7 Best Collars for Bengal Cats

If you would love to take your Bengal cat outdoors, the next step is to gather the right tools to make these outings as safe as possible.

In my opinion, a cat must never be taken out without a collar that would serve as one of the most essential Bengal cat accessories.

Today, I’ll talk about the 7 best collars for Bengal cats. They are comfortable for the cat, easy to spot, and most importantly, budget-friendly!

Best Collars for Bengal Cats – My Top 7 Picks

Top ProductsRatingMaterial
1. Graceful Life Custom Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell4.4Nylon
2. Blueberry Pet the power of All in One Floral Collar4.7Polyester
3. PACCOMFET 6pcs Colorful Cat Collar Set4.9Nylon
4. GoTags Personalized Nylon Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell3.8Nylon
5. Pawtitas Glow in the Dark Cat Collars3.8Nylon
6. Outlaw Studded Collar4.3Leather
7. XPLAWLOLER Wave Point Nylon Collars, Pack of 64.6Nylon

A collar is undoubtedly one of the most crucial Bengal cat accessories.

But if you’re a new owner and are wondering, “what to buy for a Bengal kitten,” you should skim through our Bengal cat checklist. The article outlines the top 20 products that every Bengal cat owner should have.

1. Graceful Life Custom Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

The Graceful Life Custom Breakaway Cat Collar is a customizable collar. You can get your cat’s name, your address, contact information, and other essential details embroidered on it.

There are 12 embroidery color options and 6 collar color options. It comes with a bell so that you can always hear your cat when it’s moving.

The collar is super comfortable while the nylon webbing is smooth, the edges are tapered, and the overall wear of the collar is comfy. This unisex design fits all small and big Bengal cats.


  • Fits cats of all sizes.
  • The breakaway buckle prevents the risk of choking.


Smart Bengal cats may easily take off the breakaway buckle once they figure it out.

2. Blueberry Pet the Power of All in One Floral Collar for Cats

This super adorable Blueberry Pet floral collar comes in a pack of 2. The two collars are different in design so you can always switch them up for different looks.

One of them comes with a 3-D flower attached which looks super cute. If you don’t like the 3-D accessory, it can also be removed easily. It is the perfect accessory for female Bengal cats.

Neck diameter can be adjusted between 9” and 13” whereas the width is 3/8”. The collar can be customized. You can get the necessary contact details or your cat’s name embroidered on the collar.

Moreover, the collar is adjustable to fit the cat’s neck comfortably. The breakaway buckle is a precautionary addition in case the collar chokes the cat.


  • Breakaway buckle ensures the safety of the cat when the collar gets stuck somewhere.
  • Adjustable straps make it a comfortable fit for all cats.
  • Contact information can be embroidered on the collar for safety purposes.
  • Made of high-quality polyester which is comfortable for the cat.


  • Not unisex, so it is suitable only for female cat owners.

3. PACCOMFET 6pcs Colorful Cat Collar Set

These 6 pieces are perfect for Bengal cats. The naughty cats don’t take long before they break or scratch their collars.

Since this economical pack of 6 is so cheap yet of high-quality, it makes the perfect collar for these cats. It is also handy for people who own more than one cat. The 6 collars are similar in design. But, they do come in different designs.

Here’s the best part: They come with an 8 to 12-inch snap buckle.

Other than the vibrant colors, the adorable fishbone print also adds to the cuteness of the accessory. The breakaway buckle keeps the cat comfortable. It is made out of a super comfortable material that won’t irritate the cat’s body.


  • Durable and sturdy so it will last a long time.
  • Comes in vibrant colors and cute designs that make it easily visible while being stylish.
  • Budget-friendly, you get 6 collars at a meager price.


  • Not customizable so the name of your cat or contact information cannot be added to it.

4. GoTags Personalized Nylon Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

If minimalism is your cat’s vibe, these GoTags collars are the right choice! A simple gray collar with a reflective outline is simplistic, yet has a touch of style. They can be customized.

Get important information engraved on the collar so that your cat can be:

  • Easily identified
  • Returned to you in case it gets lost

The adjustable collar can extend from 8 inches to 12 inches. The width is 3/8 inches.

Generally, it is super comfortable for cats to wear. Additionally, it can be spotted from a distance of hundreds of feet as well. You can spot your cat amid a cat crowd, even in the dark!


  • Unisex design makes it suitable for all cats.
  • Easily visible from miles away so you can spot your cat.
  • Adjustable and safe with a breakaway buckle which lets the cat free if the collar gets caught somewhere.


  • Only 25 characters can be engraved on the collar, which might not be enough to add your address or contact details.

5. Pawtitas Glow in the Dark Cat Collars

This cat collar is ideal for Bengal cats. These mischievous beings can run off and hide. There are quite a few features in these collars to tackle the Bengal cats’ dynamic nature. First of all, it comes with a removable bell.

If you’re letting the cat off the lead, put on the bell so that you can hear the cat wherever it goes. For when you’re indoors, remove the bell so you won’t have to listen to the annoying ringing all the time.

Next, the glow in the dark feature will help you spot your cat even during the evenings. No matter where the cat hides, you can see the glowing collar in every nook and corner. It is adjustable to it will fit any cat with a neck diameter between 8 inches and 12 inches.

It is made out of a highly durable material that won’t rip. The breakaway buckle ensures that the cat can escape even if the collar gets stuck anywhere. You do get multiple color options to choose from as per your preference.


  • Glow in the dark feature makes it unique and easy to spot.
  • The cute design makes it a style statement.
  • High-quality materials will make it last long even with naughty cats.


  • You cannot get the cat’s name or contact details printed on it.
  • It doesn’t allow additional name badges to be attached to the collar either so this minimizes the safety feature for when cats are lost.

6. Outlaw Studded Collar

Most cat collars are cute and adorable. But, this one breaks all stereotypes with its edgy design. If your Bengal cat is a fashion icon (in the cat world) with an attitude, this is the perfect collar!

The black leather material is of superb quality. Since Bengal cats love playing in the water, this collar is suitable for them because it won’t damage despite the rough usage.

The studs add the perfect detailing. It is an adjustable design that will fit cats with a neck diameter between 9 inches and 12 inches. The collar does have a breakaway safety design, so you don’t have to worry about that.


  • Super edgy and stylish design looks cute on all cats.
  • Breakaway collar and adjustable strap ensure comfortable wear.
  • Its high-quality material ensures long lasting life and comfortable wear.


  • Not customizable, which means no contact information can be printed on the collar.
  • Expensive as compared to other options.

7. XPLAWLOLER Wave Point Nylon Collars, Pack of 6

The EXPAWLORER Wave Point collars come in a pack of 6. You’ll get 6 similar collars in different colors.

Use them for all your cats to let people know that they’re all your pets or keep switching them up for one cat who keeps breaking the collars.

This is a super-economical bundle. The strap is adjustable so your cat will never feel suffocated while wearing this collar. A bell is also attached to the collar.

The cute cat-shaped breakaway buckle can help your cat escape in case the collar gets caught somewhere. It is made out of nylon, which is very comfortable. These breathable and soft collars are entirely safe for cats to wear.


  • Pack of 6 so the whole bundle is very pocket-friendly.
  • Safe and adjustable for comfort.
  • The buyer offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case you don’t find the quality good enough.


  • Cannot be customized to add details, which is a downside for when the cat is lost.

Buyer’s Guide

What to look for in a cat collar?

You do have the 7 best options for Bengal cat collars. But, what else should you consider before finalizing one option?

Buying a cat collar isn’t all about beautiful designs and price. Cat collars should be bought with caution since the wrong ones can end being immensely unsafe for the cat.

Bengal cats in specific are very enthusiastic. A collar that is tight, uncomfortable, or perhaps too thick can lead to a whole lot of mess.

To avoid these risky situations, consider the following when purchasing cat collars:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Price

Let’s start with quality.

It is a given that you shouldn’t buy a low-quality accessory for the cat. But, some pet parents tend to underestimate the importance of this feature. A low-quality collar will be irritable. It will break off easily. There is a chance that it could hurt the cat too.

For example, you buy a collar with a bell, but it isn’t the best in terms of quality. The metal clasp holding the bell onto the collar’s strap could break off, and the cat could poke itself.

With Bengal cats, you should expect nuisance from the safest of things too. Then, why take the risk when it comes to the quality of something that is going around their neck?

Next comes safety. Bengal cats love getting into dangerous nooks and corners. The collar could get caught around anything. In such a case, the breakaway buckle automatically opens to set the cat free. Never get a collar without a breakaway buckle for your Bengal cat.

The material goes hand-in-hand with quality. Nylon is usually soft. Leather is also pretty comfortable. However, some collars can be made out of very harsh materials that could irritate the cat’s skin.

Materials that can easily rip should also be avoided. The thickness and width of the collar play a considerable role.

Anything larger than 3/8 inches will be extremely uncomfortable for the cat.

This thickness is ideal because the collar is big enough to be seen yet; it doesn’t grab onto a big part of the cat’s neck.

Lastly, of course, price is an important factor too.

Cheap collars are mostly of low-quality and should be avoided. Highly-priced collars aren’t a good option either. Don’t splurge on an accessory that your Bengal cat will definitely break and damage within a few weeks!

Cat Collar Safety Tips for Bengal Cats

The question of cat collars’ safety has arisen a lot of times. There is a vast majority of pet parents who avoid collars due to the risks attached to it.

Are cat collars safe?

The answer to this depends on the usage of the collars. If you are careless, then no, cat collars are not safe. In fact, then they can be hazardous.

However, if you keep in mind the safety precautions, then you and your cat are entirely safe. The first step is to buy the right collar. If you lookout for the previously mentioned qualities, you’re on the right track.

Without the right accessory, you’ll never be fully satisfied.

Merely buying a collar from a company with impressive claims isn’t enough.

Test the collar to confirm that it is comfortable, soft, won’t rip, and the breakaway buckle works smoothly. Adjust the collar so that it is comfortable for the cat. An ideal tightness of the collar will be that two of your fingers can easily slide in and out of the collar once tied.

Anything loser will get off the neck, whereas anything tighter could suffocate the cat. Now, don’t just put on the collar and forget about it. Keep checking that the cat hasn’t grown into the collar, especially if your Bengal cat is younger.

Kittens tend to grow very quickly. A collar that fit perfectly last week could be extremely tight the next week. Also, avoid collars with loose threads or sharp edges.

Bengal cats can easily rip off collars that are already in such a bad condition.

Lastly, make sure that if a bell or name tag is attached separately, the metal groove that connects them with the main strap is safe. One risk with these metal clasps is that the cat’s paw could get stuck in it. Secondly, they could loosen up and scratch the cat.

What Else to Carry When Taking a Bengal Cat Out?

Here’s the thing:

Cats are no less than babies.

Have you ever seen a mom carry her baby without a big baby bag that carries all the essentials? I’m sure you haven’t. Well, your life is going to pretty similar.

Every time you take your Bengal cat out, you must carry a few essentials. These items will keep the cat safe and comfortable. The first among these essentials is a lead or Bengal cat harness.

There are plenty of styles and budget options to choose from. Go for something trustworthy. Bengal cats will want to run around freely. For this, the best option is a long lead that will keep you in control while allowing the cat some freedom.

You’ll need to have items that the cat is familiar with. Let’s suppose the cat can get off the lead and runs away.

Although Bengal cats are very smart and can find their way back, there is a chance that they panic and forget. In such a case, items that have your or the cat’s scent will pull the cat closer. You can place the cat’s most loved toys all around to guide the lost cat.

Other than that, if you use a bell or clicker at home, do take that along too. This will also help you call the cat back if it goes far away.

Other than that, never leave the house with your cat unless you have toys, treats, and water with you. Bengal cats will exhaust themselves in public places. They will get very dehydrated if you don’t continuously keep offering water.

Treats will make it easier to contain the cat when it gets over-excited. Toys are important so that the cat doesn’t snatch away another animal’s things. Not only will this be bad manners, but it is also unsanitary.

Lastly, do carry a sanitizer, wet wipes, and a dry cloth. You’ll always find a use for these items!

Preparing to Take the Cat Out For the First Time

A very common misconception about Bengal cats is that they should never be taken out.

For this reason, even a lot of expert cat parents restrict their cat indoors.

If you’ve also just recently found out that Bengal cats can and should be taken out, you’ll need some guidance to make the experience safe.

The misconceptions aren’t baseless. Bengal cats can be difficult to manage in a public area. Things can get a little out of hand if there are other animals and people.

In order to prepare for your first public outing with the cat, you’ll have to start by gathering the required items.

A cat collar, harness or lead, and other items mentioned previously are mandatory for every public outing. Other than that, you must also prepare the cat. Don’t just randomly surprise the cat by taking it out one day.

Instead, train it step by step. Start by training the cat to follow a few instructions. Do strictly train the cat to come to you on a certain order or sound.

This will minimize the risk of the cat getting lost. Next, take the cat out to a minimally crowded place. Keep your Bengal cat strictly restricted on a small lead.

Gradually start introducing the cat to more crowds, bigger places, and open spaces.

Recently, we wrote a step-by-step guide on how to train a Bengal cat to walk on a leash. In that article, we went into detail on how to buy the required gear, how to introduce your cat to it and finally, how to safely take your cat outdoors.

When headed out for the first time, make sure you mark all the items that belong to your cat. Other animals may own similar items so, do so to prevent confusion and transfer of germs. Dress your cat up and groom it.

Trim the nails, brush the fur, and clean the teeth. An untidy cat will make everyone uncomfortable.

Moreover, after returning from your outing, give your cat a bath. Sanitize all the items you carried with you, especially the ones that came in contact with other animals.

Training the Cat to Walk With a Leash

Smart cats love being in control all the time. You can only imagine what a Bengal cat would feel if you put it in a harness. Bengal cats won’t be easy to put on a leash.

Train your cat to be on a leash before you plan a trip out of your home. Start by getting the cat used to a harness. This is the part that goes over their body. If you have previously dressed up your cat, it won’t take long for them to get used to a harness too.

However, if your cat has never had its body covered, get ready for some chaos. The way to make this step easier is to get a harness that is super comfortable. Get a padded harness that is thin.

It should be of a lightweight material that won’t feel too heavy on the cat’s body. Moreover, get something breathable. You don’t want to suffocate the cat.

Keep in mind that you will have to get them used to the harness on random days inside the home. The next step will be to move onto the leash itself.

Now, there are two parts to this.

First of all, a cat that could previously jump around and do whatever it wanted will feel super annoyed when a lead will be pulling it back. Secondly, the presence of a strap continually following the cat can cause panic.

Start by letting the leash lose so that the cat can get used to the idea of a leash being next to it at all times.

When they get used to this, start holding the leash. Be gentle in the beginning. Pretend that you’re playing with the leash so that the cat stays comfortable.

Throughout the process, don’t force the cat, or else, it would panic and things will quickly go downhill. Use clickers and treats to continually appreciate the cat. Bengal cats are smart after all, they will get hold of harnesses and leashes quickly.

Training for Socialization

Part of a healthy public experience with a Bengal cat includes your cat’s behavior.

Not only will a well-behaved cat enjoy itself, but you and the other people around will also feel more comfortable.

Spend time training the cat to socialize appropriately so that there is less hassle later on. Bengal cats are naturally loving and friendly. They won’t take long to get along with people and animals around them.

But, you can always aid the process to minimize the panic and discomfort later on. The only thing you can do to pre-train the cat for socialization is to introduce it to new people. Ask your friends to help in the process. Invite people over who are complete strangers for the cat.

Tell your friends not to initiate any friendliness with the cat. Instead, encourage your cat to continue its thing without getting bothered by the presence of unknown people. Then, move onto the next step, which will be to encourage the cat to take a friendly step forward.

Usually, Bengal cats will instantly fall in love with anyone who is ready to play with them. The problem arises when aggressive animals adopt a dominant behavior or smaller animals get scared. Bengal cats have the tendency to get bullied as well as to bully.

If you know of people who own pets, invite them over so that your cat can get familiar with the concepts of sharing.

For instance, you don’t have this option, you can always volunteer to look after an animal at the local shelter.

One day bring a small animal to teach your cat affection. Once things are settled with the little guy, bring home a bigger animal. Now, teach your cat to defend itself against dominating fellows.

The easiest part is: Bengal cats are very quick learners.

Although all of this sounds time-consuming and hectic, it will actually be much simpler in real life.

Taking a Bengal Cat Outdoors: Is It Dangerous For Health?

Bengal cats are generally very healthy and strong, especially when compared to other cat breeds.

But, you are exposing them to higher risk when taking them out in the public. Animal parks get all sorts of visitors. There are healthy animals as well as sick animals.

You don’t know what contagious diseases these animals carry with them. Moreover, the aspect of hygiene is also something to worry about.

The people who are accompanying their pets are also a risk. Everyone will want to pet your pretty cat. They may transfer allergies to the cat. You never know what you’re exposing your cat to when you’re out in the open.

It is best if you take precautionary steps on your own. The first and foremost factor to consider is the vaccination of your cat.

Make sure your Bengal cat has already got the following shots:

RabiesFirst 3 months
DRCC/FVRCPWithin 6-8 weeks

These are the two mandatory vaccination shots that your cat must have.

With these vaccinations, it is pretty much safe for your cat to interact with other animals and humans. The cat’s immune system will be strong enough to fight against any germs that attempt to attack.

Whether or not the other animals are healthy or safe, your cat will be able to protect itself. The next most common issue in public animal places is for animals who aren’t spayed or neutered.

Your female Bengal cat could be on heat or your male Bengal cat may be attracted towards other female cats on heat.

The only way to minimize the risk of unwanted cat pregnancies along with tens of other health risks is to get your cat spayed or neutered.

The good thing is: In the case of Bengal cats, this is mostly done by the breeder within the first few weeks of the cats’ birth.

Your only job is to double check this before you purchase the cat.

Related Questions

Do Bengal cats need to be walked?

Most cats are known to be couch potatoes but, Bengal cats are the total opposite. They are super active. It is mandatory to provide outlets to Bengal cats where they can physically use their energy.

For this reason, walking them is also vital. It is a healthy and safe way to let the cat exercise.

Are Bengal cats loyal?

Bengal cats are beautiful creatures. They look fierce yet their personalities are very soft. High levels of affection and love make them very loyal pets. In fact, they have the tendency to love their owner more than any other cat.

Are cat harnesses safe?

A harness that fits well is 100% safe for your cat. Of course, it should be a good quality product that won’t rip off or break when the cat pulls. Just make sure that the cat is comfortable while wearing the harness. It shouldn’t be irritating the cat. One safety tip for using harnesses is to never clip them directly with a collar.

Do Bengal cats have black paw pads?

The fun thing about a Bengal cat is that its paws always match its fur. So, the fur on the paws will always be the same color as the fur on the rest of the body. If you have a brown Bengal cat, the paws will be brown.

However, the paw pads are always black. This isn’t a trait specific to Bengal cats only. Many other cat breeds also have black paw pads.

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