How Much Does A Cat X-Ray Cost?

Like humans, pets too suffer from explainable difficulties and aches. Similarly, cats might suffer from problems that they cannot tell you or its impossible for you to understand them.

To check your cats’ health, the best thing to do is to get an X-ray of your feline friend. Before going into further details, the first thing you should know is how much will it cost.

How much does a cat X-Ray cost? The average cat X-ray can cost you between 70 dollars to 300 dollars. Sometimes it might cost you 400 dollars, but it depends on the vet you choose. However, only a consultation may cost you 50 dollars to 250 dollars on average.

Be it a human X-ray or of a cat, X-ray through waves produces an image of what’s inside the body and gives us sufficient knowledge to know how well or worse the problem is. X-rays are a very common way of examination.

Cat’s X-Ray and How Does It Work?

First of all, the cat is laid on an X-ray table. Then the X-ray machine is positioned on the part of which the X-ray is needed. Then through radiations, we get the image. The procedure is pretty simple and does not requires much time.

Unfortunately, cats cannot explain what they are going through. Cats will just let you know they are suffering from something painful, but they cannot explain their problems. The information that vets take about your cat is often not enough for them to diagnose a problem or make a proper treatment plan. So for this vets mostly recommend to have your cat’s X-ray done then on the basis of that X-ray, other tests and the information collected, the vet will diagnose a problem and will make a treatment plan.

If you are an overprotective cat owner, you might want to go for a yearly checkup of your feline friend to know how healthy your cat is and how can you improve your cat’s health. Commonly, cat X-rays are done in their yearly dental checkup; the black and white image gives detail info about their gums and teeth.

X-rays also give information than broken bones, for problems like tumors and pneumonia.

Cats X-rays are beneficial, but the cost is something to ponder over.

Is Cat X-Ray Expensive?

Many of you would be wondering whether getting a cat X-ray is expensive or not but, to be honest, it depends on a few things. Here they are

  • Your financial status
  • The vet you are consulting
  • X-ray of which part of cat’s body you want
  • Your cat’s health
  • X-ray and other tests
  • Your interest in your cat’s health

Clearly, the most important factor is being financially strong enough to afford cats yearly checkups or if not yearly checkups then being able to afford checkups, which includes X-rays when it’s needed. However, the lowest X-ray cost is not too much, and many are capable of paying for the cat’s X-ray.

Secondly, the veterinary doctor you are consulting matters too. Some vets that have great expertise will charge you more than others. Similarly, a cat’s X-ray will cost you more if you are going to a good veterinary hospital where X-ray machines have low levels of radiations for the cat’s safety. Imagine if you are going to a private veterinary hospital where all facilities are available and provide a comfortable environment, without any doubt they will charge you more.

Thirdly, the cost of an X-ray also depends on the X-ray of which part of the cat’s body you need to have. Generally, X-rays of the chest area, kidneys are more costly than other areas like dental X-ray, which is comparatively cheaper than that.

Fourthly, your cat’s health is directly related to the need of doing an X-ray. If your cat’s health is good, then you would hardly go for a checkup. A yearly checkup would be most suitable. In such a case you will have pay for it once a year, and that is it but if your cat is unhealthy, mostly remains sick, any incident has happened or your cat is suffering from any bone disease then you will have to pay more visits to hospital and probably you will need to have more X-rays done than once in a year to check the progress.

X-ray and other tests, together they will cost you more. The average price of an X-ray is between 70 dollars to 300 dollars. Other tests are not included in it. So you will have to pay more for other tests.

If you are really concern about the cat’s health then you will obviously spend more, not only more money but also you will go to the best veterinary hospital. Even you will be ready to pay 250 dollars for a cat’s X-ray if you have interest and money.

Why Do We Need To Have A Cat X-Ray?

Of course, when everything is just going great, you don’t have to take your cat for an X-ray.


But accidents can happen even though we all know that cats are very flexible and their bones cannot be broken that easily.

HUH.. cats can have bad luck too.

Let’s suppose you have taken your cat on a walk and you are crossing the road with your cat who is in the middle of the road. Suddenly a fast-moving bike hits your cat.

OUCH.. did you feel that? Did you hear something? Apparently, your cat might seem okay to you if the bike didn’t hit really hard, but the crying spells of your cat don’t stop. What would you do? I am sure you would not sit idly and see your cat cry, but rather you would worry about what to do now? If you are sane enough, you will take your cat to the vet, and the vet would suggest you have an X-ray of your cat. Now the thoughts like how much time it is going to take and how much money you will have to pay might cross your mind.

There can be so many causes or unpredictable events that can break or fracture your cat’s bone and leave you in tears. You might even hurt your cat unintentionally. However, X-ray isn’t only important after an accident, it also becomes necessary when your cat’s illness is prolonged, and you don’t know the reason behind the illness. For other health issues like a dental checkup, X-ray has significant importance.

If your cat is vomiting continuously, then you will probably have to go for the cat’s X-ray.

In events like these, you will not sit and wait for your cat to heal on its own, certainly, you will need to have cat X-ray to know what the problem is and to undergo suggestive treatment.

Importance Of Cat’s X-Rays

It’s been decades now that vets suggest having cats X-ray for many purposes. Cats may suffer from arthritis, in that case, it is really important for them to have an X-ray to check how severe their problem is and just in case you are treating it so X-ray helps you know the progress. Apart from checking broken bones or diagnosing any problem.

Cat’s X-rays has gained a lot of importance over the last few decades because of the one most important reason among many. And the reason is that unlike humans, cats can’t explain their problems to others. They will cry because of pain or will behave differently but won’t be able to tell what they are going through. In this regard, the cat’s X-rays has won the hearts of almost every cat owner.

What’s The Next Step After The Cat’s X-Ray Is Done?

Once the cat’s X-ray is done, and the vet has found some problem, so the next step will probably ultrasound to have detailed information. Though few use it as an alternative for the other, generally doing both gives more information.

Take Care Of Your Cats

The best thing is to take care of your cats, so you don’t have to go for cats’ X-rays other than the yearly checkups.

Here are some suggestions.

  • Your cats are like your babies taking care of them is really important. Do not let them put anything in their mouth like coins etc.
  • Sometimes the bones of the car start getting weak. Help your cats in doing some exercises but do consult the vet first.
  • Protect your cats from accidents that can fracture their bones.

As cats help improve your health, it is your responsibility to take care of their health too.

Related Questions

Do cats suffer from bone disorders, and how do you diagnose it?

Yes, cats do suffer from bone disorders sometimes. Some of the disorders known as arthritis, Osteochondromatosis, Hypervitaminosis A, bone fractures are fairly common. These disorders are diagnosed through physical examination and other tests.

How many ways are there to diagnose cats’ problem?

The advancement in technology has helped everyone so much. Even now, cats’ problems are easy to diagnose. The common methods used are X-rays, CT scans, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasounds, etc.

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