7 Best Litter Mats For Bengal Cats

Let’s be honest and admit that no cat parent likes to be surprised with scattered litter all over the place.

While a cat litter box makes a cat parent’s life much more comfortable, a cat litter mat becomes a necessity to maintain hygienic surroundings not only for your cat but also for yourself.

What’s more:

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to spend money on Bengal cat accessories like a litter mat, consider its effectiveness.

For instance:

A cat litter mat takes out most of the sticky litter from your Bengal cat’s paws and alleviates your problem of tackling scattered litter masses daily.

Here is a list of 7 best Litter Mats for your Bengal cat:

7 Best Litter Mats For Bengal Cats

ProductsWaterproof or Water Resistant?Material 
Pieviev Cat Litter Mat Waterproof and Slip-ResistantSuper soft EVA material
Check Price
WePet Cat Litter Mat Water ResistantPremium EVA material
Check Price
Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat Water ResistantSuper soft 1/3” thick material
Check Price
KAG Cat Litter Mat WaterproofEco-friendly EVA foam rubber
Check Price
Cat Litter Mat by LittleTiger Water Resistant and Leak-ProofHigh-Quality Environmental PVC material
Check Price
Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Trapper
Urine Proof and Non-Absorbent EdgeEVA foam, Leather, and Laminated
Check Price
Premium Large Cat Litter Mat Water ResistantExtra thick and extra large PVC plastic material
Check Price

If you own a Bengal cat, a litter mat will help you a lot in cleaning up after your Bengal uses the litter box.

Also, if you’ve just bought a Bengal cat, you might be wondering, “What to buy for a Bengal kitten?”

Check out our Bengal cat checklist which contains the top 20 must-have products for all Bengal cat owners.

1. Pieviev Cat Litter Mat


Pieviev Cat Litter Mat has the most effective honeycomb double layer design which helps the litter to be sifted through and the rest of it can be dumped back to the litter box.

The honeycomb holes are large enough to capture and trap litter,

The next time your cat walks on this litter mat with used litter stuck on its paws; the litter would drop into the honeycomb structure and get trapped in the inner layer.

The Pieviev Cat Litter Mat is in a way multidimensional, not only because of its double layered design but also because of its dual functions of being waterproof as well as slip-resistant.


  • Its honeycomb design makes the recycling of litter possible
  • Its double-layered structure makes it easy to open
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Scatter control
  • Prevents litter from going around
  • Urine proof mat
  • Protect your floor/carpet/wood floor from nasty urine stains
  • Its EVA material is so much gentle and soft for your cat’s paws that your cat can even snooze on it


  • Picking up the mat becomes an unpleasant experience and might not prove to be the best choice
  • No vacuum cleaning is possible
  • Large mats like this take a lot of space when you have limited space
  • It does not hold urine or waste’s smell

2. WePet Cat Litter Mat


WePet Cat Litter Mat has an envelope design, and it can be easily opened through both ends to dump litter.

It has well-engineered 12mm diameter 3D Convex Honeycomb Holes which are useful in trapping litter.

What’s more:

Your Bengal cat can use this litter mat as a scratch pad due to its honey-comb design.

It can trap 90% or more litter than that, and it also has a leather edge which is water resistant.


  • Slip Resistant
  • Water and Urine Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Soft on Paws
  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • Creative and Upgraded design
  • Its honeycomb double layer captures and traps the litter


  • It has an oily film on it which your cat might not like
  • Litter comes out through the opening of both ends when a cat jumps on it
  • Its folded packaging causes wrinkles on its surface for which you have to take the trouble to straighten it again

3. Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat


Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat is manufactured as an advanced mat with deep grooves and superior mesh to capture and trap litter.

Its slip-resistant quality makes the mat stay in its place along with the litter.

Its texture is smooth enough that your Bengal cat might just walk around it for no reason.


  • Non-Slip
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • It is 1/3” thick.
  • Captures litter
  • Easy to wash, clean, and, vacuum
  • Water Resistant
  • Generous size to meet the needs of your cat litter box
  • Scatter Control


  • It needs additional protection under it to absorb urine or any liquid since it is not waterproof.

4. KAG Cat Litter Mat


KAG Cat Litter Mat is a double layered mat, cat litter falls on the upper layer of the mat and then cat litter transfers through honeycomb holes to the bottom layer where it is captured.

It is made of Non-Toxic EVA material which is durable, soft, and washable.


  • Large Holes to sift litter to the bottom layer
  • Waterproof
  • Eco-friendly foam rubber
  • Double layer design
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Easy-open edge to dump the trapped litter


  • It can slip easily because of its texture
  • No variety of colors in it
  • Urine has to be avoided around the nylon mesh on its boundary as it can end up soaking it
  • Sticky poop can be stuck in its honeycomb holes which will cause trouble cleaning it

5. Cat Litter Mat by LittleTiger


Cat Litter Mat is a super-sized mat which can be used for more than one litter box if you have more cats.

It is made up of high-quality environmental PVC material which helps it make more comfortable and long lasting for your Bengal cat.

It is also independently laboratory tested, which proves it to be non-toxic for cats.


  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip to keep its position
  • Water Resistant
  • Back is leak-proof to prevent urine from ruining your floor
  • Versatile colors
  • Super-size for cat litter box
  • Durable in use
  • Soft on Paws
  • Litter trapper


  • Its large size can become a problem for other cat owners who want a small and portable mat.

6. Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Trapper


Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Trapper has a honeycomb design which can capture litter granules off your cat’s paws.

It also has leather edging which prevents urine from slipping to the floor.

Its bottom layer has a laminated material which resists any liquid to go through.


  • Urine proof
  • Extra large for large litter box
  • Unique design
  • Soft honeycomb design to trap the litter
  • Safeguards your hardwood/floor
  • Easier to clean
  • Convex shaped rubber dots help litter scatter to fall through honeycomb holes
  • Complete film lamination ensures that no urine soaks through the mat


  • Its leather edge will not absorb urine, which is why it gives a lingering, pungent, and gross odor.
  • For people with lesser space, this litter mat can prove to be too large

7. Premium Large Cat Litter Mat


Easyology Premium Large Cat Litter Mat has a unique patented design which has created grooves in the mat that helps to trap litter.

There are woven fibers in it which prove useful for cleaning your cat’s paws.

It also has natural rubber back, which makes it floor friendly and cat-friendly.


  • Soft texture which is more comfortable for your cat to step on
  • Easy to clean
  • Water Resistant
  • Toxin-free makes it safe and healthy for your cat
  • Protects floor
  • Ultra-lightweight for you to manage
  • A Perfect variety of colors which go with your home décor.


  • It is too stiff to be washed in the washer
  • Its bottom layer does not prevent liquid from seeping through
  • Its urine smell becomes a nightmare

Bengal Cat Litter Mat Buying Guide

Now that you have some knowledge about the material and design of a variety of cat litter mats, it is time to think and consider the specific needs of your Bengal cat.


As a cat parent, it is always necessary to cater to your cat’s needs.

Following are some determining factors that can help you buy the Best Cat Litter Mat:

The durability of the litter mat

Sustainability is what every buyer looks for whenever the business of buying is involved.

Bengal cats love scratching, so landing on a cat litter mat right after excretion might make your cat want to scratch.

Trust me, I’d know. I’ve seen Bengal cats destroy furniture with untrimmed nails. More on that in this article.

You don’t want your cat to spoil the cat litter mat when you have just recently spent money on it. So, to prevent this, you should be very careful and active about the durability of the product you are choosing.

There are many cat litter mats which have a specific texture that does not damage because of cat scratching.

Their material, design, and manufacturing are so durable that they are made to be cat-friendly.

In a nutshell:

Durability should be your priority while buying a cat litter mat.

The effectiveness of your cat litter mat

As a cat parent, you need to clarify how effective you want a Cat Litter Mat to be.

After its durability, you should always consider how effective this mat is going to be for your cat.

Will it trap litter in the perfect ways? Will it be easy to clean? Will it absorb liquid or not?

These are the questions that arise when it comes to the effectiveness of the product.

The size of the litter mat

Cat Litter Mats have various sizes and shapes in their repertoire, which can be useful for cat owners with different preferences.

While buying the Best Cat Litter Mat for your cat, its size becomes the primary characteristic which should be considered since over-sized mats become a problem in limited spaces.

Keep in mind:

The space available to you has a huge role to play in picking the best cat litter mat.

For instance, if you and your cat are sharing a spacious apartment, then you can go for a large-sized cat litter mat without any second thought.


There are other questions to be answered when it comes to the size of your Cat Litter Mat.

For instance, how many cats do you have? How many litter boxes do you use for your cats? What is the size of your litter box? Is your cat messy and nasty?

All these questions are imperative to be taken into account so that you don’t have to take troubles afterward.

Is your cat litter mat comfortable for your Bengal?

A good cat litter mat can bring ease for you with its various functions to minimize litter scatters, and for your cat with its soft texture.

A surface of a mat which is rough, hard, and unpleasant will not make your cat step on it; let alone help to trap litter.

The design and color of your cat litter mat

Cat litter mats come in a multitude of designs and colors which make your shopping pleasant and colorful.

You should always go for a design that can cater to your cat’s needs.

For instance, if you don’t like holding your cat’s litter mat, you need to choose a design which can be vacuumed.


The colors of cat litter mats are essential when it comes to your home décor.

Colors also attract the attention of your cat, and because of bright, vibrant, or soft colors, your cat can derive pleasure while using them.

Ways to Prevent Cat Litter From Scattering

While covering their feces with litter, cats tend to throw litter out of the litter box, which becomes a severe problem for cat parents since they have to clean all the mess.

To avoid such messy and gross accidents, every cat parent should take precautionary measures to minimize the effects of this unhygienic condition.

It becomes important to scoop your cat’s litter every day because if the cat litter box does not have sufficient clean space for your cat to poop, your cat will start digging in the litter to find a clean area for itself.

Scooping the used litter will not only make you relieved but also make your cat entirely at ease.

You should keep changing the litter once it is used; it is quite integral to your cat’s healthy behavior because if your cat keeps on finding the same old smelly litter, it might upset and disrupt its set behavior pattern.


You should get a cat litter box which has large sides/walls around it for it will assist in keeping the litter inside the litter box instead of bouncing outside on the floor.

Getting a cat litter mat also takes away more than half of your litter scattering problem since a good cat litter mat will trap and capture the scattered litter. So, going for a cat litter mat may prove to be your best decision.

Most importantly, people with long-haired cats should keep them clean and brushed as litter scattering is more common with such cats.

Despite all of these preventive measures:

You should be prepared for vacuum cleaning because there will always be a tiny amount of litter on your floor waiting to be cleaned.

Every time you detect the mess created by your cat’s litter, take out two minutes from your schedule and wipe it clean for it will minimize or even eliminate health risks.

Ways to Clean Cat Litter Out of a Carpet

Cats tend to take soiled litter in their paws, and then track it all around your house on your carpet and whatever space they find.

Once there is litter on your carpet, you will have to become proactive to avoid further nasty odors.


Keep this in your mind that if you do not clean your carpet immediately, it might become difficult for you to clean it later on when you cannot help but cover your nose.

There are times when your cat brings wet litter from the litter box which can get stuck in your carpet.

In such a situation, use paper towels since they are absorbent tissues; and you can pick out most of the wet cat litter with a paper towel.

Follow these steps:

  • Use a paper towel
  • Give time to the litter to get dried
  • Use scrubbing brush
  • Get hold of vacuum cleaner
  • Clean the particular area or give it a wash

While paper towel helps in collecting wet litter, it often gets hard to collect wet litter, so the better option is to let the damp litter dry.

Once it is dried, you can use a scrubbing brush to loosen the fibers of your carpet to get ahold of dried litter.

Then comes the role of the vacuum cleaner through which you can clean out the dried litter.

Once it is all done and dusted, give the particular area of your carpet a good wash because, without it, you might have to bear smells that you have never encountered before.

And for that:

Use a good odor neutralizer which eliminates any traces of whiff.

Using the best cat litter for Bengals should certainly help in reducing litter spreading on carpets.

How to Prevention Cat Litter From Destroying Your Carpet

After cat litter reaches your carpet, you have no other choice left than to clean it.


You can prevent your carpet from being damaged if you take measures to avoid it.

For instance, you should find a space for your Cat’s litter box in such a place in your house, which is far away from your carpets.

Even if your cat kicks out litter or brings out some with its paws, the litter will be tracked far from your carpet.

It is easy to clean the floor with wet cat litter than a carpet.


You should be thoughtful about the place and position you are placing your Cat’s litter box on to avoid any unwanted mess.

How to Clean Clumping Cat Litter From the Litter Box

Clumping cat litter is specially designed so that you would not have to empty all the litter after your cat uses the litter box. The used litter turn into a clump which then can be removed.

Cleaning clumping cat litter might seem easy, but it is not if you don’t consider everything that ought to be done to clean it properly.

If you don’t put enough clumping cat litter in the cat litter box, the clumps may stick to your litter box which will be difficult for you to scrape.

To avoid this, you should fill the cat litter box with at least 3.5 to 4 inches clumping litter.

It shall make it right for you to scoop the clumping litter without scraping it from the deep bottom of the cat litter box.

The moment it is done, get a trash bag, and put all the clumped litter into that trash bag to dispose of.

Speaking of disposing clumped litter, it is crucial to consider a few things.

Disposing off cat litter daily can become a tiring task, so people tend to search for some easy way out like flushing it all down.

Mind you:

Flushing the litter down should never be attempted.

It poses various risks and threats to your and even public’s health.

Flushing it down in the toilet can damage your plumbing system.

Most of the cat litters are designed in such a way that they can absorb liquid, and flushing it in a toilet with loads of water will make the size of clumps bigger and bigger since it can expand 15 times more than its original size.

In turn:

It can clog the pipes once it is flushed down.

Why to Never Flush Cat Litter

The excrement of cats can become carriers of a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii which can attack humans with compromised immune systems.

It poses a considerable threat to pregnant women because of its ability to damage fetuses.

A fetus can suffer brain damage or damage to its visual abilities causing visual impairment.

Even if a cat litter is manufactured to be flushed down the toilet, Toxoplasma gondii in a cat’s excrement can infect even the water supply which can pose a threat to the collective health of people and cause public infection.


The dirty cat litter box is also essential to clean.

There is no use of new litter every day when the litter box is not cleaned correctly.

How to Clean Your Cat’s Litter Box

You need a paint scraper tool to scrape the remaining cat litter from your cat’s litter box which could not be scooped because of its sticky state.

Then use a hard bristle brush to clean the cat litter box with warm water and dishwashing detergent.

Always remember:

The use of strongly scented products or ammonia has to be avoided in cleaning a cat litter box because their pungent smell might trigger and instigate your cat to poop somewhere else.


You can disinfect the cat litter box with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 10 parts hot water; cats always appreciate a clean environment, especially their litter box.


You can rinse the cat litter box and leave it to get dried under the sun, or you can also take help from paper towels to dry it.

How to Get Rid of Feline Urine Smell

One can trace the smell of a cat’s urine anywhere, be it a cat litter mat, your carpet, your upholstery, or any place in your house.

The first and foremost thing is that all the elements required to eliminate a cat’s urine’s nasty smell are right in your cupboard at home.

Owning a cat can often become pricey because of all the money that has to be spent on their upkeep.

To avoid spending money on enzymatic products, head over to your cupboard and utilize these following:

1. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is made of Sodium Bicarbonate that can soak up odors.

After you have done cleaning your cat’s urine with a paper towel or a wipe or a mop, pour baking soda on it, and make sure that the area is dry before sprinkling it.

Leave it be for about 15-30 minutes, and then you can vacuum the area.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is considered to be a reliable and powerful product to eliminate any smell, especially the smell of cat urine.

Since vinegar has acidic qualities in it, it can neutralize the bacteria in a cat’s urine, which causes a bad smell.

Make a mixture of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with water to dilute it and then spray this mixture or solution to any affected fabric or floor.

Use a hand towel or a paper towel to dab the solution, keep doing this until the area is dry almost dried.


Hydrogen-peroxide can also be used to eliminate the unpleasant smell of cat’s urine.


There is no question about how much a human needs cleanliness to avoid any severe health issues.

Human beings can go to greater lengths to ensure their healthy way of living.


You should never be reluctant to provide hygienic living conditions for your cat.

It becomes your responsibility as a cat parent or even as a responsible citizen of this society to ensure the health safety of these other living organisms.

To do so, you should know how many things there are to be taken into account ranging from cat litter box to cat litter mat.

From the brands recommended above, you can go on choosing any one of them to ensure the healthy life of a cat.

Related Questions

How to get Urine out of Cat Rubber Mats? First of all, you should always avoid rubber mats because the nature or texture or the inherent smell of the rubber mat might encourage your cat to use it as an alternative to its litter box.

In order to get urine out of a rubber mat, use paper towels or mop to soak as much of the cat urine as possible.

You can use an enzymatic cleaner to clean the rubber mat if it is not covered with any other fabric, and if the rubber mat has fabric on it you can either machine wash it with a cup of vinegar or you can use a carpet cleaner.

Let the fabric saturate with the cleaner to soak excessive liquid.

Use an odor neutralizer or enzymatic cleaner to neutralize the odor.

Then air dry rubber mats outdoor.

Cats have this sensibility to associate with their urine odors and these urine odors encourage them to urinate in that place over and over again so cleaning it thoroughly is the best option.

How Often Should Cat Litter Be Changed? If you follow the general guideline then it should be twice a week.

But it also depends on you and your cat’s behavior, you may need to replace it once a week or every other day.

If you clean the litter box every now and then, you might have to change only the clumping litter every two or three weeks.

Can a Dirty Litter Make a Cat Sick? What is important to know is that not only your cat but you can also get sick because of a dirty litter.

Toxoplasmosis is a disease which can be caused by parasites found in a cat’s waste.

So not only cats but also humans are susceptible and vulnerable to it.

Do Cats Have a Healing Agent in Their Saliva? Cats’ saliva has enzymes in it that encourage blood to clot and wounds to heal.

However, a cat’s saliva also contains harmful bacteria that can cause grave infections so you should always head for antibacterial soap or water and antibiotics to slow down the growth of bacteria in a wound given to you by your cat.

How Can I Clean My Cat’s Eyes? Dip a cotton ball in plain water.

Squeeze it a bit to wring it and then use it to clean your cat’s eye discharge.

Also, clean only the outward side of your cat’s eyes.

Can Sand Be Used As Litter in Cat Litter Boxes? Not every cat is litter trained, and cats who live outdoors develop the habit of eliminating their waste in dirt.

For kittens, you can start developing this habit in them by making them use sand as their litter.

Once your cat has developed the habit of going to the litter box to discharge, you can start replacing sand with cat litter.

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