13 Best Hamster Wheels (including 5 Best Silent Wheels)

It is a well-known universal fact that hamsters love wheels.

Although these little creatures look super adorable running in a wheel, the continuous noise a hamster wheel makes can get quite annoying.

Some wheels are also not so safe and may end up causing the hamster to hurt itself.

I totally understand your concern as a fellow pet parent.

Therefore, to eradicate all your worries, I’ve done my research and found the 13 best hamster wheels.

All of these are, of course, safe for hamsters.

But, that’s not all!

Here’s the best part:

5 of these are silent wheels which means no more annoying hamster wheel sounds in the middle of the night!

So, let’s get straight to these products!

The Top 7 Hamster Wheels

Here’s the thing:

I do have a whole list of 13 hamster wheels that are absolutely perfect for a hamster.

However, I’d be lying if I say I love them all equally.

There are 7 particular wheels that I do like a tad bit more than the rest.

Here are those top 7:

Product NameNoise LevelComes with a stand 
Yosooo Small Animals Exercise Wheel Wooden
ModerateYes Check Price
Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield ModerateYes Check Price
Quality Cage Crafter 15” Chin Spin Wheel
SilentNo Check Price
2 Pcs Hamster Wheel Toy
ModerateNo Check Price
Trixie Exercise Wheel
SilentYes Check Price
Kaytee Run-Around Exercise

ModerateYes Check Price
Silent Runner 9” – Exercise Wheel + Cage attachment

SilentYes Check Price

Now that I’ve expressed my slight bias towards these 7 items, it’s time we start looking into all the 13 wheels extensively.

But before we do, make sure you check out our hamster supplies checklist to ensure you have everything you need for your hammie.

1. Yosooo Small Animals Exercise Wheel Wooden


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Yosooo
  • Material: Wood
  • Diameter: 6 inches
  • Weight: 240 grams

Yosooo’s wooden hamster exercise wheel is a very eco-friendly option.

With products like these, you can really make sure that your hamster is not contributing to environmental damage whatsoever.

This non-toxic product is also very sturdy.

The strong structure ensures that the hamster will not fall off no matter how vigorously it is running.


The grips inside the wheel are an extra safety feature to prevent the hamster from losing grip.

It comes with a stand that will stand steadily on the surface of the cage.

It’s not as noisy as most other hamster wheels are.

Moreover, it is big enough to accommodate an average hamster.

It has also been designed in a way that won’t make the hamster feel suffocated or hot even after it has been running for hours.

 Things I really like
  • The wooden structure makes it an eco-friendly and pet-safe product
  • It is a very strong and sturdy wheel that has no chance of losing its balance
  • The surface is smooth enough to not hurt your hamster’s feet but rugged enough to prevent the pet from slipping
  • The stand is short so the hamster can easily climb inside
 Things I don’t like
  • Bigger hamsters, such as a Syrian hamster, may not be able to run in this wheel
  • The lack of a cage attachment prevents you from hanging this cage on the wall of the cage

2. Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Suncoast Sugar Gliders
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 11 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds

The Wodent Wheel is a closed hamster wheel.

It has openings all around to let the hamster in and out but at the same time, it acts as a shield that prevents running hamsters from slipping out.

Other than that:

It is also true that most hamsters prefer a closed hamster wheel, especially if they are of shy nature.

Its 11-inch diameter is big enough for all sorts of hamsters.

The stand keeps the wheel risen from the ground for smooth spinning of the wheel.

With the Nail-O-Matic lining, you don’t have to worry about grooming your hamster’s nails at all!

It is a very well-designed hamster wheel which is very easy to climb into and out of.

You can let the hamster play in the wheel without a worry of it getting hurt in any way.

 Things I really like
  • The wall-to-wall shield prevent the hamster from falling out of the wheel
  • The entire wheel surface has been lined with Nail-O-Matic which means that your hamster’s nail will be trimmed as it runs
  • It is a very big wheel that is perfect for all sized hamsters
  • The material that this wheel is made out of will almost never damage and so, this product can last you a lifetime
 Things I don’t like
  • It is not a silent wheel so if your hamster likes to run during the night, you can say goodbye to your peaceful sleep
  • The stand is not the sturdiest. If your hamster is heavy and gets over-excited often, the wheel may lose its balance

3. Quality Cage Crafters 15” Chin Spin Wheel


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Quality Cage Crafters
  • Material: Metal and Wood
  • Diameter: 15 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds

The manufacturers of this hamster wheel claim that it is a product built to last a lifetime.

They also claim that you’ll not find a hamster wheel quieter than this one.

It is a wheel made out of metal and wood so the materials are definitely strong and durable.

There is no plastic used in this product whatsoever,

The wheel has a mount on its back that attaches securely to any wire cage.

It comes in multiple color options although it has a very simplistic design.

There are dual ball bearings in this wheel for smoother spinning.

Moreover, the running surface is wide so that the hamster can run as vigorously as it wants.

 Things I really like
  • Since it is a silent wheel, you won’t even notice when the hamster is running on it
  • Its 15-inch diameter makes it a huge wheel that will be sufficient for the biggest of hamsters
  • It is completely made out of wood and metal so it will last you a lifetime without any damage
  • The absence of plastic makes it an eco-friendly product
  • The design of the wheel allows it to be mounted to any wire cage
  • There are three color options: Silver-Vein, Pink, and Teal.
  • The manufacturer offers a 100% refund or replacement in case you don’t like the product
 Things I don’t like
  • Since there is no stand with this wheel, you can only use it if you have a wire hamster cage
  • It is much more expensive than regular hamster wheels

4. 2-Pcs Hamster Wheel Toy


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Hamiledyi
  • Material: Wood
  • Diameter: 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.2 ounces

Why get a single hamster wheel when you can get two accessories for the hamster cage?

This 2 piece product has one adorable multi-colored wooden hamster wheel along with a pastel blue wooden swing.

Here’s the best part:

Both these items have been made out of all-natural materials only!

These materials are not just chew-proof but are also very durable and long-lasting.

You’ll provide two exercising outlets for your hamster with just one purchase.

The wheel clips onto the wires in the cage whereas the swing can be hung from the roof.

An anti-slip surface lines the entire wheel.

It’s not very huge so it will fit in a hamster’s cage easily but won’t be the most suitable option for a big hamster.

 Things I really like
  • You get two items in one purchase, both of which are hamster favorites
  • The material used in these products is eco-friendly and pet-safe
  • Unlike boring hamster wheels, this one is colorful and pretty
  • The wheel clips onto the wire cage for a secure fixation
  • The anti-slip frictional surface prevents the hamster from falling off
 Things I don’t like
  • It isn’t big enough for Syrian hamsters
  • The lack of a stand may restrict your options of how you want to use the wheel

5. Trixie Exercise Wheel


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Trixie
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 28 centimeters
  • Weight: 14 ounces

This silent wheel by Trixie is a bright plastic wheel that will definitely stand out in a hamster’s cage.

It has a shield that will prevent hamsters from accidentally slipping out of the wheel while running.

The strong grips on the running surface are another feature that ensures the safety of the hamster.

Unlike some closed hamster wheels, this one won’t be suffocating to the animal due to the huge opening in the shield.

Other than that, this wheel comes with a well-balanced and strong stand.

Overall, the wheel spins smoothly without making any noise.

It is somewhat small in size.

This will make it a very comfortable wheel for small hamsters but for bigger ones, this may be too congested.

 Things I really like
  • The safety shield is perfect. It protects the hamster but also has openings big enough to keep the hamster from feeling trapped
  • A well-balanced stand adds to the durability of the wheel
  • The grips on the running surface are an added safety feature that also allows more comfortable running for the hamster
 Things I don’t like
  • If your hamster is very small, it may have a difficult time climbing up the high stand to get inside the wheel
  • It is entirely made out of plastic so it’s not an environmentally friendly option

6. Kaytee Run-Around Exercise


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Kaytee
  • Material: Wire
  • Diameter: 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 ounces

If you’re someone who loves unique pet accessories, this Kaytee Wire Wheel is the right product for you.

It is completely made of wire.

Either side of the wheel is open.

Since the surface is wired, it is automatically anti-slip and frictional.


That also means that it’s not the most comfortable for the hamster to run in.

Although, the structure is very tough and solid.

It comes in different sizes as well as colors.

The wheel has a tail safe exit design for the animal’s safety.

Other than being stylish, this wheel is also rust-resistant.

One thing is for sure:

This wheel will be a very long-lasting product that will never break or corrode.

 Things I really like
  • You have 4 size options to choose from: mini, small, giant, and regular
  • It comes in different colors including blue and green
  • The wire structure is very strong and sturdy
  • With its unique design, the wheel will be a fun accessory in the hamster’s cage
 Things I don’t like
  • Both the sides of the wheel are open so there is a higher risk of the hamster falling out
  • The wired surface may cause the hamster’s feet to get stuck so it will not be a very comfortable running experience for the animal

7. Silent Runner Hamster Wheel 9”


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Exotic Nutrition
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 9 inches
  • Weight: 2.25 pounds

This silent runner hamster wheel is designed keeping in mind all sorts of hamsters.

It makes no noise whatsoever.

The wheel does not have a central axle which makes it extra safe for small animals.

The fur and tails of hamsters can usually get caught in central axle bearings while running, especially in closed wheel designs.

Other than that, the silent runner hamster wheel is spacious.

It has a big diameter as well as a wide running surface.

The running track has an excellent grip to keep the animal from slipping or hurting itself.

It comes with a stand as well as a cage attachment so you can use it both ways.

The stand itself is not too high to make it more convenient for small hamsters to climb into the wheel.

 Things I really like
  • It is a silent wheel that won’t make any noise at all
  • You can use the wheel on its stand or use the cage attachment to mount it against the cage
  • The wall-to-wall shield keeps the pet secure and safe
  • With its 9 inch diameter, it is spacious for the majority of the hamsters but if you still prefer something bigger, you can choose a bigger size
  • It is a very safe design that minimizes the risk of slipping and also prevents the tail or fur of the little one from getting caught in the bearing
 Things I don’t like
  • It is not an eco-friendly product due to the use of plastic

8. Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Kaytee
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces

The Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel comes in three sizes and multiple colors.

You can get a small 5.5-inch diameter wheel, a medium-sized 8.5-inch diameter wheel or a giant 12-inch diameter wheel.

As the name suggests, it is a wheel designed to provide comfort even as the hamster runs.

The grips on the running surface make it an anti-slip running wheel.

It comes with a stand that is well-balanced.

If you don’t like the look of a stand, you can easily hide the narrow base of it in the bedding of the hamster’s cage and make it look like a flying saucer hamster wheel!

You can also detach the stand and attach the wheel directly to the cage.

The stand itself is not too high so it’s pretty easy for the hamster to jump on.

 Things I really like
  • Depending on the size of your hamster, you can choose between three sizes
  • The material of the wheel offers a comfortable run for the hamster
  • There are grips on the running surface to ensure that the hamster doesn’t slip off and hurt itself
  • You can use it with a stand or mount it with the cage directly
 Things I don’t like
  • There are color options but you cannot choose it yourself. You’ll be surprised by an unknown color when the package arrives
  • There is no shield on the wheel so if your hamster prefers closed wheels, this won’t be a product it will enjoy

9. Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Hamster Wheel for Small Pets


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Ware Manufacturing
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 7.25 inches
  • Weight: 4 ounces

Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel is a plastic running surface for small animals.

It is free of potentially harmful pieces such as a central axle or bearing.


This flying saucer hamster wheel is completely safe for hamsters.

There is no risk that the hamster’s tail or fur may get caught up in some part of the wheel.

Moreover, the surface has a strong grip.

Since it is a flying saucer, it is not so vertical and so, its 7.25-inch diameter is more than enough for hamsters of any size.

The running surface lays on top of a sturdy stand that is guaranteed to not lose its balance no matter how excitedly your hamster runs on top of it.

This product comes in different colors although you do not have the liberty to choose one yourself.

 Things I really like
  • This silent wheel is very quiet and so, it won’t annoy you with the weird noises
  • It has a very hefty stand that won’t move around
  • The running surface itself has grips that make it anti-slip and frictional
  • It won’t hurt the hamster’s tail, toes or fur due to its unique and safe design
 Things I don’t like
  • The running surface is not very wide so the hamster may not feel very comfortable
  • You can only use this flying saucer on its stand instead of mounting it on the cage

10. Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Exotic Nutrition
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 12 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds

This hamster wheel is a huge one.

The wheel itself is pretty strong.

The running surface is not just slip-proof, but it is also wide enough to accommodate the entire body of the hamster.

These two features combined make it a very safe wheel to run on.

The textured surface also trims the hamster’s nails as it runs so no extra grooming is required.

The metal stand is pretty wide which gives the wheel a lot of balance.

It is not very high in height which is a good thing because it can get hard for a hamster to climb a wheel that is too high.

It is a pretty simple hamster wheel so if you don’t prefer fancy accessories for your pet, this wheel will be perfect.

However, the shield on the wheel is of a glow-in-the-dark material so it’s not a boring wheel either.

Since it is made without a central axle, the wheel is completely safe for hamsters and other small animals.

 Things I really like
  • It has a shield covering the wheel to make it secure for the hamster
  • The absence of the central axle eradicate the risk of the hamster’s tail or fur getting stuck in it
  • It is a spacious wheel
  • The running surface is anti-slip
  • The textured running ground grooms the hamster’s nails as it runs
  • A wide stand ensures a well-balanced structure
  • It comes with a cage mount so you can use it in two ways
  • The glow-in-the-dark shield adds fun to the simple design of the wheel
 Things I don’t like
  • The noise level of this running wheel is moderate so you may get disturbed during the nights if the hamster’s cage is near your bed
  • You don’t have size options for smaller hamsters

11. Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Kaytee
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 12 inches
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds

Kaytee’s giant silent spinner is a very quiet wheel.

It is designed to very comfortable for the hamsters while also being comfortable for the pet parent.

The wheel is entirely made out of plastic hence the lightweight.

With its wide diameter, it is a very spacious wheel that will be perfect for small hamsters as well as for big ones.

It has a stand but can also be mount onto wire cages.

Although the majority of the cage is white, there is a pop of color.

There are also more than once color options which adds a little something to the hamster’s cage.

The plastic running surface has been designed to be easy to run on for the hamster.

 Things I really like
  • The wheel has been designed to be very silent so it won’t bug you at any time of the day
  • It is big enough for all hamsters
  • The grips on the running surface prevent hamster accidents
  • It can be used on a sturdy stand or mounted to the cage directly
 Things I don’t like
  • It is a plastic product so it isn’t eco-friendly
  • There is no shield present on the wheel so shy hamsters may not like it

12. Penn-Plax 8” Exercise Wheel


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Penn Plax
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 8 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces

This 8-inch wheel comes in one size only.

It is a solid-colored plastic hamster wheel on a stand.

There is a cage mount attached to the wheel which allows you to use it in two ways.


This wheel is pretty big.

It has a wide running surface which has grips all around.

The hamster can run safely on this surface without the risk of slipping.

Moreover, the big diameter allows the hamster to be safe inside.

However, it may not be accommodating for big Syrian hamsters.

The material used in this wheel is non-toxic and safe for pets.

It is a durable product that will definitely last you a long time.

 Things I really like
  • It can be used on its stand but can also be mount to wire cages
  • The anti-slip surface provides a safe running space for the hamster
  • It is made out of a very durable material
  • The sturdy stand prevents it from falling over
  • The plastic used in this wheel is pet safe and non-toxic
 Things I don’t like
  • A big hamster’s tail may get caught in the central axle
  • It doesn’t have a shield so hamsters may slip out while running

13. Be Good Pet Exercise Hamster’s Wheel Running Spinner


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Be Good
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 8.3 inches

The Be Good Pet Exercise Hamster Wheel is a plastic wheel.

It has a wide running surface for the hamster to run on.

With grooves and grips all around the inside of the wheel, there is little chance that the hamster can slip out unless it really wants to.


Since the wheel isn’t too high, it won’t hurt the hamster even if it falls out.

The wheel doesn’t come with a cage mount so you can only use it on its stand.

The stand, however, is very balanced and strong.

The whole wheel is sturdy and made out of durable material.

It can be detached if you ever want to do so.

 Things I really like
  • The design of the wheel allows the hamster to easily get on and off the wheel
  • It comes in many colors: sky blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow
  • The detachable design makes it easy to assemble or disassemble
  • The grips on the running surface provide a safe running surface for the animal
 Things I don’t like
  • It is not a silent wheel so there will be a moderate level of noise every time the hamster runs on this wheel
  • The absence of a shield increases the risk of the hamster falling out
  • The 8.3-inch diameter is not big enough for bigger hamsters

Why do hamsters love running wheels?

You may be wondering:

What is it about running wheels that hamsters love so much?

Well, I have the same question in mind.

So let’s find out together!

Here’s the thing:

Rodents are naturally born in circumstances where they have to be on the run.

It is a part of their everyday routine to run a few hundred miles.

Now, that is rather convenient in the open since there are no boundaries whatsoever.

But in a home, there are two issues:

  1. You do not have enough space to offer
  2. The things in your home may end up hurting the hamster

This is why wheels make such a genius alternative.

The hamster can run all day long without really going anywhere.

Isn’t that brilliant?

It’s safe, convenient, and doesn’t consume space either.

Hamsters are said to run around 5 miles every night.

Hamster wheels are the perfect outlet for hamsters to satisfy their running needs.

It is also a good way to drain the hyper energy from the animal.


Hamsters love exercising as well.

Running on the wheel or otherwise is a very healthy habit.

It prevents rodents from getting obese and keeps them active.

This is why hamsters love running wheels and truly cannot live without them.

How to choose the right wheel for your hamster?

As you must have noticed, you have a wide variety of hamster wheels to choose from.

There is a sense of peace knowing you have so many options, but at the same time, it is rather intimidating.

How do you pick the best one among so many good ones?


There is no perfect wheel, I’ll tell you that.

Therefore, I cannot name one and say that it will work perfectly.

This decision has to be made by you considering a couple of factors.

First of all, comes the size of the wheel in comparison with the size of your hamster.


You’ll find a lot of hamster species in a pet store.

Some are big and heavy while the others are petite and tiny.

Get a wheel accordingly.

A wheel that is too big for your hamster can cause spinal injuries.

Similarly, a wheel too small is uncomfortable, suffocating, and the hamster will keep falling out of it.

Generally, a wheel with a diameter bigger than 8 inches is suggested for hamsters that are considered big.

For fully grown Syrian hamsters, something with a diameter of 12 inches works perfectly.

The size of the wheel must also be smaller than the length of the cage so that it fits in perfectly.


Double-check that the wheel is compatible with the cage that you own.

Majority of the wheels suggested above come with a stand whether or not they have a cage attachment.

Such wheels can be placed on any flat surface.

But, if you prefer to attach the wheel directly to the cage, you’ll have to be more careful with your final purchase.

It is more fitting to get a silent wheel or one that claims to be quieter.

Usually, a hamster wheel makes squeaky noises when the animal runs on it.

This can be very upsetting since hamsters do usually run during the night.

The next few considerations are for safety purposes.

First of all, a wheel with an anti-slip surface is the only one you should purchase.

Next, if your hamster doesn’t get suffocated in closed spaces, a hamster wheel with a wall-to-wall shield will be a better option.

If closed wheels are not preferable, go for something that has a wider running surface to minimize the risk of the hamster slipping off.


If you are someone who is conscious of the environmental hazards and want to make an effort to minimize your contribution to these issues then you can opt for an eco-friendly wheel.

It is actually very easy to find hamster wheels that are made of metal, wood or some other environmentally safe material.

Other accessories to buy for a new hamster

Considering you’re new to the hamster parenthood, I think it is important that you are educated about a hamster’s needs.

Everyone knows that buying a cage is mandatory.

You should get one too.

Make sure it is big enough to hold all the items mentioned below.

I’ll give you a quick rundown of accessories that you should get for putting inside a hamster’s cage.

If you’re interested in buying some, check out our picks for the best hamster cage toys and accessories.

1. Hamster food, food dish, and water dispenser

The first and foremost thing to take care of is the hamster’s food.

You can wait to provide comfortable living space or entertainment sources, but you cannot really delay the meal times.

In fact:

Food will be one of the easiest sources to help the hamster adjust in the new surroundings.

You’ll have to buy a commercial hamster mix along with a few fresh veggies and fruits.

Keep in mind that before you purchase these fruits and vegetables, you need to research which of these fresh items are safe for the hamster and which are not.

You can start by feeding the hamster with your hand or in any small container.

But, it is better if you get a food bowl and water bottle so that the little one is familiarized with the same accessories from the get-go.

Get something that isn’t too high for the hamster to eat out of.

As for the water bottle, a dispenser-like item that mounts to the cage is what works perfectly for the tiny adorable mouths of hamsters.

2. Bedding and substrate

You’ll notice that most hamster cages have a plastic or wire mesh flooring.

This isn’t comfortable at all, trust me.


To make this cage more home-like for you furball, you need to get the right bedding and substrate.

The substrate is what lines the bottom of the cage.

The main purpose of this layer is to absorb all the waste, including the hamster’s urine and any spilled water.

Here’s a list of my favorite hamster beddings.


The substrate should be of a very absorbent nature.

Next is the bedding.

This is what the hamster will sit and walk on.

Hence, it should be something soft and comfortable.

But at the same time, it should be absorbent too.


The bedding must not be of indigestible material.

In case the hamster swallows the bedding, the material should be able to digest so that the hamster does not choke or die.

3. Hamster Exercise wheel

As a new hamster owner, you may think that toys and entertainment are a secondary concern.


You’re entirely wrong.

An exercise wheel specifically is just as important as the hamster’s food.

It should be among the first of the things you get for your little pet.

These little furballs cannot live without running.

You’ve already read above why hamster wheels are so loved by these creatures.


Get one of these and set it up in the cage securely.

4. Sand bath

Grooming is a necessary part of every living being’s life.

Pets, for the most part, are dependent on their owners to do the job for them.

As for hamsters, they don’t need to be groomed a lot.

The only two things that are mandatory are to keep the fur clean and to keep the nails trimmed.

A lot of hamster wheels come with a rugged surface which automatically trims the hamster’s nails.

As for baths, hamsters don’t need regular water baths.

In fact:

Water showers can end up being fatal for these animals.

What they do need is a sand bath.

You will have to buy bath sand along with a dust bath container.

The hamster will roll around in the sand and clean itself on its own.

Strange hamster habits

Most animal owners tend to have a set image in mind as of what their life with a pet will be like.

It is true that this image is usually butchered when the pet comes home.

I don’t want you to feel betrayed or heartbroken at all which is why I want you to be well aware of all the strange things a hamster does.

Prepare yourself mentally to bear all these weird habits before you bring the pet home.

The first of these things is actually a bit scary too.

Hamsters have the ability to make themselves disappear.

No, it isn’t a magic trick.

They just find nooks and corners to hide in.

You’ll notice that a hamster does this even inside a cage.

You may think that a wire cage is pretty transparent but trust me, these little animals are very smart and can always find something to hide under or behind!

If nothing else is available, they will dig into the bedding to create a hiding spot there.

Hamsters just love hideouts.

This brings us to their next annoying habit which is digging into the bedding.

They could be doing this to hide their food or simply just to entertain themselves.

Yes, hamsters are kind of naughty.


This next one is going to give you guaranteed headaches if you hate squeaky noises.

Hamsters are very vocal.

Although they are pretty tiny, their continuous hissing sounds are kind of loud.

They make these sounds when they are happy or angry so that means, pretty much all the time.

Other than that:

They also chew very loud and they chew everything that fits in their mouth.

So you must keep your valuables far away from a hamster’s reach.

Hamsters also like to stay awake during the night.

You’ll notice quite often that your hamsters usually sleeps when you’re awake and is wide awake when you go to sleep.

During the time they are awake, they love playing, running, and doing all sorts of crazy things.

This can be noisy and annoying if the hamster’s cage is near your room.

This next strange habit is kind of a cute one.

Hamsters stuff their cheeks.

While chewing food, they would randomly just start hoarding parts of their meal in their cheeks.

Trust me, they look very adorable when they do so.


Keep in mind that hamsters have a very curious personality.

They love exploring things and the way they do that is by sniffing everything.

Ideal living conditions for hamsters

With the perfect cage all set up nice and cozy, you’ll expect your hamster to be as relaxed as ever.

Sadly, your expectations are likely to be hurt if you haven’t taken care of the surrounding environment too.

Hamsters must be kept in a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although they naturally come from a desert region, they cannot bear very high temperatures.

Similarly, this also doesn’t mean they are completely incapable of bearing cold temperatures.

The thing is, these little ones do adjust to their surroundings but gradually.

Here’s what this means:

Do not put hamsters through sudden temperature changes.

If the climate in your area is getting cooler, keep the heating inside the home up and only lower it gradually and vice versa.


It is best if you stick between the range of 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hamsters are, after all, small and sensitive.

They are likely to develop pneumonia in chilly temperatures.

They can also die from a heat stroke if it gets too hot.

But, there are a few hamster species that can survive either extreme.

To be on the safe side, consult the pet store that you’re purchasing the hamster from.

Try to replicate the same environment in your home as the pet store.

Keeping your hamster healthy

Hamsters do love to exercise and all but this also increases your responsibility as a pet parent to provide them with a healthier diet.

Lack of a balanced nutritional diet plan will naturally cause the animal to get weak and more vulnerable to health risks.

An average hamsters eats commercial pellets, fruits and vegetables, hay, and some other protein rich food.

Mealworms, nuts, and boiled eggs are good choices of hamster-safe foods that provide enough proteins.

Hamsters are omnivorous.

This means that they eat foods originated from animals as well as those that are plant-based.

The former group mostly comprises of insects.

Other than that:

A major part of feeding healthily is to avoid foods that are toxic to hamsters.

There is a huge misconception that most new pet parents believe in which is that all human foods are safe for animals.

This is not true at all.

In fact:

A lot of human favorite snacks are poisonous to animals.

On top of actual eatables, hamsters also need some chewy items that are safe to chew but cannot actually be swallowed.

Untreated softwood is one of these things.

What these chewy items do is that they satisfy the hamster’s need to nibble without causing them to overeat.

The next issue that arises in terms of a hamster’s diet is if the tiny furball stops eating.

If you are offering enough food but the hamster is avoiding it, it may be because the hamster is sick, you’re not providing the right food or the animal is trying to convey that the environment is not comfortable.

Double-check the temperature and the cage to ensure a hamster-friendly surrounding.

Then, replace the food with something that you know for sure that the hamster will love.

If these methods don’t work, head to a vet as soon as you can to avoid a serious health issue.

Related Questions

Do hamsters need to have a wheel?

Hamster wheels are an absolute necessity.

The truth is:

Hamsters love to run around.

In fact, they need to run several miles on a daily basis.

You cannot let a hamster loose and let it run so much which is why a wheel is mandatory.

The hamster wheel doesn’t really need any horizontal space but at the same time, it accommodates the hamster’s need to run a few hundred miles whenever it wants!

What is the best hamster ball?

There are a number of hamster balls easily available online and in pet stores.

The right one for your hamster will be the one that is an appropriate size.

It should have a safety lock that is also easy to open.

Moreover, the ball shouldn’t be suffocating.

Along with that, it is preferable if the ball is transparent so that you can ensure that the hamster is safe inside.

Can hedgehogs use hamster wheels?

Hedgehogs, much like hamsters, love running on wheels.

Some only use the wheel as a potty instead of an entertainment source.

However, for those who do love to run on it, the hamster wheel will work for them.

They are the right size and usually come with an anti-slip surface.

Therefore, a hedgehog can safely use a hamster wheel.

Do hamsters poop when they are scared?

Yes, hamsters tend to pee and poop more than usual when they are scared.

You’ll notice that for the first few days after you bring the hamster home, it will poop and pee a lot.

This happens when the animal is anxious.

When you first start holding the hamster in your hand, it will poop a lot then too.

There is nothing to worry about in such a case.

Just be gentle and let the animal get familiar.

It will get back to its regular pooping and peeing schedule gradually.





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