Can I use a gecko to get rid of a cockroach infestation?

Recently I visited my friend who is a pure pet lover. I happened to visit her powder room and there I saw a small gecko crawling on the floor and then jumping on the wall.

Quite curiously, I asked her whether she knows there’s a gecko living in there and she answered affirmatively. According to her, gecko eats all the bugs and in this way, her home remains safe from any insect infestation.

I wondered whether it’s true that geckos can clear your house from all the insects this peacefully? And are there any negative effects on gecko in this process? Also, is it a green way to get rid of cockroaches, specifically?

I researched and found some interesting facts. Here’s what I found out:

Geckos eat cockroach happily. But “using” a gecko for this purpose specifically might not work very well. One gecko isn’t enough to get rid of a whole lot of roaches. Also, geckos can suffer from dehydration if they eat a lot of cockroaches. If you can take care of more than one gecko, then they can free your houses of cockroaches unless they don’t hide and reproduce.

Want to know more? Read below to know how you can use geckos to get rid of cockroach infestation and what are the risks involved.

Can you use geckos to get rid of cockroaches?

Geckos are reptiles and they eat live insects happily. They are predators to many insects including cockroaches. Having said that, can you use a gecko as pest control?

Well, you can but geckos can’t be used to get rid of cockroach infestation all the time. There are certain limitations that shouldn’t be ignored. So, if your house is full of cockroaches at the moment, then you can try introducing a gecko in your house.

Geckos are natural predators and they like to chase and kill the prey. Cockroaches are easy prey for the gecko as long as they don’t hide in places where geckos can’t reach. Moreover, what would be a great source of protein for the gecko than lots of cockroaches?

The gecko will eat the cockroaches happily. This can be considered a greenway for pest control. You don’t need to use chemicals and kill the roaches viciously. Also, there wouldn’t be any danger that your kids might inhale the chemicals.

Geckos eating cockroach would be a pretty natural way to get rid of the infestation. As the gecko will eat live cockroaches so there wouldn’t be any smell or dead roaches in your house.

But is this the ultimate way through which you can get rid of cockroaches? The answer, unfortunately, is no. There are many limitations that are discussed below.

What to keep in mind while using geckos to kill cockroaches?

Geckos are not meant to wipe off all the cockroach from your house. But you can certainly give it a try by keeping in mind following:

  • Geckos need water in their diet to survive. You have to offer them a sufficient amount of water so that they can drink while munching on the roaches. Otherwise, the geckos will eat the cockroach for a day or two and then they will feel sluggish and sick due to dehydration.
  • Geckos can’t eat each and every cockroach in the house. This is because the cockroaches will sense the presence of a predator and will not roam freely. They’d prefer to hide in places where geckos can’t reach. The cockroach would reproduce there. Once the geckos go away, they’d again come out if they feel safe.
  • Geckos need to be taken care of properly. In case they lose their tail or get injured, then these cockroaches will nibble on their wound. It would be very painful for the geckos and if not watched then they can die as well. So, keep an eye on the geckos and see whether it’s doing well or not.
  • Geckos eat a lot of other things also. It’s not good for their health to eat only cockroaches. You can end up with a sick gecko and you’ll have to get rid of it as well.
  • If you have kids in the house then it’s not wise to use geckos as pest control. Children can mishandle the geckos and this can result in an injury. The geckos will find it hard to escape the kids if they are trying to catch them or play with them. Only introduce geckos in your home if you are sure that children are comfortable with the geckos and don’t mishandle it.
  • In the United States, it’s not legal to use reptiles as pest control. So, you can do it on a small scale but it shouldn’t be done all the time using numerous geckos as the geckos will finally fall ill.

Do you have other pets in the house?

If you have other pets, especially cats in your house, then beware. Although it can be imagined that the geckos are fast and cats won’t catch them. But it’s totally opposite. Your cat will chase the gecko and will have it in dinner someday.

Cats like to chase their prey and when the geckos will run away, the cat will find this interesting and would chase them anywhere and everywhere. You will end up having a real predator-prey fight right in your home.

So, if you have a cat as a pet then the geckos will be in real danger. The geckos will not be able to do the “job” because they will have to hide from the cat all the time.

If you are a dog owner, then you’re safe. Dogs are wiser and friendlier. If you teach your dog not to chase and tease the geckos, it won’t. But no one knows when your dog becomes aggressive and decides to catch the geckos.

The Takeaway

If you are sick of cockroach infestation in your house and want to get rid of them by using geckos, then this read is for you. A gecko is a reptile and it will eat cockroach happily. You can try this strategy as a green pest control method but it has many risks and limitations.

The geckos need water and a suitable environment to live in. So, you have to take care of the geckos. Also, the geckos will not eat every cockroach in the house. Cockroaches are very good at hiding so they’ll hide and will come out after the gecko goes away. Finally, the geckos might get ill by eating a lot of cockroaches and you’ll end up having a sick gecko.

So, you can use geckos to control cockroach infestation once in a while and see how it works. Make sure you don’t end up making the gecko sick in the process! \


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