10 Best Corgi Rescues in Connecticut

Here you will find the list of the best Corgi Rescues in Connecticut.

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Top 10 Corgi Rescues in Connecticut

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Connecticut.

1.) Halfway Home Rescue

Halfway Home Rescue is a volunteer-run non-profit organization founded in 2004. The organization rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes abandoned and neglected dogs. So far, Halfway Home Rescue has saved more than 5,000 dogs from abuse and neglect. The dedicated volunteers work closely with the dogs when they come in to provide proper medical and emotional care. Check out Halfway Home Rescue’s socials to remain up to date.

2.) Pack Leaders Rescue

Pack Leaders Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue that saves dogs from high-kill shelters. The rescue takes in these animals and gives them proper medical attention and training. Pack Leaders Rescue is committed to providing all rescued dogs a forever home. Find out more about Pack Leaders Rescue through its social media. 

3.) Save All Dogs Rescue

Save All Dogs Rescue recovers and rehomes unwanted and abandoned dogs from high-kill shelters and offers them veterinary care. Since 2012, Save All Dogs has saved countless innocent lives and placed them in loving families. The organization has also supported the efforts of other local shelters. Adopt by visiting Save All Dogs during their visiting hours.

4.) Our Companions Animal Rescue

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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a state-of-the-art rescue and sanctuary founded in Connecticut. This organization was founded with the dream of rescuing homeless animals, which has been beyond realized. Our Companions has a staff of 400 dedicated volunteers who have contributed significantly to the organization’s success by providing the dogs with a comfortable temporary home. Help find a Corgi its home for good by adopting from Our Companions.

5.) Daws

Danbury Animal Welfare Society is a certified 502(c)(3) organization on a mission to improve the lives of animals in its state and beyond. Along with a rescue, the organization also has a veterinary clinic as part of its commitment to treat animals how they deserve to be treated. If Danbury Animal Welfare Society has caught your interest, you may visit their website and socials to keep up with them. You can adopt a friendly canine today by filling out the adoption application found on their website.

6.) Connecticut Humane Society

Connecticut Humane Society began in 1881 when a high school senior, Gertrude O. Lewis, wished to support helpless animals in Connecticut. She slowly garnered a lot of support from prominent citizens in Connecticut. Connecticut Humane Society carries on Gertrude’s mission by rescuing thousands of animals every year. Check out their website to find your forever friend.

7.) PawSafe Animal Rescue, Inc.

PawSafe Animal Rescue, Inc. was founded in 1995 by volunteers who wanted to end the suffering of homeless and neglected animals by rehoming and educating people about animal welfare. PawSafe is dedicated and ensures pet overpopulation is reduced through effective spay/neuter programs. The organization aims to have all companion animals accepted by the society. Help PawSafe by donating at their website.

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8.) Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue was named after the Armstrong family’s dog, Army, who died of cancer. Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue is a volunteer-run organization that treats every dog as a part of its family. The organization also works with other animal rescues as a part of its dedication to the welfare of animals. Follow their social media handles to remain updated with their endeavors.

9.) Dog Star Rescue

Dog Star Rescue is a non-profit dog rescue working to rescue and rehome all dogs on death row in high-kill shelters. As a volunteer-run organization, Dog Star has saved and placed more than 4,000 dogs with the help of its dedicated and hardworking volunteers. Volunteer or adopt from Dog Star to help them out.

10.) Lucky Dog Refuge

Lucky Dog Refuge is a rescue in Colorado dedicated to recovering and rehoming stray and abandoned dogs. The organization refers to itself as a refuge for unfortunate and helpless dogs. Lucky Dog Refuge takes in dogs in dire need of help and provides them with rehabilitation and proper veterinary care. Rescued dogs are fostered or kept at Lucky Dog Refuge’s location until a suitable and loving forever home can be found. Foster through their dedicated website to help them out. You may also adopt to give a forever family to a forever friend.

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