10 Best Cat Toys For Bored Cats

I bet you’ll admit:

A cat, as compared to a dog, even when it’s a grown-up cat, acts like a lil kid. And when a little kid is bored, looking at you angrily and about to break into tears, you know what it means.

It means they want you to either give them a toy or play with them – better yet: do of them at the same time.

A cat is a cute and lively animal and it loves to play a lot; it is a general misconception that dogs are more playful than cats. While it is not right to compare one with another, it is a matter of fact that cats love to play with toys just as much as dogs love to play fetch ball.

In this review and buyer’s guide, you will get to learn a lot about 13 best cat toys for bored cats that you can find on Amazon and what to look for while buying a cat toy.

The Best Cat Toys – My Top 8 Picks

  1. Best overall
    Petstages Tower of Tracks
    It is not like other toys
    – It clearly involves two+ cats, so you won’t have to buy two of them for two or more cats that you have
    – It improves a cat’s bat and play skills
    – From tower to balls, the whole set has bright colors and they attract cats really well
  2. Best Value Pack of Critters
    SmartyKat Value Pack
    10 small and playful fabric-made mice packed in one pack that is good enough to turn a kitty into a predator.
  3. Best Cat Teaser Toy
    Go Cat Cat Teaser Wand
    This toy is very good because it is unparalleled when teaching bat and play to these natural predetors. The bait is a fur/fabric rat: something that a cat always loves to toy with.
  4. Best Trick or Treat Toy
    Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze
    Let the simplicity of this toy impress you and baffle your cat. It will solve the maze and only then get the treat.
  5. Best Scratch Toy
    Bergan Turboscratcher
    What cat toy is the best cat toy if it cannot fulfill one of the biggest needs of a cat?
  6. Best Assorted Toys Pack
    Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack
    If your cat loves a routine, give it that 10 mice pack to play with every day, but if it craves for a little variety, this is the kind of pack that you need to give it.
  7. Best Lively Cat Toy
    Cat Dancer Rainbow Cat Charmer
    Those who want their cat to learn, give it the teaser wand, but those who know their cat loves to dance, bring home this simple but amazing toy.
  8. Best Naughtiest Toy
    Moody Pet Fling-AMA-String Cat Toy
    If you have a pair of obese and lazy cats, hang this on a doorknob, hide somewhere and enjoy (do the same if your cats love to play).
  9. Best Food Dispenser, Laser and Tumbler Toy
    Yofun Interactive Cat Toy
    Wanna have a 3-in-1 fun toy for your cat. A laser light, a big colorful tumbler and a small food dispenser at the bottom of it? Yeah! Then this is the one you must get.

Without any further ado here are your reviews.

1. Petstages Tower of Tracks

Cat is a playful animal and as long as it is in wild it can nurture its instincts, and hunt smaller animals on its own. However, once they are adopted, it is a completely different story.

At home, cats may become obese, lazy and inactive. They need toys and other physical stimuli to provoke them and motivate them. This tower of tacks with 3 colorful cats will provoke your cat’s inner child to play and chase those attractive balls. Since there are 3 levels and 3 balls, not only more than one cat can use it at the same time, but it also means 3 x the interactive fun.


  •  3 levels of playing tower facilitate 3 cats at least
  • Spin and roll game good for a cat’s mental and physical prowess
  • 3 colorful and attractive balls – all a cat needs to play with
  • Good to improve your cat’s hunting reflexes
  • A great tool to increase bonding with your cat
  • Safety bar to keep small cats from getting stuck in the middle of the tower
  • Engage and have your cat excited for as long as it needs it
  • Sturdy construction can bear enough weight
  • Non-slip base pads
  • A perfect bat and play game
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2. SmartyKat Catnip Toy Value Pack

Now before I start talking about this toy, we so badly need to understand what a Catnip is and how it is applied to these toys, because without Catnip these toys are are just small rates full of fiber.

So what is catnip? It is a plant native to Southern and Eastern Europe and cats are so intensely attracted to its smell; it is said that it acts as a sedative and it releases a smell that mimics a cat’s pheromones – the reason why these toys become so attractive and wake up a cat’s wild self.


  • 100% Organic Catnip  – no chemicals or pesticides
  • Fiberfill with 100% organic fiber and zero plastic
  • Perfect sized mice to carry, throw or hit at your cat
  • A quick and sure-shot way to give your kitty a shot of energy and playfulness
  • Pack of 10 rates
  • To elicit hunting reflexes from your cat
  • Squishy and plush bodies
  • Tails made of twisted threads – 100% metal-free toy
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3. Go Cat Cat Teaser Wand

Well this toy’s simplicity makes it so good for you and your cat. It is neither mechanical nor electric; in plain and simple words it is a real-like rat fastened with a metal wire. You can throw and move it in many different ways and have your cat flex its cat muscles in many different ways.

However, you need to be careful as this is not the toy that you will let your cat play with without your supervision. There are choking and suffocating hazards.


  • Flexible Metal Wire
  • Amazon’s Choice tag
  • Teaser Wands are recommended by vets
  • Really interactive toy
  • Strengthens the bonding between you and your cat
  • Real-like mouse
  • Hand-crafted toy
  • Darts and skitters around to provoke just any cat
  • Glittery Wand to attract the cat
  • Thin Metal Wire fades away to help the cat focus only on the rat
  • Soft tip to prevent injury
  • Good quality swivel to ensure swift movement
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4. Cat Amazing Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder


We’re talking about top cat toys that do not only make one’s cat(s) active, but smart as well. Right? Well, if you like a perfect combo of physical exertion and mental exercise, then this is the cat game/toy that you must go for.

This game has been designed around the concept of effort and reward; since your kitties do not hunt in wild any longer, you need to keep alive their curiosity and hunting instincts – you do so by inside a cardboard puzzle box. Cats see the treat, find the way and fetch it.


  • Made of nature-friendly and 100% biodegradable cardboard
  • The best tool to establish a friendly relationship between owner and cat
  • To encourage and elicit instincts from cats
  • A large variety of cat treats and toys can be used
  • Vets’ approved and recommended toy
  • Cardboard cutout used to create a maze
  • 3 levels based on beginner, intermediate and top-cat skills
  • To train the natural hunter inside a cat
  • Cats can play this for hours
  • Good for mental and physical activity
  • Equally good for kittens and adult cats
  • Comes with an illustrated card with tips, fun facts, instructions and access to the secret level
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5. Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy

Bergen’s Turboscratcher based on a simple and very useful cat habit. You must have noticed cats scratching poles and trees and almost any object that they get their hands on; this scratching might satisfy something inside their little cat hearts, but most possibly they developed this habit only to sharpen their claws.

Cat is a predator and predators need to keep their claws always in check. This little toy can ensure that your cats sharpen their nails in the most fun and interesting way.


  • Round scratching pad inside the ball track
  • A small ball included to increase the fun
  • Comes with catnip
  • Durable and replaceable scratchpad
  • Non-skid feet
  • For hours of fun
  • Useful and healthy activity with an added benefit
  • Even blind cats and kittens can use it
  • Wide range of replaceable balls
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6. Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack

Let us imagine:

That your cat is the kind of entitled kitty that many would not like any of the previously reviewed toys and that would expect from you to give her a little variety of toys to play with.


You have a limited budget to buy those toys because hey, you have only so much money to spend on your kitty and rest of that goes to family and their needs. So what you would you do? Is there a cheap, but an interesting pack of many small toys that your kitty can play with and still not get bored?

Yes, that’s exactly what Fashion Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack is all about.


  • Assorted toys – 20 in total
  • Variety good enough to keep your cat busy for so many days
  • A diverse range of toys from catnip to mice to balls, and whatnot
  • While you can’t pick each and every toy, you get a set of 20 best assorted cat toys
  • Mouse, balls, bells, mylar balls, feathers, catnip & cat teaser wand, etc.
  • 1 – 4 toys even jingle bells attached to them
  • Soft (harmless) tinsel in small bells
  • Equally good for dogs and kittens
  • Especially added crinkle bells
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7. Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

Do you remember the Cat Teaser Wand toy? Yup, one with a thin metal wire and a fur mouse tied to that wire! The perfect bat and play toy; I consider it the best one among all of these 13 cat toys.

However, if you minus the rate, this one is something almost the same as that one. In case of this cat charmer, the attraction is not a mouse, but rainbow-colored strip tied to the stick. You know this very well that cats love colors; if you get this one for your cat, she’ll crazily chase you.


  • 54″ long fleece ribbon
  • Imported stuff
  • Hand-Washable
  • Made in the USA
  • Good for bat and play
  • Made for aerobic exercises
  • Good to bring an obese cat into shape
  • Durable and unbreakable wand
  • Polycarbonate flexible wand
  • Soft tip to prevent injury
  • Interactive toy made to charm the cat and make it run, jump and skitter, etc.
  • Equally good for cats and kittens
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8. Moody Pet Fling-AMA-String Cat Toy


Moody Pet Fling-AMA-Strong Cat Toy (God’s that’s a long and difficult to remember name, let us just call it Moody from now onwards) is not just another ordinary cat toy. This cay toy is built on a cat’s instinct of curiosity.

It provokes the cat, elicits curiosity from it and makes it try to grab the ribbon. It is a perfect toy in case you have a lazy or obese cat; if you the last time you see your cat skitter or jump was so long ago that you can’t remember it, this is the toy that you need immediately at your home.

The best thing, you do not need to hold the thing; just be around while your cat plays with this and supervise while she plays. It can be hung anywhere; just hide somewhere and see your lazy furball turning into a miniature cheetah.


  • Soft and flat elastic
  • High quality imported toy
  • Battery-operated string-flinging machine: takes only 3 AA
  • Award-winning product – Editor’s Choice in Cat Fancy Magazine
  • Best to train your kitty’s hunting and survival reflexes
  • Comes pre-assembled: plug n’ play
  • Good for cats, kittens, thin and fat cats
  • Free replacement parts forever
  • Flexibility in terms of placement: from wall to doorknob to cupboard, anywhere
  • The business end of a long and brightly-colored silky cord sewn onto constantly moving white elastic
  • Sustains cat’s pawing, clawing, biting and pulling
  • The string always rotates to the previous position
  • 2 speeds – made for active and lazy cats
  • Improved coordination between bodyparts like eye, paw, and claw, etc.
  • A cheap alternative of a personal trainer
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9. Kong Naturals Incline Cat Scratcher


If you’ve been through our best cat trees listing and reviews or you happen to own a cat tree or condo for your cat(s) you must be aware that every cat tree and every household where cats live must have scratchboard.

And this is because of two reasons:

a) Cats love to scratch poles and post

b) It helps them sharpen their claws and paws

Your little kitty is a predator by nature, and she needs to say in touch with her wild instincts, not to mention, ready to catch a juicy little prey.


  • Satisfies cat’s natural scratching instincts
  • Encourages appropriate scratching behavior
  • Made with renewable and recyclable material
  • Reverse the scratchpad for extended use
  • Environment-friendly toy
  • Comes with North American grown Catnip
  • Can be recharged with Kong Naturals Premium Catnip or Catnip Spray
  • Ergonomic scratching surface that makes it easy to scratch
  • Sharpens cat’s paws and claws
  • Good exercise for fat and lazy cats
  • Needs no help from your side
  • Comes with a free toy inside the cardboard hole
  • Scratchpad made of honeycomb
  • Replace worn out scratcher with a new one
  • Sprinkle the catnip to entice the cat
  • 100% biodegradable materials
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10. Yofun 3 in 1 Interactive Cat Toy

If you like a cute 3 in 1 toy that will keep your kitties playing and skittering for a period of 10 minutes until you push the button again, this is the toy to go with. For starters, this toy has got 140+ customers on Amazon so far and an Amazon’s Choice tag because customers simply love it.

So this little round toy has 3 amazing functions in its colorful globe: laser light, 360 degrees rotating tumbler and food dispenser for small treats. Now, even if we exclude what a tumbler can do, the laser light and food are enough to have your kitty running and chasing in circles for 10 straight minutes.


  • Combo of a ball and laser-light – a kitty cannot love them enough
  • Perpetual movement of ball and laser will keep the kitty engaged until the show is finished
  • Bright colored ball is sure to attract the kitty in first sight
  • 360-degrees rotating tumbler
  • Bright red laser light
  • Feather-like string ears attached to the cat figure on the top move crazily
  • A considerable hole close to the bottom of the toy – good to dispense small bits of cat treats
  • Auto shutdown off mode – takes 10 minutes
  • Push the small button on the top orange part to start the show
  • Tumbler made of environment-friendly ABS
  • 5 milliwatts laser output considered safe by FDA
  • Takes 2 AA batteries
  • Good to improve cat’s reflexes and hunting instincts
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11. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

Would you deny to buy a cat toy that is:

  • A simple design – based around simple cat instincts
  • Has been sold to 4,500+ happy customers
  • Has an Amazon’s Choice Tag

No, right? Well, I would say the same. If you’ve been watching those Tom and Jerry cartoons and you noticed how Jerry goes underneath the carpet expecting to save his life from Tom and how that makes Tom 2x curious, active and switches on his predator mode, then you’d love to bring home a toy based on Tom and Jerry (cat and mouse) hot pursuit.


  • Tom & Jerry hot pursuit based toy
  • Fur prey is hidden underneath the cloth making sudden and random movements
  • Prey tied to a strong plastic wand so the cat cannot tear it up
  • Two different speed settings
  • Moving lights make the cat more curious and impatient
  • Ribbons and plush toy are very durable
  • Replacement wands available
  • Tested to child (cat) safety standards
  • Turn off the toy once the cat is tired playing
  • One push can start the game
  • Unpredictable movements entice the cat to catch the prey
  • Almost noiseless toy
  • Auto shutoff after 30 minutes
  • Even if the cat catches the pray movements will only stop as long as the cat has a hold of it
  • Just 3 AA batteries needed
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12. Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

Cats are like kids and they both love to play peek-a-boo. However, grownups have neither all the time nor the energy to keep playing for hours. In such a situation, a playing circuit based on the same game can make it easy for your cat to enjoy playing peek-a-boo without disturbing you.

You can keep doing what you need to do: cook, wash, clean, work or just watching T.V. while your cats train their catching and hunting instincts, stay put and get rid of their lazy and obese lifestyle.


  • No Fabric
  • Imported quality toy
  • Peek-a-boo themed toy
  • Train your cat’s eyes and claw collaboration as well as chase and catch instincts
  • Swirl patterned tube
  • Motion activated and illuminated ball to attract the cat
  • Multiple layout possibilities
  • More tracks and Catit toys can be added separately to have a bigger and better set up
  • Toy geared to sharpen cat’s senses like seeing, touching, eating, tasting and others
  •  To reinforce a cat’s natural hunting instincts
  • 4 blue and white tracks
  • All 4 additional toys are 4 different senses
  • Equally good for cats as well as kittens
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13. Animals Favorite Cat Play Mat

Well, this seems to be something pretty familiar. Yes, it looks a lot like a baby’s playing mat. Except, they made it for cats and replaced the baby’s toys with those that a cat would love.

The idea is to provide the cat with its own comfort zone in your home, with plenty of comfort and the toys that it can play with. It is definitely a fun way to relax as well as play, while it feels comfy and at home. Since the toys are interactive, you know that your cat learns a lot while it relaxes on a soft and comfy mat.


  • Two-in-one play – a play-tent as well as a home within a home
  • Safe plastic arches covered with soft fabric
  • 4 interactive toys to play with – 1 fabric-filled mouse, two rattles and one fabric-ball
  • Soft and plush mat
  • 17.3″ x 13.4″ big playing gym
  • 100% foldable, store and move
  • Made to sustain a cat’s claws – saves your furniture
  • Ideal for focus training
  • Can be spot cleaned
  • The mat makes little to no noise
  • Amazon’s Choice tag
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Cat Toy Buyer’s Guide


This is where it all trickles down to. We vetted a lot of toys, we have done a lot of research and we picked 13 best toys for bored cats. We reviewed them for you, but definitely, you do not have to be satisfied with our choice.

You know your cat better a lot better than us and you might want to dive deeper into Amazon or Chewy’s product listings and find out the exact kind of cat toy that you know your cat would love to play with.

Fine! Take into consideration this buyer’s guide and consider the point as follows to make sure that you do not make a mistake buying a cat toy for your fluffy.

Plus or minus a few points, these are the qualities that you must look for or avoid while buying a cat toy.

A) Safety First


This one is a no brainer, but important to mention here because sometimes, some people do not fully get what it means by safety. Please consider these points while buying a toy for your cat.

  • In case it is a small toy or a big toy with many small toys attached to it e.g. playing mat, do know that your kitty does not choke on it. Choking hazard is the biggest safety alert because most of the cats end up with a vet or in a worse situation because of choking on objects like household items, small-sized pet fish and definitely small toys.
  • In case your kitty’s new toy has an electric circuit, make sure that it is not exposed to your cat or your cat cannot easily reach it. The last thing you want to happen to your cat is to have it electrocuted.
  • Some fragile and fur/fabric made toys (mice) have metal pieces inside them (to strengthen the structure) and since cats like to catch and even chew on such small items, they end up hurting their mouth.
  • Swallowing the colorful ribbons, small pieces of fabric/fur and other small parts.
  • So make sure to skip all such toys that undermine the safety of your feline friend.

B) Durability

You can take it as a separate detail or read it in combination with the previously explained point. However, a cat’s toy that is not durable, almost always get deteriorated and then it can be dangerous for the cat.

But here are other points to explain why durability matters a lot.

  • A lot of cat toys like Moody Pet Fling, for example, depend a lot on how well cats treat them and how sturdy they are. Well, cats are wild animals and their predator nature implores them to dissect every small object, dead or alive, around them. This is the reason why a toy needs to be stable and durable, otherwise, it will be turned into bits and pieces that may hurt a cat.
  • Glue is something that is used a lot in cat trees and toys etc., for example, eyes, nose, and tail, etc. on small mice are glued to them and once the glue expires, not only the glued body parts may detach and the can swallow them at that point or before while toying with those poorly glued parts.
  • Also, many of these toys are expensive. It happens to people that they buy a toy from a famous company and it turns out to be a very durable one, but after a year or two they buy another one and they find out that it is no longer as durable as it used to be. Always make sure to check recent Amazon reviews, description, bullet points and answers to the questions asked by other interested cat owners.

C) Economy

Economy is not just the price; it is a wider term. Consider the points as follows when you decide to buy a particular toy for your kitty.

  • No toy is expensive as long as the value is proportionate to the price. There are a few toys like Go Cat Teaser Wand that basically train your cat’s bat and play instincts, they are no expensive as long as they work, they have more options, many different types of preys and rewards, etc.
  • Remember, do not buy a cat-only or kitten-only toy, because it would have a very limited economy. Most of the people love to buy kittens and see them grow into adult cats. A kitten only toy would be useless by the time your kitten becomes a cat and a cat only toy is useless for a kitten.
  • Don’t look for a very expensive toy, because as per my understanding, a cat goes through just any type of toy pretty fast and then that toy is useless.
  • Always look for toys that come with warranties or after-sale service; this way you are sure that your kitty’s toy has a better economy.
  • Also, do not buy a toy with a bad battery economy. That Moody Pet Fling and some other toys, go through their batteries pretty fast. So unless you want to hoard AA batteries, always make sure that you buy a toy with better battery economy.

D) Nature of the Toy

All toys are not created equal; some of them come with better features, strong theme, and appealing design. Always be sure of the nature of a toy that you want to buy.

Consider these important points before you make a purchase.

  • Is your cat lazy or obese? If that is the case then you need the kind of toy that will implore it to run and move a lot. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit is just one example of this type of toys. With excessive movement, skittering, jumping, and other moves, your cat will lose obesity and get some moves.
  • Is your cat skinny and does not like to each much? Use a toy with a food dispenser. Your cat would be playing and enjoy its new toy, and in doing so, it would be eating its favorite treats.
  • Do you like to train your cat how to catch the prey, hunt, have better collaboration between eyes and claws, and how to move fast, use a toy like Go Cat Cat Teaser Wand.
  • So on and so forth … to teach your cat survival, use a playing tunnel-like toy that kids love. Your cat will learn how to make decisions, move fast, be curious and master the art of survival.

E. Senses and Stimulation

While all other purposes are good, do not forget that you have “caged” a “predator” and while it is no longer in wild, it needs to stay in touch with its wild self.

Toys based on senses and stimulation are the best for this purpose. Here are some points to consider here:

  • Just like a human being or other animals, a cat also has a group of basic senses. These senses help it from hunting to eating and beyond. Use a toy like Catit Design Senses Play Circuit to teach a cat how to train its senses.
  • Stimulate loyalty, playfulness, wild instincts and senses with the use of toys that promise some reward if cat solved the puzzle or caught the prey. Toys like Cat Amazing Treat Maze are based on this theme and elicit a curious, playful and predator-like behavior in a cat.

F. Size of the Toy

Well, size matters here, because cats are not made as per a standard size. Consider these points.

  • In case of a small cat, too big a toy would be disaster and cat might even end up hurting itself. If you’re lucky, the only problem you’d face would be having a cat toy at home that your cat does not like to play with.
  • In case your cat is too big, the problems would be of a different kind. For example, it would not be able to stick its hand in a tunnel and catch the ball and if the toy is too small for it, the cat might end up choking on it.

And this is the point where I big you adieu! I hope you loved these tips, the reviews, and the products – or maybe not.

Whatever might be the case, leave a message in the comment box below to let me know your feedback on this review and buyer’s guide.



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