13 Best Gerbil Toys & Wheels

I was quite worried about how to keep my little gerbil engaged.

What could I do to ensure it wasn’t bored while I was away?

And then it struck me. These things love to exercise.

Why don’t I get some toys and wheel to keep them happy?

But the question was which ones to buy so I did a little research.

Let’s dig into it!

Best Gerbil toys

Before we move on to the best gerbil wheels, let’s take a look at some awesome toys for your gerbil.

Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rabbits6.5 x 2.1 x 1.2 inchesWood and loofah Check Price
SunGrow Rabbit Teeth Floss Ball2.5 to 3 inchesCoconut fibers Check Price
Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toydiameter of 2.6 inchesnatural cornhusk, seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan Check Price
Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Flexible Hideout2.5 x 11.9 x 9.6 incheswood Check Price

1. Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rabbits

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches
  • Material: wood and loofah

If you want to get a toy that would be both enjoyable and healthy for your pet, this is the one for you.

This chew toy has been designed keeping small animals in mind.

It is manufactured with a combination of somewhat crunchy textures.

This ensures that the teeth of your little friend remain clean and trimmed.

You can hang the toy anywhere in the gerbil cage and watch your adorable friend have fun with it.

It is available in different colors and thus is bound to catch the attention of your pet.

 Things I really like: 
  • Provided with a metal attachment hook which makes it easier for you to hang it in the gerbil cage
  • Ensures that your pet does not suffer from boredom and keeps them preoccupied for hours
  • Maintains high quality and thus is safe for the little ones
  • Promotes dental care of the pets
 Things I don’t like: 
  • The attachment is not very long so you might have to hook it to a wall for your pet to reach it

2. Kaytee Run-About Hamster Exercise Ball

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 7.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Moonglow

It is vital to make sure that your hamster has an enjoyable time while you go about with your work.

This hamster exercise ball by Kaytee is one of those toys that would not let you down.

This runabout ball can be highly useful when you want to have some interactive fun with your little friend.

It would also keep the little one preoccupied as you keep about with your work.

Your pet can indulge with the ball as you clean their cage, and they would not get in the way.

The best thing is, it is completely safe, and thus you do not have to worry about putting your precious pet in the lines of harm.

 Things I really like: 
  • It is just the right size for hamsters and gerbils
  • Provided with a moon glow and offers the ideal outlet for your pet’s energy
  • Encourages your pet to exercise
  • Offers a good bonding means between you and your pet.
 Things I don’t like: 
  • Has to be cleaned every time after use
  • The lid is not very secure, and thus a bit of caution is advised

3. SunGrow Rabbit Teeth Floss Ball

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: SunGrow
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Size: 2.5 to 3 inches
  • Material: coconut fibers

If you are looking for a safe chew toy for your little friend which would be devoid of any chemicals, this is one you should take a look at.

Made from natural coconut fibers, this ball does not include any artificial fibers of chemicals.

Thus, this toy is completely safe for your pet.

There is more; this ball works as a stress buster for the little animals.

Leaving your pets for long hours can be detrimental. They might get stressed or panicked.

This stress ball keeps your adorable friend preoccupied while you go about with your work.

The best thing; this chew toy improves the dental health of your little friend.

Hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits all have growing teeth and thus have an urge to chew on things.

This safe ball can be chewed on for long hours, ensuring better dental health for your pet.

Furthermore, this ball is environment-friendly. You will find it a much better option compared to other plastic toys available.

 Things I really like: 
  • Safe as it is devoid of all chemicals and artificial elements
  • Keeps the animal preoccupied and entertained
  • Improves dental health
  • Lightweight and thus can be handled by the little animal with ease
  • Environment-friendly
 Things I don’t like: 
  • The size is a tab bit too small

4. Kaytee Carousel Chew Toy Carrot

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Dimension: 2.8 x 2 x 4.5 inches
  • Material: wood and loofah

Small animals like rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils love to chew and gnaw on things.

This is what promotes dental health.

This chew toy by Kaytee is among the perfect options for those who want to get their small pets a toy that would be safe and entertaining.

This chew toy ensures that boredom is kept at bay for the little things.

It keeps your pet entertained for long hours as you get some work done.

The wood which has been carved to resemble the shape of a carrot makes sure that the teeth remain trimmed and cleaned.

On the other hand, the loofah piece the toy comprises of plays a role in flossing and cleaning.

This chew toy is made from natural chewable materials and thus can be used without any worries.

 Things I really like: 
  • Keeps the small animals entertained for long hours
  • Promotes dental hygiene and care
  • The bars designed are close enough to make sure that the head of the animal does not get stuck between them.
  • It is quite strong and thus not easy to break apart
  • The color does not transfer from the barrel
 Things I don’t like: 
  • Joined together from hot glue which might be a problem for pets with sensitive stomachs

5. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Niteangel
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Dimension: diameter of 2.6 inches
  • Material: natural cornhusk ball, seagrass ball, water hyacinth ball, and rattan ball.

This activity toy by Niteangel is a suitable choice for those who are apprehensive about getting their beloved pets toys with chemicals.

It is made from completely natural materials and does not include any plastic, metal, or glue.

Thus, you would not have to worry about your little friend being in danger because of the toy.

Furthermore, it keeps the little ones entertained for long hours and does not allow them to feel bored.

You will find your pet playing and nibbling on them for hours.

An extra deep base has been provided, which can be deep filled with litter allowing your pets to burrow and tunnel.

All in all, you will find it to be a worthy purchase.

 Things I really like: 
  • Made from completely natural materials and thus safe for the animals
  • Keeps the small animals entertained for long hours
  • Includes an extra deep base to make it more interesting for the little thing
 Things I don’t like: 
  • Tends to get destroyed by the animals within a short span

6. Kaytee Giant Chinchilla Run-About 11-1/2-Inch Exercise Ball

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 2.88 ounces
  • Dimension: diameter of 11.5 inches

If you want something that would keep your pet safe while you clean their cage, this is something worth considering.

This exercise ball provides a safe and secure healthy exercise.

It can function as a holding area for your little friend for some time as you clean their cage.

You can have a lot of fun with your little friend using this exercise ball.

The best thing; it keeps your little friend safe from the big animals even when they are outside the cage.

Thus, you can carry on with your work without worrying that your furball is in some sort of danger.

 Things I really like: 
  • Offers a safe way to exercise
  • Provides a temporary and safe holding area for the little animal as you clean its home
  • It is sturdy and thus lasts for a long time
  • It is quite easy to clean
  • The little thing is safe even as he rolls about since there is little chance of it getting out
 Things I don’t like: 
  • Has to be cleaned properly every time after use

7. Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Flexible Hideout

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Dimension: 2.5 x 11.9 x 9.6 inches
  • Material: wood

These flexible fiddle wooden sticks would provide your little friend with hours of fun.

The sticks can be bent and twisted into different shapes and thus create a hiding spot for the little thing.

You can have interactive playtime with your furry friend as you create a log cave, stick stairway, or a tree stump with these sticks.

Small animals have an instinct to chew on stuff.

This toy is a safe option for the purpose, and you can be assured that the safety of your friend will not be in jeopardy.

To top it; the size is perfect for the little animals like gerbils, hamsters, and mice.

 Things I really like: 
  • Brightly colored and thus gains the attention of the little animals with ease
  • Can be bent and shaped easily to create hideouts allowing for some bonding time between you and your pet
  • Just the right size for the little animals
  • Provides your pet with a cozy hideout where it can sleep, play or relax
 Things I don’t like: 
  • The colors tend to bleed
  • The wood can splinter, and thus one needs to keep an eye on it

8. Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler for Small Animals

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Dimension: 3.2 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches
  • Material: natural wood

This is quite an enjoyable chew toy for the little animals.

Since it is made from natural wood, you would not have to worry about the health of your little friend.

Furthermore, it also contains almond nut, which works in its favor.

This chew toy encourages the little things to play and chew healthily.

 Things I really like: 
  • Safe to use as it is made from natural wood
  • Profound quality
  • The right size for small animals
 Things I don’t like: 
  • The color bleeds

Best gerbil wheels

Now that you know which fun toys to buy for your little friend, let us jump into some of the best wheels you can get for your furball without further ado.

Kaytee Run-About Ball2.15 pounds13 x 13.6 x 14.5 inches Check Price
Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel
1.6 ounces3.8 x 6.5 x 8.2 inches Check Price
Kaytee Giant Chinchilla Run-About 11-1/2-Inch Exercise Ball2.88 ounces11.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches Check Price
Silent Runner 9" - Exercise Wheel + Cage Attachment2,25 pounds9.9 x 9 x 5.6 inches Check Price

1. Kaytee Run-About Ball

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 2.15 pounds
  • Dimension: 13 x 13.6 x 14.5 inches
  • Clear colored

Gerbils and hamsters need to have some sort of wheels.

This is because these animals have an instinct to run and be as active as possible.

This runabout ball will make things easier for you.

It will satisfy the need of the little animals to exercise to their hearts’ content.

At the same time, it will relieve you of the stress to keep worrying about the animal’s safety.

Your furry little friend can have a gala time running about in the ball without compromising on safety or security.

Furthermore, you can use the ball as a temporary holding area while cleaning the cage of the animal.

 Things I really like: 
  • Promotes healthy exercise without compromising on safety
  • Large enough, about 13inches in diameter making it suitable for the small animals
  • Can be used as a holding area of your pet while you clean their cage
 Things I don’t like: 
  • The doors have to be taped shut for optimal safety

2. Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Gerbil Wheel

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimension: 3.8 x 6.5 x 8.2 inches
  • Running surface: plastic

You just cannot have a hamster or gerbil without a wheel.

These animals love to run, and if they are deprived of the opportunity can become quite depressed.

Thus, wheels are a vital part of gerbil cages.

However, some of these gerbil wheels can be quite noisy and thus disrupt the peace of your house.

If this is what you are worried about, this silent spinner by Kaytee is just the thing for you.

The design ensures minimal noise is produced as the animal spins.

Thus, while your little friend enjoys, you do not have to worry about distractions.

It allows your little friend to engage in healthy exercise but quietly.

The best thing; it is designed keeping small animals like gerbils in mind.

Therefore, you can be sure that it caters to their requirements to perfection.

 Things I really like: 
  • Provides a safe way of exercising
  • Allows you to keep a tab on your pet
  • Can be used as a holding area as you clean the gerbil cage
  • It is sturdy
  • Provides interactive fun for you and your friend
  • Easy to clean
 Things I don’t like: 
  • It needs to be cleaned every time after use

3. Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 1.34 pounds
  • Dimension: 2.2 x 12.1 x 14 inches
  • Material: plastic

This exercise Gerbil wheel would prove to be quite a useful purchase for all the gerbil and hamster owners.

Safety is something that most pet owners tend to be worried about while purchasing wheels.

You can rest easy about safety when it comes to this exercise wheel.

It is provided with a solid and safe running surface which would not cause any harm to your pet.

It is provided with a tail-safe design which ensures that the pets are able to enter and exit it with ease.

To top it; it is provided with a heavy duty wire stand along with a 2-way attachment clip.

Thus, it is your preference whether you want to use it as free-standing or would prefer clipping it to the wire cage.

It is available in different sizes, and you can select the one that is appropriate for your little friend.

 Things I really like: 
  • Offers a safe and solid running surface
  • Easy for pets to enter and exit it
  • Can be used as both free-standing or with being clipped to a wire cage
 Things I don’t like: 
  • Produces a soft noise which can be distracting for some

4. Kaytee 8.5 inches Comfort Exercise Wheel


 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 8.0 ounces
  • Dimension: 8.2 x 8.2 x 9.8 inches
  • Material: plastic

This 8.5 inches comfort exercise wheel is a suitable choice for all the hamsters and gerbils.

It provides them with a safe and secure exercising opportunity.

The best thing is; it offers the opportunity to use the wheel as both free-standing or as part of the wire cage.

Thus, it is your decision where you want to place it.

You do not have to stress over the safety of your little friend being compromised with this wheel.

It will keep them protected from injuries.

 Things I really like: 
  • Safe mode of exercising
  • Keeps the pet engaged for hours
  • Can be used free-standing or attached to a wire cage
 Things I don’t like: 
  • Produces some noise which might not be acceptable to many

5. Silent Runner 9″ – Exercise Wheel + Cage Attachment

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Exotic Nutrition
  • Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Dimension: 9.9 x 9 x 5.6 inches
  • Uses Innovative stainless steel dual encased ball bearing technology

If you are looking for an exercise wheel for your little friend, which would not cause you to lose your sleep, this silent runner is just the thing for you.

Ideal for small animals like gerbils and hamsters, it caters to the inherent need of these animals to run.

The wheel has been designed to provide the little ones with optimal safety.

Thus, the running surface is safe and solid with no pinch areas.

You do not have to think about the danger of delicate paws of your precious friends being injuried with this wheel.

It has textured running tracks to ensure optimal grip.

To top it, a cage attachment is also included for mounting.

Since it does not have a center axle, there is no risk of the tail or fur entanglement or similar other spinal injuries.

To ensure optimal safety and containment, the wheel is provided with a front plate and natural bean-shaped openings.

It also features solid back walls.

 Things I really like: 
  • Designed keeping the security of the pet in mind
  • Allows minimal risk of injuries to pets while running
  • Made from stainless steel dual encased ball bearing technology owing to which it rolls silently
  • Easy to take apart and clean
 Things I don’t like: 
  • It is a tad bit expensive

6. Kaytee Silent Spinner 10″ Exercise Wheel

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Dimension: 5 x 10 x 11.6 inches
  • Uses ball bearing technology

This 10-inches exercise gerbil wheel is quite suitable for gerbils and large-sized hamsters.

It offers the animals a safe platform for exercising.

You would not have to worry about your little friend being injured on one of these.

Furthermore, it is made with ball bearing technology which allows for a quiet workout.

Thus, while your furry friend is having a fun time, you can go about with your work without being distracted.

It can be attached to wire cages with ease.

 Things I really like: 
  • Offers a safe running surface
  • Does not make a lot of noise
  • Easy to clean
 Things I don’t like: 
  • The knob is a bit wobbly

7. Kaytee Giant Chinchilla Run-About 11-1/2-Inch Exercise Ball

 Key Facts: 
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 2.88 ounces
  • Dimension: 11.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches

This runabout exercise ball is perfect for those pet owners who like to keep an eye on their pets at all times.

For one thing, it promotes the healthy exercise of the little things without putting them in harm’s way.

Your little friend can enjoy with this ball for hours with ease as you go about with your work.

At the same time, it is clear-colored.

This ensures that you can keep an eye on the little furball as he enjoys in the ball.

The ball can also be used as a holding area when you want to clean the cage of your pet and would like it out of the way.

 Things I really like: 
  • Provides a safe way of exercising
  • Allows you to keep a tab on your pet
  • Can be used as a holding area as you clean the cage
  • It is sturdy
  • Provides interactive fun for you and your friend
  • Easy to clean
 Things I don’t like: 
  • It needs to be cleaned every time after use

What are the best toys or interactive tools for gerbils?

Hamsters make for loveable pets.

However, if you want to make sure that your furry little friends do not feel bored and have something to keep themselves preoccupied, you need to get some interactive toys for them.

Quite a lot of items can be used for the purpose.


Gerbils simply love to run on wheels.

Indeed, a gerbil cage is considered to be incomplete without a wheel.

Therefore, if you have a gerbil as a pet, getting a wheel should be a priority.

Ensure that the wheel has a solid surface along with a solid back wall.

If the wheels have rungs or cross-supports, the tails or other body parts of the little thing can get caught in them.

Thus, a solid wheel is the best choice for them.

There is more; the wheel should be medium sized.

It needs to be large enough for the gerbil to remain straight while running.

Remember; some gerbils simply do not like wheels.

Therefore, do not be worried if your little friend refuses to play with the wheels.

There are plenty of other options.


Wooden hides and houses also make for great toys for the little ones.

You can use cardboard boxes as well.

However, the cardboard box would not last long as your naughty little friend will likely shred through it within a short span.

Thus, you will have to replace them ever so often.

One point to remember; the cardboard box should contain minimal ink.

Hollowed out logs are also available at pet stores which you can use for your hamster as well.

Chew Toys

Gerbils love chewing on stuff.

You can sense their joy when you provide them with a cardboard tube or a toilet paper roll that they can chew away.

Some might be concerned about the glue used in these items.

You can thus use colorful, safe cardboard tubes that are specially designed for pets and therefore are not harmful.

If nothing else, the gerbils can have a gala time even with a small brown lunch bag made from paper.

Untreated wood items also make for excellent chew toys.

You can offer your little friends branches for chewing as well.

Items such as wicker, and plant fiber tunnels and balls are also excellent for gnawing.

They keep the pets happy and engaged.

Climbing Toys and Tubes

Gerbils enjoy climbing on just about everything. A wooden house works great for them.

You can get wooden ladders or similar other wooden accessories for them.

Plastic climbing toys and accessories are also an option, but you will need to be careful.

There is a chance that the gerbil splinters off the plastic and swallows it, which can be dangerous.

It is advisable to provide your little ones with plastic toys and tubes when you are around to keep an eye.

PVC pipes can also be used since they are resistant to chewing.

Dyed bamboo tubes have recently been introduced on the market.

These tend to last for a long time.

Ceramic tubes are also a good option since they cannot be destroyed by your furry little friends.

Dust Baths

If you want an easy and yet somewhat messy way to keep your gerbil entertained, give them a heavy ceramic dish with some chinchilla dust.

You can find chinchilla dust bath at pet stores easily.

You will soon see your little friend rolling and digging around in the dust.

Best of all, not only will this keep them entertained, but it will also clean their furs.


One of the many activities that gerbils enjoy doing is digging.

Thus, you might want to make a particular part of the cage deep using substrate.

Wooden shelters can also be used for the purpose.

You can also add timothy hay to the bedding to ensure that the bedding holds the tunnel better.

Ceramic tubes under the substrates might also work for your furballs.

What are the things that I should take care of while buying toys for gerbils?

Safety of your little friends should be your priority.

You would not want your pet to be injured because of the toys you buy them.

Thus, there are some things you need to be quite careful about while selecting the toys for your little friend.

Toys with holes

Gerbils have a curious streak in them.

They can be quite nosy as they like to explore stuff.

You might find your little one sticking his head into things owing to this.

Therefore, ensure that if you get them toys with holes, space is not sufficient for them to trap their heads.

Chewing toys

Gerbils simply love gnawing and chewing.

Therefore, it is best to avoid giving them plastic toys.

They would easily splinter the plastic, which can then be harmful, potentially fatal to the little thing.

Remember; if you do give them plastic toys, keep an eye on them and remove them if you see any signs of chew damage.

Cardboard toys

It is quite common to give cardboard toys to gerbils.

One point to remember; make sure that the cardboard is only shredded, not eaten by your pet.

Toys with strings

It is advisable to refrain from selecting those toys that have strings or similar other parts.

The legs, tail or toes of the gerbil can get entangled with the string.

Gerbils have fragile limbs, and thus, this can cause some serious injury.

What are the things that should never be used as gerbil toys?

A bit of carelessness can be severe for your pet.

No one likes the idea of their pets being harmed because of them.

Therefore, caution is mandatory.

While selecting toys for your adorable pet, there are some items that you should stay away from.

Gerbils have a habit of chewing stuff.

Some toys might look really cute for your little friend. But they can actually be disastrous.

Some toys might still be acceptable if you are around to keep an eye.

But they can be dangerous if you leave them in the cage and are chewed or ingested by the little thing.


Gerbils seem to love curtains.

If you put gerbil cages in an area where the curtain is accessible, you might have a problem at your hands.

It will not be surprising if you come home to find your curtains shredded completely.

And you would have no one but yourself to blame for it.

Small pets

Gerbils prefer to be the center of attention.

Thus, they do not like to share their limelight with other gerbils or pets.

It might not be great to let other small pets play with gerbils.

Large pets

Remember; introducing your gerbil to your cat or dog is a grave error.

Perhaps you have the best-behaved animals possible, but they are after all animals.

A couple of seconds is all it would take for you to lose your furry friend forever.


Décor items are treated with chemicals to make sure that they remain pretty for a long time.

While there is no denying that they do look beautiful, they can be dangerous for your pet.

Gerbils tend to put everything in their mouth, and this can be costly.

Garden accoutrements

Usually, display foods and similar other items look quite natural and cute.

However, appearances are deceptive.

It is highly possible that these items are coated with a lot of chemicals to make sure that they survive the rough weather conditions they are likely to be subjected to.

They are not meant to be safe but to be durable.

Remember; these chemicals can be harmful to the health of your little friend.

Why should I get a hamster wheel?

Hamsters are highly active in the wild.

They spend their time running around to get food or dig burrows or escape the predators.

Running is what they do most the time that they are awake.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that they like to run even when they are in captivity.

It’s a significant characteristic that they can’t get rid of.

Therefore, if you are getting one of these little things, you would need a wheel to make sure that your hamster gets his dose of running.

Indeed, hamsters have been recorded as running around 5 miles per night.

There are a lot of benefits that your little friend can acquire if you get him a hamster wheel.

Weight control

Running is easily one of the healthiest activities, and the case is not very different for hamsters.

You would not want your furball to become a massive ball of fur.

Wheels can prevent that from happening as the weight of your friend will be kept in check with all the running.

There is more; running will also play a role in strengthening their heart and lungs.

Thus, the average life expectancy of your little friend will increase as well.

Prevention of cage paralysis

Cage paralysis is a quite a serious condition.

Hamsters encounter this condition when they are unable to get adequate exercise.

The inactivity causes their muscles and bones to generate.

With time, there is a loss of function in the back legs, eventually leading to paralysis.

Regular exercise can be an effective remedy.

Keeping hamsters engaged

Boredom is not really good for hamsters.

Indeed, they can even become self-destructive owing to it.

You might get to see some disturbing sights of your little friend chewing on his own flesh.

A wheel can prevent this from happening.

The wheel keeps them busy and thus provides them with regular stimulation.

What are the different types of hamster wheels available?

Hamster wheels are usually available in three materials including metal, wood, and plastic.

Every material has its own set of pros and cons.

It is vital to understand what each has to offer so that you can determine what would be the right one for your little friend.

Plastic wheels

These are constructed from a single solid piece of plastic. A solid plastic backing is also in place.

These wheels are on the whole safe.

However, the hamsters might chew on the plastic, which can be dangerous.

On the other hand, they are rust-free and thus do not pose any alarming danger for the little things.

Metal wheels

These are the most durable and last for a long time.

However, they are provided with rungs on which the hamster runs.

The rungs can be dangerous for the hamster as their foot can become stuck.

You might want to weave a piece of cardboard between the rungs to prevent this from happening.

Wooden wheels

You will not find many options in wooden wheels these days.

These wheels are wholly made from wood and thus are completely safe for the hamsters.

The problem is that they do not last for a long time.

Furthermore, they can have some flaws in the design.

One thing that you must remember irrespective of the type of material you opt for is that the hamster wheel needs to be large enough for your friend.

It needs to fit into the cage and not make a lot of noise.

Are hamster wheels safe?

There is no denying that hamster wheels are pivotal in keeping the little things healthy and happy.

However, this does not imply that they can pose no harm to your friend.

There are some things you will need to pay attention to if you want to ensure that the wheel is entirely safe for your pet.


For one thing, the wheel needs to be of the right size.

Your hamster should not run with an arch in the back.

This is because it can lead to some serious spinal problems for your friend.

It is vital that you replace the wheel with a larger one the moment you notice an arch in the back of your hamster.

Metal Rungs

Most metal wheels have rungs that can be dangerous for the hamsters.

Their toe can become stuck in them.

Therefore, ensure that you get a wheel which has a flat surface.

Another option is weaving in a piece of cardboard between the rungs.


There is a risk of the hamster flying out of the wheel if it goes too fast.

This can cause severe injury and thus needs to be prevented.

Getting a wheel with a solid back and small access holes in the front can be useful.

Wheel addiction

Hamsters love to run, and sometimes they tend to get carried away.

There is a chance that your hamster runs too much and develops wheel addiction.

The excessive use of the wheel can lead to foot conditions like blisters and sores.

Using a solid plastic wheel and using other toys for distraction can prevent this.

Do some hamsters not use the wheel?

Running is something that most hamsters enjoy.

If your hamster is not using the wheel, you might want to look into the reasons.

There could be different reasons for a hamster to avoid using the wheel.

If the wheel has not been used at all and is brand new, there is a chance that something is wrong with it.

Perhaps it is not big enough for the hamster, or it turns very quickly.

There is also a chance that the wheel is not very comfortable on the feet of the hamster.

Hamsters, despite their love for running, can be quite picky.

If they find anything wrong with the wheel, they might not like to use it.

If the wheel was previously being used and has just been abandoned by the hamster, perhaps the problem is with the little thing.

He might be suffering from some health condition.

If this persists for a long time, you might want to get your friend to a vet.

How frequently should my hamster use its wheel?

You cannot force a hamster to use the wheel.

They will run when they feel like it.

It is vital that you give them access to the wheel at all times.

Furthermore, if you have more than one hamster, you might want to get multiple wheels.

Hamsters usually like using their wheels at night.

Therefore, do not be alarmed if you do not find them running throughout the day.

Running is programmed into them.

They will do it when they feel like it.

All that you need to do is make sure that they indulge in other activities as well so that they do not tire themselves out.

Are hamster wheels noisy?

Unfortunately, hamster wheels can be quite noisy.

This is a problem for a lot of hamster owners as the squeaky wheels can be too much to bear.

You might have to listen to the sound throughout the day and night, which can be quite troublesome.

There are some simple steps you can take to deal with this situation.

You might want to consider moving your hamster to another room.

However, if you like to have your little friend by your side at all times, you will need to think of something else.

Rearranging the wheel might work.

Perhaps the wheel is rubbing on the part of cage producing the noise.

Adding olive oil to the rotating part of the wheel might also work as it acts as a lubricant.

If nothing works and you find yourself spending sleepless nights because of the wheel, you can use silent hamster wheels.

They are expensive but might be worth it for some.

What should I look for in a hamster wheel?

Every hamster wheel is not the same.

Some can even be dangerous for your little friend.

There are some features that you should look out for to make sure you get the right wheel for your pet.


Hamsters are quite small.

However, this does not imply that you get them small wheels.

The wheel should be large so that the hamster does not have to arch its back.

Running with arched back can create problems for your furballs.

Therefore, make sure that the wheel you get for the hamster is the right size for them.


The material of the wheel is of immense importance.

If inferior materials are used, the wheels can be dangerous for the hamsters.

It is best to have wheels with a solid running surface.

Plastic wheels provide the hamsters with a gentle surface that they can easily use for the long term.

However, plastics can be chewed up by the hamster.

Thus, you need to be quite careful about the type of wheel you select for your little one.


It is crucial that the wheel has a safe construction which would not expose the hamster to any danger.

Some wheels are available that are provided with safety features.

A solid back wall makes hamsters have more confidence.

It might work to get wheels with partially closed front walls.

This prevents the hamsters from being flung out if they go too fast.

It is best to avoid wheels with support bars.

They can be dangerous for the hamster if the limb gets in the way.


The wheel should be sturdy and provide with a safe stand to ensure that it works properly.

A lot of wheels are provided with attachments you can use for securing them to the wall of the cage.

This ensures that the wheel remains in place and does not take up too much space.

If the wheel has a stand, make sure that it is wide and does not tip easily.

Other related questions

How do you teach a gerbil to use a ball?

To get your gerbil to use the ball, you need to make sure that the gerbil makes the choice himself.

Allow them to crawl in the ball themselves.

Furthermore, allow your pet to move in the ball by itself. Refrain from moving the ball.

It is advisable to restrict the time of your little friend with the ball to twenty minutes a day.

How big should a gerbil cage be?

Gerbils are quite social creatures.

They need ample space where they can run about.

A simple rule to go by could be to make sure that a single gerbil gets a minimum of five gallons of space.

Therefore, if you have a couple, you will need a 10-gallon cage.



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