7 Best Cat Foods for American Curl Cat

Cats are famous for their fastidious and fussy nature. And this fastidiousness can be easily taken over by nastiness in a blink of an eye if they do not get the right food suitable to their needs. Keep that in

The Ultimate Guide to American Curl Cats

If you are thinking about welcoming a new pet to the family, the American Curl Cat might be the most suitable option. With ears curling backward, the Curl cat boasts unique and adorable features. It is also one of the

22 Facts About American Curl Kitten

Are you a cat-enthusiast and you haven’t come across the American Curl breed? Then you’re really missing out. This breed has been recognized almost recently, so it’s understandable why you wouldn’t know about it. But, now that you’ve heard the

Do American Curl Cats Shed?

American Curl cats are great companions to have, however, with their amusing antics and friendship come problems such as shedding. Do American Curl cats shed? Yes, American curl cats shed; although they sport little to no undercoat, therefore, they shed