31 Best Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea Pigs are the most adorable pets one can have!

They are small but active pets that require mental stimulation and physical activity


In order to keep them happy and energized, I have found the best guinea pig toys that you can get for your furball!

Let’s explore them below!

Product NameSatisfies Chewing InstinctsPhysical Stimulation 
Living World Teach N Treat ToyNoYes Check Price
Kaytee Veggie TwisterYesYes Check Price
JW Pet Walk up BarnYesYes Check Price
Niteangel Fun TunnelYesYes Check Price
Uligota Timothy Hay Chew SticksYesNo Check Price
Oxbow Timothy Club: Bungalow YesYes Check Price
Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops YesNo Check Price

1. Living World Teach N Treat Toy 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Living World
  • Size: 2 x 10 x 10 inches

Living World Teach N Treat Toy is an educational toy, it provides the ultimate interactive experience that will keep your guinea pig active and healthy!

It enhances listening, observation, and learning skills by teaching small pets to search for treats!


It has three different levels of configuration that provides challenges, while rewarding and entertaining your pet!

 Things i really like
  • It provides optimal learning experience that will keep your pet healthy and alert
  • It is an interactive toy that helps with bonding with your pet
 Things i don’t like
  • The size of the toy can be too big for small pets

2. Kaytee Limited Super Pet Veggie Twister

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Size: 3.75 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Color: Blacks & Gray

Guinea Pigs need physical and mental stimulation to stay active and energized

Kaytee Veggie Twister is a chew proof wire basket with bell at the bottom to add play value.


The design of the twister is a food challenge for pets as it allows them to reach out and eat food instead of gobbling it down!

 Things i really like
  • A bell is attached to the basket that keeps pet entertained
  • There are wide openings in the basket that makes it easy to stuff vegetables and hay
  • The quality of the hanging is made of good quality
 Things i don’t like
  • The chain of the hanging is not adjustable to cage different sizes
  • The outer frame of the basket is too wide that results in vegetables falling outside

3. JW Pet Walk Up Small Barn

 Key Facts
  • Brand: JW Pet
  • Size:  5.5 X 3.50 X 3.0
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

Walk Up Barn is an interactive toy as it is an ideal toy if you want all your furry pets to hang out together!


They can climb up the stairs and enjoy the view, or they can go inside for some private time too!

It is made up of plastic with translucent colors which makes it easy to see pets while they are inside the barn having fun!

 Things i really like
  • It is spacious for pets to hide, sleep or have fun
  • It is made of thick plastic which has held up well against chewing
  • It is easy to carry around
  • It is Odor and stain resistant
 Things i don’t like
  • There are complaints regarding the quality of the plastic

4. Niteangle Fun Guinea Pig Tunnel 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Niteangle
  • Size:  31.5 inches

Niteangel Foldable Crinkle Play Tunnel with Three Ball Toys is a three in one toy as it encourages tunneling activity, exploration and guinea pig exercise too!

It is an ideal toy for guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, chinchillas, dwarf rabbits, and other small animals as it is spacious and allows physical play


A unique crackling sound is made when your pet is inside for added interactivity.

 Things i really like
  • It is a multi-function toy that stimulates mental and physical activity
  • It is lightweight and easy to clean.
  • It is spacious that allow small pets to have fun or hide
 Things i don’t like
  • It is difficult to keep it clean because of the ridges in the design

5. Uligota Timothy Hay Chew Sticks 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Uligota
  • Size:  4.7 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches

Pets require small chew treats and what else do you need if you can have crunchy treats that too made from timothy grass!

Uligota provides Timothy Hay Sticks made from Canada Imported Pet Grade Timothy Hay, especially baked in low-temperature into the shape of chew sticks that are perfect crunchy treats for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and hamsters!

 Things i really like
  • They can be used as reward for bonding and interaction with pets
  • They are easy to feed and don’t mess up the cage
  • They are perfect for small pet molars
 Things i don’t like
  • It requires supervision
  • Pets may not like the flavor

6. Oxbow Timothy Club: Bungalow Medium

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Oxbow
  • Size:  7.9 x 9.8 x 9.1 inches
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces

Pets get bored staying in the cage so you can buy Oxbow Timothy Bungalow for your pet that offers offer a place to rest and relax inside or outside the cage!

Guess what

It is an all-natural timothy hay edible construction that is hand-woven to perfection which fulfills the high fiber needs and cravings of small pets!


It contains no chemicals, wire, or thread for your small pet to ingest

 Things i really like
  • The material of product is edible
  • it provides environmental enrichment which is as vital as nutrition to the health of small animals
  • The design is compact and safe for small animals
 Things i don’t like
  • Buyers complain that it cannot be cleaned as it made of edible material so it cannot be reused

7. Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops Chew Treat

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Ware Manufacturing
  • Size:  1 x 5.2 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.64 ounce

Pets love treats, especially if they are crispy, crunchy and chewable!

Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops are specially made of rice and corn, which is a wholesome combination of crunchiness as well as flavor!


It promotes clean and healthy teeth and helps to overcome cage boredom

 Things i really like
  • These can be used as rewards while training small pets
  • These are aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy chewable
 Things i don’t like
  • It is sweet and unnatural dye color is used that can affect the health of small pets

8. Kaytee Perfect Chews for Guinea Pigs

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Size:6.5 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches

Kaytee Perfect Chew provides all in one amazing chewing experience along with play time!!

It comes in a variety of textures and shapes in the toy that does not only stimulate gums but also cleans and trims teeth.


The toy is painted in vibrant colors, and a metal clip is attached to the toy that can be hanged easily anywhere in the cage or outside to keep your pet entertained.

 Things i really like
  • It promotes dental health in guinea pigs by keeping teeth clean
  • It is crafted with a combination of different textures to satisfy guinea pigs to chew and gnaw.
  • It also provides play time experience as it can be easily hanged anywhere in the cage
  • It is aesthetically pleasing
 Things i don’t like
  • There are frequent complaints regarding the toy having poor life

9.  SunGrow Natural Seagrass Ball

 Key Facts
  • Brand: SunGrow
  • Size:  3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches

Playtime is one of the best ways to bond with your pet! As plastic and metal toys can at times be harmful for pet’s health, we found an all-natural option to make sure your pet remains safe from any kind of toxic chemicals

SunGrow Natural Seagrass Guinea Pig Ball is smart pet toy you can purchase for your pet as it handcrafted especially with natural seagrass fibres which are woven together with twine

It can be easily chewed on, bounce, roll and to play fetch as well!

 Things i really like
  • It great for play, as well as dental care
  • It has a light weight so the pets can enjoy tossing it around
 Things i don’t like
  • Buyers complain of it tearing up easily that requires frequent purchases

10. Ware Willow Critters Pretzel Sticks 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Ware Manufacturing
  • Size:  1 x 5 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces

Ware Willow Critters Pretzel Sticks are made from 100 percent natural willow

These chew treats are a flavorful snack for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, pet rats, hamsters, and gerbils.


Chewing them helps to trim teeth and are a perfect for those pet owners too who love to hand feed their pets!

 Things i really like
  • It promotes clean and healthy teeth
  • It can be used as rewards for training small pets
 Things i don’t like
  • Some pets may not like the taste of the sticks

11.  BWOGUE Sweet Bamboo Chew Toy

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Bwogue
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Size: 3.94 inches

Bamboo Chew Toy is a perfect toy as it is made up of 100% natural botany that ensures healthy growth of small teeth.

Moreover, the thickness and the texture of the bamboo shoot is perfect for small pets.

 Things i really like
  • They are crunchy and soft, which makes the chewing experience easy and fun
 Things i don’t like
  • It does not file the teeth

12. Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Guinea Pig Ball 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Ware Manufacturing
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Size: 4 x 4 x 4 inches

Willow Branch Ball is an ultimate choice if you are looking to add fun to your guinea pigs playtime by alleviating boredom because pets can chew, nibble and nudge the branch ball!


It is perfect for tooth trimming too!

 Things i really like
  • It is made up of natural willow that will the keep the teeth of your pet healthy and strong
  • It provides both, mental and physical stimulation
  • It promotes healthy activity
  • It is small in size therefore easy to carry around for your pet
 Things i don’t like
  • The shedding of the twigs from the branch guinea pig ball can be dangerous for pets.
  • Some pets may not like the taste and the smell of willow branch

13. Yilmen Apple Sticks Chew Toy

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Yilmen
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Size: 4 x 5 x 1 inches

Apple Sticks Pet Chew Toy is a two in one experience as it not only allows small pets to have fun but also ensures healthy growth of small pet teeth


It is made up of 100% organic apple wood that provides natural vitamin C to the needs of small pets!

 Things i really like
  • It keeps them healthy and active as apple sticks fulfill the supplementary and chewing needs of small pets
  • It can be stored for a long time
  • Easy to carry around
 Things i don’t like
  • Pets mays not like the taste of the chew stick

14. Prevue Hendryx Grass Guinea pig Tunnel 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Prevue Hendryx
  • Size: 13.5 x 6 x 6 inches

Are you still looking for a toy that provides comfort and play time?

Then all you need is Nature’s hideaway grass tunnel 1098, that is specially crafted to meet the needs of small pets!


It is especially hand-woven with natural grass material that provides all in one activity center for your pet; it allows to nest, explore and even burrow.

 Things i really like
  • It allows learning and exploring
  • It provides both, physical and mental stimulation
  • It alleviates boredom
  • It is made of grass material that is appealing and provides comfort to small pets
 Things i don’t like
  • Some pets may not like the texture of the grass

15. Niteangle Treat Ball

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Niteangle
  • Weight:
  • Size: 2.8-inch/7cm

If you are you looking for a toy that not only keeps your pet entertained but also stimulates it’s mental and physical health


Niteangle treat ball is a perfect choice! It is an adjustable opening treat ball that encourages play through small  treats such as dried fruits, herbs or diced carrots.

 Things i really like
  • The flow of treats can be controlled
  • It keeps small pets entertained and excited for new treats
  • It is an interactive toy that is healthy for mental and physical health of pets
 Things i don’t like
  • It requires supervised use
  • It is hard to clean
  • Some buyers complain the use of low quality plastic

16. Kaytee Carousal Chew Toy 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Size: 2.75 x 2 x 4.5 inches

Kaytee is known as one of the most reputable brands providing best toys for pets!

The carrot shaped carousal chew toy will keep your pet engaged with hours of playtime while also fulfilling it’s mental and physical needs


The unique combination of wooden material on the outside frame and small colorful loofah pieces inside provides chewing experience as fun challenge for small pets

It also helps in cleaning, trimming and flossing pets teeth.

 Things i really like
  • The material of the toy is pet safe and ideal for pet’s teeth
  • It keeps pets engaged
  • The design of the toy is compact and appealing
 Things i don’t like
  • Some pets may chew it quickly so it may require frequent replacements
  • Buyers complain the dye of the toy coming off

17. Niteangle Activity Toy

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Niteangle
  • Size: 7.9 x 3 x 2.7 inches

Another chewable toy for your pet is the Niteangel Fun Pet Balls.

They are specially handmade from 100% natural seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan that helps in teething of guinea pigs, bunnies and other small animals.

It also allows pets to explore, as food and snacks can be placed inside to keep them entertained and burrow too!


It can also be used to keep pets busy by spending hours of fun deconstructing the balls down to a pile of sticks!

 Things i really like
  • It is a great toy for playing and nibbling
  • It results in healthy teeth as the ball is made up of natural products
  • It can alleviate cage boredom
  • Treats can be placed inside the guinea pig balls as rewards
 Things i don’t like
  • Buyers have complaints regarding the size of this ball for guinea pigs being too small

18. Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches
  • Size: 0.8 ounces

One of the best toys that will satisfy your pets need to chew and gnaw as it is made from 100% natural wood and contains almond nuts that is ideal for pet’s teeth.


The design of the toy encourages play as your pet will have to chew and gnaw all the way to the nut treat that is trapped in the center of the toy!

 Things i really like
  • It is aesthetically pleasing because of the colors and design
  • It is a boredom buster
  • It is an interactive toy that stimulates physical and mental activity
 Things i don’t like
  • Buyers have complaints regarding the low quality of wood
  • The color dye comes off easily

19. Prevue Hendryx Grass Guinea Pig Ball 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Prevue Hendryx
  • Size: 9 x 9 x 9 inches 
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces


Small pets get bored easily so finding a toy that provides them activity and fun is very important

Prevue nature’s hideaway large grass ball 1095 is a perfect toy as it satisfies pet’s natural instinct to burrow, explore and nest!

It is a hand-woven grass activity center ideal for a guinea pig or ferrets.

 Things i really like
  • It provides and mental and physical stimulation
  • The ball is spacious and provides comfort to small pets
 Things i don’t like
  • Some buyers have complaints that the product is not long lasting
  • It is difficult to clean it

20. Niteangle Wooden Ladder Bridge

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Niteangle
  • Size: 9 x 4.2-inch

Niteangel Wooden Ladder Bridge is a perfect item that you can add to your pets cage to revamp their cage habitat.

It is a cute wooden bridge made of real wood sticks and held together with two flexible metal wires that can be easily bent or curled into a variety of angles, as well as shapes for exercise, exploration or even to make a cozy nest!


The wood is 100% safe for chewing that will keep your pet’s teeth trimmed and healthy.

 Things i really like
  • It encourages exploration which is good for the physical health of pets
  • It maintains the dental health of pets
 Things i don’t like
  • Buyers have complaints regarding the poor quality of the wood used

21. Pawliss Teeth Grinding Lava Block

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Pawliss
  • Size: 2″x2″x2″

If your pet keeps biting your furniture or cage, then Pawliss Teeth Grinding Lava Block is what you need!

It is ideal for pets grinding their teeth as it is made up of natural lava rock, which also smoothens the sharpness of the nails of pets!


The lightweight of the blocks allows them to play as pets can easily toss and push them around the cage

 Things i really like
  • It keeps teeth clean and flossed
  • Pets enjoy grinding on the texture of the blocks
 Things i don’t like
  • Some pet owners find the product size to be small

22. Janyoo Accessories & Chew Toys 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Janyoo
  •  Size of the toys:
  1. Bark Watermelon Balls:2.76″ x 2.76″(Approx.)
  2. Small Bell Roller Size:2.05″ x 1.38″(Approx.)
  3. Bell Roller Size:3.15″ x 1.97″ (Approx.)
  4. Dumbbell Size:3.15″ x 1.57″(Approx.)
  5. Unicycle Size:3.54″ x 2.13″(Approx.)
  6. Squared molar block with rope Size:7.87″ x 0.94″(Approx.)
  7. Apple tree branches Size:5.91″L(Approx.

Janyoo is a well-known brand that designs pet toys that help to meet mental and physical needs of small pets.

This pack of 7 items is an excellent combination of toys as it includes variety to keep your pet active and healthy too!

The chew items such as Bell Roller, Dumbbell, Unicycle, Watermelon Balls, Small Bell Roller, squared molar block are made up of 100% natural wood, dried by high temperature, purely hand-made and are safe and assured.

 Things i really like
  • It alleviates boredom in the cage by providing variety of toys
  • The assortment of different toys stimulates mental and physical activity
  • The wood used is natural and not-toxic
 Things i don’t like
  • Some toys require supervised use
  • Pets may get bored while playing with the same toys again and again

23. Natural Apple Sticks 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Bojafa
  • Weight: 250 grams

Natural Apple Chew Sticks are made of 100% Natural Apple Branches that are organically grown which is ideal for the dental hygiene of pets

These are great for pets such as Chinchilla, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits and Other Small Animal Pets.

It is highly recommended as it helps meet the pet needs of molars, to avoid various diseases caused by long teeth, such as inflammation or anorexia, etc.


It can ease the pet’s negative emotions and nervousness caused by teeth issues

 Things i really like
  • The sticks are durable and reusable
  • It promotes healthy teeth and fights off various diseases such as inflammation
  • They are also good for nibbling and playing
 Things i don’t like
  • Some pets may not like the taste of apple

24. Flourithing Chew Sticks  

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Flourithing
  • Weight: 100 grams

What’s better than having THREE different flavors of chewable stick for your pet, and that too HEALTHY!

Flourithing provides three options Apple Chewable Stick, Timothy, and Molar Sweet Bamboo.

These teething sticks are made up of 100% natural products and are ideal for squirrels, chins, rabbits, parrots, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small pet molars.

All three flavors are carefully selected to provide supplement vitamin C, balance the intestinal flora for healthier defecation and to improve immunity, enrich various trace elements, improve calcium absorption and retention.

 Things i really like
  • There are multiple of flavors that will keep pets excited to try new flavors
  • It keeps pets healthy
  • Chew stick is good for the teeth and can be chewed safely.
 Things i don’t like
  • Some pets may not like the flavors of the sticks

25. Auoker Chew Toys & Apple Wood Sticks 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: AUOKER
  • Size: 10 cm

Our small furry pets love chewing as it not only alleviates boredom but also maintains good dental health!

AUOKER apple wood sticks are made from organically grown apple tree branches directly from the farms.

A combination of natural grass cakes and apple sticks can be a new experience for pets

Veterinarians highly recommend these for healthy teeth because of the quality and no usage of any kind of artificial additives or dyes.


These help to ease the pet’s nervous and other negative emotions.

 Things i really like
  • It maintains dental hygiene
  • The combination of the flavor of natural grass cakes and apple sticks can be exciting for pets
  • Twigs and branches are good for digestion and may aid in relieving intestinal inflammations and mild pain.
  • The metal hook can be mounted anywhere in the cage
 Things i don’t like
  • Pets picky on flavors may not like the taste of the sticks

26. Kaytee Run About Ball 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Size:  7x 7 x7 inches

Kaytee Run-About Ball provides the perfect interactive playtime for both pets and the pet owners!

It is an excellent outlet for your pet’s excess energy as it keeps pets energized as well as active!


It is a great temporary holding area to keep your furry friend while you clean their cage

 Things i really like
  • The size of the run ball is perfect for small pets
  • It stimulates physical and mental activity
 Things i don’t like
  • Some buyers complain regarding the low plastic quality of the ball

27.RYPET Play Tunnel

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Rypet
  • Size:  Approx Long guinea pig tunnel-11.42″ x 3.94″/29 x 10cm; Short Tunnel-3.94″ x 3.94″/10 x 10cm.

Rypet is a well-known brand that creates pets’ toys and supplies, exclusive to the needs of the pets.


We all are well aware that the key to a happy and a healthy guinea pig is exercise, So Rypet tunnel is a perfect toy that allows your pet to exercise, play, and explore!

The guinea pig tunnel is made of quality blend cotton upper fabric and polyester filament inner fabric, which is non-toxic.

It is perfect for small pets, including: rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and small puppies, hamster.

 Things i really like
  • The material of the fabric provides comfort with play
  • The tunnels are spacious that can allow multiple small animal can have endless fun at the same time
  • It is foldable and easy to carry around
 Things i don’t like
  • Some buyers have complaints regarding the material of the fabric being too plastic and the size of the tunnel being small

28. Ware Woven Willow Barbell Chew

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Ware Manufacturing
  • Size:  1.8 x 1.8 x 5.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces

One of the most favorite thing of small pets is to play and chew! Ware Manufacturing has introduced naturally woven willow branches barbell chew for small pets such as guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and rabbits!

It is made from the best wood chew material, that is fun in chewing and also maintains dental hygiene in small pets!

 Things i really like
  • It is made from 100 natural wood chew
  • It is great for dental hygiene
 Things i don’t like
  • The balls are held together with a rope which can be dangerous for small pets
  • They are small in size therefore need supervision when used

29. Kaytee Sisal Woven Apple Toy

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Size:  2.2 x 2.2 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces

Love to see your pet playing around?

Then you definitely need to get your hands on the Natural Woven Apple Toss Toy!

It is made from natural sisal material in an apple shaped toy that fulfills the physical needs of your small pets, that includes exercise and playtime!

It is an ideal for toy for guinea pigs, dwarf Rabbits, hamsters or other small animals.

 Things i really like
  • Pets can play and also chew on it
  • It is easy to carry around
 Things i don’t like
  • According to buyers there are plastic strips inside the chew toy, that can’t be removed which can dangerous for pets

30. SZBOYU Timothy Grass Ball 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Keklle
  • Size: 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces

Timothy Grass Ball is an all-natural Timothy Grass chew toy is perfect for tooth trimming and promotes clean and healthy teeth!

It will help to satisfy your pet’s natural chewing instincts while also alleviating cage boredom.

It is a great toy for rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, and mice.

 Things i really like
  • It is an environmentally friendly product as Timothy Grass is a naturally biodegradable product.
  • It is a light weight ball that be easily tossed and chewed by pets easily
 Things i don’t like
  • As per the buyers the size of the ball is bigger than expected
  • The product does not smell good

31. Coconut Husk Swirlers Chew 

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Eco Animal Pet Products
  • Weight:  1.76 ounces

If you are looking for fun natural ways to keep your pet busy then Coconut Husk Swirlers Chew Toy is something you should definitely get your hands on!

These fun little coconut husk swirlers are made from one single ingredient; naturally dried coconut husk. They are a safe, undyed, untreated toy that’s perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, and mice.

 Things i really like
  • They are easy to chew
  • They don’t require supervision
  • It requires chewing that is best for mental stimulation and stress relief
 Things i don’t like
  • Some pets may be allergic to coconuts

Playing with Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are SUPER CUTE and FUN pets that need both human affection and play!

It is vital that as a pet owner, you fulfill their physical needs through play and exercise. It is essential to keep them engaged and healthy as they get bored easily and are at a higher risk of gaining weight.


I Have found some ways you can engage with your pet on a daily basis


Buy toys that are specially designed for Guinea pigs. The list mentioned above will be really helpful in choosing the best ones for your guinea pig

Guinea pig exercise

Daily exercise is important for pets as much as it is important for us. Research about different fun exercises that you can engage your guinea pig in.


It is essential to reward your guinea pig with different treats especially to reinforce their behavior such as exercise

Making playtime outside cage fun

It is essential to let your guinea pig out of its cage and play

A little bit of sunshine and fresh air is healthy for guinea pigs, and it also keeps them active!


It might be challenging to think about finding ways to make playtime outside the cage fun

What you can do is,

  • First set a boundary so that it does not sneak out of the restricted area
  • Let it engage with other pets such as rabbits or hamsters
  • Introduce toys that require physical activity such as ladders, tunnels, wheels or tubes

It is also important that you supervise them because guinea pigs love to chew and they can chew on furniture, clothes or even wires!

Choosing the Perfect Toy for Guinea Pig

 As a pet owner, it is essential that you choose the best toy for your guinea pig

Before buying a toy, it is important that you take a look at the following things

1.The size of the toy

The size of the toy matters a lot if you own a guinea pig as they are small and might require supervision. Therefore it is important to check the size, weight and the dimensions of the toy

2. The quality of the toy

Guinea Pigs love to chew; therefore, it is recommended to buy a toy that fulfills their chewing needs. The quality of the material should be chewable or non-toxic so that it does not harm them.

3. Life of the toy

Most of the toys are chewable therefore, it is recommended that you have some stocked just in case your guinea pigs chew it away at once!

4. The design of the toy

At times toys are specifically designed to stimulate mental and physical needs of guinea pigs, hence before buying check it if it does so!

5.The pros and cons of the toy

It is recommended to take a look at the pro’s and con’s of the toy so that you are aware of things beforehand.

DIY Toys for Guinea Pigs

At times, Guinea Pigs might get bored with their existing toys therefore as a pet owner you can be creative


DIY-ing some toys for your Guinea Pigs!

Let’s explore the different DIY toys that can be made for Guinea Pigs

1. Boxes

There are several cardboard boxes such as shoe box or tissue box that are lying around the house un-used

These can be used to make castles, hide-outs or even offered as snacks for guinea pigs

2. Paper

It is the most inexpensive and easiest way to make interesting toys.

Paper can be used to make chains, balls, tents, boxes by simply folding or crumbling plain paper

Guinea pigs are attracted by the crumpling noise of paper when they are playing with it

3. Hay or Grass

Hay can be stuffed in different boxes or places to make a cozy bed for them or can be used to make dry grass balls that will make an ideal toy as well as a tasty chewing treat that is good for their dental hygiene too

4. Guinea pig Tunnels

Guinea Pigs have an innate need to burrow


Tunnels can be made by wrapping paper tubes or tissue rolls together that can be used for exercising, a hideout spot for a nap, or even a quick bite to eat.

5. Tennis Balls or Ping Pong Balls

These can be used to keep Guinea Pigs physically active and energized

6. Socks

At times, solo socks are lying around the house; these can be used to create a sock sensation

You just have to round up a sock or two, stuff them with hay or clean bedding, then tie off the sock with wool on the open end.

It creates a throw pillow that can be dragged around and played with!

7. Fleece Accessories

It is the most inexpensive and easiest material available that can be used for DIY toys

Tents can be easily made out of an old blanket, towel or t-shirt, and as guinea pigs love to cuddle in cozy places, it can become their new favorite snuggly spot!

The Kind of Toys That Guinea Pigs Love

Guinea Pigs get bored easily; therefore, it is essential to keep them busy!

It is recommended to buy them toys that are boredom busters


The toys that are highly preferred by Guinea Pigs are chew toys, hammock, tunnel toys, houses to hide or ball.


It is also important that these toys stimulate their mental and physical needs, along with chewing needs.

1.Tunnels and Tubes

Guinea Pigs love toys that are spacious as they love to run, as well as hide

Tunnels and tubes can be easily placed inside cages that keep them occupied and active

2. Toy Balls

Toy balls encourage Guinea Pigs to engage in physical activity as these balls are specially designed to be knocked around and pushed down.

These are safe as they are made from materials such as grass and wood, that also satisfies their chewing needs.

3. Stairs and Ramps

These can be easily placed inside or outside the cage so that guinea pigs can have fun running on them or chasing each other!

4. Chew and Nibblers

These toys are designed to satisfy the chewing instincts of guinea pigs so that they don’t chew on furniture or wires

They are specially made out of natural and hard material so that they can enjoy chewing!

Why are chewing toys important for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea Pigs teeth grow throughout their lives, so it is essential for them to chew regularly to keep their teeth down to a normal size.

So if they don’t have enough things to chew on, they can simply chew cage bars


Toys with chewing material should be given to Guinea Pigs so that it fulfills their chewing instincts and maintains their dental hygiene too.

How to make Guinea Pig Play Life Fun?

 Guinea Pigs get bored quickly, so I found out some ways that can help you make your Guinea Pig’s playtime more fun and entertaining

Get a bigger cage: A guinea pig will be happier in a bigger cage pig as they love to play, run around, and chase each other.

Bring another Guinea Pig: Guinea Pigs are social animals and are known to be the healthier and happy with another guinea pig.

Cage Accessories: Adding accessories or toys such as ladders or tunnels inside a cage of guinea pig will keep them active and busy. Also, they love cozy environments; therefore, old t-shirts and blankets can be placed inside for their comfort and so that they can cuddle too!

Provide Floor Time: Exposure to the outside environment is vital for the health if guinea pig, therefore they should be given floor time to explore. It is, however, important that they are supervised during this time.

An obstacle Course– At times it is important to keep guinea pigs mentally active. By using creative ideas to construct a custom maze such as adding twisting tunnels or bridges can keep them both, mentally and physically stimulated.

How to play with Guinea Pig

A guinea pig requires daily interaction because if they are left alone for along time they can become withdrawn or depressed, maybe even unfriendly, if left alone for a long time.


To keep them happy it is important that you follow

1. Pay Attention to Your Guinea Pig

Initially, you should observe and think about your guinea pig’s personality

If he or she shy, curious or a quiet pet

It can be done by paying attention to your guinea pig’s reaction to something such as when giving a treat or food

This is how you will plan the rest of the games or activities for your pet!

2. Use A Safe Play Space 

Safety should be a priority when it comes to pets

It should be that part of the house or room that is guinea pig safe

Generally, a floor is the best location, but any part of the room can be turned into a pet safe zone by removing any kind of electrical cords, by eliminating floor-level hazards such as dropped medications or poisonous plants

3. Test Out Activities

Start with testing out different activities; this allows you to find out what exactly your guinea pig likes to do. This can also reveal a lot about their habits, such as if he or she is a chewer or a tosser? You can bring in toys during this stage, once you start knowing about your guinea pig!

4. Be A Guinea Pig

As funny it might sound, but it can give you an idea because when you put yourself in your guinea pig’s paws to get a guinea pig view of the world, you will understand them closely

5. Get into A Routine

A routine is important for animals as it is for us

Keep a schedule of their play time, lap time and sleep time

Guinea pigs don’t like surprises, therefore don’t announce abrupt actions such avoid sneaking on your guinea pig or rearranging their habitat frequently, it is recommended to take things slowly and gradually

For a playtime routine, try to announce the start and the ending time. Explain the games to your guinea pig so they get in the habit of listening and responding to you!

Games for Guinea Pigs

There a lot of games that you can play with your Guinea Pigs

Let’s explore some below

1. Chasing Games

Chasing games are perfect for guinea pigs as they stimulate physical needs.

However, chasing games are fun if your guinea pig is interested in chasing

A treat can be tied to a cord and can be dragged across the floor, just a bit faster than your guinea pig moves.

2. Hunting Games

Food hunt can be done by breaking a treat into tiny pieces and hiding it in different places of your guinea pig’s playpen or pig-safe zone.

3. Racing Games

Having a Guinea Pig race can be fun, which can be planned out by lining up a track and then calling out your piggy from one end to another.

You can also place treats at another end to encourage him to race!

4. Guinea Pig Tours

You can take your guinea pig out on tour such as in different areas of the house where he or she haven’t been before or even to your friend’s house who own small pets.

5. Curiosity Test

Let your guinea pig explore. You can bring different pig-safe things such as framed mirrors, plastic pots or bags to see what your guinea pig does

6. Peek-a-boo Games

It can be played easily and might be enjoyed by your guinea pig. You can do it by pulling a blanket over your head and pulling it off slowly by saying Peek-a-boo. You can also try it with toys!

How to build an enclosed play area for a guinea pig?

 Guinea Pigs are likely to be bored and less interactive if they are spending most of their time in the cage, with outings only for lap time

As a pet owner, it is important to provide guinea pigs the perfect out-of-cage playtime that allows them to explore and remain active

Setting up an exciting playscape will not only allow you to interact with your guinea pig


It can be used as a bonding session where you can hand feed your pet or even talk to them!

It is important and highly recommended to start with enclosed play areas so that it gives guinea pigs room to run, explore without getting tangled up in electrical wires or risk of getting stuck behind furniture and appliances.

I have found some ideas that you can implement

Using Fence

Building wooden Fences can help to create an enclosed play area in different shapes such as square, L-shaped or U-shaped

These should be high enough to prevent guinea pigs from getting out


The fencing around the perimeter of the play area should be placed in a way that it provides ample space as compared to their cages so that it allows guinea pigs to have fun


The height of the fence should prevent guinea pigs from getting loose

Play Area Floor

A piece of vinyl flooring can be used to create a solid surface for guinea pigs

This will also protect bare floors or carpets

These mats can be cut into different shapes and sizes depending on the area you want to reserve for guinea pigs

These enclosed spaces can be filled with toys such as wheels, stairs or tunnels to make it more interesting and fun for guinea pigs!

Variety of Toys is Important

Guineas get bored easily so in order to keep them busy and active

Experimenting with new and different types of toys is important for their mental stimulation

They should be exposed to different materials too such as wood, plastic or even paper

As a guinea pig owner, it is recommended to get creative as they need boredom boosters once in a while!

Related Questions 

What kind of toys do Guinea Pigs play with?

Guinea pigs love playing with toys that let them chew and burrow!

Therefore, toys with tunnels and or chew-able material are their favorites, so all you need to do this buy their favorite one’s!

However, it is also important to make sure that the toys provide mental and physical stimulation.

Do Guinea Pig play with balls?

Exercise balls are a big no for Guinea pigs, as they are too enclosed that fails to provide enough air circulation which can lead to heat stroke.

Therefore, as a pet owner, it is important to do research before buying a toy that is suitable for your guinea pig.

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