Do Bengal Kittens Calm Down?

Here’s something you should know: Bengal kittens are well-known for being some of the most active creatures on the planet. But you must be wondering: Will this behavior ever change? So, do Bengal kittens calm down? The short answer would

Bengal Cat Checklist

So, you finally bought a Bengal cat. Congrats, you’re a parent now (pretty much!) But let me tell you this: Being a Bengal cat parent comes with its share of responsibilities. You see, the Bengal cat isn’t just a regular

Do Bengal Cats Drool?

I just love my cat. But I am not particularly thrilled about its drooling habit. Therefore, I decided to find out if this is a universal problem with Bengal cats. Let me now share what I learned. Do Bengal cats

Do Bengal Kittens Change Color?

Being a crazy Bengal kitten fan I think, I have all the accurate information about the breed, particularly on whether they change color or not. Do Bengal kittens change color? Yes, Bengal kittens do change color but only until a