10 Best Clumping Cat Litters

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

Tired of your house smelling like a cat toilet? Looking for a way to make it all stop?

Well, fortunately for you!

You are at the right place.

As a cat owner, I know how hard it is to find a cat litter that doesn’t just control the odor but is also super easy to clean.

I have compiled a list of 10 of the best clumping cat litters in the market today.

Top 5 Picks

ProductsBrandWeightFluffy Planet
Dr. Elsey's Ultra Premium Clumping Cat LitterDr.Elsey’s40 Pounds Check Price
Tidy Cats Pack of 3 Breeze Cat Litter PelletsTidy Cats3.5 Lb Check Price
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum LitterArm and Hammer28 Pound Check Price
ökocat Natural Wood Cat LitterOkocat20 Pounds Check Price
Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat LitterTidey Cats40 Lb Check Price

Clumping Litter Product Details

1. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter


 Key Facts
  • Brand: Dr.Elsey’s
  • Weight: 40 Pounds

This amazing cat litter is actually one of the best cat litters in the market today.

The clumping cat litter is available in two different sizes, 40 pounds, and 18 pounds.

The best thing:

This product is super hypo-allergic, it contains no perfumes, deodorants or any plant proteins.

The odor control properties of this cat litter are fantastic, and they keep your home smelling fresh.

The granules of this product are non-tracking so you do not have to worry about your cat leaving litter marks all over your floor.

 Things I really like
  • Odor control properties
  • All-Natural
  • Hypoallergic
 Things I don’t like
  • Shipping issues

2. Tidy Cats Pack of 3 Breeze Cat Litter Pellets


 Key Facts
  • Brand: Tidy Cats
  • Weight: 3.5 lb

This is a fantastic product that has a revolutionary non-tracking system.

The cat litter uses pellets instead of the more traditional gravel litter.

This product by Tidy Cats comes in packs of three or six; every single bag lasts about a month with daily scooping.

When using this litter, you might have to buy some pads, as the litter does not behave like a typical clay litter.

This product allows the absorption of urine in order to control the odor, so you will need to change the pads regularly.

Instead of pads, you can use old newspapers and save some dough in the process.

The best thing:

Your cat won’t be dragging feces all over the house if you choose to invest in this product.

 Things I really like
  • Dust Free
  • Non-tracking
  • Different sizes
 Things I don’t like
  • Not all cats like it

3. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Litter


 Key Facts
  • Brand: Arm and Hammer
  • Weight: 28 Pound

This cat litter by Arm & Hammer is actually one of the most popular clumping cat litters in the market today.

This cat litter is totally dust free, and you don’t have to face those irritating dust clouds anymore.

The best thing:

As the name suggests, this litter does a great job at sealing the odor.

This fantastic cat litter also has moisture activated micro-granules that form a rather tight seal around the feces of your cat and destroy the odor.

All the particles in the cat litter are derived from plants, and they help create rock-solid clumps that can be easily scooped.

This clumping cat litter is great for households that have more than one cat.

The product is available in three different sizes, 19 pounds, 28 pounds and 38 pounds.

 Things I really like
  • Great odor control
  • Clumps well
  • Great for multi-cat households
 Things I don’t like
  • Tracking issue

4. ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter


 Key Facts
  • Brand: Okocat
  • Weight: 20 Pounds

Another great clumping cat litter that promises seven day odor control.

This product contains no harsh chemicals and is made from renewable and sustainable wood fiber, which is not just good for your fluffy friend but the planet as well.

The best thing:

This cat litter is biodegradable and can be flushed.

The product degrades quickly and does not sit in landfills for years like most litters.

You can just scoop and flush the litter one at a time.

The cat litter is dust free and will not suffocate you or your beloved cat.

This fantastic product quickly absorbs the urine and feces of your cat and creates clumps which are easy to clean.

The clumping cat litter by Okocat is available in three different sizes, small, medium and large.

 Things I really like
  • Different sizes available
  • Great absorption
  • Biodegradable
 Things I don’t like
  • Pricey

5. Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter


 Key Facts
  • Brand: Purina Tidey Cats
  • Weight: 40 Lb

This is a fantastic litter that is available in four different sizes, 27 Lb., 35 Lb., 40 Lb. and 15 Lb.

Purina is a company that is known for its outstanding pet products, and this clumping litter is no different.

The litter is consist of a natural clay product with a deodorizing system.

This amazing clumping cat litter is designed, and its odor control properties allow it to protect against urine, ammonia, and smell of feces.

Having a cat will no longer be a yellow brick road to stinkotopia, thanks to this revolutionary clumping litter by Purina.

You should put about 3 to 4 inches of Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Litter into your litter box and remove solids on a daily basis. Later add more litter to maintain the 3-4 inch depth.

The best thing:

This product is 99.9 percent dust free, which makes it a great option for cats that suffer from respiratory diseases.

 Things I really like
  • Dust Free
  • Available in different sizes
  • Strong clumps that stay together
 Things I don’t like
  • The litter is heavy

6. World’s Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula for Multiple Cats


 Key Facts
  • Brand: World’s Best Cat Litter
  • Weight: 28 Pound

This cat litter is actually of the most sought after cat litters in the market today.

This fantastic product is available in two different sizes, 28 pound and 45-pound bags.

This product is excellent for a household that has more than one cat.

The odor control properties of this cat litter are phenomenal, and the clumping action of the litter is quite quick too.

The litter forms strong clumps that can easily be scooped out.

The best thing:

This litter is biodegradable, and you can just flush it down the toilet.

World’s best cat litter is just not great for cats, is safe for plants and humans too.

Most cat owners want a litter that is dust free, and this fantastic product offers that.

This cat litter is 99 percent dust free and will not have negative effects on your asthmatic feline buddy.

 Things I really like
  • Quick Clumping Action
  • Can be flushed
  • People, plant and pet friendly
  • Soft
  • Light
 Things I don’t like
  • A little pricey

7. sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter


 Key Facts
  • Brand: sWheat Scoop
  • Weight: 36 pounds

An amazing natural litter that has no added dyes and perfumes.

This litter is not just great for your cat but the planet as well, it’s 100 percent biodegradable, which means that you can even flush it down the toilet without a second thought.

The best thing:

This cat litter is great for you if you have more than one cat in your household.

The quick clumping action of the litter makes it better at controlling the urine and feces odor of your cat.

This product is available in four different sizes, 7 Pound bag, 14 pounds, 25 pounds and 36 pounds bag.

 Things I really like
  • Odor control
  • Quick clumping action
  • Biodegradable
 Things I don’t like
  • Tracking is an issue

8. Fresh Step Extreme Scented Litter with the Power of Febreze


 Key Facts
  • Brand: Fresh Step
  • Weight: 34 Pounds

This is definitely one of the best clumping cat litters in the market today.

This fantastic product by Fresh Step is super easy to scoop and forms tight clumps almost instantly.

The clumping formula of the litter helps to absorb liquid and forms tight clumps leaving behind no stinky crumbles.

The best part:

This cat litter is infused with low dust formula with paw activated fragrance that helps to release a beautiful scent every time your cat uses it.

The Fresh Step cat litter offers a ten-day odor control guarantee with activated charcoal that helps to trap the urine and feces odor.

This product is available in two different sizes, 20 pounds, and 34 pounds.

Customers cannot stop gushing about this amazing cat litter.

 Things I really like
  • Great odor control
  • Contains activated charcoal
  • Paw activated fragrance formula
 Things I don’t like
  • Litter has to be replaced frequently

9. Blue Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter


 Key Facts
  • Brand: Naturally Fresh
  • Weight: 28 Lb

This product by Naturally Fresh is highly absorbent and clumps really well.

The fact that this cat litter is so absorbent, you only really need one bag, and it is equal to three bags of clay litter.

This fantastic product is made up of dust-free formula, and it is great for cats with respiratory issues.

This cat litter is available in two different sizes, 14 pounds, and 26 pounds.

The number one complaint of most cat owners is that cat litter gets tracked around the house, well this litters offers a solution. This amazing product, because of its dust-free formula, will stay inside the litter box at all times.

This product forms tight clumps that can be scooped easily.

The best thing:

This cat litter is a 100 percent biodegradable and is excellent for the planet.

If you want a litter that clumps well, is super easy to clean and won’t kill the planet, then this product is a great option for you.

 Things I really like
  • Environment Friendly
  • Does not track
  • Dust free formula
 Things I don’t like
  • Some cats do not like the texture if this cat litter

10. SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter


 Key Facts
  • Brand: SmartCat
  • Weight: 5 Pounds

This cat litter by SmartCat is available in three different sizes, 5 pound, 10 pound and 20 pounds.

This product has excellent odor controlling properties and is exceptionally lightweight.

The best thing about this cat litter is that it is all natural is made up of 100 percent grass.

The cat litter is virtually dust free, and its quick clumping traps the odor-causing bacteria, making the odor disappear.

The texture of the litter is super fine and is readily accepted by all kinds of cats. The creamy sand-like texture of the litter makes it suitable for kittens as well.

The litter forms clumps that continue to harden until all the urine has been absorbed and can be scooped up easily.

This amazing product is chemical free and fragrance free.

 Things I really like
  • Chemical Free
  • All natural
  • Long lasting
 Things I don’t like
  • Gets tracked easily

Features of the Perfect Cat Litter

When shopping for a good litter for your cat, you need to look out for certain important components.

Not all cat litters are alike, and as a cat owner, you need to understand the difference between high-quality cat litters and poor ones.

The most essential components include:

Low Dust

A dusty litter is not just irritating for you but your cat as well. Dust also creates a huge mess, and your cat will track the litter all over your house. A litter that has low amounts of dust is the one for you. Most of the natural litters out there are really dusty, but the new crystal litters produce little or no dust.

Odor Control

Every cat owner is more than familiar will that pungent cat poop stench, that doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you do. Keeping the smell of cat feces under control is not just hard; sometimes, it just seems impossible.

There are many ways to control the odor, but the new heavily perfumed cat litters just end driving the cat away. Odor control is essential.

Grain Size

The size of the grain is not a very clear deciding factor as both fine and coarse litters have their advantages and disadvantages. Cats love the litter that feels soft under their paws, but then fine textured litters get tracked around the house. The coarse-textured litters do not pose that threat and are also much safer for kittens that can easily choke on the fine grains.

Good Clumping

Clumping litters are the popular choice among cat owners as they are easy to clean. The urine and feces of the cat accumulate and form hard lumps, which are easy to scoop up. Another advantage of clumping litters is that they are better at controlling the odor as compared to the non-clumping ones.

Clumping litters are also easier to work with, and they save a lot of time. It is easier just to scoop up the contents rather than emptying the litter tray every other day. You can easily keep the odor under control as long as you keep adding fresh litter to replace the one you remove.


Price is definitely one of the most important deciding factors as you really cannot keep a cat without investing in a good quality litter. Cheaper litters may end up costing you more than the more expensive ones, as the cheaper ones have to be replaced much more frequently than the expensive good-quality ones. Plus, you don’t want your house to smell like a cat toilet.

Different Kinds of Cat litters

Clumping Litter

The most popular kind of cat litter is clumping litter. As the name suggests this litter clumps when your cat urinates or poops on it. The best thing about clumping litters is that it is easy to clean, you can just scoop up the clumps and throw them out. Easy Peasy.

The clumping litter contains aluminum phyllosilicate clay bentonite that helps the litter to clump together. Clumping litters also have great absorbent qualities, which makes sure that your house doesn’t smell like a cat toilet. Another super important feature of clumping litters is that they contain all natural fibers.

Another great thing about clumping litters is that they absorb the humidity really well, this makes sure that the clumps are super dry and do not stink up the place.

Clumping litters are easy to clean, and the urine and feces clump up, but that doesn’t mean that you do not need to clean the litter box as often. In fact, you still have to clean the litter box just like you did before.

A downside of clumping litter is that it gets tracked around all over the house because it is light in weight. You shouldn’t use clumping litters for kittens as they ingest it while cleaning their paws, and it could clump up in their stomach leading to obstructions.


  • Easy to scoop
  • Great odor control


  • Tracks outside the litter box
  • Can be a little pricey
  • No good for kittens

Non- Clumping Clay Based Litter

This is a kind of litter that is perfect for people you are looking for a non-clumping litter instead. This is actually the most popular type of non-clumping litter.


This type of litter was actually the original cat litter, and most of the cats are more than happy to give it a go.

This non-clumping litter dominated the cat litter market before the advent of the clumping litter. This litter does not clump up but is super absorbent. A high-quality non-clumping litter just might help you to get rid of that pesky cat litter smell.

On the best things about non-clumping litter is that it is readily available. You can find it literally at every pet store or supermarket. Another good thing about non-clumping litter is that it does a bang-up job at controlling the urine odor.

The only downside to that is that once your litter box is filled with urine, the non-clumping litter will be unable to hold onto the odor and it will get really smelly. The urine will most probably sink to the bottom of the litter box, creating a stinky mess.

You can solve this problem by changing and cleaning the litter box on a regular basis. This is where the clumping litter gets an edge, to clean a clumping litter all you need to do is scoop up the clump, and you are good to go, but for non-clumping litters, you need to change the entire litter regularly. This means that every week, you will need to empty the contents of the litter box, wash it, and then add fresh litter.


  • Readily available
  • Budget Friendly


  • Needs to be fully changed
  • Can get smelly quickly

Biodegradable litter

This kind of litter isn’t just great for your cat, but it’s quite safe for the environment as well. This is an excellent option for all those green cat lovers out there. By switching to the biodegradable litter, you can help save the planet.

Types of biodegradable litters include:

  • Bamboo
  • Wheat Based
  • Walnut Based
  • Corn-Based
  • Grass Seed
  • Coconut
  • Wood shavings
  • Paper

This litter is great for the planet, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have all the necessary attributes of a good quality litter. This litter is super absorbent and isn’t very expensive. The downside to this kind of litter is that some biodegradable litters make a mess and can trigger allergies. Plus, they have a tendency to attract insects and not every biodegradable litter absorbs urine well.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Cheap


  • Can trigger allergies
  • Not all kinds are effective

Silica Crystals Litter

This litter is actually reasonably popular among cat owners with good reason. Silica crystal cat litter is made up of sodium silicate sand. The sand goes through a process where water and oxygen are added to create translucent white granules that are great at absorption. The absorption capacity of silica crystals is just mind-blowing; it can hold liquid up to 40 times its own weight.

If you are not really familiar with silica gel, then let me guide you. You know those packets inside your new shoes, right? Well, they are another form of silica that prevents the product from getting moist. Silica crystals are a little different, but they serve the same purpose.

Most of the silica-based cat litters are made up of colorful granules. These help to indicate the amount of urine that has already been absorbed, as they tend to change their color after absorbing urine. The changing color will help you know when it’s time to throw the old litter and add a fresh new one to the litter box.

The best thing about silica crystal cat litters is their amazing odor control properties. The crystals have channels that allow the liquids to seep through. The outer layer remains dry as the inner layer contains liquids.

The only downside to this litter is that if you don’t add a sufficient amount of layer of cat litter into the litter box, then the cat’s urine can, unfortunately, seep through to the bottom of the litter box. Plus, you cannot just remove one portion of the litter like clumping litters, it’s basically all or none.


  • Great absorption
  • Includes indicators for when it’s time to change the litter


  • The urine can seep through
  • Needs to be replaced entirely

Dust-Free Litter

Dust is one of the most problematic aspects of cat litter. Most cat litters tend to leave dust behind, and this is an issue not just for cats but humans as well. People or animals that have respiratory problems suffer the most.

Dust-free litters are not just rare; they are a Godsend!

The problem with dust free litters is that they aren’t actually entirely dust free, all cat litters have at the very least a small amount of dust in them. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that something is better than nothing.

The best thing about dust free cat litters is that they improve the air quality around the litter box, especially when your fluffy friend is using the box, or you are cleaning it.

There are dust free litters out there that are biodegradable too, which just makes them even more special. You get a cleaner product with the same absorption as cat litters. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

Another thing:

Dust free litters can create tight clumps too, so they are super easy to clean.

The only downsides to these litters are that they are a litter expensive. The actual reduction in the amount of dust does not really justify the increase in price.


  • Less amount of dust


  • Expensive

Scented Litters

Scented litters sound like a good idea, I mean who doesn’t want to smell fresh roses rather than cat urine right?

Such scented litters come with their own unique fragrance, which obviously means that the cat litter contains artificial perfumes, fragrances, and scents. Scented litter can also help to cover up smells such as ammonia and mold.

Too good to be true?

The problem here is that these overpowering scents can actually irritate your cat. Cats have heightened senses of smell, as the scented litters can be too powerful for them. It’s better to address the problem rather than just cover it up.

If your litter box stinks, then its most probably dirty and you haven’t cleaned it in a while. The solution is to scoop twice a day and then dump the entire contents of the litter box on a weekly basis and wash the litter box, later fill it with new litter.

The scented litters mask the smell; it means you can’t smell it, but your cat sure can. Once the smells get too much, your cat will most probably start doing its business elsewhere.

All scented litters are not bad though; some manufacturers add carbon or baking soda instead of artificial fragrances proper absorption. The added scent is super light and not overpowering.

There isn’t a lot of cost difference between scented and unscented litter, but the scents can get too intense not just for your cat but you as well. Most cats actually like to do their business in unscented litter rather than scented litter.

Never buy anything without taking a look at the ingredients. Sticking to that rule, always check the ingredients of the cat litter as it might have contents that might irritate your cat — all in all, its best to stick to unscented litters to be on the safe side.


  • Smells great


  • May irritate your cat

Kinds of Natural Cat Litter

There are many different kinds of natural cat litters. The most popular types of natural cat litter include pine, walnut, corn, paper, and wheat. Each type of litter has its own advantages and disadvantages.


The sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter is one of the leading cat litters in the market that contains wheat.

Odor Control

The issue with wheat litters is that after a while it stops clumping well, this is precisely when the odor control also diminishes. The litter instead of lasting for months needs to be changed every two weeks.

Granule Size

The granule size and the texture of the litter are basically in the middle. The wheat litter is not very coarse and not very fine, either. All kinds of cats are fine with using it without much fuss.


This issue is a little tricky. Now some users who have used wheat litters say that it sends up heaps of dust while others state that there is no dust at all. Cat owners unanimously agree on one point that tracking is an issue. It really is time-consuming as cat owners have to spend most of their day sweeping up the floor.


One bag of wheat litters mostly last months, and they cost around 40 dollars a bag, each bag is about 40 pounds, so it is more like a dollar a pound.


Corn is another very popular natural litter used by cat owners. World’s Best Cat Litter is the best-known corn litter brand. The best thing about this litter is that it is biodegradable.


Corn does form tight clumps. The tight clumps make it easier to scoop up and dispose of. A high quality of corn litter is that forms clumps which do not stick to the sides or the bottom of the litter box.

Granule Size

Most corn litters have rather large pellets. This is actually a good thing as it helps prevent choking accidents. The larger grain size is great for kittens, but they aren’t really soft against the cat’s paws. Most cats do not prefer corn litters as they do not care for the rough texture.

Odor Control

Customers have conflicting opinions about this. Most say that the corn litter controls the odors really well while a small minority of people claim that their litter box smells worse than before. Many owners hate the smell of the litter even before the cat has used it.


It is actually one of the most expensive cats’ litters out there. A 28-pound bag costs around 33 dollars.


Corn litter has a lot of dust and vets advise against using corn litter for asthmatic cats. Apart from the coarse texture of the corn litter, cats track it all over the house.


Corn litter is pretty safe to flush, and you can even flush away the clumps.

How to Change Brands of Litter

Every new cat owner goes through the hit and runs trial. And its completely understandable, as we all want cat litters that are great for our cats and easy to maintain as well. It is totally normal to end up with the wrong kind of litter and then transition to another one. Here are some ways you can make the cat litter brand transition easy for your cat.

Add the new litter gradually

This is actually the easiest and effective ways to transition from one brand of cat litter to another. You need to trick your kitty.

Start by adding about an inch of the new litter to the litter box. If you are using those new self-cleaning litters, then fill about 75 percent of the litter box with the new litter and then top it off with the old cat litter.

The top layer will ultimately trick your furry friend into thinking that it’s her usual kind of litter. This will allow her to slowly understand the texture and the smell of the new litter without scaring her.

This technique even works for litters that have different properties, like if your new litter is a non-clumping one and the old was a clumping litter. Once you remove the solid waste out of the new litter, the old litter clumps will follow.

When you have to clean the entire litter box, just add new litter to it. By then, your feline buddy will be used to the new litter, and it won’t be an issue.

For stubborn felines

If the trick method doesn’t work out for you, don’t sweat it. Cats use their senses to guide them. The smell and texture of a new litter can easily alienate your cat, and it will start doing its business out of the litter box.

You need to make your cat understand that the new litter is the place to go. The simple way of teaching your cat the purpose of the new litter is by adding small bits of the old litter as well as a little urine or feces of your cat to the new litter. This will help your cat associate the new litter with potty time.

Once your cat poops or pees in the new litter, reward the fluffy kitty with treats. Positive reinforcement works great with cats. Never scold your cat, they don’t respond well to yelling or violence. You will just up scaring the poor creature.

Related Questions

When should you change your cat’s litter?

You should change the cat litter about twice a week, but it really does depend on the kind of litter you are using. The best thing to do is to scoop the waste from the litter box twice a day and then throw away the contents of the litter box at least once a week. Wash the box and then add fresh litter.

How do I get rid of cat litter?

Never throw the litter in the kitchen or bathroom trash. Try scooping the litter into a plastic bag and then tie up the bag and place it into another one. Some are safe to flush.

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