British Shorthair Costs In The US, UK And Other Countries

The British Shorthair is a popular household cat all over the world. Its’ distinct features set it apart from other breeds.

The cat has a round face and stubby little legs that make its appearance adorable! If you plan to get a British Shorthair, it is most definitely a good choice!

However, you must be wondering how much does a British Shorthair cost? Well, the cost of a British Shorthair can vary depending on where you live. You can get it for $250 to $700 in the United States, while in the UK you can get it for 350 – 800 Pounds. They are definitely a costly breed regardless of the country you live in! Moreover, the prices for registered and private sellers may vary.

British Shorthair Cat Price Comparison

CountryPrice for a registered sellerPrice for a Private seller
1. United States900 – 1800 US Dollars250 – 700 US Dollars
2. United Kingdom1200 – 2000 Pounds350 – 800 Pounds
3. Australia1200 – 2000 AUD300 – 700 AUD
4. United Arab Emirates4000 – 6000 AED400 – 700 AED

Price for British Shorthair Cats in the US

British Shorthairs are undoubtedly a popular household cat in the US. However, they are also known to be pricey!

As the cat’s popularity grows, breeders tend to have the upper hand in what they price people.

A registered breeder can charge up to a whopping 900 to 1800 US dollars for a purebred cat.

In other words, it can cost you a fortune!

But you have another option:

You can purchase from a private seller! They will sell you the pet for anywhere around 250 to 700 US dollars.

Price for British Shorthair in the UK

The UK is the birthplace or the ‘origins’ of the British Shorthair.

Even if you live in the UK, prices are still very high for a pure breed. They can range around 1200 to 2000 Pounds from a registered breeder.

No, this isn’t a conversion rate. It is how the rates vary in different countries with different breeders.

The other option is an unregistered breeder, which offer the breed for approximately 350 to 800 Pounds.

British Shorthairs price in other countries

This cat is most definitely a growing household pet. Kids or adults, everyone falls in love with their heartwarming features.

If you are a resident of Australia and plan to get a British Shorthair, then it will cost you 1200 to 2000 AUD.

Or it can go as low as 300 AUD if you get it from a private seller.

In other cities like Dubai, UAE; you are likely to find a purebred British Shorthair from 4000 to 6000 AED (from an authentic seller).

While prices vary all around the globe, it is relatively a pricey breed to own.

Why is the British Shorthair so costly?

The British Shorthair is growing in popularity. More and more people want this lovable pet in their homes.

Breeders take the opportunity and create a monopoly over the given demand.

In simple terms, they charge high prices simply because they can!

A registered breeder has much higher costs as they have to meet even higher standards of care and hygiene.

They need to provide the cat with top-notch facilities to even register as an official breeder.

It is also preferable if you get the cat from a place it has been cared for.

These breeders have to take care of several aspects before the cat can even be sold.

This includes their medical bills too!

A cat must be neutered as early as six months, in addition to that it must get all its vaccines shots.

This means that the cat gets rabies shots and deworming. This can really raise the costs, especially leading up to the kitten’s adoption. Getting your pet from a registered breeder can help make the transition from the breeder to your home much easier!

Keep reading it will help!

These cats are cared for, nurtured, and trained! They will already act like a well-behaved cat when they enter your home. This is essential when it comes to a moody breed like a British Shorthair.

What happens If I buy my cat from an Unregistered breeder?

Imagine this:

Your car breaks down, and you have the option of getting it repaired.

On the one hand, you have an experienced and knowledgeable mechanic, and on the other hand, you have a man on the roadside claiming to have specific expertise in cars.

Any logical person would, of course, go for the more knowledgeable person that would adequately repair your car, without any faults.

Similarly, registered and unregistered breeders are worlds apart! Most cats bought up in an unregistered building facility are neglected, often abused, and suffer the consequences of a very problematic business. Most private sellers have a goal of selling maximum pets. For this reason, they treat their cats as breeding machines. Cats are forced to produce litter after litter until they cannot anymore.

Once these animals are of no use to the breeders, they are simply just dumped on the roadside. These inhumane practices should not be supported.

It is simply not worth the lower cost you pay for the breed.

A lot of the times, private sellers do not invest much in the pet and do not neuter or vaccinate them in due time.

There are genuine private breeders too that care about their pets; however, they are much more difficult to find rather than a properly registered breeder.

It is likely you can find a good registered breeder on authentic channels rather than through an ad on craigslist!

How can I get a Cheaper British Shorthair?

There are multiple ways you can cut the costs and still have an adorable British Shorthair in your home!

Get a crossbreed British Shorthair

One option you have is getting a crossbreed British Shorthair. They will have unusual quirks that an average British Shorthair is unlikely to have.

Here’s the catch:

You still get to enjoy a British shorthair, that is quite similar to a purebred.

In fact, you might enjoy the change in temperament and habits that are different from a purebred.

Many breeders are willing to give away crossbreeds away for a lower cost. A lot of the time, purebred cats’ mate with a street cat or another breed of cat which can produce a mixed breed. Breeders are happy to give away these kittens at a much lower cost than usual.

Get a mature British Shorthair

Another way to have a British Shorthair as a pet for a cheaper rate is going for an older cat. Many owners cannot take care of their cats any longer and willing to give the cat away as long as it finds a good home. You can also find a cross shelter cat that is looking for a loving home.

You may not be able to enjoy their kitten phase, but you will get a trained, intelligent, and adorable pet in your home.

Another plus point:

They will fit in better and will start recognizing you! You will not have to spend time training them too much!

It is a great option and prevents mature cats from being tossed in a shelter or perhaps being abandoned on the roadside.

A shelter British shorthair

One other option you have:

A cat shelters! Now a cat shelter might sound like an unconventional option; however, they are many benefits to it as well.


It is unlikely that you will find any purebred cat in a shelter; however, there is a good chance of British Shorthair crossbreeds. It will rescue the animal from a sheltered life, and they will thank you for it. In rare cases, you can find abandoned (mature) British Shorthairs or owners who have given it away in a shelter due to lack of a caretaker.

Even though the chances are rare, settling for a shelter cat is always a good option.

All you have to do is fill a form, give an adoption fee, and the pet is yours to take home.

Related Questions

Are British shorthair cats’ good pets?

British Shorthairs are definitely good household pets. They are self-sufficient, adorable to look at, and will require your love and attention from time to time.

How much does a Singapura cat cost?

A Singapura cat can cost starting from $80 to $150 from a private seller. However, a registered seller is likely to retail it anywhere around $800 to $2500!

Where can I buy a British shorthair cat?

An authentic pet store is a great place to get your pet. Make sure the pet store is registered as well. You could also try your local shelter facility.

Are British Shorthairs healthy?

British Shorthairs are typically healthy. The only thing they can’t control is their weight. This cat breed is most likely to struggle with obesity.

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