The 9 Best Rimless Aquariums

By Nadine Oraby | 2021 Update

While every fish aficionado has his or her preference, there’s no arguing here: Rimless fish tanks are quickly becoming the most popular type of tank on the market. People love the clean lines; they are very aesthetically pleasing and easy to care for. Below, we’ve created a list of the best rimless aquarium tanks on the market.

The Best Rimless Aquariums

1. Landen 60P 111006 Rimless Low-Iron Aquarium Tank

Landen’s beautiful rimless fish tank is one of the best out there, and you’ll recognize the high-quality craftsmanship that went into making this tank from the second you open the crate it comes in!

It’s especially noticeable in the silicon work done on the edges of the aquarium. The tank is made of low-iron glass, which is 91% transparent and just 8mm thick.

You’ll find that low-iron glass is much more crisp and clear than regular glass with less glare and no fogginess! Plus it is less likely to be scratched versus an acrylic aquarium. This is a heavy tank, weighing 51 pounds, holding 32.1 gallons of water, with dimensions of 23.6″ L × 17.7″ W × 17.7″ H.

2. Deep Blue Professional Rimless Cube Aquarium Tank

This is a beautiful glass cube tank from Deep Blue Professional! This aquarium is very well built with glass that is 3/16” thick and black RTV silicone sealant expertly placed to hold it all together with very clean lines. It is very transparent and crystal clear, measuring one cubic foot (12W x 12H x 12 L).

It also comes with a small foam pad to rest on, evenly distributing the weight in the tank so that you have no issues. This smaller tank holds about 7.5 gallons of water, making it perfect for a smaller space like an office. Reviewers say it’s great for smaller fish or shrimp. Be aware, this tank does not come with accessories, so you’ll need to buy a light, filter, and heater.

This is the perfect rimless tank if you’re putting together a nano aquarium. If you’d like, you can purchase a square piece of plastic to use as a cover.

3. Ultum Nature Systems 25c Clear Rimless Cube

Ultum claims that their clear rimless cube is the “difference you can see,” and one look at this rimless tank and you’ll see exactly what they’re talking about! The tank really makes your aquascape come to life.

This cube aquarium is hand-crafted and made of low-iron, high-quality glass. it’s made of 91% clarity diamante glass, which is a very transparent glass that has very little of the green color you often see glass take on and is so clear, there’s almost no visibility lost. It also has 45 degree mitered edges.

These edges are just a small detail but make the tank stand-out, especially while held together by high-quality German silicone. This tank focuses on the “golden ratio,” keeping the aqua caper in mind, which shows a special sense of depth and perspective.

This tank also comes with a nice thick leveling mat that you just can’t go without. It keeps the tank balanced and level. Plus, the seller does a great job of making sure that this rimless tank is packed tightly and safely, arriving in mint condition.

4. Mr. Aqua Mini Bookshelf Aquarium Tank Set

Having this exquisite fish tank in your home is like having a living picture. This tank is on the smaller side, so it’s perfect for a smaller space, like a dorm, or even a shelf in your office.

However, though it is small, it will not go unnoticed! Its long front profile is magnificent, creating a captivating mini aquascape that draws your eyes from across the room. With its bright LED light and an ultra-thin aluminum LED profile (only 3/8” thick!)

And, NO rims, it truly looks like the fish are swimming in thin air in your home. Your guests are sure to comment on how attractive this fish tank is. Plus, this tank comes with a very efficient filter that hangs on the back, so you can be sure that you won’t be seeing any murky water or mold growing on the glass. As this is a smaller tank (it holds about three gallons of water), it is best for smaller fish.

5. Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit 10 Gallon

This large, unique rimless aquarium makes quite a statement in any home! It’s designed with a bent glass with no seams, meaning the view of your aquascape is totally unobstructed, including when you’re looking down from the top! The fish tank is made from high-quality glass that is never foggy, giving you a clear and crisp view of all the colors in your aquascape. Though beautiful, the tank is still very durable thanks to its three-piece construction. It holds 10 gallons of water and measures 12 ⅝ inches high by 11 3/4 inches wide and 17 ¾ inches long, making it a perfect fit for many different kinds of fish. Plus, this tank comes with an internal Cascade filter, a mat, LED light and also a plastic lid for those fish who are known to jump! And with all sides made of glass, you’ll appreciate the strong filtration system which works to biologically, chemically and mechanically.

6. Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit 3.4 Gallon

Penn Plax’s beautifully designed, curved corner glass aquarium kit is perfect for those looking to get everything they need for their aquascape in one purchase. This tank has a very unique design using bent glass so it’s completely seamless, giving you a clear, unobstructed view of what’s inside the aquarium from all sides, even the top. It’s a beautiful cube made out of high-quality glass that’s put together in a seamless 3 piece construction, making it extremely durable. This smaller cube tank is suitable for many different kinds of fish, holding 3.4 gallons of water and measuring 11” x 7 3/8” x 10 ¼”. It comes with an easy to set up LED light, mat, hinged plastic lid, and Cascade internal filter. This is a great fish tank for anyone who is just getting started in the world of aquascaping, as it is extremely easy to set up. Plus, the LED light is powerful, can be positioned anywhere on the tank, and offers a clean white light over your creation. You’ll attach the high-quality Cascade filter to the inside of the tank and you will be SO pleased by how it works. You’ll never see the glass getting cloudy or moldy with this wonderful filter!

7. Vepotek Aquarium AT25 Fish Tank Nano Kit 4 Gallons

This tank is small but mighty and has quite a bold, modern look to it! Unlike some other rimless fish tanks, this particular tank is made out of extremely strong tempered glass. This puts a level of safety and durability on it that many others don’t have, and makes this an appropriate tank for a child’s room or a home with animals. Plus, this is a small tank (just 13 1/4″ with the light attached and holds 4 gallons) so it’s perfect for a child or someone who is just getting their feet wet in the world of aquatics. The kit comes with a high-powered LED light and an energy-efficient 3-watt aquarium filter pump that can be moved anywhere within a 90-degree angle so it can best fit in with your design. You’ll love this filter, as it is a very high performing model and allows you to adjust the water flow easily by using a simple slider. This tank is good for both fresh and saltwater aqua-life and Vepotek is guaranteeing you’ll love it by giving you a limited 1 year US warranty.

8. SCA 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium Complete Package

If you’re truly looking for the total package, then look no further-the SCA Starfire Glass Aquarium complete package is for you! For all that you get with this package, this is quite a good deal. First, you get a rimless 50 gallon, high-quality glass tank (24” x 24” x 20”). The 10 mm glass is not only durable but provides crisp views of your aquascape. But this package also comes with a sump with three cambers, an SCA-301 skimmer and Atmen return pump (nearly $150 savings!) all of the tubing and pipes needed PLUS a heavy-duty cabinet measuring 24”x 24”x 31” to set it all on. The only thing you need to purchase is a light! This has become one of the best-selling tanks, and it’s because all you need to do it plug it in and set it up; you have everything you need! This rimless aquarium will look great in any home and arrive intricately packaged by the seller.

9. Windrider Creations Acrylic Aquarium with Overflow

You cannot go wrong with the Windrider Creations Rimless Acrylic Aquarium. This fish tank is built by hand by a craftsman who has been in the business for more than 27 years! Truly, this is a quality level that you can find nowhere else, and Windrider Creations is so confident in this product, it even comes with a full three-year warranty! This tank is made out of ¼” thick high quality, domestic acrylic which is very durable and strong. It’s also crisp and clear with tight silicone seams and polished edges. Unlike many other rimless tanks, this one not only comes with a three-sided overflow tank (in the center of the back of the tank) but also comes with a lid that has a hole for easy access to the inside of the tank. Also, the manufacturer is willing to drill all the holes you might need for filters or other accessories—free of charge! However, built in filters are also available for purchase.


FAQs :::

What’s the difference between rimless tanks and traditional tanks?

Rimless aquariums do not use metal rims in the construction of the tank. These tanks are made out of thicker glass or acrylic material and have silicone seams to prevent bowing and spillage. They look like a floating cube of glass rather than a traditional tank.

Should I buy a glass or acrylic aquarium?

It’s personal preference! Glass tanks are heavier, but more easily cracked. Acrylic tanks refract light less, so you can see what’s in the water more clearly. However, they do yellow over time, and glass doesn’t. Acrylic tanks scratch much easier as well.

Where does the filter, heater and light go?

Because of the growing popularity of rimless tanks, many manufacturers offer lights, filters and heaters that clip right on to the side of the tank or hang off the back. They really do not deter from the clean look of the tank.

Will my fish stay in the tank?

Many rimless fish tanks don’t come with lids, which is an issue if you have fish prone to jumping. You can easily make a lid by purchasing hinges and a piece of hard plastic from your local hardware store.

Do rimless tanks only come in small sizes?

No! Rimless tanks can hold three gallons or 180 gallons or even more! The size of the tank is dependent on the quality of construction of the fish tank. Rimless tanks are typically made of thicker glass or acrylic to bear the weight of the water inside the tank. So, the larger the tank, usually the thicker the glass you’ll see. Additionally, you want to make sure that the tank is held together evenly at the edges with high quality silicone.

Do rimless fish tanks only come in cube or square sizes?

If you’re looking to purchase a rimless tank in glass, you’re most likely going to find only square or rectangular shapes. Glass is pretty rigid and brittle, making it hard to bend. When glass is curved, it also can distort the view of what is inside the aquarium because it bends light, making the fish inside of the tank look smaller than they are. You will however, find some rimless tanks, like the ones we have listed above, with curved edges. However, acrylic tanks can be found in a wide variety of shapes because they are so easily malleable and because they don’t really distort the images that you see through it when it is curved.

Do I have to buy a stand to put this rimless tank on?

It depends on what kind of aquarium that you buy. Most glass aquariums are strong enough that they can stand alone on a shelf, a desk, or a level stand that you purchase to go along with the tank. However, because glass tanks are much heavier than their acrylic counterparts, you need to make sure the stand is strong enough to support the weight of the tank with water in it. Herein lies the difference with some acrylic tanks. If you purchase an acrylic aquarium that does not have a very thick bottom, it is very important that you purchase a tank to have a stand or a foam mat to support the bottom of the tank. Without a stand, it’s very possible the bottom of the tank could separate at the seams from the rest of the tank, spilling the contents of your tank all over.

Which is more expensive, a glass or acrylic tank?

Rimless aquariums don’t have to be expensive! You can get some smaller rimless tanks for under $30, but if you’re going to get a tank that’s larger than 3-4 gallons, it’s likely going to cost around $50 or more. That being said, glass tanks are typically less expensive than acrylic fish tanks. Glass tanks are slightly easier to make, requiring less specialized tools to create. Acrylic tanks tend to be more expensive because of that, but of course that doesn’t necessarily mean they are better! It is important to fully read all reviews and manufacturer specifications before making a purchase to know that you are getting the best quality tank.

Can I trust buying a rimless tank online? Won’t it show up broken?

Sellers have gotten very good at packaging fish tanks of all sizes to make sure that they get to you in pristine condition. You’ll often find them wrapped in layers upon layers of bubble wrap and shipped in a large wooden crate to ensure that they are not broken or damaged in shipping. You have a higher risk of receiving a broken or cracked rimless aquarium if you purchase it in glass, however, acrylic tanks are so easily scratched, people often report that they have to ship a number of tanks back and forth from the seller before they get one that is in mint condition. You also might see sellers charging a shipping AND handling fee, so be prepared to pay extra. Buying online is not always a cheaper option.

What happens when someone knocks into my rimless tank by accident? Won’t I lose everything?

Not necessarily. If you opt for a tank that is rimless, you probably can expect some water to slosh out of the tank. Depending on how high your water level is, or how close your fish is to the surface, you definitely could see them fly out. This is why some people choose to put a layer of clear netting over the top of their tank, even if they don’t want to put a lid on their tank. If someone or something knocks into your acrylic tank, your main risk is losing water or the fish tank being overturned. They could also break apart at the seams. It would take a very strong impact for your acrylic tank to be shattered or cracked. However, rimless glass tanks have the potential to shatter or crack, even if they’re made out of tempered glass. It is best to make sure you place your tank in a secure place in your home, if possible.


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