The 10 Best Hairball Remedies for Cats

  1. Best Overall: Sentry Hairball Relief for Cats
    This is the best hairball remedy for cats of all ages and relieves all the issues caused by hairballs like cough, vomiting, etc.
  2. Runner Up: Dechra Cat Lax Cat Hairball Remedies
    The ingredients apart from removing and preventing hairballs, help support the coat and skin of the cat as well
  3. Best Natural: Nutri-Vet Hairball Paw-Gel for Cats
    This one is made up of 100% natural products and contains all the essential natural oils and lubricants to reduce hairball formation
  4. Best Preventive: Hartz Hairball Remedy
    Through regular use, this hairball remedy will prevent hairball formation in the future.
  5. Best for Picky Cat: Richard’s Organics Hairball Remedy
    Even the pickiest cats will consider this as a treat because of its chicken flavor.
  6. Best for Adult Cats: PetNC Natural Care Hairball for Cats
    This works best for adult cats and its frequent use reduces the build-up of hairballs.
  7. Best Budget: Pet Naturals of Vermont
    Made up of natural ingredients these chewable supplements for cat hairballs are easy on the pocket.

Natural Hairball Remedy Treatment for Cats

Dr. Stacey Wallach, aka Dr., answers why cats get hairballs, prevention, and treatment:

::: Best Hairball Remedies for Cats :::

1. Nutri-Vet Hairball Paw-Gel for Cats

Nutri-Vet’s paw-gel is an excellent hairball remedy product designed to give a consistent dose to your cat. This hairball remedy comes in an easy to use a tube that can be used in multiple ways. It is recommended that you squeeze out around ¼ teaspoon gel and apply it to your cat’s paws or mix it with your cat’s food. The gel is to be applied one to two times every day for it to work effectively. As pet owners, we know how finicky our cats tend to get. This is why the paw-gel is an excellent alternative to pills, especially for cats who dislike taking pills.

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2. Sentry Hairball Relief for Cats, Malt Flavor,4.4 Ounces

The SENTRY pet care delivers what it promises. It is a straightforward product that contains ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum, glycerin, water, fish oil, and various other useful ingredients that help reduce your cat’s hairball problem. To make it easy for you to feed it to your cat, this product comes in malt flavor that helps enhance the taste. This gel has all the required ingredients for an effective hairball remedy, but it contains ingredients such as corn syrup, which might put you off or cause digestion problems for your cat.

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3. Dechra Cat Lax Cat Hairball Remedies

The Dechra Cat Lax is a well-regarded cat hairball remedy that uses all essential ingredients needed for hairball problems. This gel can be applied to your cat’s paws or delivered to your pet otherwise in food. It reduces the amount of hairball buildup and encourages the healthy growth of the coat. Moreover, it uses malt syrup to enhance the taste and increases the likelihood of your cat fancying this gel. Supplements like cod liver oil and vitamin E are bonuses for this product.

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4. TOMLYN Laxatone Hairball Remedy Gel for Cats

The TOMLYN Laxatone Hairball Remedy Gel is a versatile product that comes in various flavors and multiple sizes. Apart from expanding the choice for customers, it upholds the quality of the gel and uses high standard lubricants such as petrolatum, light mineral oil, and soybean oil to solve your cat’s hairball problem. Moreover, the gel contains various added nutrients that have positive health benefits for your cat. The gel comes in three different sized packs and is available in chicken, maple, tuna, and catnip flavors. You can choose a small size and experiment to see if your cat likes it, and later on, buy large packs once you’re certain your cat likes it.

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5. Cat-About by MiracleCorp Gimborn

Miracle Care offers a unique set of products that offer various health benefits as well as hairball remedies. These products are specially treated grass that needs to be watered only once and can be used in just one week. This grass grows fast and can be a long term solution for your cat’s hairball problem. Moreover, Cat About grass is an excellent alternative to nibbling houseplants or potentially unsafe grass in your backyard. Apart from being a safe alternative to nibbling, this grass is an excellent source of multiple nutrients and vitamins for your cat in addition to being an effective hairball remedy.

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6. Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus Paste for Cats and Kittens

Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus is available in the paste as well as soft chew form. It uses a formula infused with omega fatty acids that support healthy skin and coat, which gradually reduces hair shedding and solves your cat’s hairball problems. Moreover, the Hartz hairball Remedy benefits your cat by allowing hairballs to easily pass through the gastrointestinal tract. This product is offered in Chicken as well as Salmon flavors which give you a variety in case your cat gets bored of the same flavor. This remedy is suitable for cats as well as kittens, although the dosage may vary depending on your cat’s age.

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7. Temptations Hairball Control

Temptations hairball remedy is different from other remedies in the market since it comes in the form of treats. The 3-pack of treats is sure to solve your cat’s hairball problems. The product itself has a crunchy outside texture and is soft on the inside. Due to its texture and chicken flavor, cats can’t seem to get enough of it. It is especially beneficial for cats who dislike paw-gel hairball remedies. Although this product delivers on its claims of being an effective hairball remedy, it includes no nutrients or minerals to reduce or stop hair loss or hairball buildup.

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8. Richard’s Organics Hairball Remedy

Richard’s Organics Hairball Remedy is, as the name suggests, a 100% organic hairball remedy. It contains zero percent petroleum, petrolatum and all other derivatives. This product is an excellent option for people who are conscious about the harms of synthetic or processed ingredients being fed to their cats. The option to choose between Chicken and Tune gives your cat the variety it needs in case it doesn’t fancy one flavor. Uses natural substances like lecithin and beeswax to allow hairballs to easily pass through the intestinal tract. The most compelling aspect of this product is the availability of organic pet care products at an affordable price, so you can rest assured your cat is being fed well.

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9. PetNC Natural Care Hairball for Cat

The PetNC Natural Care offers soft chews for your cat’s hairball problem. These chews are offered in a delicious chicken & cheese flavor with a chunky texture that your cat is sure to love. The brand claims its products use ingredients so you can be sure you’re giving your cat high standard supplements. PetNC takes its products very seriously and uses wholesome ingredients in cGMP facilities which adhere to the highest quality standards set by the National Animal Supplement Council The PetNC soft chews are made in the USA and source the best products from all over the world.

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10. Pet Naturals of Vermont

The Pet Naturals of Vermont hairball remedy offers a 100% natural solution to your cat’s hairball problems. Rather than using laxatives, synthetic oils, and infusing herbs in the formula, this products takes a more natural approach. Moreover, this hairball remedy is free of corn, wheat, and other artificial ingredients which is an added benefit for all you pet owners out there who are extra cautious about what they feed their felines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I help my cat get rid of a hairball?

Here are a few things you can do to help your cat with hairball problems:

  • Groom your kitty’s hair regularly. The more frequently you groom it the fewer chances there are of hair ending up as hairballs inside its stomach.
  • Give your cat hairball remedy cat food or supplements to help it pass the hairballs in the stool.
  • If your cat licks its coat too much and you suspect that’s why its experiencing hairball problems, try to introduce it to another fun activity or a new toy to discourage excessive self-grooming

Is hairball remedy safe for cats?

Most remedies use laxatives or some sort of lubricant to help your cat with hairballs. These may or may not be effective for some cats. While they help ease the hairball problems and reduce hairball vomits, they do not contribute to the treatment of hairballs. This is why some veterinarians are hesitant while some are even against hairball remedies.

It is advised that you consult with your vet, and then choose whether you should use hairball remedies, hairball treats, hairball remedy cat food, or take other measures to solve your cat’s problem.

Is olive oil good for cat hairballs?

If you’re looking for an organic yet simple solution for your cat’s hairballs, olive oil is a great option.

Olive oil is an excellent natural lubricant, and mixing one spoonful daily in your cat’s food will surely ease up the hairball problem. You will start noticing the difference in a matter of 3 to 4 days.

Moreover, olive oil will bring its numerous benefits once you introduce it into your cat’s diet. These benefits include but are not limited to a shinier coat, boosting the immune system, reduction in risk of cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Does wet cat food help with hairballs?

Because cats are inherently carnivores, indoor cats dependant on cat food need should get ample fiber and other key elements of a balanced diet to prevent hairball problems.

Cats need a decent dose of proteins, fibers, and moisture to prevent hairball issues. If your cat’s diet lacks enough of any of the abovementioned things, it might be faced with hairball problems.

Since wet foods have more moisture, they are an integral part of your cat’s diet. You must provide a mix of wet and dry food, as well as plenty of water, to keep your cat healthy and prevent any health complications

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