250 Best Names for Bengal Cats

By Nadine Oraby | 2021 Update

We want a name that feels right for our cat.

It has to click with the cat’s personality and features.

And in today’s article, we’ll help you find the most exotic cat names for your Bengal.

These names would be categorized according to gender, ancestry, fiction characters, special fur types, famous Bengal cat names, and cool names.

You’d find a variety of names, and learn a bunch of more along the way.

Names for Tomcats (male cats)

Bengal cats are fantastic creatures and are like no other cat that you’d ever see. If you want to know why they’re so special, check out our Bengal cat ultimate guide.

First, we will help you narrow the names down in terms of the cat’s gender.

If it is a boy, you can pick any one of the following authentic cat names:

  1. Archie: from the Scandinavian lands, we find the name Archie, which means true and bold.
  2. Arnie: inspired by Arnie the Cat who protected the Linton Zoo’s newborn animals
  3. Apollo: son of Zeus, leader of nine muses, Apollo
  4. Apu: the beloved Simpson household name
  5. Atlas: the one who endures
  6. Azrael: the angel of god
  7. Ben: the famed horse names Ben’s cat
  8. Billy: famous gay comedian; Billy Eichner
  9. Boomer: from the ecstatic boomer the Bengal cat
  10. Buttons: For the cute, cuddly, and playful cat.
  11. Cammi: short for camouflage
  12. Captain: Captain Cat to the rescue!
  13. Cee Lo: a perfect name for a Cee Lo Green fan
  14. Chad: means protector/defender
  15. Dexter: the one who dyes
  16. Eddie: a fortunate guardian
  17. Evan: tracing back to its Hebrew meaning, Yahweh is gracious
  18. Einstein: An ideal candidate for those smart cats
  19. Elvis: this one is for the musical genius Bengal cat
  20. Ernie: from the cherished sesame street
  21. Flynn: for the relentlessly active cat
  22. Fleckie: the German name for spots
  23. Harley: from the Harley Davidson motorcycle brand
  24. Kit Kat: or, Kit Cat
  25. Nicky: For cats with coats that shine like a nickel
  26. Noah: meaning comfort and rest
  27. Oli: a shorter name for Oliver
  28. Oscar: the golden coated regal Bengal cat is worthy for this prestigious name
  29. Seb: short for Sebastian the Cat

Names for Queens (female cats)

If you have a feline Bengal cat, you could browse through the list of names below;

  1. Adele: cause we all love Adele!
  2. Pebbles: for the pebble-shaped coat
  3. Skittles: an adorable name for your furball
  4. Hazel: a beautiful name for a hazel colored cat
  5. Lola: a cute name frequently used for female pets
  6. Lunar: the trending name for cats with a silver coat
  7. Minnie: for a sweet little cat that reminds you of Minnie from the world of Disney
  8. Buttercup: the comforting gooey pet name
  9. Penny: The female name for cats with coats that shine like pennies
  10. Chocolate: for those dark coated Bengal cats
  11. Cinnamon: for the warm shaded and sweet Bengal cats
  12. Darling: An endearing name for your lovable Bengal cat
  13. Queenie: a riveting title for the royal cat
  14. Sparkle: for cats with a sparkling coat
  15. Lulu: cause it is a cute name
  16. Glitter: a deserving name for glistening coats cats
  17. Muffin: a heartwarming nickname
  18. Fifi: it is just cute name for your Bengal cat
  19. Kiki: cause’ kiki do you love me?
  20. Cherry: the ideal name for the reddish fur cat
  21. Cookie: for the light and dark brown Bengal cat
  22. Oreo: an excellent name for white-haired and black spots cat

Bengal cat names according to coat type

We came up with the following names based on the wonderfully distinctive fur and color of a Bengal Cat.

  1. Spot: A classic name well-suited for the spotted coat of a Bengal cat
  2. Sunset: The dim orange with a pinch of brown in the fur which almost resembles a sunset.
  3. Shadow: for your Bengal cat with dark spots
  4. Smokey: for the Smokey coated cat
  5. Honey: a double entendre; an accurate representation of a warm-colored fur and a sweet nickname
  6. Amber: for the Bengal cats that have a cross of gold and orange
  7. Harlequin: the harlequin patterned fur cat
  8. Marble: All the different colorings can also look like marble.
  9. Speckles: a perfect representation of the cat’s speckled appearance
  10. Tawny: meaning orange-brown or yellowish-brown color
  11. Butterscotch: for Bengal cats with a shiny golden color
  12. Cayenne: Reddish furred cats that resemble the cayenne pepper
  13. Tango: for an orange furball
  14. Paprika: a reddish-colored spice for a hot cat
  15. Copper: An adorable name for the iconic color of a Bengal cat
  16. Ginger: a pretty name for the red-hued cat
  17. Peaches: a bit of a hip choice is the old fashioned name for showgirls
  18. Saffron: an exotic pet name for the wildly fascinating Bengal cat
  19. Patches: it is a great name and a nod to the patterned fur
  20. Pepper: a name for tough and dark spotted pets
  21. Sable: an alternative name for black fur
  22. Onyx: a beautiful black gemstone
  23. Blizzard: A perfect name for a snow-furred cat
  24. Boo: for the ghastly appearance of a white cat
  25. Chalky: white as a chalk
  26. Belle: inspired by the trivial twilight star
  27. Chilly: for the cats with a chilling stare
  28. Cloud: as white as the clouds up above
  29. Sky: for the blue-eyed, white-skinned wonder
  30. Cotton: as soft and white as a cotton
  31. Everest: reaching out to the top of the world, a snowstorm
  32. Ice Princess: for the female cat queens
  33. Lotus: a majestic and beautiful flower
  34. Makalu: the fifth largest mountain in the world
  35. Figaro: a famous Spanish barber in eighteenth-century French players
  36. Snowball: a classic cat name for a snow-furred cat

Most Famous Bengal cat names

There is nothing wrong with staying up to date with the trend. This section covers the most popular cat names of the year.

  1. Oliver: it is also the third highest baby boy name
  2. Chloe: the number one female cat name according to the VPI survey
  3. Bella: Italian for beautiful
  4. Max: short for Maximillian or Maxwell
  5. Luna: the Spanish word for moon
  6. Angel: for your precious angel
  7. Jake: an oddly popular name for both humans and feline creatures
  8. Smokey:
  9. Milo:
  10. Jack: Jack the Cat has a great ring to it
  11. Sophie: the counterpart of the most popular name for a baby girl, Sophia
  12. Lily: inspired by the sweet yet poisonous plant
  13. Rocky: the counterpart of Italian name Rocco which means tough and playful
  14. Molly: an alternative to the classical name Mary
  15. Gizmo: the popular quirky name for a cat
  16. Romeo: the Shakespearean hero, is a popular choice for Italian cats
  17. Shadow: when your cat doesn’t leave your side and acts as a shadow
  18. Willow: for the cats as graceful as the tree that shares the same name
  19. Felix: 1919’s Feline Follies’ iconic Felix the Cat
  20. Biscuit –a trending food inspired pet name
  21. Jasper: a spotted gemstone as gorgeous as your Bengal cat
  22. Gracie: a charming name for cats with grace
  23. Sammy: for frisky and sweet cats
  24. Lola: a perfect name for feline cats
  25. Loki: the mischievous Norse god
  26. Simon: an unmistakable classic
  27. Lucky: a catchy name mostly used for cats
  28. Cleo: the shorter version of Cleopatra, a symbolic ruler with reverence to cats
  29. Ruby: an old-timey pet name for red/orange female cats
  30. Peanut: another great food inspired name

Bengal cat names according to fictional characters

From Disney characters to the magnanimous marvel cinematic universe and many other fictional cats, here are a bunch of other cool ideas for a cat’s name.

Speaking of which, check out our Bengal cat checklist if you want to take proper care of your fluffy cartoon.

  1. Simba: Need I explain why this name made it to the list?
  2. Nala: Likewise, I just had to include Nala for a female Bengal cat.
  3. Mufasa: if these don’t click, you could always choose Mufasa, the father of Simba.
  4. Scar: for the devious little kittens, and lion king fanatics, I recommend Scar.
  5. Rajah: from the upcoming rebooted Aladdin, Prince Jasmine’s loyal tiger Rajah
  6. Shere Khan: This is The Jungle Book’s villainous yet strong tiger
  7. Bagheera: Within the same beloved fictional world, we find the black panther
  8. Aslan: From The Chronicles of Narnia, leader of the pack, the wise lion; Aslan
  9. Chester: a creatively amusing name for your ever-entertaining Bengal cat; Cheeto snack’s mascot Chester the Cheetah.
  10. Cheetos: speaking of which, this would make a great name in of itself.
  11. Daniel Tiger: The astonishing star of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood spin-off
  12. Tony the Tiger: Kellog’s Frosted Flake mascot; Tony the Tiger
  13. Garfield: the list would be utterly incomplete without including our lazy orange cat
  14. T’Challa: the exceptional Marvel king of Wakanda, and prodigal son; T’challa
  15. Charlie: inspired by the ever-entertaining Charlie Chaplin
  16. Boots: a snippy clever knight from the fictional world; Puss in the Boots
  17. Harry: a favorite for all those Hogwarts fans
  18. Keanu: an ode to the beloved star of Hollywood, Keanu Reeves
  19. Milo: from the movie Milo and Otis
  20. Salem: Sabrina, the witch’s viciously adorable cat
  21. Sylvester: The beloved looney toon character Sylvester for your dark spotted male cat
  22. Diana: the civilian alter ego for DC’s Wonder Woman is the right name for your cat with a golden coat
  23. Wanda: mutant superhero and avenger; Wanda Maximoff’s reddish hue is a perfect match for red-furred Bengal cats.
  24. Zelda: Inspired from the childhood classic; the Legend of Zelda
  25. Okoye: the female counterpart for Wakandan T’Challa
  26. Shuri: another black panther household name for your female Bengal cat
  27. Tigger: the endearing playful tiger from Winnie the Pooh
  28. Mowgli: means from the jungle
  29. Ghost: If it’s as white as snow, why not name it like Game of Throne’s ghost.
  30. Spook: a major throwback to spook, a member of Top Cat’s gang
  31. Logan: for the Wolverine inspired cat

Ancestral names for Bengals

A well-known unique characteristic of the Bengal cats is their ancestral link to wild cats of the jungle.

You might be surprised to know that Bengal cats are the descendants of the wild Asian Leopard cats. I go into detail on this topic in this article.

Inspired by this heritage, we accumulated the following list of intriguing Bengal names:

  1. Leopard: name them after their ancestral relatives
  2. Cheetah: the wild counterpart of an Asian leopard cat, the Bengal cat’s ancestor
  3. Lynx: This medium wild cat looks strikingly like the Bengal.
  4. Tiger/Tigeress: it would be careless to exclude this name
  5. Ming: A classical name in the Southern and Eastern regions of Asia.
  6. Lion/Lioness: agreeably, they don’t look alike, but they do have some resemblance.
  7. Jungle Cat: Pay homage to the Bengals roots with this fun name.
  8. Wild Cat: More literally, you could always go for Wild Cat
  9. Ocelot: the South American dwarf leopards carry a striking semblance to a Bengal cat
  10. Margay: Another central/south American breed and endangered species
  11. Leo: if leopard may seem too straightforward, Leo is a trendy short-form
  12. Hunter: considering the heritage of Bengal cats, they could carry their legacy by name if not by traits
  13. Nirvana: no, it’s not the band. In some Asian regions, Nirvana refers to the highest level you can achieve.
  14. Saber: not only is this name insanely cool, but it is also the name of a jungle cat
  15. Geisha: An ode to the Bengal cat’s Asian roots
  16. Shiva: A cosmic deity from the in Hindu triumvirate
  17. Tao: A symbolic word in Mandarin, which is often used for cat names as well
  18. Zeus: the mighty Greek God
  19. Najima: means a star in Arabic

Cool names for Bengal cats

If nothing has convinced you as of yet, perhaps these cool names and nonsensical names would do the trick.

  1. Bengie: It’s a little wordplay on the name Bengal
  2. Bengal: if she or he is of a particular spotted breed
  3. Coco/Chanel: A luxurious brand name for a rare and regal breed
  4. Prada: For the same reasons, you can also refer to it with another high-end brand name
  5. Alani: Hawaiian for Orange Blossom tree, Alani is a gorgeous name and represents something with similar coloring to the Bengal cat
  6. Blaze: A fun name for a breed with such striking coloring
  7. Dorito: A silly, but a good name for a bright, playful Bengal cat
  8. Boggle: for the mindboggling things cats do
  9. Ariela: means Lion of God
  10. Daisy: a unique stunning flower
  11. Bongo: a small drum
  12. Jasmine: a mystifying white flower
  13. Macchiato: for the coffeeholics that own spotted cats
  14. Jot: a cartoon program so old it aired in the 60s
  15. Abhoy: for fearless cats
  16. Nimbus: the glowing ring or a halo above the head
  17. Tora: the Japanese word for tiger
  18. Freckles: means small brown patches on the skin
  19. Pollock: a nod to American artist Jackson Pollock
  20. Mia: from the French term gioia mia (my joy)
  21. Puntito –Spanish for dot
  22. Frisky: means playful and full of energy
  23. Killer – for cats with killer instincts
  24. Louie: from the world record holder frankenlouie

Japanese names for Bengal cats

Sounds a bit off track, I agree, but give me a second to explain.

Cats hold great importance in Japan; this goes to the extent of shrines called Neko-jinja, which are created to worship cats.

We dug a little deep and found that they also have some adorable Japanese names for cats and their English translation.

  1. Hana: Flower
  2. Koko: Short
  3. Sora: Sky
  4. Hikaru: Radiance
  5. Mei: Beautiful
  6. Kouki: Light or hope
  7. Fuku: Lucky
  8. Momo: Peach
  9. Yoshio: Joyful life
  10. Chibi: Tiny
  11. Kai: Ocean or shell
  12. Akemi: Beautiful Dawn
  13. Kenta: Big and strong
  14. Tomomi: Beautiful friend
  15. Kaito: Supportive
  16. Minoru: Truth
  17. Katashi: Firm
  18. Raiden: Thunder and lightning
  19. Yuka: Gentle flower
  20. Emi: Beautiful blessing
  21. Yori: Trust
  22. Nakano: Female warrior
  23. Suzu: Bell
  24. Yori: Trust
  25. Takara: Treasure
  26. Yuzuki: Gentle moon
  27. Yoko: Sunlight
  28. Kuro: Black
  29. Shiro: White

Other Bengal Cat Names

We’ve gathered a couple more names that sound catchy, fun, and go fantastically well with spotted, playful and jumpy cats.

  1. Ash
  2. Bullet
  3. Cinder
  4. Ember
  5. Flash
  6. Foggy
  7. Glam
  8. Gleam
  9. Glitz
  10. Gunner
  11. Nugget
  12. Misty
  13. Opal
  14. Queen
  15. Pearl
  16. Pewter
  17. Princess
  18. Miss Kitty
  19. Sterling
  20. Storm
  21. Dice
  22. Scooter
  23. Bracken
  24. Bramble
  25. Chase
  26. Clash
  27. Drive
  28. Prowler
  29. Ziggler
  30. Aldo

Related Questions

Does your cat’s name need to have a meaning? Not really.

It is more important to choose the name that feels right for the cat.

Sometimes a nonsensical name could be the name you are looking for if it fits well with your cat’s personality.

Do cats respond to their name? Studies show that cats, house cats to be specific, respond to the sound of their name.

How important is it to name the cat?

It is extremely important as giving a name to your pet is a sacred part of owning a pet, and practically, it makes it easier for you to call the cat for food.

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