Why Do Bengal Cats Wag Their Tails?

I absolutely adore when my cat wags its tail. However, it was only recently that I found out that this tail wagging had a deeper meaning to it. Bengal cats do not wag their tails out of habit but for

Do Bengal Cats Have Dander?

Here’s the deal: In the United States, around 3 out of 10 people are allergic to both cats and dogs. Why are these people allergic? Dander. So, do Bengal cats have dander? The short answer is yes. However, these cats

Is a Bengal Cat Legal in California?

Bengals are a peculiar cat breed particularly due to their wild ancestry.This wild aspect to this wonderful cat also makes it a controversial one. Is a Bengal cat legal in California? Yes, Bengals are legal in California. However, you better

17 Brilliant Facts About Bengal Cats

Having the visual features and patterns of its wild relatives, the Bengal cat is an impressive domestic cat gifted with numerous wonderful traits. Here are 17 brilliant facts about the Bengal cats that will leave you running to your nearest

Do Bengal Cats Get Hairballs?

Dealing with hairballs in your cats can be quite frustrating. I wanted to know whether my furry little friend, a Bengal cat had the tendency to form these,so I dug deeper to know everything about hairballs and I am now

Do Bengal Kittens Shed?

When I was about to buy a Bengal kitten, one question that kept popping in my head was whether they shed or not. Well, now that I have one, I think I can answer this question for others. Do Bengal

How Long is a Bengal cat Pregnant for?

You need to have wholesome research on cat breeding and their pregnancy process if you want your Bengal cat to give birth to adorable kittens. So, how long is a Bengal cat pregnant for? The gestation period of Bengal cats

When do Bengal Kittens Lose Their Teeth?

Recently, I noticed my Bengal kitten missing a tooth and it got me worried. So, I did some research and was astonished to find out that she was teething! When do Bengal Kittens lose their teeth? Bengal kittens start losing

The Best Bengal Cat Stuffed Animal

I have always been fascinated by Bengals. Their beautiful fur, those tiny spots, basically everything about them is absolutely stunning. Last week one of my friends bought me a beautiful Bengal Cat stuff toy. To be honest I was shocked,

When Do Bengal Cats Go into Heat?

Many Bengal cat owners purchase or adopt the feline in order to eventually breed it. There are many questions out there like how should one breed a Bengal? Or is it safe to breed one without any professional help? Bengal