7 Best Cat Foods for American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair cats are an awesome breed. When you talk about strong cats, they surely come to mind. American Shorthairs are powerful cats with a large body structure. They have a wide chest, a muscular neck, strong jaws, full-fledged muzzle,

The American Shorthair Cat Ultimate Guide

While gazing at the incredibly beautiful American Shorthair cat, I often lose track of time. I would know since my sister has kept one for the last 4 months. Only if you have ever seen this curious and charismatic creature,

Male vs Female American Shorthair Cat

Like humans, cats of both genders behave differently. This is why it is quite important to know the gender of your cat. What is the difference between male and female American Shorthair cats? The only difference between the male and

7 Ways to Identify American Shorthair Cat Breed

Looking for a pet cat seems quite easy, doesn’t it?But in today’s continuously evolving world of cats, one is often confused between the several cat types available. How to identify American Shorthair Cat breed? The American Shorthair has distinct physical