7 Best Vitamins and Supplements for Bengal Cats

Living with a Bengal cat can be chaotic but taking care of one is what you should want perfect.

Besides feeding your cat properly, you can incorporate vitamins and mineral supplements in its food as to fulfill any shortcomings in its diet.

Since Bengal cats are known for their playful nature, they tend to consume food full of proteins which sometimes are not enough to provide necessary nutrients

Best Supplement and Vitamins for your Bengal Cat

ProductsAdditivesLiquid or Solid
NHV Milk Thistle for Cats NoLiquid (dropper)
Check Price
VetriScience Laboratories – Vetri Lysine PlusYesSolid (bite-sized chews)
Check Price
Purina Forti-Flora Cat Probiotic SupplementYesSolid (powder form)
Check Price
NutraMax Welactin Feline Soft Gel Capsules YesLiquid (Gel capsules)
Check Price
Halo Vita Glo Dream Coat Natural Meal Enhancement NoLiquid (contains oil)
Check Price
Vetoquinol Renal K+ Gel (5 oz.) YesGel Check Price
Nexabiotic Probiotic for CatsYesSolid (powder form capsules)
Check Price

Before we go into detail on all these products, you might also want to check out our Bengal cat checklist. In it, we list down every product that your Bengal cat would ever need along with our top choices for those products.

1. NHV Milk Thistle for Cats


NHV Milk Thistle for cats is a dropper which comes in a 100 ml bottle and can be fed to both your Bengal kitten and Bengal cat according to a weight chart.

It is composed mainly of natural ingredients and helps to combat kidney and liver diseases and energize your Bengal cat.

It’s highly recommended by vets and can be used if your Bengal cat has a habit of consuming things which can be harmful.

The NHV Milk Thistle also promotes cellular regeneration.

Weight Chart

0-15 lb.            0.5 ml

16-30 lb.          1 ml

31-45 lb.          1.5 ml

46-60 lb.          2 ml

61-75 lb.          2.5 ml

Over 75 lb.      3.0 ml

It is recommended to use twice a day.

 Things i really like
  • Can easily be added to your cat’s food or you can give it directly
  • Doesn’t contain any additives or harmful chemicals
  • All natural ingredients
  • Contains detoxifying and antioxidant properties
  • Extremely positive reviews regarding cats having liver and kidney issues
  • One bottle contains roughly 2000 drops which are enough for a month
 Things i don’t like
  • May not be liked by a Bengal cat since it does not contain meat or any other flavor
  • The only side effect is the possibility of diarrhea
  • Precaution: Avoid using with pregnant or nursing animals as the side effects are not known yet

2. VetriScience Laboratories – Vetri Lysine Plus 120 Bite-Sized Chews


Vetri-science Vetri Lysine Plus is available in chewable form which can be highly beneficial for your Bengal cat since it contains lysine which is an amino acid and known for being rich in proteins.

Inclusion of this product will result in a better functioning respiratory and immune system.

Tip: Crush the chew into smaller pieces if the cat is having difficulty in swallowing it.

The bottle contains 120 bite-sized chews available in chicken flavor. They help your cat’s immune system to function better and work best for Bengal rescue cats that have respiratory issues.

Give 2 chews to your Bengal cat and 1 chew to your Bengal kitten.

 Things i really like
  • Effective for maintaining the fur of your Bengal cat
  • Helps in producing white blood cells which strengthens the immune system
  • Specifically for cats and kittens
  • A single packet can last an entire month
  • Contains chicken flavor loved by Bengal cats
  • Works best for cats under stress
 Things i don’t like
  • The nature of the chew makes it difficult to swallow
  • Frequent complains of the chew being significantly dry by the users
  • Inactive ingredients contain a number of additives
  • Precaution: Avoid using with pregnant or nursing animals as the side effects are not known yet

3. Purina Forti-Flora Cat Probiotic Supplement


Purina Pro Plan Forti Flora is a probiotic that is available in powder form which is known to work wonders for cats facing digestive and stomach issues and provides a number of health benefits since it contains a number of vitamins.

Not only that but this product encourages a healthy immune system as well.

Forti Flora also contains plenty of antioxidants to keep your Bengal cat’s system clean as well. We all know how the eating habits of Bengal cats revolve mainly around the consumption of raw meat or food with high levels of protein.

One box contains 30 sachets and it is advised to give one sachet a day to your Bengal cat or kitten.

 Things i really like
  • Contains a number of multivitamins resulting in better blood circulation
  • Daily intake helps in the absorption of minerals and thus regulating the digestive system
  • Elements of meat provide not only proteins but keep the food moisturizing and easy to digest
  • Buyers have reacted positively since their Bengal cats found the taste and smell quite appealing.
  • The powder form of the probiotic makes it mess-free and easy to use
  • Claims of restoration of proper microflora balance are made not just by the company but the buyers too
  • Strengthens the immune system which can be beneficial for a Bengal cat because of its compact size
  • Highly recommended by veterinarians
  • Intake of Taurine results in stabilized and improved hearing and watching sensations
  • One packet is likely to last for thirty days or more
 Things i don’t like
  • Some of the side effects of this product include constipation, bloating and gas
  • Consult a Vet before giving it to your Bengal cat as it may not suit it the best
  • Your Bengal cat may not like this product since it doesn’t come in chicken flavor
  • Avoid giving to your cat daily if she doesn’t have severe stomach problems
  • Don’t incorporate this product in your Bengal cat’s daily diet if it is pregnant

4. NutraMax Welactin Feline Soft Gel Capsules


Nutramax Welactin Feline soft gel capsules can be given to your Bengal cat in order to enhance its vision and strengthening its nervous system.

It is mainly composed of Omega-3 fatty acids and contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) which are recognized as healthy fatty acids.

In addition to this:

Omega-3 fatty acids are prominent in fighting off a number of diseases in cats, the most famous being arthritis.

This product can also be used in place of fish oil as it contains the same ingredients which are found in fish oil.

Although it is not an essential nutrient since your Bengal cat’s body can produce fatty acids on its own, it can be given to your Bengal cat if you see it dozing off very often or not being active.

One soft gel capsule a day is recommended with proper advice from your vet. Moreover, you can cut the end of the capsule and then pour it in your Bengal cat’s food or you can feed it directly.

 Things i really like
  • One packet contains 60 capsules which can last for almost two months
  • Travel-friendly and very easy to use product
  • Fish oil scent is highly appealing to a Bengal cat
  • Regulates nervous system and minerals present in it accounts for sharpness and intelligence in your Bengal cat
  • Contains ingredients which result in a shiny and silky coat for your Bengal cat
  • An antioxidant present in the product accounts for a good functioning cardiovascular system of your pet
  • Works better for old Bengal cats as compared to Bengal kittens
  • Makes your Bengal cat energetic by increasing brain activity
  • For better results, add this to your Bengal cat’s wet food
  • Claims to improve kidney functions
 Things i don’t like
  • Can be heavy and may result in loss of appetite for your Bengal cat if not given in controlled amounts
  • Contains added colors and preservatives which may cause an allergic reaction
  • Consistency of the oil can be questionable at times
  • Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles

5. Halo Vita Glo Dream Coat Natural Meal Enhancement for Dogs & Cats


As much as you need to take care of what goes inside your Bengal cat’s body, you need to pay the same amount of attention for external parts and Halo Vitaglo Dream Coat Natural Meal Enhancement for Dogs and Cats does the job.

Inclusion of botanical and other oils is what is responsible for keeping your Bengal cat’s fur clean, shiny and glossy.

Contains cold pressed oils which are known for working wonders for skin. Apart from this, detoxification, lowering of the blood pressure and improved function of blood vessels can be attained through its daily usage.

It comes in a 16-oz jar and can be given to your Bengal cat daily by mixing in their food. The amount is given in the weight chart.

Weight Chart

2-11 lbs.        1/2 tsp

12-25 lbs.     1 tsp

26-50 lbs.     2 tsp

51+ lbs.         3 tsp

 Things i really like
  • Salmon and other meat flavors make it easy for you to feed this product to your Bengal cat without it creating a fuss
  • Extremely rich in proteins and provides energy for the liveliness of your cat
  • This product will help maintain your Bengal cat’s coat, tissues and circulatory system as it contains multivitamins in exceptional amounts
  • Berries provide additional vitamins, contains low fat but high fiber which is favorable for digestion
  • One bottle will last for more than a month if you have a Bengal kitten and will last a whole month if you have a Bengal cat
  • Feed to Bengal cats who have autoimmune issues or arthritis since the product is highly rich in different sorts of oils
  • Stimulate better digestion as the product is high in fiber and potassium
  • Cholesterol in the proteins is balanced out by no cholesterol presence in natural oils present in the product
 Things i don’t like
  • Majority of the ingredients contains salt which can increase the average intake of salt in your Bengal cat’s diet and cause dehydration.
  • The scent of berries may be unappealing to Bengal cats since they are drawn towards flavors which contain meat.
  • Side effect of flaxseed includes diarrhea.

6. Vetoquinol Renal K+ Gel (5 Oz)


Vetoquinol Renal K+ is a gel used for adult cats that have a potassium deficiency. It is mainly used for treating adult cats with kidney failure.

You can patch test on your Bengal cat by giving a small amount at first and see if it is adjusting to the taste or smell. The main symptoms of low potassium level include nausea and excessive tiredness.

If your Bengal cat isn’t its usual self and is dozing off more than unusually, try this product.

It is advisable to give adult cats ½ teaspoons per 10 lbs twice. Furthermore, it is to be noted that safe use in pregnant Bengal cats is not yet proven.

One bottle contains enough quantity to last an entire month with regular usage of two times a day.

 Things i really like
  • Positive reviews by Bengal cat owners regarding old Bengal cats
  • Presence of Vitamin B-Complex is responsible for enhanced energy level in your Bengal cat by increasing metabolism rate
  • Easy to use since it is palatable and your cat won’t turn its face away even if fed directly
  • Combats hypokalemia and regulates the cardiovascular system
  • Works best for Bengal cats having kidney related problems
  • Helps in maintaining the level of potassium in the blood which is important for heart and muscle function
 Things i don’t like
  • The presence of maple syrup can lower the interest of Bengal cat as it gives off a sugary scent which is disliked by most of Bengal cats
  • Unavailability of flavors and lack of proteins
  • Feeding it to your Bengal cat directly with a syringe can be messy
  • Some of the ingredients may cause an allergic reaction thus consultation of a vet is necessary
  • Not safe for pregnant Bengal cats
  • Precaution: Do not give it to your Bengal cat if she is suffering from a serious and advanced chronic disease.

7. Nexabiotic Probiotic for Cats with Diarrhea Treatment & Constipation Support


Given the feisty nature of your Bengal cat and with jumping up and down all day, you might want to consider this probiotic supplement called Nexabiotic for cats by DrFormulas as it helps with digestion.

Like any other cat, a Bengal cat’s stomach can also be a safe haven for bacteria and other microorganisms to reside and the safest way to get rid of it is a probiotic.

This product is also well known for reducing inflammation and regulating bowel movements in your Bengal cat.

The small bottle contains 30 capsules present in powder form, one to be given every day to your Bengal cat or kitten by mixing the contents in your cat’s food.

 Things i really like
  • Its odorless nature makes it easy to either give it to your Bengal cat directly or by mixing the contents of the capsule in their daily food
  • The formula of the capsule is designed for both kittens and cats
  • Helps recover weight; reduce inflammation and lowering cholesterol levels
  • Daily dosage results in increases appetite
  • One capsule content contains 23 different probiotics
  • Prevents skin and food allergies
  • Majority of Bengal cats suffer from hypertrophic and cardiomyopathy and probiotics present in the product may help in lowering the chances of heart diseases
  • Powerful fatty acids present to fight off bacterial infections
  • A non-GMO product meaning that it is not genetically modified
 Things i don’t like
  • Contains Hypromellose which may cause eye infections
  • Food additives are included
  • Starch present may cause possible allergies
  • Cannot be given to Bengal cats that are facing liver or kidney issues
  • Does not mention if it is safe to use for pregnant cats
  • This beautiful and exotic cat requires special attention since it is unique in its own way and so are its food habits

Why are Vitamins and Supplements necessary for your Bengal Cat?

People who own a Bengal cat know that the most prevalent disease found among them is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy which is hereditary in nature. In this disease, the blood flow of the cat slows down.

That is where the role of vitamins and supplements comes in as the majority of the supplements mentioned above are known for regulating and stabilizing heart muscles and keep the cardiovascular system intact.

Although heart diseases are proved to be fatal in Bengal cats especially kittens, intake of supplements can prove to be beneficial for your Bengal cat’s health.

Other common diseases Bengal cats are prone to:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Feline Leukemia Virus (FLV)
  • Feline Herpes Virus (FHV)
  • Cataracts
  • Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)

We go into extra detail on these diseases and how to cure them in our article on Bengal Cat Health Problems. If you’re concerned about the health of your Bengal, you should give it a read.

Almost every other person you know takes multi-vitamins or supplements to provide themselves with the necessary nutrients which they can’t have mainly through food.

In the same way:

Your Bengal cat may not be able to produce all the necessary nutrients needed to be healthy which may lead to diseases.

Giving your Bengal cat supplements is not absolutely necessary but more like a precautionary measure to ensure better health.

Keep this in mind that heart diseases are extremely common in Bengal cats and that too from an early stage.

Therefore, incorporating vitamins and supplements which are proven to be beneficial for the heart should be considered.

Vitamin and Supplements contain:

  • Antioxidants
  • Probiotics
  • Fish oil
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

These help in clearing out toxins from your cat’s body, making sure that they have a healthy appetite and ensuring a properly functioning immune system.

Not only this but giving vitamins and supplements can be a win-win situation for your Bengal cat if it has been feeling down and being grumpy for quite a bit. That’s because supplements boost its energy levels.

Combatting obesity by making Bengal cats active and playful is till now the most highlighted advantage of giving them vitamins and supplements.

Vitamins and Supplements for Bengal Kittens


Eating habits of kittens and cats do not differ but since Bengal cats are not ordinary cats, their eating habits differ from kittens.

Bengal kittens are at a higher risk of heart diseases than Bengal cats. Keeping this in mind, if you own a Bengal kitten you might want to select products differently.

While choosing a supplement for a kitten, remember to buy products with the following ingredients:

  • Probiotics
  • Soybean Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Antioxidants

These products lower the cholesterol levels and keep the kitten active. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties which result in a good dietary routine.

Not all supplements and vitamins which can be used for Bengal cats are designed keeping Bengal kittens in mind, rather for old cats.

Always double check the description of the product for your satisfaction and your kitten’s health.

What to look for in a Vitamin and Supplement

Being a Bengal cat owner, you must keep this in mind that proteins are devoured by Bengal cats more than any other cats.

If the vitamin or supplement does not contain protein flavor, then your Bengal cat may not want it to be fed.

In fact, Bengals can be quite choosy when it comes to their diet.

To help you combat this problem, we wrote an extensive article on exactly what sort of diet Bengal cats need including the number of calories they require and lists of things they can and can not eat. Check it out here.

Apart from proteins, there are a number of ingredients which should be present in the vitamin or supplement which you are buying for your Bengal cat.

Here is the list of basic ingredients:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Probiotics
  • Multivitamins
  • Vitamin K or Vitamin E

Please note that the above ingredients are extremely beneficial for Bengal cats since the above-mentioned substances are taken most commonly for heart diseases, joint pain and renal issue, diseases which are common in Bengal cats.

You can buy other products which can improve the sensations of your Bengal cat and strengthen its immune system.

Dry or Wet food with Vitamins and Supplements

Bengal cats are famous for their swift nature which results in them consuming food and water more than the average cat does and if there is unavailability of water then your Bengal cat might get dehydrated.

And it all depends on the nature of the supplement you are incorporating in your cat’s daily diet.

For example:

If you’re using a powder form of supplement, then it best goes with wet food since powder is dry and keeps the water level balanced.

Capsules which contain liquid in them go best with dry food since they contain oils, minerals, and water.

Chews can be used for both dry and wet food since they have a neutral consistency. You can crush the chews into smaller pieces and then add it your Bengal cat’s food.

Apart from this, it also depends on your Bengal cat’s eating habit whether it likes to eat wet food or dry food, choose a vitamin or supplement which is best suited to their eating habit after doing a patch test.

Usage of more than one supplements for your Bengal Cat

The more the merrier does not apply when the “more” in question affects your Bengal cat’s health.

So, the straight up answer to this question would be NO along with a number of reasons why not so.

These reasons include:

  • Your Bengal cat’s lifestyle
  • Overdosing
  • Sickness

Your cat’s body is already producing the nutrients it needs. Vitamins and supplements are used to prevent any deficiency and overconsumption.

A lot of products contain the same ingredients which means giving more than one supplement is resulting in nothing but more consumption of the same ingredient.

Moreover, supplements may or may not suit your Bengal cat. They also might have drastic effects when consumed together.

Related Questions

Are supplements harmful for Bengal cats? Supplements are not harmful for your Bengal cat but caution is advisable. Don’t give vitamins or supplements if your Bengal cat has a life-threatening situation without the consultation of a veterinary doctor.

Should supplements be given only when my Bengal cat is sick? Supplements can be given even if your Bengal cat is not sick in order to prevent diseases and keeping your cat’s body functioning and healthy. If your cat is sick then giving supplements may make it get better.

Can I give my Bengal cat human supplements? If you can’t feed human food to your Bengal cat then you can’t feed human vitamins or supplements to them as there is a vast difference how the body of animals and humans function.

Are flavored supplements better for my Bengal cat? The main reason why flavors are added in supplements is to make it appealing to the cat but it doesn’t mean that they are any better than non-flavored supplements. Although, your Bengal cat may prefer a chicken flavored supplement or vitamin.

Which form of supplement works best for Bengal cat? Whether it’s a powder, gel or liquid, patch test first by giving to your Bengal cat first and check what it likes the most. The nature of the supplement is not a factor of how well it will work because the contents determine that.

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