Can Platies be Kept Alone in a Fish Bowl?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind whenever someone talks about having a fishbowl? ‘Goldfish’ that’s right! If you ever get a chance to ask an aquarium employee about the best fish to keep in a fishbowl, they are going to give you the same answer. However, a lot of other fish are actually better than Goldfish to be kept in a bowl.

So, can platies be kept in a fish bowl? The answer to this question is yes! Platies like guppies, mollies etc. are small fish and can easily survive in small spaces. While it is possible for small fish like Platies to live in a fishbowl, special care should be taken to ensure that the quality of water in the fishbowl is adequate for their survival.

Although keeping fish in a bowl sounds like an interesting idea, there are a lot of challenges associated with it. Let us find out some of the problems with keeping Platies in a fishbowl.

Ideal Fish to be Kept in a Fish Bowl

Most of the beginner fish keepers have a perception that you can only keep goldfish and bettas in the fishbowl. If you ever ask an experienced person about this, they would probably not be of any help. But the fact remains that there are a great number of fish species that can live well in a fish bowl.

Some of the great bowl fish include Platies, Guppies, Paradise, White cloud mountain fish, small danios, zebra danios, and many more. Still, it is important that you do extensive research before putting any fish in a bowl in order to avoid any problematic situations.

Platy Variatus come from far Northern areas and are able to withstand cold temperatures as compared to the ordinary Platies. Platy Variatus are a little larger than guppies so, it would be a great idea to have at least a two-gallon fish bowl for them.

Paradise fish are another good species to be kept in a fishbowl in addition to the Goldfish and Bettas. Most of the expert fish keepers recommend Paradise fish for the fishbowl. As they are small in size and live in puddles, they can adapt well in a bowl.

Wild Guppies also do well in a fish bowl. They can live in little water for their whole lifecycle. These are really colourful and playful fish and will definitely thrive in the fishbowl.

Why are fish bowls not a suitable environment?

Fish bowls are available in a lot of compact and stylish designs but it doesn’t mean that they are an ideal habitat for your fish. If you ever had a chance of attending a fair or a carnival, then you must have seen Goldfish or Bettas given as prizes. These fish are often given in small bags or fish bowls.

Fishbowls can be a good option to give a temporary home to the fish while changing the aquarium water or transporting them from one place to another. For longer periods of time, these fish bowls are not the best home to keep your fish happy and healthy. Here are some of the problems associated with fish bowls.

  • Not enough swimming space
  • Not enough beneficial bacteria
  • No space for filters or heaters

Not enough space for swimming

The confined space in a fish bowl is one of the most dangerous things when it comes to the well-being of fish. When the fish cannot move around well in the water, chances are that the stress among them may increase. This stress plays a key role in raising a lot of other problems.

If you keep large fish in a small fishbowl, then it won’t be wrong to say that you are paving the way for killing them. To keep your fish happy and healthy, you should follow the “one inch per gallon” rule. It means, if your fish has a size of 3 inches, you should keep it in a 3-gallon fish bowl.

Not enough beneficial bacteria

If you want to have high-quality water for your fish to live in, there must be enough beneficial bacteria to breakdown the harmful waste materials in the water. As there isn’t enough water in the fish bowls, the number of beneficial bacteria in it also drops down. Therefore, the chances of water getting toxic in a fishbowl are a lot higher than that of the aquarium.

No space for filters or heaters

Due to the confined space in a fish bowl, you cannot install any heaters or filters in it. It means that you do not have control over the quality of water as well as the temperature in the fishbowl. Hence, it gets a lot difficult to provide a healthy habitat for the fish which ultimately die living in an environment which isn’t suitable for them.

Platy Fish Care Guide (Full Video Guide)

Related Questions

What kinds of fish can live happily in a fish bowl? If you are thinking about the best fish to keep in a bowl, you should always keep small fish in mind. White cloud mountain fish, goldfish, zebra danios, and bettas etc. are great choices when you want to use a simple fishbowl. Although these fish can survive in small spaces, you should do your research before putting them in a bowl and avoid overcrowding it.

What is the life span of Platy fish? Like many other freshwater tropical fish, Platies don’t have a long life expectancy. Most of the Platies live for three years on average but there are also some cases where they can even live for five years or longer.

Is it bad to keep fish in a fishbowl? Although it seems cute to keep fish in a bowl, it doesn’t offer a healthy environment to them. Fish bowls don’t provide enough space for the fish to move around freely. In addition to that, the water in the bowl gets contaminated very quickly and if not treated in time, it can be deadly for your fish.

How to know if your Platy fish is happy or not? The swimming and eating patterns of your fish can directly indicate whether it is happy or not. If your fish swims actively throughout the tank, eats regularly, and has bright coloured scales, then these are clear indicators that your fish is in a happy mood.


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