The 13 Best Cat Trees Your Kitty Will Love!

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

Are you looking for the best cat tree for your kitty cat?

Of course you are…that’s why you’re here!

I am not gonna explain what a cat tree is. You can read that boring stuff here.

This article is all about helping you find the best cat tree online.

Let’s dive in..

So….what’s the best cat tree?

The best cat tree for most cat owners (and more importantly the cat) is the Feandrea 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree because it offers the best balance of price, features, and quality. In a nutshell:

  • It’s pretty stable even for the biggest cat!
  • has a super sturdy base
  • a large scratchboard
  • Three tall perches (a dangling ball with each!)
  • A great choice for multiple cats
  • and a price tag around $100 mark. (Not super expensive for a super high-quality cat tree like this)

Other cat trees don’t even come close when it comes to entertainment it has to offer for your cat.

I’ll give this a solid 9.5 out 10 (Read the full review below)

The Best Cat Trees – My Top 7 Picks

  1. Best Cat Trees
    Feandrea 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree
    Best cat tree for most cat owners. Offers the best balance of price, features, and quality.
  2. Best Budget Cat Condo
    CozyCatFurniture 33” Condo
    If you love both condos and perches, but you want a really small, but the best combination of both of them, go with this one. It has a mega combo on first floor and a mega perch on the second one.
  3. Best Cat Tree with Multiple Perches
    New Cat Condos 45” Cat Condo
    Yes, there has been mentioned a best multistory condo, but this one is not a condo, per se, but a real multistory, like 5 story, perch tree for cats. That is, each level has a big or small perch for a cat.
  4. Best Cat Condo for Multiple Cats
    Go Pet Club 87.5” Cat Condo
    It is a multi-condo cat tree or condo, because it has the biggest number of condos when compared to just any other cat tree/condo on this list. In its 4 stories, it has got 5 condos and it is good for at least 5 cats.
  5. Best Floor to Ceiling Cat Condo/Tree
    Yaheetech 93-103” Cat Tree
    In case you are concerned about the height and space offered by a cat tree, this one is absolutely no brainer. With 103” maximum height, this is the tallest cat tree in the list, and it can easily accommodate around 6 cats.
  6. Best Cat Condo/Tree for Cats that Love Variety
    Go Pet Club 80” Cat Tree
    So, if I say that this is the best variety cat condo, I mean it. It has one mega and one small condo, perches that look like sofas, one condo basket/hammock, and 3 hanging toys.
  7. Best Design Perch Tree
    New Cat Condos 32” Cat Condo
    So, if you want a perch tree, but you love a little variety, innovation, and style, this small perch tree with two curled perches and one big and flat one, is what you need to go with.

The Best Cat Trees (Reviews)

My advice would be to go for a larger cat tree so that your cat has plenty of space to play and have fun indoors.


With no further ado, here’s the review of all 13 cat trees/condos for you.

1. The Feandrea 67″ Cat Tree

Call it a figure of speech or whatever you like, but most of these cat trees are actually cat’s playground or its house.

What I loved about this cat condo (this one sounds cool), is the use of plush fabric from roof to first floor. Also, the way they strived hard to make it nature-friendly, touched my heart.

Main Features:

  • Soft and plush material to save the cat from discomfort, pain and possible bruises
  • Big 67″ cat tree
  • Amazon’s Choice tag for being one of the highest and most comfortable cat tree
  • Designed around a cat’s activities e.g. jumping, sliding, napping and playing with 3 balls with bells
  • Multi-layered and multi-story house that can be used by one or more cats/kittens
  • Plush perches with raised edges to allow your kitty to rest without falling down
  • Sisal-covered scratching poles – cuz cats love to scratch poles
  • Compliant with California Air Resource Board standards for natural particle boards and strengthened with wood and anti-toppling fittings
  • Competitive edge – large scratch board
  • 2 condos
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2. Yaheetech 103″ Cat Tree

The concept behind Yaheetech’s cat condo or cat tree is the same as in the case of Feandrea one; to make a cat’s life just as playful and comfortable as possible.

However, in my honest and expert opinion, there are some features that make this one a slightly better cat tree than the previous one, although when you look at the bigger picture Feandrea’s cat tree is the winner.

Briefly, the condo basket, high post, and multistory structure make it a highly sought after cat tree.


  • Adjustable top post – goes from 16 to 25.5″ if and when needed
  • The tallest cat condo/tree on this list
  • Sturdy and stable big condo with a specially strengthened base
  • 49.4 lbs weight – with all the height and high-quality materials
  • Easy to assemble – takes literally a few minutes
  • Easiest technique to increase or decrease the size of high-post
  • Soft, thick and plush fabric to save a kitty from unpleasant surprises
  • Sisal rope-covered scratching posts
  • Made of 0.5″ particle board and comes with a reinforced base
  • Competitive edge – condo baskets
  • 2 condos
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3. Trixie Pet Products 82.2″ Cat Tree


Trixie Pet Products is not much different from Feandrea and Yaheetech’s cat condos; as a matter of fact, it is the perfect combination of both of them. It has a scratch-board just like Feandera cat tree and stairs and levers similar to Yaheetech’s cat condo.

Also, to compete with Feandrea’s plush perches and Yaheetech’s condo basket, they decided to introduce their own competitive edge: soft, plush and stylish sofas and a play tunnel.

There are as many as 10 scratching posts and a wavy scratching board to help your feline friend sharp her claws. The only weakness I could notice was in how they designed the scratching posts; they are not made of a high-quality material.


  • 82.2″ size and 87.3 lbs weight
  • 10 scratching poles covered in organic sisal
  • 2 condos
  • 2 plush, soft and stylish platforms with backrests (sofas)
  • Competitive edge: Play tunnel for a medium sized cat
  • Sisal scratch wave/board
  • Sisal covered leader
  • One plush perch
  • One dangling rope toy
  • Made for both: kittens and cats
  • Soft, plush and thick condos for maximum comfort
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4. CozyCatFurniture 52″ Cat Tree

If you and your kitty are not bent on those too big and too wide cat trees that are made for bigger houses and more than one cat, you would love to have this cat tree with a minimalist design. It is based on the minimalist needs of a cat and it can be placed anywhere in your home.

Unlike other kitty trees, this one does not have condos (that are tight and a cat would not use to sleep in), but it has 3 cat beds. Your cat can play all day and then come to this tree to either scratch the only post – though a better quality one, and it can take a nap in any of the 3 cat beds you have.

Even if you have 3 cats, all of them can use these beds – at the same time.


  • 52″ size and 41 lbs weight
  • Plush household quality carpet
  • Competitive edge: 3 plush and soft beds
  • First bed 14″ second bed 35″ and third bed 47″ high
  • Sisal wrapped post for scratching
  • Solid wood construction – not the particle board
  • Unoiled sisal rope
  • Deep and roomy cat beds – large enough for big cats
  • Comes almost fully assembled
  • Easy to move, store and keep anywhere with limited space
  • Maximum use of naturally-acquired stuff
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5. Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

A 72″cat condo at the sweet spot where you can call it neither small nor too big. This one comes with 2 condos. One of them is premium or mega condo, while other one is comparatively smaller.


Both of them can accommodate 2 grownup cats. Then there are two boards, one for each story, that your cat can use to move from one to another story and perches. While boards cannot be scratched, there are multiple posts, wrapped with sisal, for your cat to scratch.

There are three perches to let your fluffy friend have the fun of a lifetime. These plush and soft perches are made for power naps.


  • 72″ size and 54 lbs weight
  • A hanging mouse for your cat to toy with
  • One mega condominium
  • One small condo
  • 3 very wide perches for any cat
  • Lightweight, sturdy and durable particle board
  • Competitive edge: Faux fur holds up much better as compared to carpet
  • Too many natural sisal rope posts to scratch – good for at least 4 cats
  • Very easy to assemble
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6. Go Pet Club 80″ Cat Tree


If a 72″cat tree does not satisfy your cats and you want a big tree with more luxury, you should go for Go Pet Club’s 80″ cat tree.

Both of them are made by the same company, but it is safe to say that this one is richer in features, comes with different options, diverse luxury styles and it can definitely host more cats as compared to the previously reviewed version.

From perches to plush sofas to a condo basket- and 3 hanging toys, if there is one thing that this cat tree yells at the top of its lungs, is that it is made for all sizes of cats, all types of cats and all cats that a normal household may have.

One of many qualities of this cat tree is that it is covered with fur instead of carpet; as we know that fur feels softer and plusher as compared to carpet, and it holds up much better.


  • Beige color
  • 80″ size and 68.2 lbs
  • Competitive edge: too many options and luxuries
  • One big cat condo and one small cat condo
  • 3 perches – all different shapes and sizes
  • 1 condo basket
  • 4 main posts divided into 13 big and small posts
  • Posts covered with natural sisal rope
  • Wood – instead of particle board
  • 3 hanging toys
  • Many big and small pedestals to sit on or use for climbing
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7. Feandrea 61.4″ Cat Tree

When it comes to cat trees and condos, Feandrea is one of the most reputable brands – not the only one, but among the best of them. Take this cat tree for an example.

This is a combination of comfort, luxury and playfulness. If your kitty loves to play a lot, and you want to train her how to use different levels and structures, make sure you get your hands on this cat tree.

It comes with a balanced combination of useful features and luxuries such as an extra large condo, play tunnel, one big padded perch, one round scratch board, many levels to sit and climb, and many sisal wrapped posts to scratch.


  • 61.4″ tall and 47.1 lbs weight
  • Competitive edge: Extra large condo
  • Play tunnel
  • Round scratch board
  • One big and plush perch to have a bird’s eye-view of surrounding
  • Many natural sisal rope covered posts
  • Multiple steps to help climbing
  • Premium quality particle board base
  • Compressed and glued cardboard posts
  • Plush and soft carpet finish – from top to bottom
  • Anti-toppling
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8. New Cat Condos 45″ Cat Tree

Tree or condo:

In the end, it is all about facilitating your cat to have some jumping, climbing, playing and resting in a comfortable and controlled environment.

This one is pretty simple when it comes to the purpose of this thing. Think of a big plaza with many condos in it; this is exactly what this cat tree is. It is a 5 story-cat condo complex, all covered with plush and soft carpet, with one big post clad in sisal and soft carpet.

Simple and yet stylish: made for someone who loves minimalist designs and whose cat does not expect too much from life, except the right amount of comfort.


  • Competitive edge: Handcrafted in the USA
  • Made of solid wood – not particle board
  • One big post
  • Unoiled and natural sisal rope for the post
  • Equally good for kittens and big cats
  • Household carpet from top to bottom
  • 4 big, soft and plush perches
  • Top perch with protective, double thick boundary and space bigger than others
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9. New Cat Condos 32″ Cat Tree

This is a rather small cat condo, made for maximum 2 to 3 cat, that too only if they get along with each other really well. It has two posts, one on each side, and both of them are covered with natural sisal.

There are 3 trey-like perches, each of them is smaller than the lower one. Although some would not approve it, but the top perch is the smallest one.

However, the best thing about that is that your dear kitty cannot fall from it because of protective boundary. The entire, condo is covered with high quality household carpet and the sisal rope is 100% natural and unoiled.

One of the perks of buying this condo is that you can easily move and store this condo anywhere; this is the reason why it is shipped pre-assembled from USA based workshop and it does not require any time … sort of plug n’ play deal.


  • 32″ high and 33.2 lbs weight
  • Competitive edge: Solid wood frame
  • Three perches – all of them with double thick protection boundary
  • Natural and unoiled sisal
  • Two big posts for scratching
  • Comes full assembled and ready to play with
  • Household high quality carpet upholstry
  • Simple and stylish
  • Minimalist design
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10. Go Pet Club 87.5″ Cat Tree

You might ask why so many cat trees/condos from the same company? It is because there are only a few companies that make cat condos with such attention to details.

Just like Freandrea, Go Pet Club’s condos, with roughly same features, immediately attract both cats and their owners; hence so many products from the same company.

This one is so full of different features that you cannot just keep it out while making a list of top 13 cat trees. For example, it has not one, but two play tunnels, 5 small condos, a swing for your lovely cat(s), one ladder with steps clad in sisal and two hanging toys.

And yes, the entire tree is clad in faux fur, not the substandard carpet that you see on cat trees.


  • 87.5″ height and 137 lbs weight
  • Pressed wood boards
  • Competitive Edge: 3 big and 2 medium condos
  • Two big playing tunnels
  • Swing platform for cat to play or rest
  • Two hanging toys
  • The entire cat tree is clad in faux fur
  • Many scratching posts
  • One ladder with steps all clad in natural sisal rope
  • Two top perches for two cats to a good view
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11. New Cat Condos 32″ Cat Tree

If you’re a fan of minimalist cat condos/trees that you can take everywhere with you and your cat – even for the evening stroll to a park, then this one is definitely made for both of you.

It is a stylish and simple condo, with a minimalist design, but one that takes care of almost all essential cat needs. It has two spacious and wide perches for two cats – and the thick protective boundaries of these perches keep your cats from falling down and hurting them.

There are two natural sisal posts that your cats can scratch and a hanging toy to play with. The solid wood base can host any of your cats and helps to keep the whole thing stable and intact.


  • 32″ high and 31 lbs weight
  • Competitive edge: solid wood strong base
  • Two wide perches with thick protective boundaries
  • Household grade high quality carpet upholstery
  • Two posts to scratch
  • Each post clad in thick, natural and unoiled sisal
  • One hanging toy
  • Handcrafted in USA
  • Comes fully assembled – ready to use
  • Sturdy enough to host heavy and healthy cats
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12. New Cat Condos Premier Cat Scratch and Lounge

Ready for something small, unique and minimalist?

Say hi to New Cat Condos’ Premier Cat Lounge!

It comes fully assembled, it is small, it is lightweight, it is easy to lift, move and store, and it has the most uniquely designed perches. Those perched (2 of the total 3), look like pieces of two tunnels cut horizontally from one to another end.

The big and top perch takes just as much width as the base takes; it is a perch wide enough for the biggest cat you can have, and there are thick boundaries to keep your friend from falling.

There is only one scratch post and that is covered in natural sisal; the whole tree is clad in high quality, household grade carpet.


  • 32″ height and 34 lbs weight
  • One big square perch with thick protective boundaries
  • Competitive edge: Two curved perches
  • One scratch pole clad in sisal
  • Natural and unoiled thick sisal rope
  • Comes pre-assembled and read to use
  • Easy to move and store
  • Plush, high quality, household grade carpet upholstery
  • Posts and base made from solid wood
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13. CozyCatFurniture 33″ Cat Tree

This looks more like a two story home than a tree or a condo; I picked it because it looks more unique than others. How? Let us find.

To start with, it has a strong and stable base, because instead of having pillars at the base, you see that the entirety of it is taken by one mega condo and three pillars on its right side, left side and behind.

The roof of that condo is a few inches deep and used as a perch with thick and protective boundary and then comes the top perch.


  • 33″ height and 42 lbs weight
  • Solid wood construction
  • Competitive edge: Mega Condo on 1st Floor
  • Deep first perch with thick protective walls
  • Wide and plush top perch with thick protective walls
  • Hanging toy
  • One post to scratch
  • Use of natural and unoiled sisal rope
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DIY Cat Tree (Video)

Cat Tree Buyer’s Guide


By far we have found out the perfect 5 cat trees among the 13 best cat condos that we could find on Amazon. However, let us suppose that you do not like any of them.

Now you have learned a little about a near perfect (cuz nothing is just perfect) cat tree and you want to do some search on your own. You want to go through this or that cat tree and see whether it is perfect for you or not.


Here is the cat tree or cat condo buying guide for you. Take a look at it, there are certain points that clarify as to what to look for while buying a cat tree and then pick a cat tree that is the best to your newly acquired knowledge.

Here you go:

The design of your cat tree

It is all about design.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Do you want something that looks more like a cat tree or cat condo?
  • Would you prefer a more pillars and hammocks design or you are bent on condos?
  • Do you like a base that has nothing on it except pillars/posts, or you’d love to have a big condo at first story and rest of them/one or two perches on second and third stories.
  • And yes, in this case, size matters. What kind of a person you are? Someone who hosts a cult of fat and big cats at home or someone who owns hardly one or two? Do you like a big effing cat tree whose one end is connected to the roof and the other one is on the floor or you need a small cat condo that is lightweight, comes pre-assembled and can easily be lifted, moved to anywhere e.g a park, and stored when needed? Remember, a cat condo can range from 32″ to 103″ tall.
  • Do you even need condos? One or two cat trees in this list have no condo: only three perches for cats to sit, relax, roll around and enjoy. Are you sure that something like this is not enough for your fluffy friend?

Options & Special Features of the Cat Tree

If you read this review closely, you must have noticed that I mentioned the competitive edge of each and every cat tree. There are certain options and features that make one cat condo/tree much better, even different than the other.

Make sure that you jot down a list of important features and options that you need and then look for a cat tree that must have those options and features.

Here are some of the promising and unique features that you might look for:

  • A perch is a plain platform with protective boundary; you can go for a big perch or combo of big and small. Depending on where in your house you intend to place the cat tree, you can go for rough perches or square perches. Same goes for the base. If it is a corner where you have to place the thing, make sure that your favorite tree’s shape must conform to the shape of that corner.
  • Some people love condo baskets and some of them love slightly different cat tree hammocks; make your mind and pick the one that you love.
  • Some cat trees have ladders to help a cat go from one to another level and then there those that have wavy patterns/slides or small perches that help the cat to move to a bigger one, make your mind and buy the one that you like.
  • Some of the cat condos have hanging balls with bells and others would have hanging toys – pick one that you believe your cat would like.
  • Would you prefer a sofa-like perch (smaller than simple perches, and with an upholstered and plush back (and seat) just like a sofa or you’d settle for the swing? There is one cat condo in this list that comes with a perch that is a swing as well.
  • Would you like a scratching pad, a slide-like scratching pad, just the post with sisal rope or you want a chic round shaped scratch pad?
  • Would you like to have play tunnels for your cat or curved perches that look a lot like curved tunnels, but they’re open.

The Sturdiness of the Cat Tree

A cat condo or tree is a tall and considerably narrow structure. The top perch can be as high as 100″ from the ground. You definitely do not afford to have an unstable or wobbly cat tree, because it does not feel good when a cat falls down on solid tiles.

Here are some points of consideration:

  • Pressed or particle wood is actually very small chunks of wood pressed into a wooden board and strengthened with a border. Unfortunately, two or three healthy cats can really put these boards to test and even break the structure.
  • You can still go with pressed wood boards if the structure is strong, reinforced with wooden posts and you do not have 3 or 4 very healthy cats to host.
  • However, pure wooden structure is always the best bet. Make sure you read the descriptions and buy only those trees that have a wooden structure.
  • The upholstery of your cat’s new plush home is also a big issue. Carpet, can either be too good or it will easily fray and you will find shreds of it in your entire home. The faux fur seems to be a better option. However, household grade carpet will cost lesser than fur and still work better than substandard carpet.
  • One of the biggest issues is how the upholstery is done. A lot of customers have complained how their cat tree’s upholstery was not pasted with glue but only stapled to the pillars and rest of the structure. While these companies claim that they do so to keep it natural and hazard-free for your cat, the reality is that they save the money. After a few weeks or months, depending on your cats and quality of cat tree, those staples get detached and so does the fur or carpet. The worst part? Some of those staples stick out and they can seriously hurt your kitty.

The Weight of your Cat Tree

There are lightweight cat trees that can be picked easily and transported to anywhere and then come those that weigh more than 80 lbs. Here is how you pick one:

  • Do know whether you intend to take your cat condo to all the place where you take your cat with e.g. park, vet and restaurant, etc.
  • If the condo is supposed to stay at home, never to be packed and never to be moved to any other place, a big and heavy one is fine if you afford it.
  • If the condo is supposed to be moved a lot, better go with a simple, small and lightweight one.

The Price of the Cat Tree


Here comes the most difficult decision to take. Whether you’d like to spend some money that your family saved by not going to Chuck E. Cheese or you intend to break the bank to buy a condo.

Here’s a rough idea of what you can get for a certain ballpark price:

  • Big and stylish condos like Feandrea, Yaheetech and Go Pet Club, etc. can cost you around $100+ to $150+
  • Medium-sized ones can be bought from $80+ to $100+
  • Small sized ones like #13 (CozyCatFurniture) can be bought from $60+ to $80+

However, this is still a ballpark figure and it cannot be 100% accurate. A really high quality small sized condo can cost just as much or more than medium-sized ones.

Ending Words

So, this was it!

I hope you liked the review and I hope that even if you won’t buy any of the cat trees mentioned in this post, you will be able to pick the best one based on this buyer’s guide.


Always check the sizing details of the cat trees before buying.

The Images can be a bit deceptive and the actual size may be different (in most cases larger) than you thought it would be.

Also, check out these guides I wrote recently:

Other Sources

Whatever you do, comment box below is all yours for pre-purchase questions, concerns, objections and feedback as well as post-purchase review.


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