The 13 Best Chinchilla Toys & Wheels

The cute and fluffy chinchillas make wonderful pets. They are active and intelligent with lots of energy to expel.

This means that they need lots of physical and mental stimulation. And you know what that calls for! Yes, lots of toys and exercise wheels to keep them happy and stimulated and to prevent boredom.

In this guide, let’s take a look at some of the top toys and exercise wheels suitable for your chinchilla pet.

Best Chinchilla Toys and Exercise Wheels – My Top Picks

Top ProductsRatingBest Features
1. Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball for Small Animals4.6Made of all-natural willow, promotes dental health, alleviate cage boredom
2. Kaytee Giant Chinchilla Run-About Exercise Ball4.311.5″ exercise ball for chinchillas, suitable for other small animals, encourages activity
3. Christmas Tree Hamster Chew Toy3.8Non-toxic coloring, keeps teeth trimmed, great for chewing
4. Kaytee Carousel Carrot Small Animal Chew Toy4.4Helps trim teeth, made of 100% natural material, suitable for various small animals
5. Kaytee Chinchilla Lava Edge3.7Pet-safe food coloring, hard texture to maintain dental health, suitable for various small animals
6. Quality Cage Crafters Chin Spin4.7Ultra heavy-duty built, safe open-wheel design, high-quality with 100% satisfaction guaranteed
7. Taiguang Eco Board Mini SeesawN/AMade of eco-friendly and non-toxic material, cute decoration, suitable for various small pets

1. Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball for Small Animals

  • All-natural willow branch chew
  • Completely safe for pets to nibble
  • Measures 4 x 4 x 4
  • Weighs 0.8 ounces (when shipped)

The Willow Branch Ball can be hanged anywhere in your chin’s cage. The natural willow used in the ball promotes dental health by satisfying your pet’s instinct to nibble and chew. The attractively shaped design also makes a fun toy for your chinchilla and lessens cage-boredom.

You can also attach a small bell underneath the ball to capture your pet’s attention and make the ball more stimulating for the chin.


  • Made from an all-natural willow branch
  • Safe for chinchillas, rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils to chew on
  • Promotes healthy activity
  • The ball is ideal for the chinchilla’s teeth as the chewing action prevents them from growing faster
  • Provides both – physical and mental stimulation


  • Lasts only a couple of hours
  • Can pose a risk of fatality for the small pet
  • Some pets may not like the smell and taste of the willow branch

2. Kaytee Giant Chinchilla Run-About Exercise Ball

  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.88 ounce
  • Color: Clear
  • Shipping weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Easy-assembling

You cannot keep your pet confined in a cage. Just like us, humans, they need exercise too. Especially the chinchillas as they are active animals. You also have to take them out for cage cleaning.

And an animal this fast shouldn’t be left out of the cage without being supervised. The exercise ball by Kaytee makes a great holding place for your pet while you clean their cage. The ball has ample space for your chinchilla to play around and get the required exercise.

The ball also fits perfectly with a Kaytee Hamtrac for your pets to enjoy controlled movement.


  • Large sized ball for sufficient moving space
  • Provides safe space for the chinchillas
  • Promotes enhanced physical activity
  • Provides interactive fun for your little pet


  • Requires supervised use
  • Pets get bored after prolonged use
  • Some buyers complain of the low-quality plastic

3. Christmas Tree Hamster Chew Toy

  • Size: 6 inches tall
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from safe and non-toxic food coloring
  • Color: Green with multi-color bars for steps

The Christmas tree-shaped hamster chew toy is an adorable decoration for your chinchilla cage. Even if Christmas is long gone, gift your pet its own little tree to chew and play with. It makes great décor for the cage as well.

The tree is pretty big, so your pet will have plenty of material to chew at. And will last you for more than one Christmas definitely.

But here is the deal:

The tree is pretty high and has an extended base. Make sure to check the size of your cage before ordering one for your pet as many pet owners complained about getting a tree that is too big for the chinchilla.


  • Aesthetically appealing for the cage
  • Makes a great décor piece, especially during the Christmas season
  • Comes with plenty of material for your pet to chew on.
  • Besides chewing, the pets enjoy climbing the tree too.


  • Very high for some cages
  • The paint job is not so good and may be harmful to the pet

4. Kaytee Carousel Carrot Small Animal Chew Toy

  • Size: 2.8 X 2 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Carrot shaped
  • Vegetable-based coloring

Kaytee is a reputable brand for pet supplies and toys. There carousel chew toy in the shape of a carrot is also very popular with rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, and other small pets.

The chewable toy will give your pet the mental and physical stimulation it needs. The compact carrot also contains small, colorful pieces inside and your pet will enjoy the challenge of chewing their way inside the outer piece.

The outside frame is made from wooden material that helps wear down the teeth of your chinchilla. The inside pieces are made from a loofah-type texture. This works as floss and keeps your pet’s teeth clean.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • The varying texture of the chew toy is ideal for the pet’s teeth
  • Made from pet-safe coloring
  • Compact design
  • Reduces boredom


  • May need frequent replacement as some pets chew it down quickly

5. Kaytee Chinchilla Lava Edge

  • Size: 6 X 2.6 X 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Color: Assorted
  • Material: Cotton
  • Made in the USA

You want to add levels in the cage to enhance your pet’s climbing activities, but you also don’t want to compromise on the space. Well, a lava ledge works great for the purpose as they are small and don’t take up much space.

But yes, they do add the required levels in the cage for unlimited, fun, and safe play. It is also a great chewing option for chinchillas who always need something to gnaw at.

Available in a variety of colors, the lava ledge is deemed to be made from ‘pet safe’ coloring so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your chinchilla. Above all, it’s made by Kaytee, a trusted brand for pet supplies that manufactures all its products in the USA.


  • Creates a natural ambiance
  • Adds more levels for your pet to play on
  • Made from safe, chewable material
  • Compact in size
  • Easy to install


  • Some pets may chew it down quickly, requiring frequent replacement

6. Quality Cage Crafters Chin Spin

  • Size: 15 X 8 X 15 inches
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Material: Full metal and wood construction
  • Color: Blue, pink, purple, teal, silver-vein, Stardust

One of the best exercise toys for chinchillas is the spinning wheel by Quality Cage Crafters. Made from high-quality plastic and wood, this exercise toy lasts a lifetime. The lack of plastic also makes it a great piece for your pet to chew on,

You don’t have to worry about any safety hazard due to the same reason. The wheel is very spacious, and your pet will have sufficient space to move around, regardless of their size. It also boasts a quiet design, so you don’t have to worry about the squeaky-noise many wheels make.


  • Quiet design
  • Durable design
  • Free from plastic parts
  • Gives free space to the pets for stretching and exercising


  • Expensive than other wheels
  • Large and heavy – not easily portable

7. Taiguang Eco Board Mini Seesaw

  • Size: 13cm x 6.5cm x 5cm/5.12″ x 2.56″ x 1.97″
  • Color: solid blue, pink, green, white
  • Material: Eco board

Chinchillas adore the pet seesaw that can be kept inside their cage as well as outside for supervised exercise sessions. It provides hours of mental and physical stimulation to your pet and prevents boredom.

It is made from durable eco board and lasts for years. The varied colored see-saw makes a great décor piece for your chinchilla’s cage too.


  • Made from eco-friendly material
  • Uses non-toxic material
  • Provides physical and mental exercise for your pet
  • Makes a great chew toy too
  • A great addition to any pet nest


  • Some pets get bored easily
  • The pet can get stuck between the board, so supervision is required

8. Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rats

  • Size:  6.5 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Color: multi-color
  • Material: Wooden and loofah-style
  • Easily hangs on cages

Another chewable toy for your small pet is the Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rats. The colorful toy will remind you of colorful kebobs on skewers with attachment on the top for ease of hanging on cages and other accessible areas for your chinchilla.

It is made from wood and loofah style texture that works great to wear down the teeth of your pet. And keeps it extra clean by providing a floss-like effect. The best thing about the toy is that it has detachable pieces.

This means that you simply discard the ones your pet has devoured and calls for a replacement after the ‘kebobs’ have fully satisfied your pet’s chewing instinct.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Made using different shapes and colors
  • Provides both – physical and mental stimulation
  • A fully chewable toy


  • Uses food coloring that may harm your pet
  • Some chinchillas are fast chewers and may ask for a new one frequently

9. Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Animal Exercise Wheel

  • Size: 7 x 12 x 14 inches
  • Material: Plastic

Another great spinner cum exercise toy for your pet chinchilla – exercise toy by Kaytee. Made using high-quality material, the exercise wheel is aesthetically pleasing. It features a smooth, round design, so you don’t have to worry about any accidental injuries.

The wheel is super silent, so you don’t have to worry about the noise at night. And also about supervising the use, as it’s very safe for the chinchillas.


  • Boasts an appealing and exquisite design
  • Perfect for the independent use of your pet
  • Provides great physical and mental stimulation to your pet
  • Free from any safety hazard
  • Super quiet for night-time play too


  • Made from plastic which may not be very durable
  • Not many reviews of the product are available at the moment

10. Guoshang Mineral Stone Calcium Chew Toy Teeth Grinder

  • Size: 3 X 3 X 3 cm
  • Shape: Cube
  • Material: limestone

Chinchilla owners are always worried about the fast-growing teeth of their pets. This is why they are always on the lookout for chewable toys that satisfy their chewing behavior and also protect them from grinding on the cage and other items.

The Mineral Stone by Guoshang is made from calcium-enriched limestone. The stone can be hanged anywhere on the cage or you can keep it on the floor for constant grinding.

Made from all hygienic products, the grinding stone is the best way to keep your rodent’s teeth from growing too much.


  • Provides support for chewing chinchillas
  • Made from high-quality limestone
  • Enriched with calcium that promotes dental health and hygiene of your pet
  • Can be kept or hanged inside the cage at all times


  • Some pets do not take to the material instantly
  • Chinchillas are fast chewers, and you may need to replace the block frequently

11. Hamster Toy Chinchilla Banana Nest Hanging Swing Toy

  • Size: 20 X 6.5 cm
  • Color: yellow, green
  • Shape: banana
  • Material: Plush

The banana-shaped nest is an ideal resting place for your chinchilla. It works especially well in winters as it keeps your pet warm.

The nest is multi-functional as well, and you can use it as a nest, swing, bed, and even a hiding place. Your pet can also use it as a soft toy. It is made from high-quality material that is safe for your pet.


  • Cute design
  • Servers different purpose
  • Keeps your pet warm especially in areas where the winter can get very harsh
  • Made from high-quality plush material


  • Does not stimulate physical activity
  • Some pets may find the material allergy-causing

12. Ware Flying Saucer Small Animal Exercise Wheel, Color Varies

  • Size: 7.25 x 7.25 x 4.5 inches
  • Color: Green, purple, blue
  • Material: Plastic

The multi-function exercise wheel is great for little pets and provides them with hours of physical exercise. On this wheel, your pet can run, jog, and play all they want. Made from all plastic material, the wheel and the ball are safe products for pets.

Above all, the product features a quiet design, which means you don’t have to worry about the squeaking sound your pet makes while having fun. The wheel is excellent for implementing an everyday exercise routine for your pet.


  • Provides a safe exercise area for your pet
  • most pets enjoy the solid running surface
  • boasts a mute design
  • made from high-quality material


  • Some pet owners find the product small for large-size chinchillas
  • The plastic may not be durable for long-term

13. Syrian Hamster Wooden Bridge, Sugar Glider Climbing Toys

  • Size: 8.7 X 3.9 inches
  • Made from 100% natural wood
  • Rainbow color

The cute wooden bridge is an ideal décor piece for your pet’s cage. It is colorful and made from all-natural wood material that is safe to chew as well. Your little pet can enjoy hours of fun climbing on this bridge.

It also works as a hideout for your pets and gives them a sense of security. The little ladders are also bendable and you can conveniently rotate them around to fit the area of your choice. The wooden bridge also enhances balancing and coordination skills in your pet.


  • Made from 100% natural wood
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Perfect décor for a Chinchilla Cage
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation
  • Works as a chew toy as well


  • The coloring may not be safe for pets
  • Not suitable for young pets who are at risk of falling

Buyer’s Guide

Homemade Toys for Chinchillas

You can also make chinchilla toys at home using recyclable material lying around the house.

Since the toys are inexpensive, you won’t feel bad when your pet destroys them through their extensive chewing habits.

And you can frequently replace them without burdening your budget.

1. Cardboard Chinchilla House

Chinchillas are climbers and like to jump around high spaces. Use a simple brown cardboard box for this DIY. Make sure the boxes don’t have any ink markings on them.

Also, remove any tape or labels that your pet may chew on from the box. If the house is for inside the cage, use a small box. But if you are planning to let the chinchilla out for playtime with the cardboard house, the choices for its size are unlimited.

Use your creativity and cut out windows, flaps, and doorways on various sides of the box. You can also add levels by using small-sized boxes and gluing them over each other. Chinchillas are quite active so make sure that level is glued tightly or your over-enthusiastic pet might knock them over and may even harm itself from falling.

2. Wooden Blocks

Take wood blocks of any size. Make sure they are not pre-treated or carry any parasites/bugs. You can also sterilize the block by baking it on low heat for 10 – 15 minutes.

You can further entice your chinchillas by soaking the blocks in apple or carrot juice. Don’t use sugar and only natural juice for your chinchillas. Also, make sure to dry the blocks after you soak them by again baking them at low temperatures.

3. DIY Chinchilla Toys From Toilet Paper Rolls

Empty toilet paper rolls make excellent craft material as most of us have plenty lying around.

They are perfectly safe for the chinchillas as well if they don’t have any glue or leftover toilet paper on the surface. Fill them with hay to make feeders.

You can also use them as hanging toys for the cage. Simply poke a few apple tree twigs on the roll and hang it on the cage using sisal rope. The chinchilla will have fun poking and gnawing at the roll toy for hours.

4. Sisal Rope

Sisal rope is a safe toy for your chinchillas. They make excellent chew toys as well. Take a few pieces of the rope and attach them to the sides of the cage. You can also make a few knots on the rope for your chinchillas to grab while they munch away.

Make Their Cage Fun

Chinchillas are nocturnal animals. This means that they are more active during the nights.

Since it is often not possible for their owners to stay up at night to provide them with fun activities, the best way to keep your chinchilla happy is to make their cage an entertainment zone.

Start by investing in a large cage. The higher the ceilings are the better. However, avoid using cages with wire floorings as they can damage their small feet.

Avoid plastic cages as Chinchilla may eat through them as well. Fill the cage with several toys and wheels. If you’re looking for a proper cage for your Chinchilla, check out our top picks. Make sure the toys are specially developed for rodents. You can also add varying levels to the cage as well as a hiding house to make it feel secure.

Playtime Outside The Cage

Take your chinchilla out of the cage for some playtime with you. However, make sure to keep them supervised at all times to avoid them from chewing on furniture, wiring, and clothes.

Instead, offer them plenty of chew toys when they are outside the cage. This would also keep them distracted from chewing on something that they should not.

Make sure the toys are different from the ones you put out in the cage to minimize monotony.

You can also allow your pet to run up and down the stairs for combined fun and exercise.

But if you are not comfortable with high places, consider investing in small ladders (available for pets) and allow your chinchilla to climb them.

Offer a lot of treats while they play outside so they want to come to you. Raisins are their favorites. But don’t chase them if they are reluctant to come.

Instead, lure them into coming to you by offering more treats. If you’re allowing your Chinchilla outside, you must also learn how to handle a Chinchilla. You can check out my detailed article on how to hold a Chinchilla.

Exercise for Chinchillas

It is also important to provide chinchillas with ample exercise opportunities so they stay fit and healthy. They are naturally active so you will find them running and jumping around in their cage at all times.

Enhance their mobility by giving them sufficient space for physical activity along with toys and wheels to keep them active.

Schedule Regular Playtime for Your Chinchilla

Chinchillas prefer schedule rather than spontaneous routine.

They don’t like change and knowing the schedule for the day will keep them satisfied.

Set aside a specific time to play with your chinchillas outside the cage.

Evening time works best as chinchillas are the most active during the nighttime.

The furry rodents are playful and will enjoy at least two hours of playtime with you every day.

Chinchilla-Proof the Play Area

Your small pets are very fast and can run from here and there with a blink of an eye.

The compact size of chinchillas allows them to hide in the most minute places. They are curious creatures too which means they might take a strong liking to your new book or camera and decide to make a toy out of it.

This is why it is important that you safe-proof the specific area where you plan to play with your little rodent. Start off by removing all chewable items from the designated play area.

For example, wires, cables, and even clothing of any kind. Chinchillas can also chew on baseboards so make sure your chosen playroom does not have any of those. Pet stores stock deterrent sprays that you can use to spray on woods and baseboards.

They have a foul smell that will prevent your chinchilla from coming near. However, avoid spraying them near electronic items. And make sure to get one specially formulated for chinchillas and other small pets.

Close all possible hiding places as well. This includes drawers, small holes, bathroom doors, and predominantly windows.

Taking all the necessary measures will not be enough for your pet as they are interested in everything they see and love snooping around.

Even after doing a comprehensive proofing of the designated play area, you will notice your little pet going in places that they are not supposed to.

The best precaution to take when the chinchilla is out of the cage is to not let them out of your sight. Keep them supervised fully. And make sure that you don’t have any other pet in the room. Especially large pets like cats and dogs who could harm your chinchilla.

Set Up An Exercise or Playpen If Proofing is Too Challenging

You can never be too safe with an active chinchilla in your hands.

If making the play area chinchilla proof seems too daunting or you are still having trouble keeping your chinchilla within its limits, consider investing in a playpen. Play or exercise pens are easily available at local pet stores or online shops.

They come with collapsible wire walls that can be folded when you are not using the playpen. They are large-sized so your chinchilla can roam around freely.

Just put in some toys and an exercise wheel for its fun. When the playtime for your chinchilla is over, simply return the pet to its cage and fold the playpen and keep it aside.

The Different Types of Toys Available For The Chinchillas

Just like little kids, the chinchillas have a strong preference for some types of toy.

Once you get to know your pet, you will notice your pet going crazy for some toys while completely ignoring others.

Here are some of the common toy types for chinchillas.

1. Shredding Toys

As the name implies, these toys are meant to be destroyed.

They are made from soft material that the chins can effortlessly chew. Often they include cardboard boxes, twigs, and palm – any material that the chinchillas can enjoy tearing off.

2. Hanging toys

Hanging toys are the type of toys that you can hang in your chin’s cages.

They come in different colors and shapes. Material is usually wood but other softer materials can also be added to the hanging toys for the chinchilla’s pleasure.

3. Throwing Toys

The throwing or tossing toys are small in size so your chinchillas can easily take them in their paws.

They are usually made out of different materials. And are often shaped like balls Allowing the chins to easily pick and throw them around.

4. Chinchilla Dust baths

Grooming chinchillas is a tough ask. If you need an in-depth guide for chinchilla dust baths, check out this guide. Another enjoyable activity for your chinchilla is the dust bath. A dust bath not only helps clean the furry skin of your chinchilla clean but is also a relaxing and fun activity for your pet.

Chinchillas really like their baths and once you put them in a tub of dust, watch them roll around and have the time of their lives. The dust baths for chinchillas are available at your local pet store and online vendors. The dust absorbs the oil and dust from the chin’s coat and keeps them clean.

Don’t use other types of dust as the store-bought chinchilla dust is prepared to mimic the native habitat of the pet. Makes sure to use a large deep dish for the bath so your pet has sufficient space to roll around.

Fishbowls and canisters work best. You can also ask at your local pet shop for plastic tubs that are specially designed for this purpose. The chinchillas really enjoy their bath time and if their skin is not dry, you can safely give them a bath every day.

However, if you find them itching, stick to a twice a week a 15-minute schedule for the bath. Also because your pet will make a huge mess during the bath. And you will have extra clean up in return.

Why Give Chinchillas Chewing Toys?

The teeth of the chinchillas are a problematic issue. They are open-rooted and grow consistently throughout their lives.

In fact, the front teeth or the incisors of the chinchillas can grow as much as 3 inches per year. The issue is especially prevalent in pet chinchillas that don’t get sufficient chewing material for their teeth to worn down.

On the other hand, the chinchillas living in the wild are subjected to various abrasive materials such as shrubs and vegetation that satisfy their chewing behavior. But pets are often fed pellets that crumble in the mouth.

They are also given hay that enhances chewing abilities but not in the same frequency as the ones the chinchillas in the wild are exposed to.

As a result, the teeth grow fast and even if you trim them down, they grow back again! Elongated teeth can often become infected or cause large facial abscesses. This is painful for the chinchillas and may cause potential fatalities in your pet.

The best way to prevent the issue from developing is to schedule regular (and frequent) veterinarian visits for your chinchillas.

Offering them food that enhances their chewing habits can also limit teeth growth. And of course, provide them with lots of chewable toys to keep their incisors busy day and night.

Go For Variety

Experiment with different types of toys to find out which one your pet fancies the most. Always provide a variety of toy material as well, from wood to And don’t forget to rotate the toys on regular basis to prevent monotony.

Are Chinchillas The Right Type of Pet for Me?

Chinchillas are adorable creatures and make great pets. However, they are a handful. Their active and playful personality can be hard to handle for some owners.

But if handled properly with lots of attention and care – even the most aggressive chinchillas can tame and learn to be affectionate towards their owners.

Related Questions

Do chinchillas need toys?

Yes, of course!

Chinchillas are active animals and enjoy playing with various types of toys. They are especially fond of chew toys made from different materials to keep their ‘biting buds’ satisfied.

What do chinchillas like to sleep in?

In their natural habitat, a chinchilla is accustomed to sleeping in burrows where they can safely stay and get some stress-free sleep.

If you own a chinchilla, mimic the same style of sleeping condition for your pet by providing it with enclosed areas inside the cage.

This could be anything from a hammock to a small tunnel and even a small cardboard box.

What kind of cage should you use for your chinchilla pet?

As we mentioned above, the bigger the cage is – the better.

Experts recommend getting at least a cage with a floor size of 24 by 24 inches with high ceilings. If possible, you can also get a cage that is equipped with ladders and levels for the chin to freely partake in athletic activities.

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