The 10 Best Hairball Remedies for Cats

Reduction, elimination, and prevention of hairballs are vital for cats’ health.

If not cured and treated on time, it may prove fatal for your cat.

In this article, I have listed and reviewed the best hairball remedies for cats.

These can be fed to your cat orally, can be sprayed or sprinkled on the meal, and can also be applied to the cat’s paw.

So, a variety of hairball remedies are listed here in case your cat is one of the pickiest pets one could have.

Moreover, if you do not trust the commercially available remedies, then some homemade remedies are also mentioned in this article.

Natural Hairball Remedy Treatment for Cats

Dr. Stacey Wallach, aka Dr., answers why cats get hairballs, prevention, and treatment:

Top Products that can help your cat with Hairballs

1. Epic Pet Health Cat Digest Natural Odorless Cat Supplement Spray That Reduces Hairballs and Constipation


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Epic Pet Health
  • Flavor: none
  • Product amount: 2 ounces

This product helps get rid of hairballs.

It also boosts the digestive system of the cat in general.

You can use this remedy three times every day for the fastest results.

This particular product comes in a 2-ounce packing with a spray.

2 sprays are the perfect amount of product needed for one-time use.


If you don’t prefer the spray, you can also get the same product in a dropper packaging.

10 drops are equivalent to 2 spritzes.

The 2-ounce spray bottle can be used for 240 servings whereas the 2-ounce dropper bottle lasts 180 servings.

The suggested method to use this product is by spraying it on the cat’s meal.

You can also mix it in water or put it on the cat’s paws.

Since the product is flavor-less, the cat won’t even notice when it ingests the remedy.

This remedy is a natural electrolyte supplement so there are no ingredients that will have side effects on your cat.

It is rich in Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Oxygen.

The manufacturer states that after regular use of this remedy for 14 days, your cat will get rid of all hairballs.

 Things I really like
  • Since it has no flavor, the cats won’t notice it when you mix it in the water or in their food
  • It is made out of food-grade ingredients so it is very safe to use
  • The additional vitamins and nutrients in this remedy boost the cat’s overall digestive health
  • This product helps remove hairballs naturally without any pain
  • You can choose between a spray or dropper packaging as per your liking
 Things I don’t like
  • This remedy needs to be used 3 times a day for a total of 14 days for effective results so you will have to be extra vigilant with the treatment

2. Richard’s Organics Flavored Hairball Remedy – Chicken


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Richard’s Organics
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Product amount: 4.25 ounces

Richard’s Organics Hairball Remedy is an effective product that can be ingested orally by the cat to get rid of hairball and its symptoms.

Unlike most hairball remedies, this product is free of petroleum and petrolatum.


This remedy is made of natural ingredients such as beeswax and lecithin.

It is a generous source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which play a major role in getting rid of hairballs.

These ingredients also improve the overall health of the cat without any negative outcomes.

Richard’s Organics Hairball Remedy is available in a Chicken and Tuna flavor.

Choose the flavor that your cat likes more.

The flavor helps lure the cat into eating this remedy without the need of force.

It is very easy to use this product.

Simply squeeze out some of the product and mix it in the cat’s meal.

You can also apply it on the cat’s paw and let her lick it off.

Use of this product will pull out all the hair from the cat’s body gently.

It also minimizes vomiting which is a major symptom of hairballs.

Moreover, this product improves the appearance of the cat’s coat.

 Things I really like
  • The natural ingredients effectively get rid of the hairballs without harming the cat in any way
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids don’t just lubricate the hair out of the cat’s intestines, but also improve the cat’s coat and skin
  • Its flavors lure the cat to eat the remedy happily
  • It is free of petroleum and other such harmful ingredients
  • This remedy also soothes the symptoms of hairball while getting rid of hairballs themselves
 Things I don’t like
  • If your cat doesn’t like Chicken, Tuna or the smell of these foods, this product will not work for you

3. Norbi Fresh Catnip Organic Nature Bottle


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Norbi
  • Flavor: none
  • Product amount: 40ml

You’ll be surprised to see that this hairball remedy doesn’t come in a gel or liquid form.

Instead, it is a powder.

This product is an organic powder.

It looks like a mix of dry herbs.

With its unique nature and smell, it is a very effective remedy.

The best thing about this hairball remedy is that it has no side effects at all.

Its organic nature and ingredients help with hairball along with a number of other cat-related problems.

Anorexia and digestive issues in a cat can be treated with the help of this remedy.


It also stabilizes the hormones of cats to give them emotional stability.

If your cat is being extra moody, this remedy will help fix that problem as well.

All in all, this product is an all-rounder that will bring forth a lot of positive outcomes alongside getting rid of cat hairballs.

It doesn’t have a strong smell but the scent does attract an average cat to eat it.

You can mix it in your cat’s food or you can also sprinkle it on your cat’s toys.

Put this product anywhere that the cat is likely to lick for easy, unforced intake.

 Things I really like
  • This product is easy to use and can be given to the cat directly
  • You can sprinkle it in the cat’s toys and mix it in food for easy intake for cat’s who are otherwise picky with what they eat
  • It lubricates the hairballs to remove them naturally
  • Issues like anorexia, emotional instability, and digestive problems can also be cured with this product
  • The organic and natural ingredients have zero side effects
 Things I don’t like
  • Some cats will dislike the powdery texture
  • The scent may not be every cat’s favorite

4. Vetoquinol Laxatone Lubricant for Hairballs Maple Flavor Cat Oral Gel


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Lubricant Hairballs
  • Flavor: Maple
  • Product amount: 4.25 ounces

The treatment of hairballs is basically done by lubricating the hair inside the intestines of the cat.

This way they all stick together to form a ball and get out of the body with the stool naturally.


In this process, the most effective lubricant is laxatone.

This is the main ingredient in this gel-based hairball remedy.

The maple flavor overpowers the taste of any other ingredient.

It is a gel-like product that your cat can easily lick off of its paws or directly from the tube.

If your cat is moody, you can try mixing it in its food too but that isn’t a recommended method due to the texture and flavor of the product.

Other than laxatone, this gel is rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 fatty acids.

These fatty acids aid the removal of the hairballs and also improve the health of the cat’s skin and coat.

Some by-products are also found in this product so if you own a sensitive cat, you’ll have to research these ingredients thoroughly to ensure that they won’t affect your pet.

 Things I really like
  • The presence of laxatone lubricates the intestinal tracts for easy and painless removal of hairballs
  • Additional Omega Fatty Acids make the hairball removal easier and also boost the cat’s coat and skin
  • The maple flavor is a cat favorite. So, it will be easy to feed the cat
  • You can directly feed this oral gel from the tube or by putting some of the cat’s paws. There is no need to go through the hassle of mixing it up in the cat’s food
  • This gel has instant results after regular recommended use
 Things I don’t like
  • The by-products in the ingredients are not the best for sensitive cats
  • There is only one flavor. So, if your cat isn’t a fan of maple, this product is useless for you

5. Catzymes Feline Probiotic Paste – Hairball, Gas and Diarrhea Relief


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Catzymes
  • Flavor: none in particular
  • Product amount: 35g

This paste remedy is unlike any gel, liquid or powder product that treats hairballs.

It is and a mix of probiotics and prebiotics, as the name suggests.

The ingredients include live beneficial bacteria which specifically targets gastrointestinal problems.

This means you can use this paste for hairball removal as well as for other intestinal infections.

Other than bacteria and live cultures, the ingredients include vegetable oil, dried egg, and vitamins.

None of the ingredients are harmful to cats unless your pet is specifically allergic to something.

More importantly, this product does effectively get rid of hairballs.

It comes in injection-like packaging.

This makes it easier to feed the paste since you cannot mix it in water or food.

Directly inject the paste into the cat’s mouth.

The recommended amount is 1cc per 5 pounds of body weight.

So, let’s say your cat weighs 7 pounds, you’ll feed approximately 1.5cc of the paste at one time.

This paste can be used up to 6 times daily, depending on the situation.

 Things I really like
  • The generous amount of probiotics and prebiotics treats all sorts of gastrointestinal issues including hairball, itchiness, gas, diarrhea, and constipation
  • This is a very strong and effective formula with minimal side effects
  • It is an antibiotic that is also rich in vitamins
  • The use of this product will get rid of hairball symptoms too
 Things I don’t like
  • It is not easy to feed this paste to cats. The product has to be fed with the syringe below the tongue. For this, you need to hold your cat and force it to open the mouth so it won’t be an easy process
  • For the best results, this paste needs to be used up to 6 times a day which isn’t convenient for busy pet parents
  • Its pasty texture is not loved by all cats

6. Cat Hairball Paw Gel 2 Pack Salmon Flavor


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Nutri-Vet
  • Flavor: Salmon
  • Product amount: 2 packs, 3 ounces each

This 2-pack Salmon flavored gel cures hairball like magic.

The regular use of this gel-based remedy helps remove hairballs.

It is also designed in a way that prevents hairballs in the future.

Moreover, symptoms that are related to hairball can also be eased with this product.

This is a paw-gel which means you need to apply it to the cat’s paw.

The salmon flavor will automatically attract the cat to lick it off.

It is super easy to feed this remedy to your cat as many times of the day as you want.

There is no need to force the cat.

Simply apply a quarter teaspoon of the product on the paw twice every day.

Some cats may even eat the gel directly out of the tube due to its palatable flavor.

The Omega fatty acids in this gel improve the overall health of the cat’s skin and coat.

It is an effective remedy against all sorts of gastrointestinal infections.

Expect the vitamins in this gel to boost your cat’s digestive health immensely.

 Things I really like
  • This gel-based remedy is easy to use. You can feed it directly from the tube or apply it on the cat’s paws for it to lick off
  • It gets rid of hairballs naturally
  • All hairball related symptoms are also soothed by the use of this product
  • Salmon flavor is a universal cat favorite so there probably won’t be an issue with that
  • It is a vitamin and Omega fatty acid-rich product that boosts the appearance of the cat’s skin and coat
  • You only have to use it twice every day for effective results so it won’t be a hassle at all
 Things I don’t like
  • This isn’t a fully organic formula. There is a presence of certain preservatives
  • If your cat dislikes salmon, this product has no other alternative flavor for you to choose

7. Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief for Cats Malt Flavor


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Sentry Industries Inc.
  • Flavor: Malt or Fish
  • Product amount: 2 ounces

If you’re looking for a unique lubricating hairball remedy, this product will do it for you.

You can get a malt or fish flavor, as per your cat’s preference.

It effectively eliminates hairballs from the cat’s digestive system while also preventing the risk of hairballs in the future.

The lubricating nature of this product makes it way easier for the cat to get rid of hairballs naturally than it usually is.

It is a pleasant-tasting product so that the cats enjoy eating it without the need of force.

This product also relieves constipation, dry cough, and vomiting.

You only have to use a ½ to 1-inch ribbon of the product once or twice a week, depending on the extent of the situation.

It needs to be fed right before mealtimes.

You must never mix this remedy in the cat’s food for two reasons:

  1. It won’t be as effective
  2. The flavors will mix up with the food and end up not so palatable

The list of ingredients in this product is mostly safe for cats.

The main ingredient is mineral oil which acts as an effective lubricant that sticks together all the hair to form a soft hairball.

Other than that, glycerin is used to add moisturizing qualities for soothing the intestines of the cats.

Delicious syrups are added to make this remedy a cat favorite even for very picky eaters.

 Things I really like
  • The highly moisturizing and lubricating nature of this product helps eliminate hairballs easily
  • It also prevents the formation of hairballs in the future
  • Other than hairballs, this product cures dry cough, constipation, and vomiting too
  • A very small amount of this product needs to be used on a weekly basis to achieve positive results
 Things I don’t like
  • The ingredients are not the most organic choices
  • It cannot be mixed with food and must only either be fed directly from the tube or licked from the paw or nose

8. Vet Solutions Laxatone Hairball Remedy Tuna Flavor for Cats


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Vet Solutions
  • Flavor: Tuna
  • Product amount: 2 packs, 4.25 ounces each

Laxatone is a very efficient lubricant that helps clear out the intestines of cats.

This hairball remedy is a laxatone-based product which is why it is one of my favorites.

It is very simple to use.

No need to go through a hassle with this product.

You have multiple options of how to feed this remedy to your cat.

You can put some of the product on your cat’s paws or nose for it to lick it off.

If your cat isn’t fussy, you can even feed it directly out of the tube.

Mixing it in with food isn’t recommended since this product has its own tuna flavor.

The flavor may not mix up well with the cat food and end up creating something distasteful.


You can get this gel in an ‘original’ flavor which can be mixed in meals without any problem.

This remedy’s formula successfully clears out clogged intestines.

Not only does it get rid of hairballs, but it also prevents vomiting and soothes an irritated digestive system.

Give ½ teaspoon of this gel to your cat once every day for 3 to 4 days.

This should be enough to remove the hairballs.

But, to prevent the hairballs from forming again, continue feeding a quarter teaspoon of the gel once a week for another 2 to 3 weeks.

 Things I really like
  • It is a laxatone-based gel which is a very effective lubricant
  • This remedy gets rid of hairballs and overall improves the digestive system of the cat
  • You can get it in tuna or original flavor
  • Only a small amount has to be fed for a short time period for successful results
  • It is easy to use and the cats eat it willingly
 Things I don’t like
  • The ingredients include petrolatum which is a lubricant but, it can trigger negative results in some cats

9. Homeopathic Remedy Furball Relief Drops for Cats


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: HomeoPet
  • Flavor: none
  • Product amount: 15ml

If you’re a pet parent who is very conscious about what they expose their cat to, this homeopathic remedy will be the most trustworthy option for you.

These drops are free of harsh ingredients.

This remedy has been created without the use of any chemicals or harmful ingredients.

It has zero side effects.

You can use these drops to get rid of hairballs and its symptoms.

From vomiting to retching to lack of appetite, these drops will cure all digestive issues.

One pack of this product has approximately 450 drops.

You only need around 10 drops per day until the problem has been solved.

The new improved formula can be used on pregnant, sensitive, and sick cats too.

It helps boost the overall health of the digestive system by making it stronger.

Use a dropper to give this remedy to your cat.

This remedy has to be fed directly instead of mixing it in the cat’s meal or water.

It has no flavor so there won’t be a fuss about an unpleasant taste.

 Things I really like
  • The homeopathic ingredients are free of any side effects
  • It removes hairballs naturally
  • The cat’s digestive system becomes healthier with the use of these drops
  • Vomiting, retching, and lack of appetite can also be cured with this product
  • Since it is free of harsh ingredients, it is safe to use for sensitive and pregnant cats too
  • It is free of any flavor so it is suitable for all cats
 Things I don’t like
  • The lack of strong ingredients may prevent instant results
  • You must feed this remedy directly without mixing it with food or water. This may be a challenge in the case of stubborn cats

10. Laxatone Hairball Remedy Catnip Flavor Gel Cat Supplement


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Catnip Hairball
  • Flavor: Catnip
  • Product amount: 4.25 ounces

This is yet another laxatone-based remedy for hairballs.

It has a unique catnip flavor.

This may not be your cat’s favorite but if it is, your cat will love it.

One restriction that this product’s strong flavor adds is that you cannot mix this remedy in with the cat’s food.

You will have to feed it directly or apply it on the cat’s paws or nose for it to lick.

The gel-based product is safe to use for all cats except those who are specifically allergic or sensitive to the ingredients of this item.

Mineral oils and laxatone in this remedy lubricate the digestive system of the cat to get rid of hairballs, cure constipation, and soothe other digestive system issues.

Use ½ to 1 teaspoon of this gel once every day for 2 to 3 regular days.

This shall get rid of all the hairballs.


It is suggested to continue using a quarter to a half teaspoon of the product once a week for the next 3 to 4 weeks to ensure the removal of all hair present inside the cat’s system.

 Things I really like
  • This gel-based remedy is rich in lubricating ingredients that will quickly remove hairballs from your cat’s intestines
  • It soothes the digestive system to cure constipation and other such issues
  • You can easily feed this gel by applying it on the cat’s nose or paw or by feeding it directly from the tube
  • It is rich in Omega fatty acids that also improve the cat’s skin and coat
  • This product reaps quick results within a few days of use
 Things I don’t like
  • Catnip flavor may not be every cat’s favorite
  • Includes petrolatum which may not be suitable for sensitive cats
  • It cannot be mixed in meals so your cat will have to either lick it from its paw or eat it directly from the tube


How to Treat Hairballs in Cats

Homemade Remedies for Hairball

If commercially available hairball remedies are not something you trust, you can try a DIY remedy too.

The basic concept is to lubricate the cat’s intestines and stick together the hair inside the system for their easy removal.

You can easily use products from your kitchen to reap similar results.

Although homemade remedies do not remove hairballs as quickly, they are a preferred choice among pet parents who are extremely conscious about what goes into their cat’s belly.

One thing is for sure:

Homemade remedies definitely include better, safer, and healthier ingredients than the most organic product in the market.

There are a lot of recipes and products you can use.

The first is oil.

You would have noticed that most hairball remedy products include generous amounts of mineral oil.

Ultimately, what better lubricant can you find than oil itself?

From within your kitchen, you can use olive oil or melted butter.

Saffron oil and corn oil are also cat-safe options you can consider.

The way to feed these lubricants is by adding them to the cat’s meal.

Drizzle a few drops of oil or melted butter on the food so that the cat can easily ingest it.

A teaspoon of these lubricants is enough for a week.

Make sure to neither overfeed oil nor force it in the cat’s mouth.

This could result in breathing issues and choking.

Another great way of providing oil to your cat is by offering fish.

Canned tuna and sardine have high oil content so these two options are the best choices.

Other than oil, you can also use petroleum jelly.

Put a dollop in front of the cat and let it lick it.

Petrolatum and petroleum are also very commonly found in hairball remedy products.

Petroleum jelly is pretty much the same thing.

This isn’t the best remedy to use for sensitive cats.


Use canned pumpkins as a treat or a full-fledged meal.

Pumpkins are very rich in fiber.

Eating enough of them will make the poop like never before!

The fibers will also help weigh down the hair inside the digestive system so that they are removed from the body with the feces.

What Causes Hairball?

Hairballs are a very common issue in all cats.

It is especially recurring in long-haired cats.


Hairballs are formed by accumulated hair which comes from the fur of the cat.

Naturally, cats have a self-grooming habit.

They lick themselves continually to get rid of dirt.

During this process, some hair from the coat is also licked and ingested.

Since this is a pretty common happening, cats’ internal system has a natural way to cope with it.

The hair easily gets through the intestines for the most part.


The issue begins when the hair starts accumulating in the stomach.

Eventually, all this hair forms a ball, hence the name hairball.

These hairballs block the opening of the stomach which leads to all the other problem.

More often than not, cats vomit to get this ball out of the stomach.

But when these natural processes don’t work well, that’s when the remedies come in.

A healthy cat may have a few hairballs occasionally but it shouldn’t be a repetitive situation.

If you are noticing your cat vomit or cough in a way that indicates that it is trying to get rid of hairballs, or if you notice hairballs in the cat vomit or feces very often, it may be a red flag.

Excessive hairballs can be an indicator of skin diseases or gastrointestinal infections.

Your cat may be shedding more than usual which would lead to excessive hair in the cat’s digestive system.

Hairballs can also be a result of excessive grooming.

This could be either because the cat’s skin is feeling irritated or due to a behavioral issue such as anxiety.

If the cat fails to get rid of hairballs naturally and you always have to use a remedy to help the process, the chances are that there is some sort of gastrointestinal infection.

Lymphoma, bowel disease, and motility disorders are most likely the reason behind this problem.

In any of these case, other than using a remedy, you must also visit a vet for professional consultation.

How to Prevent Hairball in Cats?

It is very easy to prevent hairballs in cats.

You only need to do two things:

  • Eradicate the causes of hairball formation
  • Do more of what helps remove hairballs

So basically, the first thing to do will be to ensure that the cat is as healthy as possible.

Check off the possibility of any skin or gastrointestinal problem.

Next, figure out if the cat is having any behavioral issues.

Is that is so, help the cat get back to normal.

Another thing you must do to prevent over-grooming is to keep your cat and the environment clean.

Give your cat regular baths, brush its hair, keep it clean, clear out the litter box regularly, and keep the dust minimal in areas where the cat spends most of its time.

What you should add next is include steps in the routine that will eradicate existing hairballs and also prevent them in the future.

Oil is a very helpful ingredient in this process.

Make sure you drizzle a few drops of olive oil, corn oil, saffron oil or melted butter on the cat’s meals once every few weeks.

Other than that:

Double-check the nutritional value of your cat’s diet.

There needs to be a decent amount of fiber in the meals.

You can use canned foods to fulfill the fiber content.

Maintain a good balance between the amount of wet and dry food you feed your cat.

Wet food is better for digestive health whereas dry food is better for oral health.

On top of that:

If your cat gets hairballs very often, replace regular cat food with special hairball cat food.

If that’s too extreme for you, use hairball soothing treats once in a while.

Lastly, keep your cat well hydrated.

Dehydration can lead to a number of issues, especially related to digestive health.

How to Keep Your Cat Groomed?

One major aspect of minimizing hairballs is to keep your cat groomed.

Here is a quick rundown of everything you need to do to keep your cat neat and groomed at all times:

The most important step in grooming your cat to minimize hairballs is to brush its coat.

Usually, brushing the coat once a week is enough.


You must brush the coat at least twice a week if your cat is shedding more than usual.

Cats with longer hair may need more care than a short-haired cat.

Keep in mind that most cats hate getting their coat brushed.

So, to tackle that issue, get the right tool and approach the cat very calmly.

A rubber brush works the best since it is the softest.

Use a lot of treats and praises to lure the cat into getting itself brushed.


Keep the coat trimmed.

This step is totally based on your personal preference.

Cut the fur as much as you like and as often as you prefer.

Just make sure that if you plan on trimming the coat yourself, you use a safe product that won’t hurt the cat or yourself.

A safer but more expensive option is to visit a professional groomer.

You also need to bath your cat.

For a regular cat, a bath is only necessary when its fur gets dirty.

However, for a cat that is shedding too much or suffering from hairballs, a bath every other week or more often is mandatory.

Baths help get rid of weak hair that could eventually end up in the cat’s stomach.

Use a cat shampoo to keep the coat lush and shiny.

If you suspect that fleas or ticks have infected your cat, use an anti-flea shampoo.

Fleas and ticks can also cause cats to lick themselves excessively.

Other parts of grooming include nail trims and oral hygiene.

Although these factors do not contribute to hairballs, it is important to take care of them for a healthier cat.

Ear care is yet another grooming step that is often ignored.

You must clean out wax from your cat’s ears once every week to minimize the risk of infections.

Related Questions

How do I know if my cat has a blockage?

Symptoms of a blockage are pretty noticeable.

The first is dry cough and vomiting.

If your cat is spitting out hair from its mouth, or it looks like the cat is trying to throw up a hairball, there is definitely a hairball in your cat’s system.

If your cat is displaying signs of abdominal pain, chances are it has a blockage.

Moreover, loss of appetite and lethargy are also effects of a blockage.

Abdominal swelling and dehydration are other signs to look out for.

If the blockage is partial, the cat may have diarrhea too.

Otherwise, constipation is common in the case of blockage caused by hairballs.

Does wet cat food help with hairballs?

Generally, any cat food with high fiber content will help with hairballs.

It is usually wet foods that are richer in fiber as compared to dry foods so wet food does work better.

However, if you want the most effective outcome, you should opt for one of the commercially available special cat food that is meant to solve hairball issues.

This diet is formulated to target the problem of hairball in particular which is why they have a very successful outcome.

How long can cats go without food?

Generally, a cat must never go without for more than 24 hours.

A healthy cat will ask for meals at least 2 times a day along with occasional treats here and there.

In case your cat hasn’t eaten for up to 36 hours, it could be a sign of an illness.

Firstly, make sure you’re providing a cat-friendly food along with plenty of water.

If the cat still refuses to eat, you must visit a vet immediately.

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