Things I don’t like
  • No extra options for toys
  • Confined design and interactivity

4. FEANDREA Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts


 Key Facts
  • Brand: FEANDREA
  • Weight: 19.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22×15.7×34.6
  • Model Number: UPCT62W

The time has evolved not only for humans but also for the cats. Well, they deserve a luxury home too, which should cover their needs of scratching, playing and napping. This particular condo design is a complete makeover of the traditional scratching posts, which were entirely boring and confined to the scratching purposes only.

This condo is big enough to accommodate two cats at a time and features comfortable napping place for the cat, along with the three different scratching posts, one at every level. The outer plates are round in shape and have a wide base to carry a cat on it, without causing any problem.

This particular product is best for the summer season, as it comes with a really cool and breathable linenette, which is really hard to find nowadays. Moreover, the color palette of grey remarkably blends with the surroundings, making it perfect for every home décor.

This padded scratching post is a popular choice among the buyers, at it proves to be a luxury home for their cats, which does come with not only a scratching post but also a ball to play with. The cats love to play and what else can bring them pure joy, except for a softball, hanging in the air.

Not only this, but the brand selling this product also offers free customer service, for both before and after the sale services, which is surely a plus point. Very limited numbers of brands are offering the customer services that too for free, so this is definitely a catch.

Furthermore, the playhouse is really easy to clean as the top sitting space is detachable; therefore, one can simply take that off and simply wash the stains away with a soap or detergent. Most of the cats, especially the female ones, love to keep themselves clean, so this can prove to be really beneficial for their pampering.

 Things I really like
  • Breathable and cool surface
  • Multi-leveled condo playhouse
  • Triple Scratching Posts
  • Accommodates two cats at a time
  • Free customer service
  • Scratch-resistant
 Things I don’t like
  • Not easily affordable by everyone
  • Limited activity, hence the limited playtime
  • No variety of colors

5. BuyHive Cat Tree Play Bed Condo Kitty Scratching Post Activity Center


 Key Facts
  • Brand: BuyHive
  • Material: Clipboard, Plus, and Paper Tubes
  • Weight: 22.1 pounds
  • Dimension: 23.6×23.6×37 inches
  • Hammock Diameter: 15.7 inches
  • Color: Grey/Beige

If we talk about this product in terms of the scratching posts, then this one is really good as it comes with almost four scratching posts in total, which is a plus point. When the cats find the need to scratch, then they automatically reach for your furniture, to avoid that the BugHive cat tree condo is a great choice.

This is because, at times, the cat becomes bored with coming back to the same scratching post; therefore, some variety in a single tree condo will prove to be beneficial. The cats who love to scratch and climb are always looking for a unique experience; this condo will fulfill both of their demands.

All of the four scratching posts are covered with not only the sisal rope, which is famous for keeping the cat’s interest intact, but also with the soft and smooth plush fabric. The cats love to be pampered, and they really like the soft surfaces and textures; therefore, the plush fabric will be a treat for your cat

Then there is a rectangular perching plate, which serves as the place, where the cat can sit and relax or simply hop onto if she or he wants to. Along with the rectangular platform, a ball is hanging to cheer up the cat. The ball is also made out of the plush fabric, making it a great texture to play with and keep the cat real busy and entertained.

In between the scratching posts, there is a hammock attached, which serves as sleeping or simply a resting place for the cat, who might want to end up resting there after a good play session with the ball or scratching.

The base has unmatchable strength, strengthened with battens, which totally eliminates the risk of the tree condo falling or the cat getting hurt. A good balance at the base is really important as the rest of the structure is dependent on that.

 Things I really like
  • The entire structure is made out plus fabric
  • A good, wide and comfortable hammock
  • Posts surrounded with the sisal rope
  • Four scratching posts in one tree condo
  • An interactive activity in terms of the hanging ball
  • Beige color, which easily blends with the surroundings
  • Wide base to lower down the risks of collapsing
 Things I don’t like
  • Only available in one color
  • Unique but boring structure
  • Design philosophy lacks innovation

6. PLAFUETO Funny Cactus with Flower Cat Scratching Post Cat Interactive Toys


 Key Facts
  • Brand: PLAFUETO
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.4×9.1×9.1 inches
  • Material: Sisal Rope
  • Color: White and Green

The funny cactus with a flower on top is one of the cutest scratching posts, which your cat will surely find adorable too. The overall design of the scratching post is simple yet decorative as one can keep this in the living room too or anywhere inside the house and will not look bad at all. Some of the scratching posts are not aesthetically pleasing enough that one keeps them inside the home to flaunt.

It is a mere fact that the cats love it when the scratching posts are made out of the sisal rope because it can really help their claws in holding the surface better, making things easier for the cats. The whole structure of the funny cactus scratching post is made from the sisal post, which will make your cat appreciate and love it even more.

The sisal rope used in this product is totally eco-friendly, yet strong enough to withstand the daily scratching of your cat, without damaging the actual surface in any way. This is really beneficial, especially when it comes to the cat’s claws as some of the scratching posts can actually damage them if no of the good quality.

The pink flower on the top is not for the decorative purpose only; in fact, it serves as an interactive toy for the cat. Everyone knows that the cats love to jump and climb; therefore, the flower is placed on the top to make things both challenging and fun for the cats, as they tend to be bored easily.

This scratching post will definitely motivate your cat to scratch more and stay active as scratching is essential for shedding off the dead skin cells from the paws, making them new as ever at the end of the day.

The base is in the cylindrical form, which provides good support to the upper scratching post, which is a circular shape. The wide cylindrical base allows the cat to play with ease without worrying about it collapsing as some of the scratching posts do collapse due to either the thin or extra narrowed base.

 Things I really like
  • Eco-friendly rope, benefiting both the cats and the environment.
  • A mixed color palette, a subtle off-white, and fresh green.
  • Made out of sisal rope, the best friend of a cat.
  • Comes with a pretty flower on top
  • Wide base and double scratching posts
 Things I don’t like
  • No other color combinations available
  • Only one cat can play at a time

7. Pampurr Cat Scratcher Cat Scratching Board Pad Hanging Scratcher Cat Wall Mounted Scratching Post


 Key Facts
  • Brand: Pampurr
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Material: Sisal Rope
  • Size: 20×10 inches

The Pamperr cat scratcher features a simple and classic design, which is not only easy to use but is also very handy because of the versatility in the design.

The very first benefit of this scratching post is that it can be hanged in the corner, which really saves up a lot of space for the cat owners, who have to keep up with many other toys and cat products, hence, occupying a lot of space.

The product comes with the hooks and nails, which might be required to set up the scratching post in the corner. The whole assembling process is easy, too, which saves from the wastage of time and unnecessary stress. The hooks are made from the stainless steel, which is great for providing enough strength to the scratching post that it does not fall off.

The scratching post is made from the sisal rope, which is of premium quality as the cat’s paws are often sensitive so quality must be top-notch, else they might not enjoy the whole scratching experience and shift to scratching furniture again.

Scratching is needed to get rid of the rough and patchy skin from the paws to freshen up the scratching experience for the cats. Not only this, but the act of scratching also helps in strengthening the nails of the cats as they like to scratch at their maximum capacity and energy.

This particular product by the Pampurr actually offers a 12-month long warranty to its customers, so they can easily enjoy and experience the product at first, and if there is any problem with the quality, then the customers can actually take benefit of the warranty.

Along with that, there is customer service available too, so reporting a problem in the product is just a call away, which is really appreciated by most of the potential buyers.

 Things I really like
  • Can be hanged in the corner
  • Can be placed on the floor too
  • Budget-friendly and promising features
  • 12 months warranty
  • Customer service helpline is available
  • Gentle to the nails and the paws
 Things I don’t like
  • Limited designs available
  • No toy to motivate or promote activeness

8. TINTON LIFE 9pcs Wall Wood Cat Climber Set – 2 Cat Condos Houses & 4 Cat Shelves & 2 Ladders & 1 Sisal Cat Scratching Post Cat


 Key Facts
  • Brand: TINTON LIFE
  • Weight: 0.4 pounds
  • Material: Pine Wood and Sisal Rope
  • Set Includes:
    • 2 x Cat Houses (15.6 x 11.8 x 11.4 inches)
    • 4 x Cat Shelves (13.8 x 9.5 inches)
    • 2 x Ladders (31.5 x 9 inches)
    • 1 x Scratching Post (5.7 x 4 inches)

There is no doubt in the fact that the cats are one of the most pampered pets and like to enjoy everything extraordinary. As the world is becoming more modernized, the accessories of pets have also been upgraded to the next level.

The material of the whole multi-layered condo is solid pine wood, which is of excellent quality and the post is made from the sisal rope, serving as an excellent motivation for scratching, deriving the cats to crave more of it.

The cats really enjoy being comfortable in their own zone and territory; therefore, this condo is a remarkable choice for that. The condo gives a complete home vibe to the cats, which stimulates positivism among the cats, so they tend to behave better when they are happy and satisfied with their way of living.

The condo is high enough to enable the cat to jump and climb one story to another, which keeps them active and refreshing throughout the day. The compartments are spacious enough to let a cat stay in them very easily and with full ease, without compromising on anything.

Their scratching post is convenient enough to let the cat enjoy its leisure time with the best quality post out there. The post serves as a good source of shedding off the old skin and rough nails, which also sharpens them later with the continuous scratching.

The scratching post plus condo, if put together saves a lot of space in the house as you get multiple toys and stuff in one thing, which are mandatory to make your cat happy and satisfied.

 Things I really like
  • Multi leveled condo and built-in scratching post
  • Quality pine wood material and natural sisal used in the manufacturing
  • Easily accommodates two cats at one time
  • High enough to make the things challenging for the cats
  • Ladders to motivate the cats to climb and play, also serve as the toys
  • Saves a lot of space
  • The color palette is neutral, which blends it well with the surroundings
 Things I don’t like
  • Expensive than the basic scratching posts
  • Only one scratching post is available

9. 4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post 26″ (White) – BASICS Collection Cat Scratcher


 Key Facts
  • Brand: 4CLAWS
  • Weight: 1.05 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.7 x 26 inches
  • Material: Premium Pressed Corrugated Cardboard with High Density
  • Model Number: CS4

The scratching post features a minimal design philosophy which complements the functionality of the product fully and effectively. The post is designed to cater to the cat’s scratching needs, which varies from cat to cat depending upon their daily requirement.

This particular model is in the vertical shape, which allows the cat to scratch vertically as it provides maximum satisfaction and really cleans the paws and nails, without draining a lot of energy.

As the world is becoming aware of the concept of recycling and biodegradable goods and services; therefore, they tend to look for those items, which are environmentally safe. One of the praiseworthy fact about this scratching post is that it is made out of the 100% natural cardboard, which can be easily recycled for further use.

This scratching post is no doubt a lifesaver, especially when it comes to the space issues within the house. The cats like to mark their territories; therefore, you will always see their stuff around you that too at the different spots every time.

Moreover, as you must be well aware of the fact by now that this scratching post requires minimum work to be assembled as it is a one-piece item, which to comes with the required tools to be put against the wall.

The premium quality cardboard makes it all fun to scratch for the cats, especially with an optimum height of 26 inches, which is really convenient.

This is one of the most popular designs in the market, as it is very basic, easy to assemble, and most importantly, made out of the recycled cardboard, which is surely a bonus point.

It is a onetime investment and will surely last longer than most of the products out there in the market as its features look really promising.

 Things I really like
  • Comes with the tools, so one can attach with the wall
  • Features recycled cardboard, which can further be recycled too
  • Comes in the neutral shades of white and light brown
  • Is really a space saver
  • Assembling is really easy
 Things I don’t like
  • Does not offer any toys
  • Might bore the cats quickly

10. JUST Cat Scratching Posts Board Scratch Cat Exercise Wheel Cat Tree Climbing House Running Spinning Toy for Cats


 Key Facts
  • Brand: V.JUST
  • Weight: 12.125 pounds (Large)
  • Dimension: 29 x 14 x 29 inches (Large)
  • Material: Eco-friendly Corrugated Cardboard

This scratching post is one of its kind, features a remarkable design philosophy in terms of the functions. The shape is a waterwheel climbing frame toy, which offers flexibility for the cat to play around.

The material used for the manufacturing purpose of this product is the recycled cardboard, which can also be recycled further after the use.

The wheel structure serves as an excellent source of activity for the cats as it provides them with the chance of jumping, stretching and climbing that too not only vertically, but also round and round.

A cat must stay active for almost 15-20 minutes a day to fight the problems of obesity and laziness; else taking care of them will become really tough and might lead to certain health problems.

The overall structure is made out of the corrugated cardboard material, providing good strength, which will enable the cat to play with full energy. The whole wheel in between the structure can be used as a scratching post, which is a plus point, and it can move too.

This model comes in two different sizes, which are either small or large; therefore, one can choose for their cats accordingly.

Though this is a product, which can be easily assembled, still some people find it hard to get through the process; therefore, the scratching post comes with an instruction manual. The manual is there to guide you step by step, which will result in the assembling of the product.

Overall, this scratching post has excellent stability, so one can buy this and be tension free as his or her cat is well taken off.

 Things I really like
  • A unique ferries wheel design
  • A whole wheel is served as a scratching post
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Light in weight
  • Made out of recyclable material and can be recycled again
  • Provides maximum activity for the cat
  • Is a multi-functional product
  • Comes in two different sizes
 Things I don’t like
  • Comes only in the cardboard brown color
  • Might not be able to remain steadfast with a heavier cat
  • Can get a little tricky to assemble
  • Is a bit costly

What are the most common types of scratching posts?

Owning a cat comes with a lot of responsibilities, such as taking care of their basic needs in terms of food and health, along with their playtime, which they tend to enjoy the most.

The cats are no doubt the most demanding pets as they love to seek your attention; hence, special efforts must be made to entertain them, such as the introduction of some interesting scratching posts.

One of the best friends of a cat is his or her scratching post, which is the source of activity, fun, and of course, the never-ending scratching needs.

The cats have a lot of fur, which deliberately means that their need to scratch is far more than any less hairy pet, especially in the summer season. Not only this, it is believed that when a cat is frustrated or tired, then his or her scratching needs to increase tremendously as the posts help them get rid of the frustration.


This is supposed to be one of the unique reasons that why your cat loves scratching so much, though it may sound strange to you in the world of cats, it is really common.

To get the best scratching post for your cats, try examining the behavior that what sorts of activity do they enjoy, such as whether it involves fewer energy levels or more and do they enjoy experimenting with the toys, such as multi-leveled condos or playhouses or the basic ones?


One must not compromise on the quality of the scratching posts as you want the cant to enjoy this experience, which will only come with a post made out of good quality.


Your cat might end up scratching your furniture, if it does not find the scratching post satisfying enough, which is gentle to the furs and rough enough to scratch the skin beyond the furs.

Asking yourself these questions will surely help you in deciding the best scratching post for your cat when there are thousands of them available in the market and online. Some of the best ones are already listed above to make the decisions easier for you!

Related Questions

Are the scratching posts safe to be used by the cats?

Definitely! There is absolutely no harm in letting your cats use the scratching posts as they are made out of the best materials, only if you buy a good one. Compromising on the quality is a big no.

Should there be any time limit for which the scratching should be allowed?

Absolutely not! The scratching is nothing but a need and source of fun for some cats. It does not hurt the cat in any way, instead makes them happier.

What type of scratching post is best for my cat?

Well, this totally depends on your budget and the cat’s size. For instance, if you have a large cat, then it will definitely need a bigger scratching post to be able to scratch fully. Also, if you have no budget limitations, then a condo and playful scratching posts are a must-have. However, there are scratching posts available for every budget and size.

What is the best material for a scratching post?

Most of the scratching posts are made out of the cardboard material, which is a real plus point for the number of reasons. Some of the best qualities scratching posts are made with the biodegradable cardboard, which means they can be easily recycled. This means you are not only benefitting your cat but also contributing towards the environment.

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