Abyssinian Cats 101 – History & Origins

I have been fascinated with Abyssinian cats ever since a friend of mine gave one to me. In this article, I will share what I have learned about the cat and its history. So what should you know about the

Abyssinian Cat a Mix: How to Find Out?

Mix breeds may appear similar or entirely different from pure breeds. For identifying as well as caring and understanding one’s cat even better, one must have a sound knowledge of the slight differences between them.   How to tell if

Are Abyssinian Cats Good with Children?

My younger sister had been asking for a cat which could play with her and keep her amused. That’s when I decided to buy an Abyssinian cat as they are famous for being an affectionate and loyal breed. Are Abyssinian

10 Best Cat Food For Abyssinian Cats & Kittens

Have you ever been through the intimidating experience of cat food shopping? Speaking for myself, it is really nerve-wracking to find the best food for my cat from shelves full of options. Each and every brand promises to be the