Compatible Oscar Tank Mates

In this guide, we will cover the majority of the potential Oscar tank mates out there alongside a couple of necessities you should realize going ahead.

What fish can I keep with my Oscar? You can keep green terror, Jack Dempsy cichlid, and jaguar cichlid with your Oscar fish. Oscars are a standout amongst the most engaging species in freshwater fish keeping.

Tank Mates List for Oscar Fish? Other Fish? (Video)

Some Oscar proprietors will need to blend it up a bit and add a couple of other fish breeds to their tanks. Enlisted below are some of the major Oscar tank mates. Going through them would help you establish a healthy environment for your Oscars.

Oscars and Their Community Behavior

Oscars (Astronotusocellatus) are a sort of Cichlid local to South America.

Referred to as the “waterway hounds,” Oscars are known to grow close bonds with their owners; some even say that Oscars shake or sway their tail like that of a pooch.

Oscars are known to be quite aggressive in captivity, so it is imperative that you make your tank choice and tank mate decisions precisely. A tank of no less than 75 gallons is suggested if you intend to keep any tank mates with your Oscar.

Dark Convict Cichlid

Dark Convict Cichlids, for the most part, remain under six inches, however, they make incredible Oscar tank mates. It is intense, solid, and wild enough to stand its ground against an Oscar.

If you plan on keeping a Convict Cichlid with your Oscar, make sure you coordinate them up in size. If your Oscar is now 8″ long,  a 2″ Convict would not be a good choice as a tank mate.

So, a Dark Convict will be superbly fine in you Oscar tank as long there isn’t too big of a size difference. A littler Convict ought to have the capacity to face the occasional nip or pursue.

Silver Dollars

Silver Dollars are a standout amongst the most prominent Oscar tank mates for a few reasons.

As a matter of first importance, the Silver Dollar’s one of a kind body shape influences it to seem extensive and positively intimidating for an Oscar. This is important as Oscars would not chase and harass Silver Dollars as the latter are big in size.

Furthermore, Silver Dollars are regularly used as dither fish i.e. fish types that reduce stress for its nervous or aggressive tank mates by swimming as a group in the middle of the tank.

While Silver Dollars are incredible Oscar tank mates, you ought to never keep them in groups of less than 3 or 4.

Firemouth Cichlid

Firemouth Cichlids usually make incredible Oscar tank mates. Although they are somewhat less aggressive, Firemouths develop a moderately large body (6 inches).

Since Firemouth Cichlids are more inclined to hiding from an Oscar, I would suggest tossing in a few shakes or buckles to give sufficient concealing spots. Firemouths will stick up for themselves on the off chance that they have to.

Severum Cichlid

In case you’re searching for a species which is somewhat less aggressive than others in our list, a Severum might be an incredible choice.

Severums are meek fish that will mind their own business. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t confront an Oscar if they need to.

Severum Cichlids additionally coexist incredibly with non-aggressive species, for example, Silver Dollars and Plecos, so they are an extraordinary option to network tanks too.

Green Terror Cichlid

When searching for Oscar tank mates, typically you would be stressed over the Oscars being the aggressor. With Green Terrors, this is turned around. They aren’t called “Terrors” just for the sake of it.

If there is one fish that can clash with an Oscar, it is unquestionably the Green Terror. If you intend to keep these two sorts of fish together, ensure the Green Terror is slightly smaller to begin.

You ought to likely have a backup plan if you decide to buy Green Terrors for your Oscar tank. In some cases, Oscars and Green Terrors can be incredible together, while a lot of times things really can go downhill for this pair.

Jack Dempsey Cichlid

Growing up to 10 inches, Jack Dempsey is known to be exceptionally all-in or all-out with regards to aggression. Some are unusually aggressive, while others are exceedingly passive.

The last Dempsey that I kept was surprisingly one of the most accommodating fish I’ve ever had.

Dempseys make moderately great Oscar tank mates since they are about the same in size. If you intend to keep these two together, try to observe their behavior closely.


Bichirs are one of the most intriguing Oscar tank mates on our rundown.

These long, eel-shaped fish are local to Africa and the Nile River. Even though they are base inhabitants, you will see them shoot up to the tank surface frequently to breathe air.

Since Bichirs are long fish, it is essential to keep them in a large tank. They are also known to be incredible jumpers, so a tank top is an absolute requirement. Bichirs are passive fish, so keep an eye out for hostility on the Oscars end.


The Plecostomus are well known for their craving for green growth; a large number of aquarists buy them to help keep their tank clean. While considering them as an Oscar fish tank mate, there are some vital components to consider.

Plecos have sharp, bony spines on their blades which represent a massive danger to hungry Oscars. They will frequently attempt to make a supper out of Plecos and end up having the elongated bones stuck in their throat. This will result in the death of both the fish.

Regular or Sailfin Plecos frequently get much too big for Oscars to eat. However, you should have the capacity to house them in tanks more than 100 gallons. If you intend to keep an enormous tank, Plecos can be extraordinary tank mates for your Oscar. Else, you ought to most likely miss this choice.

Chocolate Cichlids

Chocolate Cichlids originate from South America. Although these cichlids can grow 12 inches in length, they are exceptionally peaceful. If your Oscar isn’t aggressive, a Chocolate cichlid could make a decent tank mate

Fish to Avoid Keeping with Oscars

Quite a few fish varieties aren’t appropriate Oscar tank mates as well. Here is a rundown of fish you should avoid keeping with Oscars.

Anything little enough to end up a dinner

Oscars are usually an aggressive species. If you give them the opportunity to eat little, moderate-moving fish, they will take you up on it. Abstain from anything that looks small enough to fit in your Oscar’s mouth.

Little catfish

Like Plecos, Catfish frequently have spines on their balances that can kill Oscars whenever gulped. Huge Catfish can make extraordinary Oscar tank mates, yet little species can represent an enormous danger.

Sensitive species

Oscars are vast, intense fish that will single out tank mates. Maintain a strategic distance from any sensitive species, for example, Discus that require a quiet situation to flourish.

Oscars are exceptionally muddled eaters and won’t do well with fish that require cleaner water. Subsequently, Oscar tanks will, in general, have high nitrates in their tanks which can be harmful for a lot of fish species.

Oscar Fish Community Tank: is the Aquarium Large Enough?

I’ll come to the heart of the matter, is your aquarium sufficiently enormous for one Oscar, in addition to some tank mates? You should realize that 55 gallons are irrefutably the base for one grown-up Oscar.

If your aquarium does not meet this necessity, you have two options:

  • Either quit looking for tank mates and appreciate what you’ve got
  • Or buy a larger aquarium that can contain your Oscar as well as its tank mates

Sorry if that sounds somewhat brutal, yet those indeed are your only two choices. The majority of the fish that I have suggested as tank mates will require at least 50 gallons just for themselves, excluding the Oscar.

Picking tank mates that are appropriate

Keep in mind that you can’t put any fish in with an Oscar, you must pick fish that will have the capacity to live in congruity with your Oscar.

As a matter of first importance, you can’t put little network fish in with an Oscar fish since they will be a pure wellspring of nourishment.

The sort of fish that you add to an aquarium is likewise important. For example, I wouldn’t suggest Angelfish as a tank mate since they are susceptible with their long streaming fins and enjoy tanks that are longer.

Tank mates don’t need to be semi-aggressive themselves; shoaling fish like Silver Dollars make great tankmates because they are continually moving and feel safe in big numbers. Some smaller types of cichlids make great tank mates because even though they are very little, regardless they can take on a good fight to protect themselves.

Setting Up an Oscar Tank

Oscars are not little fish. If you need your Oscar to develop to its maximum size, you ought to buy a tank with a capacity of 100 gallons. Adding the correct gear to your Oscar’s aquarium will enable it to achieve a lifespan of 8 to 12 years.

An aquarium thermometer and heater will allow you to keep its water temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. By utilizing a test pack or pH meter for aquariums, you can accomplish the best equalization of acidity and alkalinity in your pet’s water by ensuring it remains between a 6.5 and 7.0 pH level.

Looking after Cleanliness

With regards to your pet’s filtration framework, one big filtration system instead of several smaller ones will help maintain the water quality in the tank. Oscars tend to be muddled which is why you should invest in buying a filter.

On a weekly premise, change 10 to 15 percent of the water in your tank and change it with fresh water that has been pH tried.

What’s more, by ensuring that the new water you add to the tank is of the same temperature from the water in the tank, you will keep your pet from encountering warm stun.

Appropriate Nutrition

Oscars are meat-eating fish, so your finned companion will welcome a substantial eating routine. You should invest in buying pellets formed specifically for Oscars. These can be found in pet or aquarium stores and will provide essential supplements.

Including feeder shrimp, worms, and fish will provide your pet the sustenance it needs.

Final Thoughts

While it tends to entice to give your Oscar a couple of tank mates, realize this isn’t fundamental in any way.

Oscars are flawlessly beautiful without anyone else. Regardless of what you read somewhere else, Oscars don’t like to mingle much with other species and live happily in solidarity.

Oscars are excellent pets. However, they indeed aren’t for everybody.

Ensure you approach a tank of no less than 75 gallons as your Oscar grows, particularly if you intend to include other tank mates.

If you can meet these prerequisites, however, Oscars are a standout amongst the most intriguing, extraordinary fish to claim!

Related Questions

Do tiger Oscars eat other fish? To keep your Oscar stable in your home aquarium, make sure you give them a lot of perfect, warm water. Your Oscar’s water temperature ought to be between 74° and 81° F (23.5° and 27° C), so you require an aquarium warmer and a thermometer.

Are Oscars a hardy fish? Oscar fish are a decent choice since they are excellent, simple to keep, and seemingly long-lasting. Be that as it may, they do have a couple of particular requirements and this is expected due to their large size. It has been accounted for that Oscar fish grow up to 1 inch for every month while they are youthful!


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