How Much Does A Burmilla Cat Cost?

The Burmilla are rare cats, and they are not easy to find.

Even if miraculously you do get your hands on one, will it be expensive?

Continue reading to find out what a Burmilla Cat actually costs.

How Much Does A Burmilla Cat Cost? A Burmilla kitten costs around 500 to 700 US Dollars. This price really depends on the breeder you choose. Registered breeders charge much more than regular ones.

Burmilla Cat Cost

All cat owners know that the purchase price of a cat is the least of their financial concerns.

To provide your cat with a healthy environment, there are a billion things that you need to take care of.

Mind you, having a pet is not cheap.

This is the same case for Burmilla Cats.

Things such as high-quality food, toys, cat bed, and a cat shampoo are just some of the things that you need to invest in.


Every cat needs to be vaccinated, though some breeders do sell vaccinated kitten, but then they just ramp up the purchase price.

Burmilla Cat Expenses

Here are some of the things that you need to buy in order to make sure that your cat has a long healthy life.

ParticularsCost ( US Dollars)
Purchase Price500-1000
Cat Food (Annual)115
Cat Toys (Annual)25
Cat Litter (Annual)165
Vet Care (Annual)160
Emergency Vet Care2000-3000
Pet Insurance (Annual)175
Grooming Supplies (Annual)24
Travel Care15-60

Cost of Neutering Burmiall Cat

Cats adopted from rescues are mostly neutered, but I doubt you will find a Burmilla Cat at the cat rescue shelter.

Spaying your cat will cost you around 100 to 200 dollars, in addition to essential vaccinations.

The ASPCA has a list of clinics where you could get your cat neutered for way less.

Burmilla Cat Food

Annual Cost: $115

You can’t keep a cat and not feed it.

Cat food is actually one of the critical things that you need to provide to your cat.

Burmilla Cats are carnivores, and you need to provide them with a diet that is dominated by meat.


That is derived from animal sources.

You can feed your cat dry food, wet food, or even both.

Wet food is much healthier for your feline friend, but it is a little expensive.

If you feed your cat too much dry food, it will most probably end up with a urinary tract infection.

The best thing to do is to consult with your vet regarding your cat’s diet.

Burmilla Cat Toys

Annual Cost: $25

Toys are essential.

I know some cat owners will disagree as cats get bored quickly and the toys become useless.


If you want to protect your house from being scratched to pieces, then I recommend getting toys in order to keep your cat distracted.

You should look for interactive toys that keep your kitty happy and busy.


Obesity is one of the most common health conditions among cats, so keep your cat off its back and on its toes.

Grooming equipment for Burmilla Cat

Annual cost: $24

Keeping your cat clean is critical.

It takes a lot of effort to maintain the smooth and silky coat of your cat.

Burmilla cats are low maintenance, and they don’t really shed a lot.

Weekly brushing and bathing them once a month is sufficient.


For that, you need to invest in a safe shampoo and brush.

You can also opt for professional grooming, but it will cost you more.

Cat Bowl for Burmilla Cat

Annual cost: $20

Buying cat food for your cat is one thing, but you need to get something durable to put it in.

Cats get used to the same food bowl, so make sure to buy a food bowl that is sturdy and does not break easily.

Burmilla Cat Litter

Annual Cost: $165

Cat litter is essential.

And as a cat owner, you cannot afford to bring home the cheaper stuff.

There are different types of kitty litter in the market, such as crystal based, plant-derived, clay-based and clumping litter, etc.

You need a litter that has excellent odor control properties and which is also safe for your feline friend.

In the end, it all depends on the comfort level of your cat.

Burmilla Cat Vet Care

Annual Cost: $160

Taking your cat to the vet is essential for its health.

You should take your cat for physical examinations as well as vaccinations.

Routine checkups might just save your cat’s life.

A vet can also help you take care of your cat much more efficiently.

Emergency Vet Care

Your cat is not mortal, and it will have to deal with its fair share of health problems during its lifetime.

An emergency that does not need surgery might cost you around 2000 to 3000 dollars while surgical emergencies may be as steep as 3000 to 5000 dollars.

You should always set aside an emergency fund just in case.

You can never be too safe.

Burmilla Cat Carriers

You can’t keep your cat in the house forever.

A cat carrier comes in handy while taking your cat to the vet or just traveling.

Cat carriers can cost as less as 10 dollars and be as much as 200 dollars.

Duffle bag-style carriers cost around 18 to 115 dollars.

Burmilla Cat Microchip Cost

Cats do not legally have to be microchipped like dogs, but it’s still a great idea if you want to keep your fluffy friend safe.

Microchips don’t really cost that much, the average price of a microchip is around 18 to 30 Dollars.

Burmilla Cat Pet Insurance

The cost of insuring your cat really depends on the policy as well as the provider.

The average cost for a three-year-old kitty is 10 to 40 dollars.

Pet insurance is not compulsory, but it’s better to get one.

Burmilla Cat Euthanasia Cost

Saying goodbye to your cat is not easy, but if you do choose to euthanize your cat, it will cost you about 35 dollars at the vet and 65 dollars for a home visit.

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Are Burmilla Cats Hypoallergenic? No, these cats are generally healthy.

Do Burmilla Cats Shed A Lot? No, they do not. They are very low maintenance.

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